Half Immortal Chapter 83

Half Immortal Chapter 83: The School of Death (end)

“Don’t worry about the punishment list, save people!!!”

Yan Mingguang didn’t see Yan Wei’s actions at all. He turned and ran to Lin Zhen’s direction. Even though the fish flying boat had been bleeding like Lin Zhen, it still staggered and stood up, and the dagger in its hand had been released.

Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang almost shot at the same time!

Lin Zhen grabbed the pale ghost hand in one hand and kicked it violently. The dagger thrown by the fish flying boat broke through the air at this moment. The whip in Yan Mingguang’s hand hit he Luo at the moment he Luo retreated, shaking him back a step.

This moment’s time difference gave the fish flying boat time to get up and run over. He quickly held Lin Zhen and said, “are you okay? Why do you still have the strength to fight -”

He gave a speech.

Lin Zhen, who had just acted neatly, was already in a coma.

On the other side, at the moment when Qian Xuanxuan and the hungry ghost got a punishment list respectively, a player shouted: “Yan Wei, you’re crazy!!!”

Yan Wei smiled: “I’m not crazy, but I…” he turned his head and looked at He Luo with a frightened expression. His tone was calm, “but I won.”

His next sentence was to the ghosts: “tooth for tooth, find the object you really want revenge.”

Before the words fell, all the ghosts around suddenly stopped. The punishment list in Qian Xuanxuan’s and the starving ghost’s hands slowly dissipated and seemed to melt with them. At this moment, all the ghosts made deafening shouts, and the ghostly howls wandered back and forth in the grove, stimulating people’s nerves.

He Luo’s bloody face was full of horror at the moment. He didn’t care about the rescued Lin Zhen, took a step back, and then turned around without hesitation to leave.

But Qian Xuanxuan and the hungry ghost are faster than him!

After the two ghosts got the punishment list, the ghosts on the whole campus seemed to have come back to life. It seemed that the shackles that bound them suddenly disappeared. The feeling they brought to Yan Wei and others was more terrible than before. But they did not attack the player, but rushed towards Heluo.

He Luogen had no time to leave, but Qian Xuanxuan’s hand immediately broke his head, and the hungry ghost screamed, and his sharp, bloody teeth bit he Luogen’s shoulder!

The next moment, the wind is getting louder and louder, and the cool wind is howling. In the campus, the ghosts who attacked Yan Wei before all flock to Heluo, which fell downwind, almost drowning him.

When all players were stunned, Yan Mingguang took back his whip and stood tall, cold and alone. He turned his head and looked at Yan Wei not far or near. The moonlight outlined his side face and also reflected his light smile at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei smiled back and said silently, “I guessed right.”

In this copy, the layout of ghosts began with the emergence of Luo He. But the concealment and deception is not He Luo concealing his identity and pretending to be Luo He, but another layer of camouflage. The ghost’s disguised identity is not Luo He

Where is his disguised identity.

He is not where he falls.

From the moment he appeared, he guided them and made them all agree that this copy is actually a game between a good ghost and a bad ghost. Later, he showed Yan Wei some of the past of He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan, and constantly stressed how forced he was to make everyone believe that he was the good ghost. After Yan Wei saw through, he simply stopped pretending and dealt with the players as a bad ghost.

This also virtually established the initial hypothesis: two ghosts, one good and one bad.

Just at this time, in Yan Wei’s eyes, the good ghost that prompted the player and was suppressed by the bad ghost became Qian Xuanxuan, and the bad ghost was naturally “where to fall”.

It is precisely because of this subconscious impression deepened by the “whereabouts” that they never thought about it from the beginning to the end. In fact, the identity of ghosts on the campus has been wrong.

There are three NPCs that are not ordinary ghosts. One is Qian Xuanxuan, who has been severely suppressed but secretly prompted the player. The other is the hungry ghost who starves to death in the warehouse and eats people after death – that is, the real He Luo. The other is Tang Yizhuo, a bad ghost who always appears in front of them and pretends to be he Luo.

