Half Immortal Chapter 79

Half Immortal Chapter 79: The School of Death (31)

The cool wind blowing continuously in the campus.

The last warm yellow light flowed out of the sun and sloped on the campus, covering the treacherous campus with a false calm.

NPC students filed out of the teaching building one by one with schoolbags on their backs. They looked ordinary and numb. But among the students, there are still some “students” who are obviously players. They walk quickly in the direction of the grove.

——They are all players who have been pulled into Yanwei at the moment.

Now the three who broke the sickle have completely lost their competitiveness. It was not these careless people who competed with Yan Wei from the beginning, but the ghosts everywhere in the campus.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were in the dormitory building. They came out and walked a few steps back to the grove. Zhou Tian and Gao Ming, who had long been out of the archives, were waiting for them in front of the grove. When they saw Yan Wei coming, Zhou Tian walked forward quickly with a stack of thin paper.

“These are the remaining files and materials,” Zhou Tian handed them to Yan Wei in a depressed tone, “About Tang Yizhuo, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, we found almost all the student files and punishment lists before. Although he Luo said that the punishment list of dismissal was in the grove, we also confirmed that the punishment list of dismissal was not seen in the archives. As for others… It’s all here.”

Yan Wei lowered his head, weighed the data in his hand, moved his eyebrows and said, “just a stack?”

“These are the duty list, the class committee list, the monthly exam and the final exam papers. We searched all the parts related to their class all day. These are all.”

Gao Ming nodded: “yes, Zhou Tian and I also looked at the test paper. Tang Yizhuo is really the first in the class. He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan have no problem with their scores every time.”

Yan Wei frowns.

He looked down at the few materials and murmured: “… It shouldn’t be.”

“Why?” Gao Ming didn’t understand. “Yan Wei, haven’t you pointed out the true face of He Luo? If you can’t find it in the file, it means you’re right…”

Yan Wei still lowered his head and looked at the few files page after page. He had no response to the wise questions. It was obvious that he was too serious to hear the questions.

Yan Mingguang glanced at him. The man who had never talked much rarely replied, “there is still a layer of logic missing.”

At the beginning, he Luo lied to them with Luo He’s false identity. Since he wanted to cheat, it showed that there was a secret in it – later things also proved that Qian Xuanxuan was uncertain, but he Luo certainly didn’t want the players to be good. From this point of view, find the punishment list of He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, destroy the punishment list and break the game.

This is indeed complete logic.

But since he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan retaliated against everyone, why did Qian Xuanxuan drag him down to the roof and die?

At present, it seems that they should find the punishment list and deal with it. They just look at the results. They really don’t need to delve into this detail.

But Yan Wei always felt uneasy.

In fact, this feeling has no logical support. On the contrary, from the perspective of absolute rational logic, there is no problem with their current progress. However, from the subconscious feeling, Yan Wei always feels that something is missing.

He turned over the examination papers and the class committee list that really couldn’t see any problems, and saw the duty table of his class.

The duty table contains very little information. It only describes the duty arrangement of everyone in the class before the school accident. Yan Wei skips the only irrelevant student names and mainly glances at Tang Yizhuo, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan.

On Monday, September 14th, clean the blackboard, Qian Xuanxuan… On Tuesday, September 15th, sweep the floor, Tang Yizhuo… On Friday, September 18th, clean the blackboard, where is it.

On Monday, September 21st, clean the blackboard, Qian Xuanxuan… On Tuesday, September 22nd, sweep the floor, Tang Yizhuo… On Friday, September 25th, clean the blackboard, where is it.

On Monday, November 30th, clean the blackboard, Qian Xuanxuan…………. On Tuesday, December 1st, sweep the floor, he Luo…………. On Friday, December 4th, clean the blackboard, Tang Yizhuo.


Yan Wei closes the file.

“… no problem,” he said. “Is it really that I want more –”

He gave a deep voice.

At this moment, there are still living players around. The space not far away fluctuated at this moment. At that fluctuating place, the fish flying boat suddenly appeared in front of them.

“Yan Wei!!”

Without waiting for Yan Wei and others to ask, Yu Feizhou crossed all players and ran quickly to Yan Wei.

