Half Immortal Chapter 77

Half Immortal Chapter 77: The School of Death (29)

Yan Wei just stepped forward to rush towards the black smoke, but suddenly paused again.

He directly took out the student files of the remaining players and said, “we can’t all go there. We’re not competing with the broken sickle. We’re competing with the ghost who wants to kill everyone in this copy.”

Broken sickle, frankly, is a chess piece used by He Luo. It’s not enough to be afraid.

They want to rob him of time.

He Luo can guide Wu Hua three people wrongly in this way, and can also guide other players in the same way. The limit of ghosts on this campus is much smaller than that of players. The more copies go to the back, the more ghosts will be stronger. They must put as many players as possible on their own side as soon as possible, otherwise they may have to compete with ghosts and all players on the other side at the same time in one day.

“If we all go to the grove to deal with the broken sickle, this is another way to fall into the trap. One person takes the file and finds all the remaining players in the shortest time. Three people go to the grove to fight the fire.”

As soon as his voice fell, Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen spoke almost at the same time: “I’ll find a player.”

Yan Mingguang opened his mouth slightly on Yan Wei’s side. Although he didn’t say anything, the meaning was also very obvious.

“No,” sneered Lin Zhen, “do you want to find something easy? Don’t rob me. I haven’t fought many times these days. It’s much worse than my previous copy. Let me go.”

He said, directly pulled this stack of data from Yan Wei’s hand and said casually, “Whoever doesn’t want to join, I’ll beat him. Little pet, you remember to contact with the walkie talkie at that time. Oh, I’ll send walkie talkies to all players who join us.”

Yan Wei’s hands were empty. Before he could reply, Lin Zhen jumped up with a long black bow, but disappeared in their sight for a moment.

Yan Wei looked at the hand holding the file. At the moment, his hand was empty. There were only three people left on the lonely path: him, Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang. Only the black smoke blowing from a distance is very abrupt, like a hand pulled out of the land, pinching the throat of the sky.

His eyes turned and he gave a faint smile.

“Lin Zhen…”

The fish flying boat said in a warm voice, “he always has a knife to his recognized friends.”

Tofu heart.

Going to the grove to fight the fire and deal with the broken sickle seems to require more manpower and difficult, but it is not difficult. The broken sickle is in the open. This kind of arson is basically equal to the positive conspiracy. Both sides are in the open. It is who is better – Yan is in danger. No one takes the broken sickle seriously.

Instead, it is to pull players before ghosts. What we have to face may be ghosts that appear from the dark at any time.

That is the unpredictable and changeable situation.

The three men took back their eyes from the place where Lin Zhen’s figure disappeared. Yan Mingguang looked at Yan Wei. The pure black pupils reflected Yan Wei’s figure, and the light and cold voice moistened a layer of trust: “next, how do you want to play?”

Yan Wei was very satisfied with the man’s way of asking. His eyebrows moved and said, “they want to kill us. Their strength is not enough. They must use their strength. Since they want to use their strength, they deliberately set fire in the grove, which means that the place they use their strength is in the grove, where they are waiting for us to go. The way to play is very simple. What they want us to do, we want them to do.”


The fire slowly rose high.

When the three of Yan Wei arrived nearby, the fire in a small part of the grove had a tendency to spread. Wu Hua and the other two people with broken sickles are standing in front of the fire waiting for Yan Wei and others.

When Yan Wei came to the grove, he heard several notices of their side joining new players. He wanted to come to Lin Zhen and fight for more than a second.

Without any procrastination, they quickly approached the blind spot from a perspective and observed the surrounding situation.

But as soon as Yan Wei stood firm, Wuhua in front of the fire suddenly turned his head and shouted at their place: “don’t hide, I know you’re coming.”

Yan Wei’s action was a meal – Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou hid well. It was his physical index that delayed him.

There was a thought in his eyes. Before making a decision, Wuhua shouted: “what do you think is the relationship between the punishment list and the ladder? I think destroying the punishment list and letting the root of resentment disappear is the way to end everything and lead out the ladder. Yan Wei? Maybe you are really Yan. Since you are so smart, you must think we have been fooled by ghosts…”

The fire seemed to be bigger. Under the blue sky and day, the thick smoke slowly floated out with the wind direction and blackened. It seemed that the temperature fluctuation could be seen in the air.

Wuhua’s expression was full of Cruelty: “But what’s the importance of believing in ghosts? Just trust the clues provided by Lou. That is, the punishment list is the key. If you don’t show up, let the fire burn slowly. You can’t divide the orders everywhere during the day. You can always do it at night? Anyway, we’ll destroy the punishment list and win it. If you still want to win, why don’t you come out and talk to us?”

——But if Yan Wei falls into a trap after coming out, they will win.

Yan Wei’s eyes are slightly coagulated.

He said to Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou with his skills of perception and burst: [good abacus.]

[how to do it?] yufeizhou’s tone is quite worried, [what he said seems to be reasonable. Let the fire burn, even if they win, we’ll be safe. Why don’t we go out and fight them directly? They won’t stand there and watch us use fire-fighting props.]

Pay attention to their position

Although Wuhua has found his seat, Yan Wei still hides in the dark, hides behind a rockery and points to the place where Wuhua and others are standing.

[have you found out? They are not three people in the normal vigilance mode, taking into account three directions. They not only don’t guard against various angles, but also have a minor disadvantage. With your body index and my perception, you can find out this loophole and break through. It is possible to use close fire fighting props in this place.]

Yan Mingguang: [the trap is right there.]

Don’t go out in a hurry. I’ll see where these clowns get their confidence

Yan Wei said, slowly closed his eyes, and converged the five senses of the whole body to the extreme. Only his perception spread slowly, moving towards the loophole deliberately left by the broken sickle and exploring it attentively.

