Half Immortal Chapter 81

Half Immortal Chapter 81: The School of Death (33)

Lin Zhen seems to be awake.

He was surrounded by black air, and his whole body was quite weak. He Luo easily grabbed him in his hand, and he was obviously seriously injured. He is still wearing the school uniform of Chenxi high school, but the school uniform coat has been broken in many places. The original pure white school uniform has been stained with blood, and he Luo’s hand is penetrating Lin Zhen’s shoulder. The blood has dyed the blood on the school uniform deeper.

He Luo’s face was terrible, but his school uniform was still well dressed. At the moment, he grabbed Lin Zhen, who was seriously injured. A ghost was better dressed than the player.

In the dark night, Yan Wei couldn’t see Lin Zhen’s specific expression, but vaguely saw Lin Zhen seem to raise his head to look at him and smile.

Yan Wei took a deep breath.

The fish flying boat couldn’t help walking forward. Yan Mingguang grabbed the fish flying boat in a steady but sharp tone: “calm down.”

Yan Wei asked in a deep voice, “what’s going on?”

Fish flying boat clenched his fists, and his always gentle face seemed to be covered with a layer of frost at the moment. He said: “after you went in, the ghosts here were scattered attacks, and we handled it very easily. But Lin Zhen never came back. He said that there were many ghosts on his way back – Yan Mingguang and I thought it was wrong at that time. The grove was the key. How could there be more ghosts than Lin Zhen on his way back, and the result was before you came out…”

Yan Wei understood.

He subconsciously clutched the punishment list in his hand harder, leaving extremely obvious wrinkles on the Yellow punishment list.

i see.

Before he went in, he noticed something wrong. He had to go in and get the punishment list. Every step was very important, but he didn’t show up, as if in a hurry. That’s why he told Yan Mingguang that he might have a card. The NPC of this copy is different from those of the previous copies. This is a 19 story mobile book composed of the scattered energy of the super high-level copies. This time, the gambling building is also opened. The difficulty and NPC ability are completely improved.

He Luo has always been no different from the players. He will use tricks and pretend to be a player to deceive the players. Naturally, he will see the relationship between them. From the beginning, this ghost was not consumed with them in the grove, but directly concentrated all the ghosts. He planned to catch Lin Zhen first, and then use Lin Zhen to exchange punishment orders with them.

Lin Zhen is a person no matter how powerful he is. He can’t kill all the ghosts here alone.

He took a quick step and brought all players to their side in the racing mode, so as to find Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking fantasy through the crowd tactics, and get the dismissal list of He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan in the shortest time. He Luo simply gave up this step and let them get the punishment list. Instead, he started from Lin Zhen, who was alone, and waited until they got the punishment list.

One step forward, one step backward, one step back, now the game between the two sides has completely reached balance.

But this is only a superficial balance.

Yan Wei frowned and looked at Lin Zhen, who was bleeding all over. He knew that ghosts were different from them. Ghosts are just for simple interests, but they have to take into account Lin Zhen’s injuries and Lin Zhen’s life.

His mind was full of thoughts, but he kept calm on the surface and said, “I destroyed the punishment list and you and Qian Xuanxuan disappeared. Lin Zhen is naturally fine. Why should I give it to you?”

“Then if you destroy it, try it. Take a bet and see if I can kill your friend at this moment.”

“Isn’t it a gamble to give you the punishment list?”

At this time, he Luo saw that they didn’t promise immediately and smiled grimly: “but I can afford to gamble. If you don’t give it to me, I can spend it slowly. Every time, I’ll poke an extra hole in him until he died of pain. If you give me the punishment list, I can’t kill you.”

The hand that pierced Lin Zhen’s shoulder jerked out, and then pierced from the same place again. Lin Zhen uttered an uncontrollable groan, but he didn’t shout pain. He just tried his best in a very weak voice: “believe your evil… Give you the punishment list… We are really waiting to die. You have the ability to poke your heart, silly.”

