Half Immortal Chapter 86

Half Immortal Chapter 86: What is he doing!?

Yan Wei blinked, his hand holding the juice cup tightened slightly, and his eyes converged for a moment.

He smiled quietly, as if he didn’t know all the causes. He dragged Yan Mingguang in and introduced Lin Qing and Yan Mingguang to each other. From beginning to end, Lin Qing was the first performance he saw. Maybe it was because Yan Mingguang covered three copies of Yan Wei in the open. Lin Qing was more friendly than Zhou Tian and Gao Ming.

As for Yan Mingguang, the man is still so indifferent and meaningless that he can’t see anything at all.

Yan Wei put down his things and leaned forward. It seemed that he had no intention, but actually he deliberately came to Yan Mingguang’s ear and whispered, “dead ice, didn’t you say you couldn’t come yesterday?”

Yan Mingguang’s eyes on him deviated at this moment, and his pure black eyes rarely flashed an invisible emotion.

But for a moment, Yan Mingguang regained his indifference and didn’t speak.

Yan Wei thought it was meaningless to tease people like Yan Mingguang. There will always be no waves. But now, somehow, he felt that Yan Mingguang was not unresponsive, but he was too self-control and could always hide his reaction in an instant.

It’s fun.

Yan Wei smiled, and then turned and sat back on the sofa.

Zhou Tian and Gao Ming had already sat quietly on one side. Lin Qing glanced at Lin Zhen who was still standing at the door. He didn’t speak, but Lin Zhen immediately understood his meaning, happily took down the apple on his head and pulled the fish flying boat together.

As soon as he sat down, he threw the apple in his hand and said, “brother, do you want me to peel an apple for you? I haven’t washed my hair for many days.”

Yufeizhou: “… Why don’t we start? Yan Wei has prepared a table of meals.”

Lin Qing’s face remained unchanged. He raised his hand and opened the lid of the cake box again.

The next moment, as like as two peas cakes, which appeared exactly like Lin’s love, the cake was still a forest of seven bleeding trees, and it was too real.

Clever subconsciously “ah”.

Lin Qing continued to keep a face. Under everyone’s gaze, he slowly pointed to his bleeding “face” and cut off a cake.

——Then he ate.

Lin Zhen’s hand was sluggish, and the apple was not caught. “Dong” fell to the ground.

Yan Mingguang sat beside Yan Wei in silence, while Zhou Tian and Gao Ming dared not speak at all – which player in the building had not heard Lin Qing’s name? They just know the relationship between Lin Zhen and Lin Qing. It’s not surprising to see Lin Zhen like this, but it’s impossible for them to treat Lin Qing as an ordinary player. They can only sit upright and say nothing.

Lin Qing ate the cake one mouthful at a time, then put down the plate and said, “it tastes good.”

He got up slowly and took a look at Yan Wei. The seriousness and sharpness just now dissipated inadvertently.

“We’ll add a friend to the information panel,” he said. “We’ll contact you when you make a decision about the competitive copy.”

Yan Wei knew it clearly.

Although he didn’t remember the previous events, he had a natural familiar gas field with Lin Qing and didn’t feel uncomfortable. But for others, even if Lin Zhen is careless, they must be trembling when they don’t say it on the surface. Lin Qing stayed here, and their party was almost gone.

What should be said has also been said. Since Yan Wei still wants to respond to changes with invariance, he doesn’t know anything on the surface. There’s no need for Lin Qing to stay.

The two of them added a good friend, and Lin Qing left – he covered the cake box and took the cake away.

Lin Zhen: “… My brother’s brain is abnormal.”

Yan Wei: “well, you are almost the same.”

Lin Zhen: ”

After Lin Qing left, the trembling atmosphere naturally disappeared. They lived and died together in the copy. They had something to do with each other, but they chatted for a moment.

Although the time in the copy is not as long as that in the building world, a string needs to be tightened every moment in the copy, and every minute and second passes very long, which shows the precious time of a little calm in the building world.