His arm was stained with some blood at the moment, and he should have been injured in the backtracking. But Yu Feizhou didn’t even care about the bandage. When he came to Yan Wei, he immediately said, “I was dragged into the backtracking of a student killed by Qian Xuanxuan. It took a long time to break the game, but after breaking the game, I got the information about the punishment list!”

With the words of fish flying boats, the sun set slowly and the night came in an instant.

At this moment, all the players present subconsciously looked into the grove that became dark in an instant – but anyone with a little perception can feel the smell of dozens of backtracking fantasies in the grove.

The fish flying boat has no surprise: “This is the information I want to tell you. These are the backtracking of the students killed by Qian Xuanxuan. Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking is also in it. If Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking is broken, you can get the punishment list for him and Qian Xuanxuan. But these dead students are manipulated and suppressed, so as long as we go in, the backtracking of these dead will absorb us at the first time. Only these are broken , Qian Xuanxuan can’t go in without any obstacles. ”

Fish flying boat frowned and tense.

“You should know what I mean“

Yan Wei put away the useless files in his hand, raised his eyes and looked at the dark and deep grove in the distance.

He said, “I understand.”

Only when all the backtracking is broken can you go back to Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking. And this is just the beginning. If you go in, you have to break the game. If you break Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking, you can get the punishment list.

Gao Ming: “then let’s start to break the backtracking now? Why don’t I understand? Why do you seem very dignified?”

Yan Mingguang: “time.”

Zhou Tian responded: “how long will it take?”

At the moment, the players around gradually gathered, and the sinister atmosphere was slowly spreading throughout the campus. In all directions, there seemed to be some ghosts passing by. Several fallen female ghosts slowly appeared on the clothes line of the dormitory building, and something seemed to hang on the tree not far away.

The players are almost here, and the ghosts hidden in the dark… Can’t stand it.

“Ah!!” Gao Ming saw a pale face sticking out from a bed in the dormitory building. He was startled, staggered back and was held by the fish flying boat.

These ghosts are obviously going to do it openly. Time is running out.

Another cool wind blew, and Yan Wei’s school uniform swayed slightly. Yan Wei took a step forward against the wind, as if he wanted to see everything in the grove.

The ends of his hair were rolled up, his eyes seemed to be filled with the wind, and his thoughts surged over in an instant.

He said: “the reason why the fish flying boat was pulled in was that I used the moon wheel, which led to the spatial fluctuation of the place where we were at that time. The retrospective fantasy that should have come out at night was shocked out and sucked in the fish flying boat – this shows that the retrospective of these ordinary dead is not particularly powerful, and only one person can go in at a time.”

He turned back and looked at the players who were pulled to their side by Lin Zhen one by one. His eyebrows moved and the corners of his mouth slowly popped up.

Yan Mingguang said calmly, “you have a way.”

“Why do we have to go back to the fairyland and tell us which one is Qian Xuanxuan’s? We can find it ourselves. Since these backtracking can only suck one person in at a time, so many of us go in anyway, and the last one is Qian Xuanxuan’s.” Yan Wei chuckled, “Moreover, judging from the time when the fish flying boat broke the game, the first few hours of backtracking will not be dangerous. Then everyone will go in and occupy the seat. When there is only the last one left, I will go in and break Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking and take out the list in the shortest time.”

He turned his head and smiled at Yan Mingguang in the treacherous darkness: “dead ice, believe me?”

Yan Mingguang: “I don’t believe it.”

“Thank you for your trust. From now on, let’s seize the time. Everyone takes turns to go in and occupy the seat of ordinary backtracking dreamland. At the last, I go in to break Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking. Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang stay outside and try to guard where we go in, so as not to be suddenly attacked by ghosts when we come out.”

Yan Wei kept his walkie talkie on when he said this. At the moment, he paused, knocked on the micro walkie talkie worn on his ear and said, “Hey, Lin Zhen, why haven’t you come yet.”

At Lin Zhen’s side, there was a constant “wheezing” sound of broken arrow feathers. The man’s careless voice came: “don’t you see that the limit of ghosts in this copy has been reduced? I just finished pulling people for you. It was dark on the way to get there, and all these ghosts came out. Gee, I have to kill them back. How can I be so fast.”