Without hesitation, he Luo poked a hole in his shoulder with his bare hands.

Lin Zhen didn’t even hum this time.

The pupil of the fish flying boat was shrinking, and he was about to move forward. Yan Mingguang grabbed the fish flying boat while waving back the approaching ghosts with a long whip. He just repeated, “calm down.”

At this time, while other players still alive are fighting with ghosts, they look back and forth here – they are not friendly.

Lin Zhen is not related to them. What they care about is the punishment list. If Yan Wei speaks well now, I’m afraid the first person close to Yan Wei is not He Luo, but these players who have only interests with them.

The fish flying boat had blue veins on his forehead and a heavy complexion. He turned to Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang and said: “Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen are right. He Luo can’t be trusted. He and Qian Xuanxuan will die if the punishment list is given to him. I can’t ask you to exchange the punishment list for Lin Zhen. It’s everyone’s life. Everyone has no obligation and responsibility to take risks for Lin Zhen. You can destroy the punishment list now, completely end the resentment between He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, and end this A copy, but don’t stop me from saving him. Even if I don’t save it, if something happens, it’s my choice. ”

He spoke very fast, very different from his usual gentle appearance. It was obvious that what he had just said was serious.

Yan Wei grasped the punishment list in his hand and said seriously: “It’s impossible for me to die, but it’s also impossible to just watch Lin Zhen’s accident, fish flying boat. Believe me, I just came out of Qian Xuanxuan’s backtracking. Now I always think there’s something wrong. I need some time to figure out what we missed. We’re stopping you now. We don’t want to give up Lin Zhen, but I think it’s wrong. I just need a little time -”

He gave a speech.

Not far away, he Luo moved his hand slightly and grabbed a blood hole in Lin Zhen’s arm again. He stared closely at the punishment list in Yan Wei’s hand, with a gloomy and frightening tone and some urgency: “give me the punishment list!”

Yan Wei’s mind was in a mess, and he depressed his mood again under the action of reason.

He needs time. Why don’t their opponents know the pressure on them? It’s only a minute or so since the last shot against Lin Zhen, he Luo has hit hard again. Lin Zhen is already hanging a sigh. How many times can he hold up?

Yan Wei gritted his teeth and was about to open his mouth. The fish flying boat suddenly said, “how long do you think you can figure it out?”

Yan Wei was stunned.

In front of him, the fish flying boat took the blue pearl prop in one hand and the dagger in the other hand, and without hesitation poked into his hand. At the moment when he poked in, the blue pearl sent out a soft halo, and the place above Lin Zhen’s hand was healed in an instant.

Yan Wei understood in an instant.

He has always been a rational and interest oriented person, but at this moment, he felt a faint sadness.

Yu Feizhou snorted stiffly, and his hand holding the dagger turned red. He said: “… My skill is that I can exchange wounds for strength or wounds for wounds. Lin Zhen won’t wait to die, and I’d like to believe you. I can exchange Lin Zhen’s wounds for me to delay time, but I can only fight hard, you…”

Yan Wei said seriously word by word: “ten minutes, give me ten minutes.”


The fish flying boat turned and looked at the ghosts in neat school uniforms not far away, with deep eyes.

Tens of millions of pressure is on Yan Wei. His reason firmly suppresses his emotion and takes out the incomplete moon wheel with unchanged expression. The next moment, an invisible wall stands around Yan Wei and the fish flying boat, and the moon wheel temporarily divides their small place into another space.

At the moment, countless ghosts are attacking this way. There are fluctuations caused by the entanglement between players and ghosts around. It takes more effort to divide such a small place than the large place where the face is broken and ignited in the daytime. Yan Wei’s face turned white and a cold sweat came out from his forehead.

He raised his eyes, and Yan Mingguang, who was outside the small space, crossed his eyes across the barrier.

The man looked at him with calm and deep eyes. The black pupil was like a bright star in the dark night. He only surrounded himself and the fish flying boat, so that Yan Mingguang could deal with some emergencies in these minutes. Yan Mingguang didn’t ask him anything at all, but told him with such an unquestioning sight that Yan Mingguang believed him.

