Half Immortal Chapter 78

Half Immortal Chapter 78: The School of Death (30)

Not far away are the billowing smoke and bright fire under the □□ and the waning moon rising slowly from Yan Wei’s palm.

Now there is only one of the five pieces missing. When the four pieces are put together, the shape of the moon wheel is very clear – it is a full moon without a corner, slightly bright white light, emitting an atmosphere incompatible with the evil and evil in the copy.

It is suspended in the palm of Yan Wei’s hand, but Yan Wei is not worried about any sudden accident to take it away.

When the four pieces were put together, the moon wheel was already bound in his information bar.

Once a legendary prop is bound, unless the owner dies, the information is formatted or the binding is released, even if it is thrown away, others can’t use it.

Yan Wei looked at the moon wheel, then his eyes moved, his eyelids lifted, and looked at Wu Hua and others in front of him.

Even with the fire behind him, Wuhua’s face was very miserable at the moment. He even forgot the disappearance of the split space and the spread of the fire. He stared at the incomplete moon wheel hanging in Yan Wei’s palm and couldn’t put a channel: “… You’ve got the legendary props in this copy!??”

The feeling of legendary props is too different from that of ordinary props. Wu Huaben came in with the task of looking for legendary props. Naturally, he can quickly think of what this is.

His voice fell, and the other two players of broken sickle understood. Their faces became very ugly.

In their copies that have not reached the top level at all, legendary props are overwhelming to the strength growth of a player.

Yan Wei raised his chin and blinked. The nearly complete moon wheel brought him a very comfortable feeling. He subconsciously raised the corners of his mouth and smiled silently.

Wuhua understood the situation in a moment. He winked at the other two sickle breaking players and turned to leave.

Yan Mingguang still exudes a faint sense of killing around Yan Wei’s body. It seems that he doesn’t care what Yan Wei’s hands are, frowning and taking a step forward. The whip shook in his hand and was about to be thrown out. On the other side, the fish flying boat also took out his dagger used with blue beads.

Yan Wei grabbed Yan Mingguang and the fish flying boat and shouted to Wuhua: “don’t worry, the fire you set off will be extinguished before you go.”

Wuhua and others didn’t look back at all.

The waning moon in Yan Wei’s hand seemed brighter at this moment.

He raised his eyes, looked at the fire that had completely spread in the grove, and said, “let them run.” then he raised his palm, lightly grasped the moon wheel, then closed his eyes again, and put all his sensory abilities on perception.

Yan Mingguang took a look at Yan Wei and the legendary prop that Yan Wei held in his hand. His eyes rarely stayed on the moon wheel. He retreated silently. At the moment when Yan Wei couldn’t see it, his eyes looking at the moon wheel moistened a layer of long lost familiarity.

Only the fish flying boat was confused: “you didn’t want them to put out the fire, why did you let them run? They ran away, and it was us who put out the fire? But it doesn’t matter to me. You lift the building too fast and have no accumulation. I can exchange all my props and invitations for fire-fighting –”

The gentle sound of the fish flying boat suddenly stopped.

Just now Yan Wei grabbed the moon wheel, and the light emitted by the moon wheel has faded slowly, but at this moment, the bright light suddenly shines with a wave that is enough to distort the space!

The next moment, the surrounding air began to vibrate, as if something invisible was colliding.

Yan Wei opens his eyes.

The strength emitted by the moon wheel stretched out and circled a range around the fire. Wuhua and others circled it again before going out of the fire range.

Wuhua, who was running in one direction, didn’t even react. He was suddenly blocked by the transparent obstacles in front and fell to the ground under the action of inertia.

——This is the function of the moon wheel that Yan Wei just learned.

The biggest difference between legendary props and other props is that their functions are not specific and restrictive. Legendary props have more attributes than functions. Where, how and how this attribute can be played depends entirely on the growth space of the owner.

The attribute of the moon wheel is fusion and separation.

Just now, with the help of the moon wheel, Yan Wei’s perception covers the whole grove, because the moon wheel helps his perception integrate into this space, so as to expand his perception range.

“I used the property of the moon wheel to split the space of this grove into a fire zone and a non fire zone. My current body data is really limited, and I can’t achieve the point of splitting the space, but I can separate heaven and earth in a small range.”

The fish flying boat exclaimed, “it’s similar to you enclosing the burning area of the grove with an invisible wall?”

“That’s the truth.”

Therefore, there is nothing in front of Wuhua, but he can’t move forward anyway – because Yan Wei has temporarily divided Wuhua’s back and front into two spaces. Obviously, Wuhua’s strength is not enough to resist the legendary props. Naturally, Wuhua can’t break this invisible wall.

The surrounding air is still fluctuating.

Yan Wei said, “now the moon wheel divides the place on fire and the place without fire into two places. The broken sickle is in the fire, and we are watching outside – now the seats are changed, and we’ll talk to them.”

When he finished, he just raised his feet, but suddenly it was dark for a moment.

He stumbled a step. When he calmed down, he found that Yan Mingguang had put his hand on each other’s shoulder and helped him walk in the direction of Wuhua and others.

Yan Wei’s face was pale, his forehead was sweating, and he was breathing in a hurry.

In the final analysis, the moon wheel is a legendary prop used by high-level players. Yan Wei now has the highest number of floors, that is, the current 19 floor mobile book. This act of separation has drained all his energy.

“Where’s the fish flying boat?”

“Just now, the wave was so strong that it shook out the illusion of backtracking that would not appear until one night. The fish flying boat was close.”

“Seeing that you are not in a hurry, you should feel that the retrospective fantasy is not difficult?”

“With the strength of fish flying boats, it’s only a matter of time.”

