Half Immortal Chapter 80

Half Immortal Chapter 80: The School of Death (32)

Yan Wei was not scared to death by the ubiquitous ghosts in the copy, and almost scared to death by the opening of this backtracking.

A natural bend, he saw women take a detour in his life. He didn’t expect that the first close observation of women’s underwear in his life was forcibly sent to the door by this copy.

Yan Wei: ”

He was stunned for a moment. For the first time, he turned his head and looked out of the window. He was caught off guard and saw a vast expanse of white outside the window. Snowflakes are still floating in small pieces. The air outside the dormitory seems to be very cold, and a thin layer of cold fog is connected to the windows. But the snow was heavy, the sun was big, and the light was warm.

No wonder he just opened his eyes and hung his clothes at the end of the bed.

It’s early winter morning.

The day Qian Xuanxuan jumped off the dormitory building, it seemed to be such a sunny and snowy day.

With a bang, the door of the girls’ dormitory was pushed open.

Yan Wei turned his head with the sound and saw three girls in school uniforms coming in. They are all ordinary high school students dressed in neat uniforms, short hair and high horsetail. But their faces were very frightened, their faces were bad, their dark circles were serious, and their mental state was obviously not very good.

As soon as the girl at the front came in, she saw Yan Wei. She was stunned first, then dodged and… Disgusted.

“Why are you still here? How long have you been expelled and stay here…” she didn’t have a good way. “So many people died in school these days, maybe because you are still a unlucky and disgusting thing.”

Yan Wei understood. What he entered is Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking. At the moment, in the eyes of these girls, he is Qian Xuanxuan, so these people’s attitude towards him is the treatment Qian Xuanxuan received at the beginning. The weather outside Xuan Xuan as like as two peas in the day of falling down, and the girl’s “how long” and “dead man” were mentioned, which means that Xuan Xuan has already started killing and releasing anger at this time.

It should be the day Qian Xuanxuan died.

Backtracking is the most impressive picture and the greatest reluctance of the deceased. If it is passive inhalation backtracking, players need to find the source of the reluctance of the deceased in backtracking and solve it. The reluctance of most of the dead is at the moment before death, so the solution is usually to prevent death or retaliate against the most resentful people – just like the copy he and Yan Mingguang entered Ankang town. The bride resents her husband for not saving herself. Only by killing her husband can she break the illusion.

Although Qian Xuanxuan’s retrospect was on the day of her death, it was not in the scene before her death. Instead, in the dormitory, it seems that they should have a quarrel with their roommates.

This is an ordinary and ordinary scene for Qian Xuanxuan, who has matured into campus bullying for a long time and has reached the stage of killing and venting her anger. It is not worth remembering at all. But it was such a trivial scene, which was the scene Qian Xuanxuan remembered most. Is there anything she regrets most and wants to change?

Yan Wei’s mind flashed the impression of Qian Xuanxuan’s character, and the three girls who came in saw that he didn’t respond. One of them stepped forward directly and pushed Yan Wei hard: “talk to you? Can you not get in the way here?”

Yan Wei was pushed by her and still didn’t move.

The other person looked bleak and said, “forget it, what do you care about her? So many people have died these days, I’m so afraid when it will be my turn…” Qian Xuanxuan’s roommate was obviously in a bad mood tortured by the events of this period. She sat down in a trance on the chair next to her and muttered to herself, “We don’t know who will be next. You’ve been fired long ago. Why don’t you leave early… Maybe you can escape…”

He raised his eyes.

He glanced at the three girls, and then at the desk corresponding to the bed he was sitting on – there were all kinds of graffiti on the desk, mostly curses and abuse written in black and red pens, and some very disgusting patterns. Although there were obvious wiping marks on the table, these marks were still intertwined and left in Qian Xuanxuan forever On my desk.

The table is still very tidy, and books and stationery are placed neatly as if they had just been cleaned up. It seems that the owner of the table not only doesn’t intend to leave, but also seems to want to stay here.

Yan Wei suddenly felt a very uncomfortable feeling. Unwilling, regretful and sad.

This feeling filled every corner of the dormitory, but the other three girls didn’t feel it. Only he was surrounded by emotions. For a moment, his brain seemed to lack oxygen. He was out of breath.

At this time, the very pessimistic girl sat down, but the girl who disliked “Qian Xuanxuan” at the beginning was unwilling to give up. She rushed forward, suddenly pulled Yan Wei up and shouted, “aren’t you afraid of death? Why are you so calm? Those dead people have bullied you. Did they curse you to death!!?”

She said, before Yan Wei reacted to her, she collapsed and squatted down with her head in her arms. Her voice immediately wrapped in a crying voice: “I’m so afraid of death…”

Yan Wei looked at the words and deeds of the three roommates of Qian Xuanxuan, took a few deep breaths, exhausted all his senses, and reluctantly suppressed this suffocating emotion with the help of reason.

He glanced at Qian Xuanxuan’s desk again, his lips slightly opened, and whispered almost silently: “Qian Xuanxuan… Are you watching? Is this your original emotion…”

Yan Wei heard a very slight contemptuous smile, which was the voice of a girl and moistened some coldness.