Even Yan Wei doesn’t want to think too much at the moment. Starting from the copy of the Corridor Hotel, he seemed to be chased all the way, one copy after another, without breathing. Although there is still a huge unknown pressing on him now, he always has an uneasy feeling of being spied on, but now Yan Mingguang is around and Lin Qing appears, which at least makes him feel that he is not alone.

Yan Wei thought and suddenly felt a little tired. He rubbed his eyebrows, then turned his head and looked at the man next to him. The other party felt his sight and looked at him.

He chuckled and looked back.

But in a moment, they opened a lot of wine.

“It’s done!” Gao Ming raised the bottle and drank it all at once, wiping the corners of his mouth.

His body index is the lowest here, and his resistance to alcohol is also the lowest. At the moment, his tone has been slightly drunk and said, “I’m too far from you. The last copy should be the last copy of me and everyone. Next… I won’t hold you back, but if you need me…”

Gao Ming touched Yan Wei and said, “Yan Wei, you can find me!”

Yan Wei smiled, “OK.”

Zhou Tian took out a few dice, took a clean bowl from the table at random, and said with a smile, “what’s the power of drinking alone? Let’s compare the size!”

Lin Zhen whistled, “OK, well, I’m in a group with fish flying boat and small pets -”

“Stop!” Yan Wei raised his hand. “Who’s in a group with you psychopath? It’s not necessary to divide into two groups. Six people can be divided into three groups. I’m in a group with our teacher Yan.”

“Cut, OK, you first.”

Yan Wei raised his elbow and bumped Yan Mingguang: “come on, ice, you first.”

The man on his side seemed to freeze. For a moment, under everyone’s eyes, Yan Mingguang’s cold voice sounded with a little confusion: “what is bigger than size…?”

Yan Wei drinks a meal.

He suddenly remembered that Yan Mingguang knew nothing about campus bullying in the previous copy.

From the moment he appeared in front of him, he was so lonely that he was incompatible with the players on the first layer of the replica at that time. However, his whole body was filled with cold and pure temperament, strong and clean.

Yan Wei’s always clear thoughts became a mess at this moment. He paused, silently hooked the corners of his mouth, picked up the dice and said casually, “what do you pretend to don’t understand? I’ll do it first. Say it first. The loser blows at the bottle!”

“Come on!”

In the distance, the sunset is low, and the sky of the world in the building is really confused. Outside the building, birds sing and cut through the clouds.

In the living room of Yanwei apartment, Lin Zhen and others have fallen down in disorder.

The fish flying boat was so drunk that he leaned on an empty wine bottle. Lin Zhen pulled his hand aside and said vaguely: “… Don’t think I don’t know. You make a small report with my brother every day… Burp… Tell my brother everything I do… That’s why he… Cares about me every day!”

Fish Feizhou was stunned and shook his head. He didn’t know which sentence he was denying.

“It’s not fun at all…” Lin Zhen was drunk and didn’t have a good way. “I used to have a copy alone… I’ll fight with whoever I want… Burp… I’ll fight with whoever I want to fight. But I met my brother in the world in this building… I don’t remember that I have a brother. I suddenly came up with one… And arranged you to accompany me to have a copy… Don’t care about me.”

“… he just cares about you.”


Aside, Yan Mingguang, who was not drunk at all, calmly pulled up Yan Wei and said in a deep voice, “come into the room and have a rest.”

Yan Wei is also a little drunk.

His drinking capacity is not good, but it is definitely not bad. But he thought it was a miracle that Yan Mingguang, who looked cold on the surface and didn’t know anything, could smoke and should not drink enough, so he had been looking for every reason to drink Yan Mingguang just now.

Unexpectedly, Yan Mingguang was as drunk as drinking boiled water from beginning to end. Instead, he was 50% drunk.

Yan Wei stood up with Yan Mingguang’s strength and simply left the force point on Yan Mingguang and leaned against the man completely. There was no wine smell on the other party’s body. The smell was like snow and pine, but it was not cold and exclusive at all. It only made him feel comfortable.

At the moment when he was completely hung on Yan Mingguang, the man paused, which led him back to the room.

