Half Immortal Chapter 8

Half Immortal Chapter 8: The Promenade Hotel (8)

Yan Wei raised his hand and patted the waiter on the shoulder, “Hey, man.”

The waiter grinned his teeth and turned to look at him with a wooden face. In the dim light of the corridor, his thin and extremely prominent eyes were more eye-catching. The white part of his eyes was bloodless and very pale.

Yan Wei seemed to be seriously talking to a normal waiter: “how tired it is to resist such a heavy thing alone. Why don’t I help you carry something…”

He stretched out his hand and said politely and politely, “why don’t you give me the cleaning tools and I’ll help you carry them.”

During the action, Yan Wei touched the black ring without pattern on his finger, and the information panel popped out. Sure enough, in the buff / debuff column, “waiter’s disgust” and “waiter’s favor” began to light up in turn.

The waiter’s thin face smiled at him and grinned at him. In the information bar, the buff and debuff hanging on him light up in turn.

——Finally stopped at the “waiter’s favor”.

Yan Wei is still a little disappointed – he wants to see the waiter get angry.

This is really Schrodinger’s buff.

“Guest,” the waiter threw the garbage bag directly into his hand, “you are really kind-hearted. Thank you for your help.”

The garbage bag containing a person’s body was heavy. Yan Wei was prepared to take over the cleaning tools. As a result, his hands trembled and almost didn’t catch it.

I felt that I met Yan Wei of the body across the garbage bag: “….”

“Are you leaving, guest?”

He controlled his expression and smiled, “let’s go.”

The corridor was as long as ever. After a few detours, Yan Wei followed the waiter to the elevator.

The elevator door opened. He followed the waiter into the elevator and put the garbage bag on the floor of the elevator. The waiter put down the cleaning tool and took out a magnetic card from the pocket of the tuxedo.

The magnetic card brushed next to the button of the elevator and made a “tick”. Then, the waiter pressed the “- 1” button.

——Ground floor.

Yan Wei’s eyes coagulated.

They walk through the 15th floor of the hotel. They don’t need a magnetic card at all. The elevator can be used as long as they enter. The waiter didn’t mention the ground floor to them from beginning to end. Before, players also tried to press the “- 1” button when exploring, and there was no response. Now it seems that they don’t have a response, but they don’t have a magnetic card.

He was still thinking. The waiter suddenly burst into a rage and said, “guest, what are you doing here? Are you doubting my professional level and don’t believe I can handle the garbage well?”

Yan Wei touched the black ring and saw the debuff of “waiter’s disgust” on the information bar.

The waiter must not let him continue to follow. Will there be anything other than the magnetic card information for the waiter to clean up the body tonight?

Yan Wei moved his eyebrows, directly met the cold and terrible eyes of the waiter and asked, “man, if you are very angry, will you be so angry that you want to kill?”

The waiter has slowly stretched out his hand to his neck and his voice is hoarse: “disobedient guests will be killed…”

He seems to want to appreciate Yan Wei’s panicked appearance. He looks at Yan Wei directly. He moves very slowly for fear that he can’t wait for Yan Wei’s frightened expression too fast.

But the young man raised his eyebrows unexpectedly, leaned back directly, bypassed the waiter’s thin and powerful arms, and loosened his mouth: “it’s good to kill.”

Half undead skill, all fatal injuries are invalid.

He took a deep breath, tried to make himself forget the existence of cleanliness, raised his hand and touched it on the waiter’s exquisite and neat tuxedo – he wanted to make sure whether there was anything else besides the magnetic card and whether the magnetic card was the main clue.

The waiter suddenly shouted, “guest, what are you doing!!?”

Yan Wei stepped up and down and honestly replied, “touch you.”

The waiter made a grinding voice: “it’s good if the disobedient guest dies!!!”

This time he stopped dawdling and stretched out his hands to break Yan Wei’s neck!

Next moment——

Nothing happened.

The waiter’s hands seemed to be stuck by some strange force. They always stopped there when they approached Yan Wei’s neck. The more he couldn’t succeed, the more angry he was, and the more he wanted to kill Yan Wei immediately.

——The more you can’t kill.


Yan Wei has already taken out all the pockets of the waiter’s body – nothing but the magnetic card. It seems that the information given in the step of cleaning up the body tonight is that there are clues on the ground floor. As for the magnetic card, whether he can take it or not, even if he takes it, the waiter won’t let him go to the ground floor now.

Yan Wei immediately straightened out his thoughts, didn’t take the magnetic card, but turned and bent down to lift the garbage bag with the body on the ground. Out of revenge, he directly put the portable rope of the garbage bag on the waiter’s head and hung the garbage bag on the waiter’s neck.

Rao was as powerful as a waiter and was slightly staggered by the weight of the whole body.

He took revenge on the waiter for throwing the garbage bag into his hand, and walked out of the elevator contentedly: “good night, man.”

With that, Yan Wei didn’t look back and left quickly. The waiter seemed to be limited to dealing with the body and didn’t catch up. He just stood in the elevator and looked at Yan Wei angrily.