——It’s Qian Xuanxuan.

“You’re there. You’re not only there. Look at your reaction – you think I can’t understand you at all.” Yan Wei hooked his mouth, “but I already know how to break your resentment.”

Now, in this retrospective fantasy, in front of Qian Xuanxuan’s three roommates, he is Qian Xuanxuan.

He took a step forward, stood in front of the girl who squatted down and hugged her head and cried, and bent down slowly.

Yan Wei’s voice, which was originally very clear, now moistened with a layer of indifference and pricked words and said, “what are you afraid of? I thought you were not afraid of anything. After all, what you cursed me and scolded me was much more vicious than simple death.”

The girl cried suddenly, and she looked up at “Qian Xuanxuan” in disbelief Obviously, I didn’t expect that the person bullied by everyone who was usually submissive would say such tough and sour words at the moment. I’m afraid on the last day of Qian Xuanxuan’s life, after Qian Xuanxuan had retaliated against many people, this high school student who was both the victim and the perpetrator was still cowardly in front of his classmates and couldn’t say anything to fight back.

“Surprised? I don’t think I should be like this?” Yan Wei smiled contemptuously and said, “what have you done to me all the time? Have you forgotten? Since you could do such a thing at the beginning, why is it your turn now?”

He raised his eyes, glanced at the three pale girls in turn, and said word by word: “are you afraid? When you said you wanted me to die, didn’t you think I would be afraid?”

As soon as his voice fell, the three girls showed a shocked look, but this look did not last long. Their faces, which were just ordinary people, suddenly became as white as snow, and their eyes faded, leaving only pure white eyes, which was terrible.

They stood up slowly and waited for the white eyes to approach Yan Wei slowly in this narrow dormitory.

——The three girls must have been killed by Qian Xuanxuan and turned into ghosts. Now in this backtracking, after Yan Wei finished speaking, they suddenly changed from ordinary people to ghosts. It is obvious that the owner of the backtracking wants to kill him.

Qian Xuanxuan’s voice came into Yan Wei’s ears from all directions: “you guessed wrong… You guessed wrong… You guessed wrong… Go to hell…”

The three girls stretched out their fingernail sharp hands and suddenly went to Yan Wei.

Yan Wei blinked.

At the moment when he was about to be caught by his fingernails, he took out a card. The rare prop “short reality” obtained from the last copy can copy the data of any player Yan Wei knows. It lasts for three minutes, and each copy can only be used once.

This is his strength to go back to the dreamland without hesitation without being immortal.

The card shook in his hand. The next moment, Yan Mingguang’s strength suddenly blessed him. Yan Wei, who has always relied on his perception, instantly felt the feeling of ultra-high body index.

He raised his hand, easily grasped the hand extended to him, and threw the other party to the ground.

“… Yan Mingguang’s data is also very easy to use.”

He didn’t stop at all, and his backhand blocked the hand extended by another ghost turned by Qian Xuanxuan’s roommate.

However, for a moment, the three ghosts were thrown to the ground by him without dragging mud and water. But he was not enough. He stepped forward to the nearest roommate of Qian Xuanxuan, squatted down on one knee, pressed the dangerous ghost hand with one hand and raised it slowly with the other hand.

The ethereal female voices from all directions are still, constantly repeating the words “you guessed wrong”, and their voice is getting sharper and sharper.

Yan Wei looked at Qian Xuanxuan’s roommate in front of him, stared at the other party’s pale face, and said without changing his face, “I can’t do such a thing at ordinary times, but I want to help her do what she wanted to do.”

Then his raised palm fell and slapped the other party hard.

——He saw the picture of Qian Xuanxuan slapped at the stairs of the dormitory by the three people in the back of He Luo’s show to him.

answer blows with blows.

Later, Yan Wei did the same, and in the three minutes of copying Yan Mingguang’s strength, he pressed the female ghosts turned into by the three roommates of Qian Xuanxuan on the ground “a tooth for a tooth”.

Qian Xuanxuan’s business was getting louder and louder. In the end, Yan Wei felt that the sharp voice was close to his ear and shouted “you guessed wrong”.

Three minutes is over.

The feeling of having a body index far higher than their own suddenly dissipated, but the three ghosts also fell to the ground in confusion and did not continue to stand up and attack Yan Wei.

Yan Wei took a big breath, listened to Qian Xuanxuan’s voice in his ear, felt all kinds of negative emotions in the dormitory, hooked his mouth, narrowed his eyes, and said, “just now I satirized them and responded to them with the way they bullied you. A tooth for a tooth. You said I guessed wrong. This is not what you are unwilling to do, so you made them look like ghosts and wanted to kill me.”

“Well, yes, what I did just now is really not a way to solve your resentment and dissatisfaction.”

The constant “you guessed wrong” suddenly stopped.

Yan Wei then said, “I didn’t do this just to break the game. I just wanted to help you do something you didn’t dare to do face to face. You retaliated against them. You were in the dark and made them pay a price one by one, but you never dared to go to them and say ‘get out’.”

