Half Immortal Chapter 87

Half Immortal Chapter 87

Yan Mingguang bent down quickly.

Yan Wei closed his eyes and could only feel the light in front of him darkening for a moment. The next moment was the warm touch from the corners of his eyes. He didn’t give him any reaction time at all. Yan Mingguang’s breath sprinkled on his forehead, but his own breath was almost disordered.

Fortunately, he crashed for a moment and quickly maintained a slow breathing rhythm. The increase in body data obtained since these copies was used by him to maintain the stability of his heartbeat and breathing, and tried to pretend to sleep.

Yan Mingguang’s action came quickly, like a sudden burst of subconscious action, with an impulse to follow.

Yan Wei’s warm touch at the corners of his eyes moved down for a moment.

But the next moment, Yan Mingguang acted in unison, and all the release was restrained and retracted in an instant.

The man’s lips, which gently rubbed against his cheek, seemed to vibrate slightly. Then he got up suddenly and left the room quickly.

When the door opened and closed, Yan Wei knew that Yan Mingguang had left. The kisses just now seemed to make him more drunk. He was buried in the bed, his cheeks flushed and tightened the quilt, but he fell asleep with a sense of wine in a moment.

The sleep was solid.

Maybe it was Yan Mingguang’s smell around before going to bed, and Yan Wei dreamed of some scattered fragments.

Like previous dreams, there are some insignificant, fragmented and fleeting pictures, but there is Yan Mingguang around him. In some pictures, ghosts are obviously not so terrible, but in some pictures, the danger around them is too treacherous.

Yan Wei woke up with these blurred pictures that flashed and almost forgot, and found that the sunlight outside the window was falling vertically.

I slept until noon.

He washed quickly, stretched lazily and walked out of the room. He just saw Yan Mingguang cleaning up the mess on the table.

Yan Wei subconsciously stepped forward and subconsciously wanted to touch the corner of his right eye. Fortunately, he reacted at the moment he raised his hand.

Yan Mingguang just turned his head and looked at him. His pure black pupils were as gloomy as the bottom. He just paused, then looked back and threw the things on the table into the garbage bag one by one.

Yesterday… Yan Mingguang didn’t know that Yan Wei pretended to sleep.

He blinked uneasily. Then he came forward and said, “where are the others?”

“I woke up earlier than you and left.”

“Oh, then you –”

Yan Wei gave a speech.

The windows of the living room of the apartment are open and the afternoon light is very bright. But he was suddenly black, his strength was drained, and he staggered.

Yan Mingguang hurried over a few steps and grabbed him. Yan Wei was in a trance for a while, which slowed down from the general state of instant exhaustion.

“What’s the matter?” Yan Mingguang asked him, his cold voice wrapped in a layer of slight concern.

Yan Wei frowned slightly, stood firm with Yan Mingguang’s strength and raised his hand slowly – the moon wheel missing the last piece appeared in his palm.

The incomplete moon scattered bright white light, and the light of the same day melted together, soft and quiet.

“Moon wheel…” he immediately understood, “so it is.”


“There is also a missing moon wheel. In order to maintain the state, it will automatically absorb energy – it is absorbing the energy from me as nutrients to maintain the form. The original incomplete legendary props will absorb the owner’s energy without difference, so…”

“The last piece must be taken.”

Legendary props cannot be unbound actively.

Or just put it like this. Yan Wei has been continuously supplying energy to the incomplete moon wheel, and he will only consume it continuously. The final outcome must be to die of exhaustion of energy. Either the owner is dead to untie the legendary props.

——This last piece of moon wheel, he must get it.

Yan Wei previously thought that the moon wheel fragments appeared on the 49th floor, which may be the balance mechanism of the building mentioned by Lin Qing. But now… He suddenly had a feeling of being hung forward. If he has to get the last moon wheel fragment, he will go no matter which copy the fragment is in.

He put the moon wheel away, directly opened the information panel and sent a call request to Lin Qing.

“Lin Qing, it’s me.”


“Didn’t you ask me if I’m interested in entering the competitive copy? I don’t have to think about it. Among the four places where Xuanniao enters the competitive copy, leave me one -”

Beside him, Yan Mingguang’s eyes moved slightly, his eyes facing Yan Wei.

Yan Wei changed his mind: “leave two… Well, I’ve decided. I won’t change it. I don’t need to think clearly.”


“About more than a month later? I know.”

Yanwei cut off contact.

He glanced at Yan Mingguang, raised his eyebrows and said, “forty ninth floor, Mr. Yan, will you accompany me in?”


Yan Wei smiled and said nothing. He patted him on the shoulder and said, “before you turn the competitive copy with me, go with me to a place.”

Yan Mingguang looked at him with doubts on his face.

“Gambling area.”

In the next few days, Yan Wei appeared in the gambling area without any disguise.

After the death of the copy of the school building, it has become everyone’s default guess that he is Yan – after all, the last best player is Yan, and anyone who comes out alive from this copy can be sure that the most outstanding performance of the whole copy must be Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang is the day and Yan Wei is Yan. After this has become an unconfirmed fact, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang appeared in the gambling area at the same time, which naturally attracted the attention of various organizations.

Originally, many organizations planned to find them during their copy buffer period. Now Yan Wei appears on his own initiative, and the players of other organizations will not miss this opportunity. But it is precisely because Yan Wei is too blatant that Yue Mang, who wanted to find a chance to deal with Yan Wei, can’t start at all.

No matter which gambling building Yan Wei is in front of the projection, there are organization players with the intention to win over. Yue mang is also very clear that their action at this time is just an opportunity for other organizations to show kindness and help Yan Wei. Naturally, they won’t do it. Lin Qing also secretly arranged some high-level players of Xuanniao to wander in the gambling area, providing an absolutely safe environment for Yan Wei.