The elevator door closed slowly behind him, and Yan Wei hurried back to room 5.

The door of room 5 was open, and Yan Mingguang stood by the door waiting for him. As soon as Yan Wei came back, he closed the door, washed his hands carefully, and then walked quickly to the desk and tore down a note on the table.

“Nothing?” Yan Mingguang asked him.

The man took his pocket with both hands and leaned slightly against the desk, but his back was very straight, and his temperament was like snow and pine. He always seems to be in a state of being able to fight at any time. He is much more vigilant than ordinary people. He doesn’t seem to be a person who has passed the comfortable life, but he seems to have been immersed in killing for a long time.

Yan Wei shook his head: “nothing happened, but I just followed the elevator and was driven out by the waiter.” he picked up his pen and began to write down the clues he found on the paper, “but I found something – he took the body to the underground floor of the hotel, and only the magnetic card on the waiter can open the underground floor.”

This is not good news.

Yan Mingguang: “sooner or later we have to meet the waiter.”

There is a problem on the ground floor. The magnetic card that can go to the ground floor is in the waiter’s hand. If they want to go to the ground floor to find clues, they must find ways to get the magnetic card from the waiter.

Yan Wei nodded: “yes, the underground floor is our goal. But there are many problems in addition to the underground floor.”

He wrote down three words on the paper.

——Portraits, painters, eyes.

Yan Wei connected the three words in a triangular shape and said: “We have now determined that the women in the portraits may kill people. The women in the complete paintings just want to kill people, but in the top studio, the people in the paintings without eyes want to dig our eyes. The paintings with eyes are the early works of the painter and the later works of the painter. Only his self portrait and the painting of the female doctor in that studio are complete, and all the others lack eyes 。”

He turned his pen and said thoughtfully, “because the painter’s later paintings lack eyes, so ghosts want to dig the eyes of living people to fill themselves?”

What about the painter who came out to kill tonight? Looking at the expression of the middle-aged man, it must be the painter who climbed out of the painting to kill. There is no doubt that the painter himself lacks eyes, and he can be different from the people in the painting. The painter can climb out to kill.

“If you want a complete logic, you can also explain. That is, a painter who doesn’t know why he can’t draw, dare not draw or can’t draw his eyes draws a pile of incomplete words in the studio. Later, he doesn’t know what happened. The painter dies, his own eyes are gone, and his paintings live. Those who don’t have eyes want to dig people alive Eyes, so as to make up for the lack of eyes. Everything has something to do with painting and eyes. Where will the ladder clue be… ”

Yan Wei gave a speech.

Yan Mingguang picked up a pen and wrote three words.

——Studio, room 1, ground floor.

The brush is cold, hard and powerful, which is quite different from Yan Wei’s style.

Yan Wei stared at these words for a while, and then smiled.

“I think we still have a lot of problems to solve. Then why did the waiter take the body to the first floor underground? There is room 1 on the top floor, next to the studio. We live from room 2 to room 5. I don’t believe that room 1 is useless. But our clue has come to an end.”

“Tomorrow’s exhibition.”

Yan Wei shook his head: “the reason why we came to the end is that all the speculation about painting seems to have been ten to eight, but we can’t find any important clues in many places we don’t understand. I think we have to go to a place besides the painting exhibition.”

He wrote down the word “hospital” heavily on the note paper.

At that time, in the studio, Yan Wei also noticed that many portraits had no background, or only a few flowers and other decorative backgrounds. But there are also some paintings that have the same background – the hospital.

Yan Wei also specially looked at it at that time. There was no hospital outside the window of the studio. It would not have been painted by the painter sitting by the window and looking at the scenery outside the window. A background that cannot be seen all the time but appears frequently must be a place where painters often go.

And the complete portrait of a female doctor

More clues about the people and painters who dug their eyes may make some progress in this hospital.

“Tonight…” Yan Wei thought, “will there be another accident?”

The quiet night slowly climbed the clock and passed quietly between the lines. There were only seven living people in the hotel. It was quiet and gloomy, and the warm yellow corridor lamp seemed to have no brightness.

In room 5, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang lie in bed with clear boundaries, and their breathing sound is uniform and slow.

After all, after a busy day, Yan Wei was picky, and finally fell asleep. But before the sleep had completely swept over, he suddenly heard the rustle outside the door.

The night light that had been kept suddenly went out silently!

Room 5, which was still very bright, was dark. The windows were clearly airtight, but the thick curtains swung a few times. It seemed that something passed lightly, bringing a cool breeze.

The sound was very light, like someone’s footsteps. But it’s too light. It’s completely different from the weight of a normal person. The wooden floor of the hotel makes an almost undetectable friction sound

Squeak, squeak

The sound is getting closer and closer to the bed.

Yan Wei’s sleepiness dissipated most of the time, his whole body was tight, and his hands under the quilt were slowly clenched. The person who didn’t know what it was stopped by the bed. The voice rested for a moment, and a chill swept through Yan Wei’s neck.