“In fact, you’re not unwilling to do this. You’re regretting that you took the wrong way.”

“You cleaned your bed and table well. In fact, you don’t want to leave here, but you still want to stay here. But Tang Yizhuo ruined everything. He is the culprit. Others just come from the ignorance of blindly following the crowd. They even think they are right. In their eyes, you are a person who often does bad things and makes fun of your classmates behind their backs. They bully you, isolate you, bully you, but they don’t do anything that endangers your life. Everyone has small evils. A little malice is just an excessive joke for the malicious person. However, when small evils are applied to the same person, they become the biggest harm. These small things pile up and form a tower, which gradually overwhelms you Straw.

In the dormitory, the negative emotion came to Yan Wei’s face and shocked Yan Wei’s nerves.

The ghosts turned into by the three roommates of Qian Xuanxuan dissipated slowly, and a girl with long black hair, school uniform and blood suddenly appeared in front of him. The long black hair with dark and cold smell covered most of her face, her exposed face was covered with thick fresh blood, there was a large broken part of her head, and her body felt like a broken body – she Died in a fall.

Yan Wei didn’t step back. He stood upright and took his pocket with one hand.

He said, “what they said just now was what they told you at the beginning? They did go too far, but they never wanted to let you die. They even thought you wouldn’t have to die if you left early. They were bad, but they didn’t hate.”

“I didn’t do that just to break the game, but…” Yan Wei shook his head, quite helpless, “You just did what you should do. A tooth for a tooth. Those people you killed can’t die. So your resentment doesn’t lie in the last scene before you die, but in this time, when you hear them talking, you suddenly realize that you’re going the wrong way. There are many ways to protect yourself and fight back against others in the world. You can say it when Tang Yizhuo slanders you at the beginning Come out, bear all the consequences and protect yourself. You can also stand up and let them go when they bully you. You actually have many ways, but in the end you kill them… ”

“You regret it. Because you finally became like them.”

Before Yan Wei’s voice fell, Qian Xuanxuan, who was already bloody and had no clean and tidy appearance before her death, shook. She lowered her head slightly, her face was still pale and terrible, and her expression could not be seen clearly under the cover of her hair.

Yan Wei felt the violent fluctuation of her mood at the moment in her backtracking.

When he saw Qian Xuanxuan’s tidy desk and bed, he knew that Qian Xuanxuan might still want to keep hope. Unfortunately, in the end, she found that she had gone wrong and finally jumped off the roof.

Qian Xuanxuan hoped that she would not become the most annoying.

What he did just now was just to help Qian Xuanxuan do what he didn’t dare to do before she was born, not to break the game.

“So I didn’t guess wrong. The way to crack your backtracking is…”

Yan Wei lowered his eyes, touched the black ring with his fingertip, took out an ordinary dagger and a backhand, directly pointed the tip of the dagger at his heart and stabbed him with force!

In the end, the person she wants to kill most is herself.

Kill herself before she kills others.

At the moment when the tip of the knife pierced into the heart, Yan Wei didn’t feel any pain – this was a retrospective fantasy. His breaking method was correct and there would be no accident. The dormitory in front of Yan Wei began to twist slowly. Qian Xuanxuan standing in front of Yan Wei slowly raised her head and looked at Yan Wei with pure white eyes.

Yan Wei said to her, “right and wrong are never clear. The reason why there are so many things in the world is that people can’t be completely dominated by reason. If I were you, I would make all this impossible in the beginning. But I’m not a completely rational person. If I came to you, I don’t know what I would do.”

The world in front of us has been completely distorted.

In the whirling sky and earth, two thin and slightly yellow papers floated down and fell steadily into Yan Wei’s hands.

Yan Wei saw a flash of light in front of him. Looking back, the illusion disappeared, and the bright day dissipated. Instead, it was dawn high school, which was already at night.

As soon as he stood firm, he saw all the ghosts around him. At the moment he broke Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking, all the backtracking in the grove disappeared, and all the players came out again. They fought with ghosts, while Yan Mingguang waited where Yan Wei entered the backtracking fantasy.

At the moment Yan Wei appeared, the whip slipped through the air and timely flew the ghosts attacking Yan Wei.

The scene was in a terrible mess.

Yan Wei clutched the punishment sheet of He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan’s dismissal in his hand, and grabbed Yan Mingguang’s arm in the other hand. He was about to speak. A fish flying boat suddenly shouted: “Lin Zhen!!!”

Then there was a very forbearing hum, with obvious pain – that was Lin Zhen’s voice line.

Yan Wei was stunned and turned to look at the sound source. He Luo, with a terrible and bloody face, was standing among the shuttling ghosts in the dark. One pale hand was holding a person, and the other hand had penetrated the man’s shoulder blade.

Yan Wei’s breath stagnated.

——That’s Lin Zhen.

He Luo obviously felt his appearance. His white eyes looked at the two punishment lists in his hand, and his voice was low and hoarse: “you really got it… Then make a choice and replace him with the punishment list.”


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