“He Luo” is Tang Yizhuo, and starving ghosts are the real He Luo.

Good and bad guesses are right, but the identity of ghosts is the opposite.

When Yan Wei came to this conclusion, everything was wrong, which showed their most fundamental source.

From the beginning to the end, they actually lacked a very direct premise – that is, they never saw he Luo and Tang Yizhuo in the back fantasy.

At the beginning of He Luo’s backtracking, Yan Wei watched the progress of things from the main perspective of the owner of the backtracking dreamland. However, there were no mirrors in the dormitories and toilets of Chenxi high school, so he never saw his own face – that is, he Luo’s face.

As for others, looking back at the dreamland, except Qian Xuanxuan’s face, others’ faces were very blurred.

At first, he and Yan Mingguang thought that the faces of those people were unimportant. Now, it’s just that someone deliberately blurred them. Tang Yizhuo, an important figure, has only a few strokes in retrospect, and he has no face at all.

The real Tang Yizhuo suppresses other ghosts in Chenxi high school and controls these backtracking fantasies. Naturally, he can deliberately blur the pictures he doesn’t want them to see, and even spell two different backtracks together to give them a half true and half false story. True and false are mixed together and constantly mislead them.

In fact, in addition to the mirror and they haven’t seen Tang Yizhuo’s face, there are many details. For example, Tang Yizhuo, who pretended to be He Luo, would subconsciously tidy up his school uniform and pay great attention to his appearance every time he appeared in front of them. Instead, at the beginning, they thought it was Tang Yizhuo’s hungry ghost. The school uniform was casually draped on his body, and there were even traces of ink painting on the collar of the school uniform.

——Tang Yizhuo is a noble childe with strict and educated appearance, the student president who pays most attention to image and the first grade. He Luo is a sloppy and casual poor student.

And in Heluo’s retrospective fantasy, Heluo is left-handed whether writing or brushing his teeth – Heluo is a left-handed. When Yan Wei saw the hungry ghost for the first time, he saw traces of gnawing on his right hand. That was the trace left by the ghost gnawing on his own flesh and blood when he was extremely hungry before he died of hunger. He would not bite his commonly used hand, because he needed his left hand to pat and knock on the door if he wanted to survive. He bit his right hand, which showed that the hungry ghost was a man who didn’t use his right hand often.

These trivial but unchangeable details are the key to recognize the identity of these ghosts. But at the beginning, Tang Yizhuo used such a treacherous deception to turn them to the wrong point.

This is a game in the game. The “Heluo” disguised as Luo He is the first layer of camouflage. Tang Yizhuo disguised as Heluo is the deepest layer of camouflage.

The opposing ghosts are not Qian Xuanxuan and he Luo. The real opposing parties are Tang Yizhuo and he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan. Tang Yizhuo wants Qian Xuanxuan and he Luo to disappear completely, so there is no restriction in this campus. Therefore, whether they exchange the punishment list for Lin Zhen or they give up Lin Zhen and directly destroy the punishment list, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan disappear and Tang Yizhuo wins.

In the bleak ghost cry, Tang Yizhuo’s painful cry echoed in the woods. He was being nibbled by Qian Xuanxuan, Heluo and other ghosts bit by bit. Even so, his scream was still mixed with Tang Yizhuo’s unwilling roar: “I didn’t lose!! ah – I didn’t lose!! I didn’t lose!!!”

Yan Mingguang walked slowly to Yan Wei’s side and looked at him silently. Yu Feizhou came over with Zhou Tian Gaoming with Lin Zhen in a coma on his back.

These changes were only for a moment, and almost no one responded. They were still in a state of tension just now, all gasping for breath.

Gao Ming took a few deep breaths and then slowed down. He asked blankly, “what’s going on?”

“What we think is Tang Yizhuo,” Yan Wei said. “The real way to break the situation is to return the punishment list to Qian Xuanxuan, so that they can get rid of their shackles and release all their grievances, so that they can avenge Tang Yizhuo.”

Yan Wei looked at the ghosts biting together in front of him and told him the truth in an orderly way.