He felt the thing that touched his head and neck – it seemed to be cold knuckles, very stiff and slightly wet.

But the “thing” touched him, and then it seemed to look for something at the head of the bed. Yan Wei tries to keep his breathing steady. Under the quilt, he quietly grabs Yan Mingguang’s hand – Yan Mingguang must be awake.

But Yan Wei thought they couldn’t open their eyes.

It’s obviously not personal. It’s like sneaking around, groping for something in the darkness around. They are still asleep at the moment. If they open their eyes, who knows what ghost they will see and whether it will trigger any danger? Although he is immortal, he will also be injured. If he is seriously injured in this copy, he will be extremely passive the next day when the immortal state is relieved.

Under the quilt, Yan Wei’s hand was holding Yan Mingguang’s hand. The warm palm touch was very different from the cold and gloomy feeling just now. Yan Wei also felt Yan Mingguang’s tense state. He nodded with his fingertips and wrote a “no” in the palm of the other party’s hand.

——Don’t open your eyes.

Yan Mingguang seemed to understand. He touched Yan Wei’s hand with his fingertips.

The cool feeling lasted for a while, and the rustling footsteps sounded again. The unknown thing seemed to be far away from the bed, and Sen Han’s feeling dispersed.

But Yan Wei didn’t hear the sound of opening the door, but heard footsteps suddenly appear on the corridor outside. Across the door, Yan Wei couldn’t hear clearly. He just felt as if he was still looking for something.

After a while, all the voices disappeared again, and the dark room was very quiet. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang didn’t open their eyes and talk – the ghost may or may not have gone.

Yan Wei lay stretched on his side on the bed, his hand under the quilt still holding the palm of Yan Mingguang’s hand. Such close contact made the cold sweat on his palm touch Yan Mingguang’s hand. Yan Wei didn’t move. He closed his eyes and felt the surrounding environment attentively.

Fortunately, the thing he groped for never appeared in the middle of the night.

Yan Wei’s sleep this night was really vague, tight and uneasy.

When he woke up in the daytime, Yan Mingguang had packed everything and sat calmly on the small sofa by the window. The man’s back was straight, his slender legs were meticulously and flatly placed, and he sat upright unlike a man who had just got up early.

“Good morning -” Yan Wei’s eyes moved back from Yan Mingguang, and suddenly stopped with his early hoarse voice, “my God!!!”

His residual drowsiness dissipated immediately.

The original white as new bedding, bedside table and wall… Are covered with dense blood fingerprints!! Those places are clearly the place where things that don’t know what have explored in the middle of the night!

Yan Wei immediately opened the quilt and got out of bed. He quickly ran into the bathroom. Unexpectedly, he saw a dry blood mark behind his neck touched by the thing. It was obviously a trace touched by a bloody finger. It was not thick or even thin. Yan Wei was disgusted. He looked in the mirror and compared it with his own hand. It really didn’t look like a living man’s hand.

The blood mark didn’t scare him, but his picky cleanliness habit was committed instantly. Without a word, he took a bath in the morning. When Yan Wei came out, Yan Mingguang was standing at the door of room 5, holding the door handle in one hand and opening the door, as if looking at the corridor outside.

Yan Wei took another look at the terrible blood fingerprints by the bed. Then he went to Yan Mingguang and asked, “what are you looking at?”

Yan Mingguang did not speak, but raised his hand and pointed to a place in the corridor outside the door.

Yan Wei looked down the direction and gave a quick look.

That’s the trash can where they threw dolls yesterday. To be cautious, yesterday they threw out everything related to eyes in the room, and also threw the two doll dolls with exquisite eyes on both sides of the head of the bed onto the dustbin.

But at the moment, the trash can completely turned over to the ground, and the two originally exquisite puppet dolls had fallen to the ground not far away. The doll is also covered with blood fingerprints. Their eyes, which were as lifelike and exquisite as black gemstones, have been completely dug out. They can only see the cotton wool inside the doll pop out of the hollowed out eye holes.

Yan Wei frowned. “These two dolls were placed at the head of the bed yesterday, and the place where the ghost groped last night was also around the bed…”

They seem to have avoided a death trigger.

But Yan Wei didn’t feel relieved at all, but his heart tightened. He walked slowly to the overturned trash can, squatted down and looked carefully at the two dolls with their eyes hollowed out.

If the long skirt woman who died the first night didn’t know when to be watched, what happened to the two dolls? If they didn’t throw the doll out and they had an accident at night, wouldn’t this ghost kill three people in one night?

Yan Wei originally thought that the so-called painting exhibition had nine days, and nine of them entered the copy. Except for the first player who broke the rules and died, they killed a long skirt woman last night. There is just one person in one night, which is the time limit for them.

But now, if three people may even die in one night… There are only seven of them now, and they can’t last for a few days. The so-called nine days is a cover for people to relax their vigilance!


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