Half Immortal Chapter 85

Half Immortal Chapter 85: “forty nine.”

Before Lin Zhen opened the door, Yan Wei had chatted with Lin Qing.

Lin Qing obviously knew Yan Wei very well before. Although the atmosphere between them was still subtle when they first entered the door, Lin Qing relaxed soon after he sat down – although he looked very serious.

Yan Wei tossed the toothpick and played with the swallow coin he had left. Some thoughts flashed in his heart.

Will Lin Qing know why he is missing three years?

Yan Wei’s eyes turned slightly, speechless.

Lin Qing sat upright and didn’t take the fruit on the plate. He just looked at Yan Wei for a while and said: “… Where have you been these days?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “how do I know?”

Lin Qing was stunned.

“Do I look like I know a lot?” Yan Wei tossed a coin in his hand, with a clear voice and an idle tone. “If I knew a lot, it wouldn’t be you looking for me now, but I’m looking for you.”

This is actually what Yan Wei himself is curious about.

Memory loss for three years may be amnesia, or the formatting situation Lin Zhen once told him. But these two situations, no matter which one, will leave some traces in a person’s brain memory.

This trace is left in the subconscious mind deep in the brain. When he frequently contacts something he was familiar with, he is likely to evoke some fragments. Lin Qing, Yan Mingguang, the familiar moon wheel, and even the familiar copy breath have constantly stimulated his senses and memory during this period. But he had no impression except those fragments of Yan Mingguang in his dream.

Just like now, he has clearly and plainly known that he must have had a deep relationship with Lin Qing before, and most of his relationship with Xuanniao can be guessed, but he still has no memory in this regard.

This feeling… As if his missing three-year memory had been completely taken out.

But this is not quite right – he will still dream of some clips with Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei’s fingertips gently groped for the edge of the coin and said thoughtfully, “well, I don’t know anything else except that I have lost my memory for three years. It’s good news for me that you come to me, which means that I still have previous acquaintances to ask.” he temporarily pressed the thing related to Yan Mingguang.

Lin Qing nodded quickly.

The second leader of Xuanniao, who acted vigorously in front of other players, was sitting upright and waiting for Yan Wei’s inquiry with a solemn face. They clearly didn’t say a few words. Yan Wei’s strength at the moment is much different from Lin Qing, but they just sit face to face. Naturally, Yan Wei is the main between them.

This does not even need to be pointed out, nor does it need any memory, but a habit that has been engraved in the bones.

Yan Wei asked: “… How did we know each other?”

“The lower level copy, you robbed my best, but gave me the reward props. I was an orphan. Before I entered the building… My life experience was not very good. When I was a child, I was pressed by traffickers on the roadside to beg every day,” said Lin Qing. His calm face slipped through a trace of imperceptible memory, and his voice was still stable, “So I don’t believe in the feelings between people – I thought you had a purpose, tried to go back and forth with you, and then…”

Lin Qing didn’t say, but Yan Wei understood.

“Oh, no fight, no acquaintance.”


“The black bird is mine.” is not a question, but an affirmation.

Lin Qing nodded again.

“How many floors did I climb?”

“… ninety nine.”

Yan Wei played with coins, blinked, and then asked, “tell me about the three years I’ve been missing?”

Lin Qing, who had answered without hesitation, now showed a hesitant look and said, “are you sure you want me to tell you?”

“What do you mean?”

“In fact, before you entered the copy on the 99th floor, you told me something I didn’t know at that time. You told me that if you didn’t go out this time and I saw you in the building in the future, I could come to you, but don’t tell you anything. In addition to this, I’d like to listen to you.”

Yan Wei was stunned.

This is clearly… He knew at that time that he might have come from a copy!?

His amber clear eyes flashed a trace of confusion at the moment – what was he thinking three years ago? He had preset that when he met Lin Qing after he came back, he would ask about his past memory? Since he had expected that he might come back, why didn’t he leave any clues for the comeback and let everything develop naturally? Yan Mingguang? What role is Yan Mingguang in this?

“In fact, I don’t know what happened after you entered the ninety-nine layer replica. Even if I said it, it might be better for you than nothing. So if you have to know -”

“No, I don’t need to know. I believe in myself. Whether I was before or now, I made the decision. The person who knows me best in the world is myself. Since I made this decision before, don’t tell me my previous memory.”

“You are still you. You haven’t changed at all.”

Yan Wei suddenly, Lin Qing went on: “Actually… With your previous explanation, I didn’t intend to come to you. But I think you took back the moon wheel scattered in your previous high-level copy in the copy. There is still a fragment missing. It should be the last fragment, so I came to you. After your copy ended last night, the top levels of all organizations received the news of the building – the next competition The competitive copy of organizational resources is opened. Each organization has four places to enter the competitive copy. In addition to the old rule of allocating resources according to the final ranking, it also adds a reward for the first place. ”

Yan Wei’s thoughts were pulled back. He frowned slightly: “the last fragment of the moon wheel?”

“The number of legendary props is limited. Most of us know where they are, and there is only one scattered into pieces.”

It can only be fragments of the moon wheel.

“Does this competitive copy have anything to do with me?”

Lin Qing shook his head.

Yan Wei feels more strange.