The swallow necklace that had been hanging around Yan Mingguang’s neck slipped out of his collar and shook slightly.

With a bang, the door closed, isolating them from everything outside.

There was a sudden silence.

Yan Mingguang slowly helped him to the bed and asked Yan Wei to sit down.

When the brain was confused, the sudden silence immediately pulled out all the distractions forced by Yan Wei. In these short seconds, he flashed the pictures in these copies when he was alone with Yan Mingguang, and finally remembered the intermittent dream. The tone of the dream is very quiet, but the fragments that can be remembered so far are not calm.

There are scenes of ghosts and monsters, dark and treacherous scenes, and… Yan Mingguang kisses him in the hot water flowing in the bathroom.

The man had released his hand and said to him, “have a good rest.”

Seeing the other party turning to leave, Yan Wei raised his hand and suddenly pulled Yan Mingguang.

He pulled suddenly. The other party was obviously not prepared. He took a step back and looked at him.

Yan Wei’s cheeks are a little hot. He murmured to himself, “can I believe you?”

In his dream, there was only Yan Mingguang. The fragments in his dream were intermittent and existed at any time. Obviously, this man should have been with him for a long time. He has been with him for a long time, but Lin Qing doesn’t know Yan Mingguang.

His memory seems to have been completely taken out. The only thing that has been reserved and can be recalled is Yan Mingguang.

The man knew more than he did, but he pretended not to know from beginning to end.

From his memory, he saw Yan Mingguang in the lobby of the corridor hotel for the first time. It seemed that he was not wary. In fact, he never thought about what would happen if Yan Mingguang couldn’t believe it and if Yan Mingguang was not on his side.

He sat by the bed, holding Yan Mingguang’s warm hand, raised his eyes and looked at each other.

The man collected his eyes and moved his lips, but in the end he just said, “well.”

Yan Wei unconsciously saw Yan Mingguang’s lips. He sees the heart too deeply. He should be a person who won’t have a relationship with others, but in his dream, this person really kissed him.

He knew he liked men. Could it be that this dream is not so complicated, but he and Yan Mingguang have stayed for a long time, and some normal men will have fantasies stimulated by emotional hormones?

Maybe Yan Mingguang really has nothing to do with his past?

He was in a trance for a moment, suddenly stood up, and suddenly came close to Yan Mingguang. His chin was light, and his lips were about to hit the corner of the man’s mouth.

The man’s suddenly enlarged face came into view. Yan Wei made a move, clearly saw Yan Mingguang’s expression slightly stagnant, and his Adam’s apple rolled gently for a few times.

The next moment, Yan Mingguang lost his mind for a moment. At the moment, his originally indifferent eyes were dyed with a trace of desire. Subconsciously, the man grabbed his wrist with his backhand and pushed him to the wall, breathing slightly and quickly.

Yan Wei was drunk and woke up most of the time. In an instant, he was clearly aware of what he was doing at the last moment. He didn’t know whether it was half drunk or shy. He just felt that his cheeks were a little hotter at this moment.

——What is he doing!?

Feeling the temperature of each other’s breathing, he breathed sluggishly and didn’t know how to react for a time. He simply flashed his eyes for a moment of confusion through drunkenness, then closed his eyes and fell down as if he were completely drunk.

Yan Mingguang caught him.

Yan Wei didn’t dare to open his eyes at all. He was completely drunk and “unconscious”.

He leaned in Yan Mingguang’s arms for a long time. The man picked him up smoothly and carried the “sleepy” him to the bed.

Yan Wei felt that Yan Mingguang had loosened his hands and stood straight slowly. He was relieved.

He fell asleep.

Yan Mingguang didn’t find him pretending to sleep. Yan Mingguang didn’t find him pretending to sleep. Yan Mingguang didn’t find him pretending to sleep. Yan Mingguang didn’t——

The man’s figure suddenly covered and blocked most of the light in front of Yan Wei.

Yan Wei only felt a warm touch from the corners of his eyes.

——The man kissed his right corner of the eye gently.

Yan Wei’s brain, which can stay in danger in the copy, completely crashed at this moment.


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