Yan Wei let go.

In a few words, Yan Mingguang has helped Yan Wei to Wuhua and others.

Yan Wei first looked at the man’s expression – calm and indifferent. As before, she couldn’t see any other emotion. The man seemed not surprised by the function of the moon wheel. When he separated the space, the expression of the fish flying boat was surprised and amazed, but Yan Mingguang seemed to be common.

He noticed it secretly in his heart, but he didn’t point it out.

It’s more important to make a copy now.

Yan Wei set his eyes on Wu Hua.

At the moment, Wuhua and they are separated by a barrier separating the space. He looked at Yan Wei with a low face. Behind him was the fire getting closer and closer.

But they can’t get out of the space surrounded by Yan Wei’s moon wheel. The fire will only get closer and closer to them.

“Why don’t you talk?” Yan Wei was still in a state of exhaustion. He simply put the whole person’s weight on Yan Mingguang and said, “didn’t you have a lot of confidence when talking to us just now? Sorry, now the position is changed. It’s my turn to give you a choice.”

He chuckled: “Wuhua, either you let the fire you set continue to burn. Anyway, you are locked in this space and can’t get out. At that time, the fire will burn completely in your part, and you will be burned alive sooner or later – this is not me. After all, you set the fire yourself.”

He paused and appreciated Hui Wuhua’s mixed look, then said, “either, you can find a way to put out the fire yourself. There are many props to restrain the fire in the exchange mall? You can exchange your points or something. It’s not difficult to do it.”

“Anyway, no matter how you choose, I win and you lose. The only difference is how ugly you lose.”

Yan Wei finished and rested beside the man with the help of Yan Mingguang. He was clearly weak at the moment. His delicate face was moistened with a layer of weak white, which set off the clarity of his amber eyes.

It’s not like someone who can say that just now.

But his words were said rationally and cruelly, but they didn’t affect his temperament that people wanted to be close to. In the light mixed with thick black smoke, Yan Wei is still the cleanest one.

Like a man holding moonlight in a sea of blood hell.

Wuhua looked at Yan Wei, and his eyes were almost staring and bleeding.

Breaking sickle another player tried to hit the barrier, but ordinary props could not break the pen of legendary props at all. The man not only failed, but also was bounced off by the barrier and nearly fell into the fire.

Another man hurriedly said, “Wuhua, what shall we do?”

Wuhua clenched his fists and clenched his teeth: “do we still have a choice?”

“That legendary prop…”

Wuhua angrily said, “it’s good that you can protect your life at this time!”

He thought that breaking the sickle was a sure bet. No matter how powerful Yan was, he was just a lone wolf player without any cards. He had another all-round plan. He could win the racing mode anyway. But unexpectedly, this fire was released, and finally he was bound by himself. In order to survive, he had to clean up this mess.

Wuhua is ruthless and resolute. We should directly make the decision of Yan Wei and others to die, and the decision to give up at the moment is also very resolute.

He knows the situation very well. If he loses, he loses.

Wuhua cursed and said: “… When I see this ancestor surnamed Yan, I’ll take a detour!”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and smiled innocently at him.

Then Yan Mingguang found a stump and swept a clean place for Yan Wei to sit down and rest.

Wuhua and others have no other way to go. They can only use up all their points, props and invitations, exchange a lot of props to restrain the fire, and hold their breath to clean up the fire.

At four or five o’clock in the afternoon, Yan Wei slowly recovered from the state of draining his strength just now, and Wu Hua finally put out the fire.

The originally lush groves are now blackened, the surrounding temperature is still baking the air, and the black smoke lingers faintly in it.

The three men with broken sickles were exhausted and all lay on the ground panting. Not only did they get nothing in the copy this time, but they sent Yan Wei a fragment of legendary props. They also wasted all their accumulation, not even an ordinary props.

It’s a pity that Yan Wei didn’t feel sorry for the three people’s experiences at all. He personally stepped forward to knock them out one by one, and brought them back to the dormitory with Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei just dragged people upstairs. Remembering that these people had let him rest for a long time, he threw them into the compartment of the public toilet face down.

When he threw Wuhua into a smelly toilet compartment, Yan Weiyu glanced at Yan Mingguang and seemed to smile.

“Dead ice, what are you laughing at?”

The man is not euphemistic: “naive.”

“….” Yan Wei glanced. “In this copy of life and death, I will find them a remote place to throw it. Is it good for bad? Can’t I take revenge?”


Yan Wei: ”

Quarreling with Yan Mingguang, he had no sense of achievement every time.

“Let them stay. These three clowns don’t care. Can they go out alive to see their luck? It’s getting dark… There’s no doubt about the antagonistic relationship between He Luo and us. Lin Zhen has almost brought all players into our side. He Luo can’t just watch us solve these step by step. Whether we can break the game tonight is equal to whether we can Yan Wei closed the door of Wuhua’s toilet compartment, turned around and patted Yan Mingguang’s arm. “Go, the interphone of the fish flying boat can’t connect, he should still be looking back. Zhou Tian and Gao Ming came out of the archives, and Lin Zhen also completed the archives. Let’s gather first.”

“Zhou Tian, can you hear me?” Yan Wei connected the walkie talkie. “OK, you take all the files you find directly to the grove. I’ll see you in front of the grove.”

He cut the channel of the walkie talkie and the walkie talkie Lin Zhen sent to each player who joined them.

“Everyone, see you in the grove.”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang walked down the dormitory building.

The moment she walked out of the dormitory gate, Yan Wei slowly looked up, and her light brown eyes reflected the dimly lit sky.

“It’s getting dark.”

He said.


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