Half Immortal Chapter 84

Half Immortal Chapter 84: “you or you.”

[congratulations on the player’s successful clearance of the mobile copy of the dead school building. This copy has the following superposition: Gambling building superposition, opening difficulty increased for multiple best players, opening prop drop rate increased for multiple best players, racing mode…………]

[congratulations on winning race mode….]

[congratulations on the player’s successful landing. The player’s current floor is 19 floors, and the copy of the next natural floor is 20 floors. Since the player turns on the gambling floor mechanism and passes the customs perfectly, according to the player’s development direction and the performance in the copy (superimposed racing mode bonus), the customs clearance reward is determined to be:…]

[in the current replica, the player has obtained 356 points of body index, 488 points of perception and 870 points of points (doubled). Since the player bet on the gambling house, he has obtained feedback from the gambling house: double the points and choose the replica right in the replica pool once.]

[update of current player’s basic data: body index 440, perception 649, maximum layers 19, points 1113.]

[after evaluation, you are the best player in this replica if you are the most outstanding player in this replica…..]

[after testing, you already have the code, and the code “Yan” will be directly announced as the best player.]

After climbing the ladder, Yan Wei came to the dark space where he could only see the information panel, and a series of duplicate settlement prompt tones flashed in his ears. This time, the flow book opened too many superposition effects and settled in all kinds. He didn’t even want to listen. Until the data was updated, Yan Wei was slightly surprised by such a large increase in data. He only felt that his body and perception had improved a lot in an instant – if he was allowed to return to the copy of the Corridor Hotel on the first floor now, he could directly defeat doctors and painters with his bare hands and pass the customs with violence.

Such a high reward is worthy of his direct lifting of more than a dozen floors and opening the copy of gambling building and racing mode at the same time.

When the settlement was completed one by one, the prompt stopped and asked him: [the drop rate of props in the current copy increases, and your clearance copy triggers the drop bonus of props. You can choose three of the following ten props, or choose to upgrade the props currently owned by the player. Note: the props obtained by the player in the previous copy have a certain limit on the number of layers. The higher the number of layers, the more limited the effects the props can play, and you must upgrade to continue to use.]

The sound was still reverberating, and ten props appeared in front of Yan Wei.

He glanced and his face showed an unexpected look.

——There are no moon wheel fragments in these ten props.

Just when the copy was completely finished, he was thinking about why there was no news of the last fragment until the end of the copy. He had gathered four fragments and made a incomplete moon wheel. All three fragments could lead to the fourth, not to mention the four fragments together. But at that time, he didn’t feel any traction with the moon wheel in the whole dawn high school.

But at that time, the break was imminent, and he didn’t care about anything else. When the copy ended, the last fragment of the moon wheel didn’t appear. Yan Wei roughly guessed that it might be used as a reward for the best player.

But there are no moon wheel fragments in these ten props.

Is it difficult that there are only four fragments in Chenxi high school?

But judging from the difference between the split space, it happens to be a person’s limbs and head. It should be just five pieces… Where will this last piece not be the copy of the death school building?

Yan Wei frowned and thought for a moment. When he heard Lou urging him to choose props, he temporarily withdrew his mind and said, “I choose to upgrade my existing props.” now his props are well configured. Although the flower ball is limited, it can just make up for his disadvantage that he can not die but will be injured, and “short-term reality” It is also possible to temporarily borrow Yan Mingguang’s strength so that he can temporarily have an ultra-high body index. With cooperation, he is not afraid to act alone. Instead of abandoning these new ones, he might as well upgrade and use them directly.

After Yan Wei finished his selection, the values of those props were enhanced in an instant. Then, the light in his eyes flashed back to the world in the building.

The world inside the building.

After the copy of the dead school building was completed, Lin Qing left the gambling area with Xuanniao’s people.

Those lone wolf players who had been driven away by Xuanniao and the organization players who had been waiting nearby immediately gathered together. Although the copy has ended, the settlement data of the copy can still be seen.

Players all crowded in front of the projection copy and watched the code of the best player slowly emerge on a black projection screen.


“Yan again!”

“After he entered the building, all the copies are the best?” someone sighed. “This is definitely a seed that can become a high-level player. Moreover, if Yan is really the Yan Wei that has just emerged now… It’s even more terrible. He keeps everyone in the drum with three copies in a row.”

“Just three copies… Which high-level player hasn’t been the best for many times in a row?”

“You’ve seen more than ten floors in a row, and you still get the best?”