Everything they knew was right at first. Tang Yizhuo’s family adopted Qian Xuanxuan, but Tang Yizhuo is a hypocrite. He is modest and polite on the surface, but in fact he has done a lot of tricks. He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan are convicted after they are finished. Over time, he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan were bullied on the campus. Finally, they completely collapsed and decided to revenge those who bullied them.

But they are still too naive.

In fact, the so-called secret revenge they thought has always been seen by Tang Yizhuo who is familiar with all this. Tang Yizhuo let them retaliate against other students and even went to the back. Tang Yizhuo hid in the dark and watched them kill one person after another.

But just watching, Tang Yizhuo, who has always been a psychopath, is not satisfied. Seeing that Qian Xuanxuan and he Luo have begun to regret, Tang Yizhuo decides to kill them. He first looked for he Luo to change his duty time and asked him to sweep the floor. Then when he Luo returned to the dormitory warehouse to put the broom at the end of his duty, he starved to death in the warehouse on the second floor. Then, at the weekend, Tang Yizhuo invited Qian Xuanxuan to the rooftop, ridiculed Qian Xuanxuan and told Qian Xuanxuan that he saw what she did.

Qian Xuanxuan, who had regretted at that time, tore his face with Tang Yizhuo on the spot. They had a dispute. Tang Yizhuo didn’t expect that Qian Xuanxuan, who had completely awakened, was no longer the submissive, submissive and dare not swear face to face. In the dispute, Qian Xuanxuan simply burned jade and stone and pulled Tang Yizhuo down the top floor of the dormitory.

He Luo starved to death. Tang Yizhuo and Qian Xuanxuan fell from a building and died. Each of the three had grievances, and those killed students also had grievances. These towering grievances were intertwined, which formed the copy of Chenxi high school.

He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan couldn’t fight Tang Yizhuo before they died. After they died, they were suppressed by him. They even couldn’t communicate with the players and tell anything related to the truth. But Tang Yizhuo can only control the campus to a certain extent and can’t kill the angry Heluo and Qian Xuanxuan. He knew that the last two punishment lists for expelling He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan were the biggest grievance of He Luo and Qian Xuanxuan. Only the punishment list was destroyed, and he Luo’s grievance against Qian Xuanxuan had no dependent media and naturally dissipated.

So Tang Yizhuo used other “students” – that is, players – to get the punishment list. Yan Wei is designing him, and he is also designing Yan Wei. Yan Wei is leading him out, and he is also leading Yan Wei to “discover” what he is.

After being “discovered”, he used He Luo and his backtracking to form a new backtracking for Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang. In that retrospective, the clips of being bullied by the campus and retaliating with Qian Xuanxuan belong to where, but the clips of peeping at Qian Xuanxuan’s murder, arguing with Qian Xuanxuan and falling off the roof in the corner belong to Tang Yizhuo.

This combined backtracking gives Yan Wei a mixed story of true and false, which makes the players completely believe that destroying the punishment list is the way to destroy him.

Finally, he set up this bureau, holding Lin Zhen outside the grove and waiting for Yan Wei to come out with the punishment list. On the surface, he Luo wanted to grab the punishment list that could restrain himself, but in fact, Tang Yizhuo wanted to destroy the punishment list.

If Yan Wei didn’t see through this just now, whether it was to exchange the punishment list for Lin Zhen, so that Tang Yizhuo could get the punishment list and destroy it, or he directly destroyed the punishment list, the final solution was that he Luo and Qian Xuanxuan completely dissipated. Tang Yizhuo completely controlled the whole campus and killed all the students.

From the beginning, their opponent was not a starving ghost who could only eat people, but Tang Yizhuo, who set himself with two layers of camouflage.

Yan Wei said, the ladder that almost melted with the darkness has slowly extended out of the dark sky.

Yu Feizhou was already very weak under the influence of various injuries on his body. After hearing Yan Wei finish, he still exclaimed, “this is really a wonderful game. Unfortunately, Tang Yizhuo’s opponent is you.”