“I can guess that the moon wheel is related to the former me, but why is the last fragment in a new competitive copy that has nothing to do with me? The moon wheel is scattered in the former high-level copy. After the high-level copy is broken, the moon wheel also scattered with the energy of the high-level copy, and finally condensed into a new copy, that is, the death school building copy. According to the death school building copy In the case of the inside, the five fragments just correspond to the limbs and head. There is no lack of one, but the last fragment has become the first prize of the competitive copy…? ”

Lin Qing said, “the 19th floor is too low. It’s very likely that Lou thinks it’s too unbalanced to let you get the complete legendary props on the 19th floor. He took the initiative to adjust.”

“How many levels of competitive copy?”

“Forty nine.”

“Are you lame? Twenty nine or thirty-nine is forty-nine.”

“It’s 49. There are 99 floors in total. 49 is a connecting layer. The number of layers up starts to impact the high-level. The number of layers down is just one of thousands of ordinary players. The competitive copy of each round is on the 49 floor, because it represents the backbone of each organization.”

“Forty nine?”

“Forty nine.”

Yan Wei: “… Tease me.”

“Don’t worry, Xuanniao will go all out with this fragment. You don’t have to go in personally. I can arrange seed players on the 48th floor -”

With a click, the door of the apartment was pushed open.

Lin Zhen, who was smiling badly, made a move. He looked at Lin Qing who turned his head, and his smile suddenly solidified on his face.

“Bang Dang -”

The door was closed by Lin Zhen again.

Even Yan Wei in the living room heard the goods shout “sleeping slot! My brother!” outside the door.

Yan Wei glanced at Lin Qing.

Lin Qing takes back her eyes and turns to look at Yan Wei.

“… what a coincidence? It’s really fate.”

“It’s troublesome for you.” Lin Qing didn’t move. He still looked serious. His dark eyes were deep. His voice didn’t fluctuate. “Come in.”

At the next moment, Lin Zhen immediately pushed the door again, his eyes wandering, completely without the arrogance when he got along with Yan Wei and others. On his side, the fish flying boat came in with a big cake box, and his eyes were quite unspeakable.

Lin Zhen said, “Why are you here?”

Yan Wei said without thinking, “Lin Qing invited me to be the seed player of Xuanniao.”

Lin Qing glanced at Yan Wei and immediately understood what Yan Wei meant. He didn’t mention anything he had talked about before, as if Yan Wei was really a dark horse player who didn’t enter the building for long, and said calmly: “well, Xuanniao needs seed players who have the potential to enter the competitive book recently.”

“How did you know Yan Wei lived here? I didn’t give you the location of Yan Wei’s house.”

Lin’s expression remained unchanged, his eyes were quiet and deep, and said, “if I need you to tell me, I’ll be in vain.”

Lin Zhen opened his mouth and was about to answer back. Yan Wei’s eyes had fallen on the fish flying boat that silently put down the cake box. He said casually, “didn’t I just come to prepare the things for the party? Why do you take the initiative to bring things.”

He got up and went to the cake box.

The fish flying boat raised his hand, but hesitated to stop it. Yan Wei had stretched out his hand and opened the cake box.

The air suddenly solidified.

ten minutes later.

Lin Zhen stood straight at the door, leaning against the wall, with an apple on his head and a red and swollen packet on his forehead. The fish flying boat sighed helplessly, holding the just made ice bag in his hand, and lit it on the bag on Lin Zhen’s forehead.

Lin Zhen “hissed” and took a breath, but he still didn’t dare to move too much. He stood straight against the apple and didn’t have a good airway: “brother, how old am I? Can you not punish me with such a pupil’s method?”

Lin Qing took a sip of juice and said nothing.

Yan Wei chuckled and put the food for the party for a while. He seemed relaxed and casual, but his mind was still full of thoughts, constantly thinking about the information that the examiner had just known.

This unknown made him feel very insecure.

It seemed that something was hidden in the dark and dangerous, buried in peace, and invisible eyes peeped at him in the dark.

What can make him come back from the last floor and lose all his memory… What will it be? Will… Do it again?

Everything was covered with a thick layer of yarn, and he just opened a slight corner.

Not long after, Zhou Tian and Gao Ming also came one after another. Although they didn’t know Lin Qing, they also saw Lin Qing’s records in the copy records of endless stone tablets. They were almost scared to death at the first sight.

Yan Wei dealt with Zhou Tian and Gao Ming in the same way as he had said to deal with Lin Zhen’s fish flying boat, and Yan Mingguang arrived.

The man put on his pure black short jacket, his silver hair set off his cool and indifferent temperament, but his silver framed glasses added a third of politeness. He walked into the door with a cold breath like snow and pine, and the rest of the people made a subconscious move.

Lin Qing also turned his head, his eyes moved and said, “this is the day?”

Yan Wei blinked, his Adam’s apple rolled gently, and didn’t speak for the first time.

When Yan Wei and Lin Qing were alone just now, they didn’t mention Yan Mingguang. They just wanted to see what the first reaction of Lin Qing and Yan Mingguang was when Yan Mingguang came. Yan Mingguang obviously knows more than him, but he doesn’t seem to want to say anything to him. He can’t show that he knows a lot, so as to make Yan Mingguang vigilant. It’s best to test the relationship between Yan Mingguang and him in this way.

But at the moment, Lin Qing has looked at him and is obviously waiting for Yan Wei to introduce him as a middleman. Yan Mingguang’s expression was as indifferent as ever, and he couldn’t see any waves.

Lin Qing doesn’t know Yan Mingguang.

Lin Qing doesn’t know Yan Mingguang.

Lin Qing, who knew him from the lower levels, and even probably grew up with him, didn’t know Yan Mingguang, the only one in the memory fragments he dreamed of.


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