“Yes, isn’t it the one who created Xuanniao? Unfortunately, the master of Xuanniao never opened the projection. The one who had a copy with him either died or was a super high-level player. No one knows what he looks like. I haven’t heard from him for a long time…”


In the crowd, Zhao Jingchen stood among the players of yuemang. His black hat covered most of his face. His only lower face exposed to the light was white and clean, and the corners of his mouth showed a trace of disdain.

He said: “… Then he’d better live to the top floor and let me peel off his beautiful face and use it for me.”

The players who pay attention to the gambling building in the world inside the building are boiling.

After the end of the copy of the dead school building, even if the previous players did not know Yan Wei, the players who came out of the copy alive this time could see clearly. At the most critical moment of the copy, Yan Wei pointed out the key to breaking the game, and even Yan Mingguang, who had been in the eyes of other players before, was only helping Yan Wei break the game in the end.

Anyone with a little eyesight can see that in that group of people, this young man who never makes a move and usually looks docile and clever is the real backbone.

This is a potential stock that has not joined any organization.

The competitive copy competing for resources between organizations is about to be opened. Like mobile copies, competitive copies do not accept descending players. They are the battlefield for seeds and potential players.

Yan Wei perfectly met this condition. He did not join the organization and the number of layers did not exceed the upper limit of competitive copies. More importantly, everyone saw what Yan Wei used in front of the grove – Yan Wei had legendary props in his hand.

All the conditions, even the broken sickle that conflicts with Yan Wei in the mobile book, have decided to throw out the olive branch immediately after the copy is finished.

Yan Wei, who just came out of the copy, doesn’t know these movements.

He opened his eyes in the apartment and found that he had changed another apartment closer to the core area, larger and more complete functions.

The message request pops up in the information panel.

Yan Wei blinked, immediately connected and said, “this is just a copy. Teacher Yan, why are you calling me? It’s time for class? Let me rest first, and then practice my skills to prepare for the next copy?”

The man’s cool and steady voice came: “… How’s your body?”


“You used the moon wheel for a long time in the copy.”

Yan Wei immediately laughed: “after climbing the ladder, all the consumption and damage in the copy will be wiped out. Won’t you even forget this?”


“As soon as I get in touch with a copy, I’ll ask such a question that I don’t need to ask? No. dead ice, don’t you have anything else to ask?”

Yan Mingguang replied quickly and decisively, “no, hang up.”

The connection was immediately cut off.

Yan Wei picked up the tip of her eyebrows and flashed a trace of clarity in her eyes.

Did Yan Mingguang forget that his injuries would recover after climbing the stairs, or did he use this name to test his state after he made a copy to see if he remembered anything?

He chuckled and was about to close the information panel. Lin Zhen sent him a message again – it’s not important news, but please get together tomorrow to celebrate the complete success of this copy after several dangers.

Yan Wei never rejected this occasion. Naturally, he didn’t refuse. He also directly invited Lin Zhen and others to his house tomorrow. After sending his current apartment location to others, Yan Wei completely closed the information panel, yawned and closed his eyes a little.

Outside the window, the drizzle drizzled, and the endless stone tablets in the distance pierced the sky and could not see the top. Yan Wei rested on the sofa for a moment, completely pulled out of the tired state in the copy, and walked slowly to the large French window of the apartment.

It’s cloudy outside. The world inside the building, which runs smoothly under the rules formulated by the players themselves, looks very calm. Like those metropolises outside the building, there are lights and shadows back and forth.

In the three years he doesn’t remember, has he ever seen the world in the building like this, or even… Looked down at it closer to the core area and higher?

Yan Wei rubbed his eyebrows.

That night, he didn’t think much. The higher the number of floors players need to climb, the longer the interval left for them. At the lowest level of 20 floors, if you don’t take the initiative to sign the invitation letter and submit the forward copy, there will be a buffer time of at least a few months.

Nothing can be done at this time.

He’s going to have a good rest first. As for those frequent dreams and Yan Mingguang’s anomalies during this period, wait until you have a thorough and safe sleep.

It may be that Yan Wei has been stretched in the copy for too long, and he is really tired mentally, or the world in the building has lost the feeling that there seems to be nothing in the copy. Yan Wei has a solid sleep. He had no dream all night until he opened his eyes the next day. He didn’t dream of any strange fragments between Yan Mingguang and him.

… after getting up, he subconsciously felt some pity.

Yan Wei: ”

Mr. Yan did him a lot of harm.