Yan Wei said, “it’s us.”

Zhou Tian was still confused: “it turned out that this was the truth… But Yan Wei, I remember, at the beginning, you said you deliberately didn’t find your school uniform and deliberately did some dangerous actions to attract the good ghost who was willing to help the player, but in the end, it was Tang Yizhuo who was deceived… Did you set up a game that failed?”

Yan Wei shook his head: “no, there is no failure. He Luo has lost his mind, but Qian Xuanxuan, who has been reminding players, has actually been led out by us. It’s just that she is so hidden and weak in front of Tang Yizhuo that our eyes have been on Tang Yizhuo and didn’t notice her at all.”

Zhou Tian was surprised: “she was led out? When?”

Yan Wei looked at the fish flying boat, raised his hand, spread out his palm and said, “I remember that in the morning, Lin Zhen threw you the book he painted female ghosts at night?”

Yu Feizhou was stunned and nodded: “yes, he said he was tired of painting and wanted to throw it away. I didn’t think it was necessary to take it –” he suddenly understood what he had come over, and immediately took out the book from the black ring and put it in Yan Wei’s open palm.

Yan Wei took over and spread out Lin Zhen’s book of female ghosts in front of everyone.

The first page was painted by Lin Zhen the first night. At that time, Lin Zhen painted it for the first time. It was nondescript. Except that it was a personal thing, nothing was obvious. Yan Wei was a little interested the first time, so he glanced and didn’t see anything.

The second page was painted the next night. Lin Zhen said it was the ghost sitting on the table. But Yan Wei had the impression of the first day. Although Lin Zhen said that his painting was better, he didn’t hope for this man’s painting skills and didn’t look at it.

At this moment, the second page opened, and a much better portrait than the first page appeared in front of everyone.

It was a female ghost sitting at the desk, looking at them sideways. Her hair was as like as two peas, her head was broken, her face was bloody, her hair was not covered by her eyebrows, and it was already seen as the same as the money Xuan Xuan had just seen.

Yan Mingguang said calmly, “she’s been here long ago.”

Yan Wei closed the book and handed it back to the fish flying boat, adding: “I’ve been here twice.”

As soon as Yan Wei’s voice fell, Tang Yizhuo, who was bitten by thousands of fierce ghosts, completely lost his voice – he was torn to pieces by the ghosts he had killed directly and indirectly.

At the last moment, he still suppressed all the ghosts high above. At this moment, he watched himself torn to pieces bit by bit in his sad scream.

The black ladder also fell to the ground at this moment, and the living players scrambled to climb up. Lin Zhen was seriously injured. Yu Feizhou didn’t hesitate at all. Carrying Lin Zhen on his back, he quickly stepped up the ladder, followed by Zhou Tian and Gao Ming. People passing by Yan Wei one by one, but Yan Wei didn’t raise his feet immediately.

Yan Mingguang stood on his side, raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder without saying a word.

He looked ahead. In the dark with ghosts everywhere, the female ghost with long hair and shawl slowly turned her shattered head. Her all white eyes looked at Yan Wei, and a smile slowly appeared on her bloody face.

Yan Wei saw her mouth: “thank you.”

She should have done that. Just woke up too late and paid the price.

The people who hurt them were Tang Yizhuo from beginning to end. It was Tang Yizhuo who buried the small evils of others and made these small evils accumulate into great evils.

There are countless injustices and wrongs in this world. The small mistakes made by everyone from the crowd eventually lead to great evil. It is difficult to distinguish right from wrong. Tooth for tooth and eye for eye is the most direct truth, but it is also the most difficult courage.

Yan Wei looked at her and watched Qian Xuanxuan and he Luo disappear slowly with these ghosts as the black stairs fell. He sighed and smiled at Qian Xuanxuan.

Yan Mingguang took back his eyes and just said, “let’s go.”

Yan Wei smiled, turned around and walked slowly up the stairs.

Behind him, the wind whispered, and the whole campus dissipated slowly with these ghosts and those former resentments and hatred under the cover of the moon.


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