Half Immortal Chapter 82

Half Immortal Chapter 82: The School of Death (34)

Yan Wei is lying on the ground.

At the moment, he had completely ignored his cleanliness habit. Holding the stones on the ground, he thought and drew some ideas on the ground.

Since entering the copy, he took out all the materials obtained from the archives and piled them on one side, and some corners were stained with the blood of fish flying boats.

In the grove, some players have been completely torn up by ghosts for a while. Some even want to attack Yan Wei and grab the punishment list from Yan Wei. After they were stopped by Yan Mingguang, they angrily scolded, “do you want to kill us if you don’t destroy the punishment list?”

Yan Wei didn’t look at it either. He was absorbed.

Time goes by little.

A few minutes passed quickly, and the fish flying boat was also covered with blood, and his face turned white because of blood loss. Yan Wei stared down at the clue. The sweat slipped slowly from his cheek, hung on his chin for a while, and fell silently on the file.

In the chaos, seven players without school uniforms suddenly appeared. They didn’t make a sound at all. As soon as they entered the copy, they roughly surrounded the place where Yan Wei was, and matched the ghosts and those who wanted to grab the punishment list.

Yan Wei was distracted from his thinking. He only heard the fish flying boat say slightly weakly, “don’t worry, it’s the man of Xuanniao.”

Yan Wei was stunned, didn’t ask more, and sank into all the information again.

He murmured, “I know what’s wrong.”


“We subconsciously acquiesced to a premise, a premise that has no problem from our point of view, but actually has a big problem from the point of view of ghosts. He Luo is really smart. He pretended to be a player and wanted to use us to give him a punishment list at the beginning. Now let’s get the punishment list and exchange it with Lin Zhen, which has mastered our behavior style to a certain extent. But if we What about his angle? ”

Yan Wei looked up at the fish flying boat and tapped the ground with a stone in his hand. He spoke very fast: “We will make concessions for Lin Zhen, but why do ghosts think we will? He Luo is a ghost with great resentment. Shouldn’t this ghost believe in human nature? Why should he be sure that we will give up the punishment? If we are cruel, regardless of Lin Zhen’s life, we choose to take the overall situation into account immediately at that moment…”

He raised his hand, shook the two punishment lists that he held tightly, and then said: “I’ll tear these two punishment lists to end the root cause of the resentment between He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan. For irrelevant people, that is, if Lin Zhen dies, the copy of Chenxi high school will end – why not?”

The fish Feizhou was stunned for a moment, his lips trembled slightly, and he hesitated: “do you mean… He’s not afraid of us tearing the punishment list?”

Yanwei low voice channel: “Not only is he not afraid, but he also urges us to make a decision as soon as possible by torturing Lin Zhen bit by bit – he is indeed forcing us to hand over the punishment list, but if we are people who ignore morality and morality, he is also forcing us to destroy the punishment list. Why is he not afraid of us ignoring Lin Zhen’s life and death? If we don’t look at the process and only look at the results, there can only be one reason, that is, no matter what we do The election is what he wants. He is happy to see whether the punishment list is given to him or destroyed by us. ”

In the chaos, he Luo stood behind the ghost, a pale face smiled ferociously, raised his hand and grabbed Lin Zhen’s left shoulder.

Yu Feizhou, who had been staring at He Luo’s actions, stabbed his left shoulder almost the next moment after he Luo shot. He moved very fast. This time, Lin Zhen didn’t seem to feel any pain, and the wound was transferred to Yu Feizhou.

The fish Feizhou swallowed the pain and said: “But that’s too unreasonable. The punishment list is the key, which has been fully recognized by the copy, and the dismissal punishment list is the source of Qian Xuanxuan’s resentment. Generally speaking, if the source of resentment disappears, no matter how angry ghosts can stay, they can only dissipate. According to you, he seems to be replacing the punishment list with Lin Zhen, but he is actually forcing us to destroy it Punishment list, isn’t this suicide? ”

Yan Wei frowned.

He nodded: “this is the biggest problem. I always think destroying the punishment list is not the way to break the game. The original reason is here…”

At this time, Yan Mingguang waved the whip in his hand and had fought with a surging ghost and the starving ghost for a long time. Another turn around, Yan Mingguang looked behind Yan Wei, and a cold voice shouted to Yan Wei, “back.”

Yan Wei heard the sound and subconsciously looked behind him.

In the dark grove behind her, a female ghost with long hair, shawl and school uniform approached here. However, she stood two meters behind Yan Wei, didn’t take another step forward, and didn’t join the mixed situation. She just stayed there silently, and the pale ghost faces covered with blood couldn’t see her expression.

That’s Qian Xuanxuan.

She didn’t do it to them.

“Why does Qian Xuanxuan just look like this?” Yu Feizhou frowned with pain. He was worried about Lin Zhen’s situation and said in a hurry, “if you guess right, why don’t you fear that the punishment order will be destroyed, even if she is not afraid?”

“It’s normal for her not to be afraid, because she regretted it. But he Luo’s not afraid completely overturned all my guesses just now.”

When Yan Wei broke Qian Xuanxuan’s illusion of backtracking, she felt that she had sorted out all the logic.