Yan Wei knew clearly and didn’t say much.

In front of him, Yu Feizhou saw he Luo hit Lin Zhen again. Without hesitation, he stabbed himself, gritted his teeth and endured pain, leading Lin Zhen’s new wound to himself.

The dormitory building in front of the grove suddenly burst out a hoarse ghost howl, accompanied by the sound of tooth friction – it was the hungry ghost who came out late at night.

Yan Wei blurted out: “… The three broken sickles.” the hungry ghost came out of the second floor of the dormitory. He threw Wuhua in the bathroom on the first floor. At the moment, other players still alive are in the woods. The first target of the hungry ghost must be the three unconscious Wuhua.

Yan Mingguang asked him, “can you use the moon wheel alone for a while?”

The choice of Lin Zhen and the punishment sheet is still pressing on Yan Wei’s mind. The moon wheel is suspended in his palm, drawing his physical strength and perception, and Yan Wei’s lips begin to turn white. But he still said, “it’s OK to come back and help me stop it in a few minutes, otherwise they’ll have a full impact, and I can’t hold it. Go, if you don’t go… I don’t know you.”

He won’t save, but Yan Mingguang will.

Yan Mingguang took a deep look at him and said, “be careful.”

Then, with a wave of his whip, the tail of the whip rolled onto the branches with a rustling sound. Yan Mingguang jumped up with his strength, and in the twinkling of an eye, he directly kicked through the window of the dormitory on the second floor and jumped in.

Yan Wei took back his eyes. He kept the moon wheel running, closed his eyes slowly, abandoned the messy sound around him and the sound of fish flying boat hands lifting and falling knives, and gathered all his thoughts together.

Ten minutes, within ten minutes, he either found a better way to break the game, or he completely fell into the disadvantage in this game and faced the choice of punishment order and Lin Zhen.

The world inside the building, the gambling area, and the copy of the dead school building are projected in front.

At the moment, the world in the building is raining. The intermittent drizzle sprinkles a little bit, with some coolness.

Lin Qing stayed here, holding an umbrella and looking at the projection angles that were still open. In the projection, it was obvious that the copy had reached the last moment, but his expression had not changed at all. He was still as serious as before.

Suddenly, his eyes brightened.

Some black invitations appeared in the sky before the projection. The drizzle and cool wind did not seem to affect these invitations. They fell slowly without any rain.

The dark bird beside Lin Qing was surprised and said in confusion, “Why are there only six or seven letters?”

Lin Qing raised his hand, motioned others to take down these invitations and said, “because the copy is almost over, but there is an imbalance between players and ghosts, so open a limited number of places to let new players in.”

He said and looked at the picture of Yan Mingguang. There were few pictures before Yan Mingguang, but it opened at night, which let their people outside see the situation of the dormitory building.

The hungry ghost was defeated by Yan Mingguang at the moment when he was about to bite Wuhua and others. While entangled with the hungry ghost, he threw the broken sickle people to Yan Wei one by one, and then Yan Wei opened a corner of the barrier to drag the unconscious broken sickle player into the space separated by the moon wheel.

But a moment later, Yan Mingguang rescued all three of the broken sickles, but the starving ghost followed Yan Mingguang all the way to the grove.

In a corner of the grove, Qian Xuanxuan with long hair, shawls and blood all over also floated there silently.

“Ghosts have too much power, so more people need to go in,” Lin Qing said methodically as he Luo poked a blood hole in Lin Zhen. “Seven players below the 19th floor are arranged to go in. After going in, don’t do anything, just fight with ghosts.”

This is equivalent to filling up the number of people and simply acting as thugs for Yan Wei.

The people around Lin Qing obviously didn’t understand: “well… Don’t we save Lin Zhen? Otherwise, after going in, we’ll try to attack the ghost and kill Lin Zhen -”

“No, he’s here. Lin Zhen won’t have an accident.”




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