“That’s OK. After you come back, stay outside with Yan Mingguang and them.”

When talking, some players have stepped forward and don’t intend to take care of Yan Wei and others at all. They have to fight with the approaching ghosts. Gao Ming stepped forward to stop them and won a contemptuous look.

The fish flying boat frowned: “those who can live up to now have some skills, because you took advantage of us when the files were filed, but they may not believe you. What if they don’t cooperate?”

Yan Wei said, “then push forward.”

Fish flying boat: “… OK.”

ten minutes later.

There are only a few players next to the grove. In the grove, Yan Wei can clearly feel that there are only two people in the open backtracking fantasy.

Finally, a player from another organization came up to him.

Yan Wei raised his eyes and said quietly, “man, can you get in? Just wait for me to break the game. If you don’t go in, just wait for us to push you forward.”

The player did not have any unhappy reaction, but shrugged and said: “I’ll go in. Before I go in, I just want to have a word with you, a ‘waste’ in everyone’s eyes. Just now you pushed several players from different organizations in. Even if you get this copy, you may face olive branches or open and hidden arrows. Why not pack the waste in the end? I actually admire you. You can rely on no organization, just like this It’s a pity that there are too many enemies in this book. ”

Yan Wei played with the coins in his hand and said with a smile, “because low-key is to protect himself and high-key is to protect the people around him.”

The player looked at him and obviously didn’t expect such an answer.

But before he could ask more questions, Yan Mingguang glanced at the ghosts close at hand. Without saying a word, he raised his feet and put the last player who needed to go in into the grove.

Yan Wei: “… Mr. Yan, you are a little violent.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak. He threw a whip with his backhand and beat back a ghost who almost caught Yan Wei.

Yan Wei has long been used to this man. He either has different opinions or doesn’t speak at all. He just said, “then I’ll go in. It’s much more dangerous to deal with these monsters outside than to go back. You and the fish flying boat will meet Lin Zhen later. You three should be careful.”


Yan Wei turned and looked at the dark and treacherous grove again. He was about to step in.

But as soon as he took his step, he paused.

The fish flying boat asked, “what’s the matter?”

Yan Wei turned back and glanced at the front of the grove.

The number of players surviving is greater than that of tracing back to the dreamland. In addition to Yan Mingguang and fish flying boat, several other players are also outside. These people hold weapons and deftly beat back scattered ghosts.

As soon as he broke Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking and got two punishment lists, no matter what happened to He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, they destroyed the punishment list and solved the source of resentment, Qian Xuanxuan and he Luo would disappear completely, and all this would be over.


Yan Wei blinked. Worry and uncertainty rarely appeared in her light brown eyes.

He said: “this kind of uneasy feeling…”

Now ghosts do start to attack them, but why can’t he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan hide now as the behind the scenes people who drive these ordinary ghosts?

He Luo may want him to go in and take out Qian Xuanxuan’s punishment list to deal with Qian Xuanxuan. But this is Yan Wei’s plan before exposing He Luo’s disguise. Now he already knows that he Luo is not a good thing. After getting two punishment lists, he Luo will destroy them together. Don’t He Luo want to stop him?

Or is there any card he doesn’t know yet that he can grab two punishment lists from him after he gets the punishment list?

“Yan Mingguang.”

The man who was fighting with ghosts heard the cry and looked back at him without hesitation.

He said, “I doubt he Luo has a card, but I have to go in now. You –”

“I’ll be careful.”

“OK, I’m in.”

This time, Yan Wei didn’t procrastinate any more. He turned around and stepped directly into the woods in a few steps.

the sky and earth were spinning round.

The dim light twisted. A few seconds later, a bright light suddenly appeared in Yan Wei’s eyes. He subconsciously raised his hand to cover his eyes.

When he got used to the light, the scene in front of him broke into his sight.

This is a girls’ dormitory. On the beds on both sides, the sheets are almost light and tender colors, and there are many supplies on the desk that are obviously only used by girls.

And he is sitting at the end of the bed in the lower berth. On the railing at the end of the bed in front of him, there are some slightly wet

Women’s underwear.



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