The two children adopted by Tang Yizhuo’s family joined Tang Yizhuo in a noble school like Chenxi high school. After the school began, all the bad things Tang Yizhuo secretly did were pushed on them. They dared to be angry and bear it silently. It was precisely because of their obedience that the pranks and jokes of other students in Chenxi high school became more and more excessive at the beginning, Little by little, they crossed the bottom line. Such excesses and humiliations finally crushed He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, and they began to retaliate.

But ordinary revenge was useless. Soon after, they received the dismissal form of Chenxi high school. The two people who completely collapsed went further and further, and began to kill all those who had bullied them. They even cheated Tang Yizhuo into the small warehouse on the second floor and starved the people to death.

But after finishing these as like as two peas, Xuan Xuan suddenly heard a few days of snow, and in the dormitory, she heard her friends disgust, but still subconsciously hoped that she would live in those words, and she came to understand her. She had gone wrong. There were many ways to make herself up, but she was just like someone who bullied her.

The sudden awakening made her regret completely. She and he Luo made an appointment on the roof of the dormitory building and advised him to give up. They had a dispute. Qian Xuanxuan didn’t want he Luo to make mistakes again and again, so she chose to pull him down together.

Then, the resentment on the campus grew, and finally became the situation after they entered the copy.

Yan Wei quickly said these guesses, but he looked more and more dignified: “… This is my guess just now, but now I think there is a wrong link here.” he grabbed the punishment list in one hand and quickly turned over the files and materials that he had turned over many times in the other hand, muttering to himself, “Qian Xuanxuan is not afraid that he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan’s punishment list will be destroyed, and he Luo is not afraid that he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan’s punishment list will be destroyed…”

There’s no time.

Yu Feizhou is also wounded now. Lin Zhen is dying. Other players are eyeing the punishment list in his hands. This short-term stability is maintained by Yan Mingguang, Zhou Tianming and seven Xuanniao players who have just come in.

But if this goes on for a few minutes, not only will Lin Zhen die, but also the fish flying boat that has been helping Lin Zhen bear the damage will die.

Which ring has the logic problem?

Yan Wei glanced at Qian Xuanxuan and swept over the hungry ghost who had been swept to the ground several times by Yan Mingguang but still recovered quickly and jumped up to attack. Finally, he took a deep look at He Luo and put his eyes on the file in front of him again.

Suddenly, his eyes rested on the last line of the watch.

——On Monday, November 30th, clean the blackboard, Qian Xuanxuan…………. On Tuesday, December 1st, sweep the floor, he Luo…………. On Friday, December 4th, clean the blackboard, Tang Yizhuo.

Before the last duty arrangement, most of the time, it was Qian Xuanxuan, Tang Yizhuo and he Luo. This last time, he Luo changed the arrangement with Tang Yizhuo.

At first, he noticed that he Luo and Tang Yizhuo changed the duty arrangement, but before the last arrangement, he Luo, Tang Yizhuo and Qian Xuanxuan also changed several times. Although the last duty was changed, it was not abnormal.

But if

Yan Wei’s face lit up with a flash of brilliance in his amber eyes. All confusion swept away, and his eyes were as bright as the clouds and the moon.

He firmly grasped the dismissal list of He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, moved the fingertips of his other hand, and finally focused on the last duty arrangement.

The world inside the building.

In the projection picture, Lin Qing saw Yan Wei half sitting on the ground, slender knuckles fretting, and finally focused on the duty arrangement. The young man’s expression had lost his previous eagerness and slight tension. His eyes changed and his eyes were full of brilliance.

Lin Qing said faintly, “he got the answer and took the umbrella for me.”

Although the Xuanniao player beside him didn’t understand what Lin Qing was talking about, he hurried forward and ended up with an umbrella.

Lin Qing closed his eyes.

A few seconds later, he slowly opened his eyes, and his dark eyes suddenly turned into a dark red.

He said in a deep voice to the empty eyes: “… Let go of your dirty hands.”


Lin Zhen, caught in the hands of a well-dressed ghost in a school uniform, is already in a semi coma.

But just as the pale ghost hand was about to grasp him again, he suddenly opened his eyes. A pair of dark red eyes were particularly mysterious in the dark night. He suddenly raised his bloody hand and suddenly grabbed the extended ghost hand. His voice was more serious than ever before: “… Loosen your dirty hand.”

At the same time, Yan Wei quickly stood up with his report card and said, “teacher Yan, don’t stop the starving ghost and let it come over. You and Yu Feizhou don’t care about anything else and go directly to save Lin Zhen. As for the punishment card…”

The incomplete moon wheel reappeared in front of him. The surrounding air fluctuated for a moment, and the barrier dividing the space disappeared with the light of the moon wheel.

At the next moment, Yan Wei slightly raised her mouth, smiled and waved her hand — she threw out the two punishment lists like that.

The cool wind blew, and the thin punishment sheet floated in the rustling wind.

In a flash of lightning, Qian Xuanxuan, who was still standing behind Yan Wei, suddenly moved forward and grabbed one of the punishment sheets with his pale hand. The hungry ghost who was not blocked by Yan Mingguang also rushed over at this moment. He didn’t even look at Yan Wei. In an instant, he jumped up and bit another punishment sheet!


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