For a moment, Yan Wei’s lightly closed eyes moved slightly, her eyelashes trembled slightly, and her expression was slow.

Wu Hua frowned when he saw that people hadn’t come out yet. He didn’t know whether to excite Yan Wei and others to come out, or whether he really thought so. He said with a sarcastic smile: “this is the choice to watch us win? It turns out that Yan is just like this.”

Rao is a fish flying boat with a good temper. At the moment, he is also unhappy: “go out. We don’t have no way to deal with them.”

Yan Mingguang was standing aside with a cold face. Hearing this sentence, he frowned and took out his whip in the twinkling of an eye.

Yan Wei suddenly grabbed him.

The man looked back at him and his murderous spirit suddenly disappeared in a moment.

Yan Wei slowly opened his eyes. His amber eyes were bright and clear, mixed with emotions that meant unknown.

“This is the trap they prepared for us,” he said with a slight smile. “Where is this trap? It’s obviously a pie.”

Fish flying boat: “how?”

“Their trap is to split the space. I’m afraid Wuhua regards the split space as a branch line for killing people. The original plan was cancelled. We don’t need to quarrel with them this time. We’ve won at the starting line. I suddenly understand what Lin Zhen, a psychopath, thinks every day. It’s really… Well, it’s good.”

“Go, just go and play with them.”

Archives Center.

All kinds of files, folders and paper were scattered on the ground, and the gray floor was covered. Zhou Tian squatted in front of the bookshelf and searched very quickly. Gao Ming is on the other side. In front of him are some files thrown out by Zhou Tian.

In the chaos all over the ground, they kept hearing the prompt sound of players joining them.

But Zhou Tian’s expression is not good, and there is still some confusion.

“Did you find anything special?” she asked Gao Ming.

Gao Ming shook his head: “At present, that’s all — he Luo’s duty list, the class committee list, and some of their original examination papers. The information on the class committee list and examination papers is that Tang Yizhuo has good grades and good popularity, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan have poor grades and poor popularity. Yan Wei has told us that it should not be the special information he is looking for. I can’t find anything else at present.”

“Are we really thinking too much?” Zhou Tian frowned. “I can’t find anything here. This school activity is good, and the activity Manual of the student union has nothing. However, these files corroborate what we know. It’s not completely useless. Put these away first, and we’ll turn them over.”


The grove behind the dormitory.

The fire spread a little more.

Yan Wei came out first and swaggered in front of Wuhua and others. Yan Mingguang walked behind with the fish flying boat, but his eyes were always on Yan Wei, as if the three players who broke the sickle were not worth any of his eyes.

Wuhua finally waited until they came, and the corner of his mouth said, “are you willing to come out?”

Yan Wei tilted his mouth.

He raised his hand directly, pointed to the split space he had just felt, and said, “this place is your confidence?”

Wuhua’s face sank suddenly.

He said in a deep voice, “I underestimated you. But… What if you know? What can you do with us?”

Yan Wei let go.

“I thought I couldn’t delay for a second, but I didn’t expect to find your trap just now. It’s a place we’re familiar with – there’s a lot of time available now, so I can talk to you.”

Yan Wei stopped his hand and took his pocket. Subconsciously, he leaned against Yan Mingguang. He said slightly: “Since I entered the building, some people I admire very much, but most people always play human nature, nothing more than greed, desire and disgust. When human nature goes too far, it becomes selfishness without a bottom line – the building amplifies life and death and the evil under life and death. In fact, I don’t like competing with people like you, because it’s meaningless to win villains Yes. What’s more, win stupid villains… ”

Wuhua opened his mouth several times, but he didn’t find a chance to speak.

Yan Wei looked at the other party’s flustered look, raised his hand slowly, and said word by word: “this is the seed player on the 18th floor? Look at your expression now, do you subconsciously start combing your logic? Oh, now after thinking, or do you think there is no problem with your conspiracy?”

As he spoke, his raised palm spread out flat. On the palm with clear lines, the bright white light faintly lit up.

Three pieces of moon wheel appeared slowly.

He then said, “there is no foolproof in this world, no invincible position, and there is no strict calculation, only to grasp the high and low. So when you think you are invincible, it means you have lost. Even you know that setting fire to the grove seems that you win no matter what the result is, don’t you think it’s strange?”

“When will ghosts be so kind and leave you an infallible chance to break the game? Without ghosts to stop you, it can only show one thing – that is, you are not against them or competing with them.”

In the firelight, thick black smoke mixed in the bright, but the white light in Yan Wei’s hand became brighter and brighter.

“I’d like to thank you for two things. First, thank you for helping me try and make mistakes. Just because the ghosts didn’t stop you from setting fire, I knew that it was not feasible to destroy the grove. I had to go into the grove at night to find a punishment list. Second, thank you for letting me find another moon wheel fragment.”

The fourth fragment.

When Yan Wei was exploring just now, he found that it was not only a legendary prop that caused the split space, but also found that the three fragments in his hand had reacted – the three fragments can be combined and the fourth one can be drawn!

He doesn’t need to venture into the split space at all. The three pieces in his hand are slowly put together under the traction of each other, and

Directly from the split space leads to the fourth piece!

With the sound of “whew -” where the space was split, the fourth moon wheel fragment suddenly broke into the air with bright light, and was directly sucked into the three fragments, which were put together in an instant!

Only one fragment is needed to return to the complete moon wheel, like a incomplete moon, with a faint bright white light. The full moon lacks corners, but it also shines.

——Also restored some of the functions of this legendary prop!

Yan Wei grabbed the incomplete moon wheel in his hand, and the blessing of perception soared rapidly at this moment, even covering the whole grove!

He looked at Wu Hua, who was so shocked that he couldn’t speak, and said with a smile, “Hey, you seem to have lost.”


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