Under such a delicate balance, Yan Wei ignored the solicitation of any organization, but took Yan Mingguang in the gambling area for a whole week.

He didn’t bet on any copies, just watching.

A week later, Yan Wei silently read a copy of a 49 story gambling building in front of him, dragged his chin in one hand and said thoughtfully, “ice, you and I have seen so much. Do you have any ideas?”

Yan Mingguang frowned and said, “you already have an idea.”

“If you don’t cooperate with me, it’s boring for me to say it alone.” Yan Wei tilted his mouth, “I found that the data range of these replicas on the upper level is not stable. At the lower level, the data of those NPCs will be in a general range, but with the increase of the number of layers, how powerful the NPCs are and how dangerous the difficulties in the replicas are are are not fixed. For a replica of 30 layers, the data of NPCs may be similar to that of an ordinary player of more than 10 layers, It may also be similar to the level of 40 or 50 layers. Because there is a big gap in the level of players in the middle layer, there are many possibilities for replicas on the same layer, and the lethality data of these NPCs depends on the general level of players. ”

“In other words, the replica will adjust the NPC data so that all players can struggle, even if it may be very low. In fact, even if we directly lift the building to the 49th floor, we can’t have no resistance. What’s more, we still have half of us who don’t die and live to die. With the progress of the replica, the small rewards we get in the replica will make us gradually lose strength Have higher data. ”

This undoubtedly reassured Yan Wei.

Confidence is one thing, but confidence is another. Even if Yan Wei is confident in his ability, he must have a chance to gamble. If not, it’s better for Lin Qing to find some players on more than 40 floors.

“You have other conclusions,” Yan Mingguang said.

Yan Wei raised his eyebrow: “I see, Mr. Yan. There is another conclusion, but it has nothing to do with our customs clearance. I was just thinking… Do you think the copies of the building have a common feature?”


“These copies are the amplification of all evil thoughts and the darkness of all kinds of people’s hearts. Two days ago, we went to see the records of ancient copies on endless stone tablets. The previous copies did not have so many evil, or the copies of Lou… It seems that they are becoming more and more ‘evil’.”

Yan Mingguang’s indifferent eyes suddenly flashed a trace of depth. Yan Wei stood in front of him, unaware of the fleeting emotion.

He just continued, “but it has nothing to do with us now. No matter what I’m going to face next, let’s pass the 49th floor first.”

More than a month passed quickly.

Lin Qing didn’t let Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang come to Xuanniao, but let Yan Wei wait at home. He came with two other Xuanniao players who entered together.

Yan Wei naturally had no opinion. On the day when the competitive copy was opened, he waited early with Yan Mingguang.

——Then Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou came.

Yan Wei: ”

Lin Qing looked serious: “they are the other two players who went in.”

“Hey, little pet, what do you mean by this expression,” Lin Zhen hissed, “look down on us? I tell you, you’ve been analyzing here this month. Fish flying boat and I were in a hurry to connect three copies. We just came out of the copies yesterday.”

“Then you also lift the building? Can Xuanniao make two reliable points?”

Yu Feizhou said seriously, “Yan Wei, we won’t hold back. In fact, Lin Zhen wants to help you. He can’t speak. We’ve just passed the 35th floor. Although we still lift the building, somehow we narrow the gap. Although there are more than 40 layers of seed players in Xuanniao, your cooperation needs to be renewed to cultivate tacit understanding and trust. It may not be beneficial for us to go in together…”

Yan Weigang wanted to retort. Yan Mingguang suddenly said, “he is afraid to drag you down and make excuses.”

“… Mr. Yan, dead ice, you can actually not be so direct.”


Yan Wei: “……” I’ve finished everything. Now what’s the use of talking about it!

Lin Zhengang wanted to fight something. Lin Qing gave a look and forced the goods to swallow all their words back and wait quietly.

Lin Qing took out four invitations and ignored the conversation just now. He just said: “competitive copies are special copies for organizations to compete for resources and copy bonus distribution. They are opened at a fixed time. Each invitation is directly sent to each organization. Each one corresponds to a player. You sign your names on these four copies and go in together after you open them.”

“This time you should pay attention. When I got the invitation letter, I also received a notice from the building. This time, in addition to the players entered by various organizations through the invitation letter, the competitive replica will also draw some players from the people who failed in the gambling building to force them to pull in the replica. That is to say…”

Yan Wei frowned: “this is a copy that may keep killing the dead.” so he will pull some people in to increase the probability of player death.

Lin Qing nodded and distributed the invitation to them.

Yan Wei and others took over one after another and signed their names without hesitation.

Lin Zhen then asked: “The particularity of competitive replica lies in the replica mechanism. This replica still needs to find a ladder to leave, but each organization will have a score ranking in the replica. The score ranking is similar to the rush answer mode, but this ranking is based on the organization as a unit, and there is a limited time. You must get the first place as soon as possible within the specified time. As for how to score, each competition The technical copies are different. You won’t know the specific rules of the game until you go in. ”

“I’ve seen the previous records in the endless stone tablet before,” Yan Wei said. “From my understanding, it’s actually a real-life game. Players have to score, rank and pass customs in the game, right?”

“That’s right.”

Yan Wei turned over the pure black invitation letter. In addition to the name he signed, there was only a human pattern on the invitation letter. He couldn’t see the specific content of this copy.

He took the invitation, took a deep breath, swept several people around him, and finally gave Lin Qing a reassuring look without trace.

Then he said with a smile, “isn’t it forty-nine?”

Since he had been there before, he would not be afraid now.

Ten minutes later, the invitation letter inched and scattered a faint halo.

Yan Wei’s eyes turned upside down.

[welcome to the building.]

[layers of this copy: 49.]

[location of this copy: puppet castle.]


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