He relaxed for a while and began to prepare for a party in the tranquility brought by the early morning sun.

Before many things were put on, there was a knock outside the door.

Yan Wei didn’t think much. He was still holding an apple toothpick in his hand. While chewing the apple, he lazily walked to the door and unscrewed the handle.

“I’m not ready. Sit first -”

He gave a deep voice.

The person outside the door is not anyone who should come to the party.

There was only a man standing outside the door. He had black hair and pupils, and his face was serious and indifferent. It’s not Yan Mingguang’s alienated cold, but a heavy as ink. But such seriousness disappeared and turned into obvious excitement at the moment when the man’s eyes fell on Yan Wei’s face.

Yan Wei made a movement, slowly swallowed the remaining apples, raised his chin gently, didn’t speak, but asked silently.

The man in front of the door stayed for more than ten seconds, which made him look out of control. He resumed his seriousness at the beginning and said, “I saw the live broadcast of the copy of the dead school building. You should not remember. I am Lin Qing… Lin Qing of Xuanniao.”

Lin Qing paused.

He didn’t seem to know what to say next. He stood face to face with Yan Wei at the door, looked at Yan Wei, and didn’t speak for a long time.

a moment.

Yan Wei turned his mouth, smiled, leaned aside and said, “I really don’t remember – strictly speaking, I don’t remember everything in three years. Did we know each other before? The relationship is still very good. Come in and talk.”

Lin Qing was stunned, and a trace of surprise flashed in her eyes.

“Is this surprising?”

Yan Wei saw that the man was still standing at the door. He was too lazy to stand face to face with Lin Qing at the door. He went back to the living room first and then said: “Although I don’t remember many things, I already know that I must have forgotten many things. As long as I know this, many things are not difficult to guess. For example… I went to the building three years ago, then I must have climbed the building before, and I have confidence in myself. Since I have lived in the building world for three years, I must have been to many floors, that is to say, I recently climbed the building I’ve experienced the same journey of climbing the stairs before. ”

“My character won’t change, so my speed of climbing the building should be the same, and the choice of lifting the building should not be too far. I don’t remember what apartment I lived in in the past three years, and I’m almost the same now. I just sent out a copy. Few people know the location of my apartment. You just came to the door without investigation. You weren’t surprised when I opened the door. Obviously, I’ll live there I’m sure here. ”

Yan Wei leaned lazily on the back of the sofa without any alert attitude.

“Since you are so familiar with me, I will live here. It means that you know that I lived here the last time when the highest floor was above and below the 20th floor. It means that I didn’t remember that in the three years, I not only knew you, but also knew you very early. Not only did you not die in the copy three years later, but you also came to the door, which means that you are a high-level player, even when you are a player He grew up with me at first – these are enough to show that we have a lot of relationships. ”

With that, he leisurely forked another apple and ate it.

Lin Qing stood at the door and looked at him for a while. Then he raised his feet. After closing the door, he walked towards Yan Wei. His serious expression slowly moistened a layer of smile.

His voice was wrapped in a smile: “you or you.”

Yan Wei pushed the fruit platter prepared for the party forward and said casually, “come on, eat and talk slowly.”

“Isn’t that good?” the fish flying boat said helplessly.

In the corridor of the apartment, Lin Zhen walked with a big cake box in his hand, and the fish flying boat walked steadily beside him.

Lin Zhen whistled and said, “what’s wrong? This is a specially made head cake. I just want to tease Yan Wei. I haven’t succeeded in teasing him. This time I specially exchanged this thing. It’s neither dangerous nor made with your face. What are you afraid of?”

“Whose face are you using?”

“Of course it’s my brother’s. He has a fierce face every day. Eating the head cake made of his face is more gas relieving – anyway, he doesn’t know.” Lin Zhen quickened his pace, “ah, here it is! This is Yan Weifa’s apartment.”

The fish flying boat had no choice but to take him and shook his head with a smile.

Lin Zhen stopped in front of the door and saw that Yan Wei’s apartment door was unlocked. He didn’t intend to knock. He directly stuffed the cake box into the arms of the fish flying boat. As he opened the door, he said, “take it for me. Be careful. This is a head cake made according to my brother’s face.”

As soon as the door was opened, the man raised his feet, took a sudden step back, and slammed the door back.

“Bang -” a door closing sound.

“Lying in the trough!” Lin Zhen took a deep breath and turned his head half surprised and half frightened, “my brother!”


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