Half Immortal Chapter 88

Half Immortal Chapter 88: Puppet Castle (1)

[this copy is a special competitive copy. The gambling mechanism of competitive copy has been automatically opened. Only players from organizations outside the copy can bet. Bet content: the organization that wins the first competitive copy in this round.]

[after the organization Ranking Competition copy is opened, no rules will be prompted. All rules and clues in the copy are provided in the copy. Please pay attention to all the information in the copy and the words of NPCs.]

A thin and narrow waning moon hung on the horizon.

Dark clouds are sparse, obscuring some stars, sometimes sliding across the waning moon and bringing a large shadow. Several crows’ dumb cries cut through the night sky, and a crow flew over the sky in the fluttering sound of its wings.

A jungle maze covering the whole hill is located here, up from the entrance in all directions at the foot of the mountain, and on the top of the hill is a magnificent castle.

When large crows flew away, one shadow after another suddenly appeared in the wide maze, the magnificent castle hidden in the night on the top of the mountain suddenly lit up, and the windows flashed a yellowish light.

“He is a man of unknown birth.”

“His mother gave birth to him in the wilderness, and was unconscious in the jungle maze because of too much blood loss. The blood stained the land, the surrounding vegetation corroded, and his mother died of flesh and blood swallowed by crows. But he cried on the grass for three days, crows cried for him, and the jungle withered for him.”

“He likes to appreciate the beauty of human beings, but he never keeps company with others. The castle in the depths of the maze is his home, where his most proud works are stored, symbolizing his unknown skills. He is uncertain. He will entertain guests up the mountain and kill them suddenly.”

“But if the man who goes up the mountain does not arrive at his home that day, he will close the gate of the castle at midnight, and the crows wandering in the jungle maze will divide the people stranded in the maze.”

Yan Weigang stood firm and had not had time to see the situation in front of him. These words coming from nowhere came into his ears bit by bit, ethereal, gloomy and strange.

When he looked at it, it was very dark around him. Only the castle on the top of the hill was lit. He could see it as long as he looked up a little.

The voice that seemed to melt into the wind came the last sentence: “now, he is waiting for his new guests.”

The prompt sound of the building also sounded at this moment.

[copy begins.]

Yan Wei has sorted out his current situation in just a few seconds.

He is now in a jungle maze all over the mountain. From the height, he should be in the middle of the hillside. And all around him are very neat green walls trimmed by trees. In this way, the maze composed of trees is just about as tall as an adult male. People can look up and see what is on the top of the mountain, but they can’t see the layout of the maze around.

Although he could feel the movement of people not far away, there was no one around him at the moment – Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou didn’t see them either.

In combination with Fang Cai’s words similar to introducing the background

Yan Wei looked up at the castle in the distance. His eyes were slightly frozen and his heart was clear.

This copy scattered them in the jungle maze covering the whole mountain at the beginning. They must reach the castle in the middle of the mountain before midnight, or they will be swallowed alive by countless crows hovering in mid air. Apart from this rule, he didn’t hear any rules related to competition at all.

In other words, only when you arrive at the castle alive can you be qualified to continue the copy and know what the competitive rules in the castle are.

Now… Whether it’s the angle of the moon or the remaining time in the normal state of Yanwei information panel, it is clearly pointed out that there are still two hours left.

Only when you reach the top of the mountain in two hours can you have the ticket to participate in the competition.

Yan Wei tries to spread his perception – not surprisingly, it is useless. His sudden perception skills have been naturally upgraded after entering the replica, but there is still no way to expand at this time.

This jungle maze will limit the use of their perception, completely cutting off the possibility of players relying on their perception to explore the way and easily reach the castle.

Yan Wei frowned, looked around again, and held his hand tightly in his pocket.

He has an uncomfortable feeling.

Before he came in, he had seen some competitive copies of previous rounds. Such copies entered and started together with people from the same organization. There has never been such a situation that everyone has been broken up. He has the confidence to form a team with Yan Mingguang and others. Part of the reason is that this is a copy of group competition. He stays with Yan Mingguang and is not afraid of any shortcomings in body index.

But this broke up

For the seed players of the thirty or forty layers selected by other organizations, it is only the first problem of the copy.

For him, it was his biggest weakness for a moment.

“No wonder I’m narcissistic…” Yan Wei sneered and looked up at the dark starry sky. He didn’t know where to look. “The moon wheel fragments led to a large lift into the 49th floor. When the copy was opened, he immediately broke up all players with rules and left me alone… How do I feel that this is aimed at me?”

The darkness in the distance could not answer him.

Yan Wei took back his sight and took out the mini walkie talkie they had used before.

As soon as he hid the prop in his ear, Lin Zhen’s voice came: “Oh, little pet, you load slower than us, and finally put on the walkie talkie. This damn maze can’t control your perception, and my arrow can’t shoot in mid air. It seems that we have to rely on walking to find the way…”

Yufeizhou: “it’s hard to do. This copy is so strange. I don’t know why. It broke everyone up at the beginning. This maze looks almost the same from where. I just tried with Lin Zhen. I can’t find people simply by saying their respective directions.”

“One should be careful,” said Yan Mingguang. The man didn’t say anything about breaking the game. His voice was steady, but his voice was worried.

Yan Wei heard Yan Mingguang’s words and subconsciously ticked at the corners of his mouth.

The wind in the jungle labyrinth was not strong, but it blew on people with a bone chilling gloom. Yan Wei gathered his windbreaker and tried to walk a short way through the maze. He said, “I don’t think it’s so direct. It’s only more than two hours before midnight. It’s unrealistic to find the way by going wrong. There must be something –”

The rustling footsteps and conversation came from the front. Yan Wei paused and withdrew his words.

In front of him, on another road, there appeared a player who walked a little stumbled. The man ran forward in a panic. Because he ran too fast, he tripped over a branch in front of Yan Wei at the moment he appeared in front of him.

This person is obviously not a seed player cultivated by various organizations, but more like an ordinary player randomly selected because of the failure of gambling house. He didn’t react for a moment, and suddenly fell to the ground. The scattered branches on the ground immediately cut several places on him, and the smell of blood spread in an instant.

Yan Wei gave a look.

Behind him came the crow’s cry, which was intertwined and close like blocking out the sky and the sun. Yan Wei looked back and immediately turned sideways and bowed his head. A large crow flew in front of him.

——They smell blood.

As soon as the player who fell to the ground got up, he saw these crows with black feathers, sharp beaks and bloody eyes.

The man was stunned. He didn’t care about his injuries. He immediately took out his weapons and began to wave at the crow in front. The blade divides the crow’s body into two parts, and the more strong smell of fishy blood spreads out, which not only does not scare off these animals, but also brings deeper stimulation.

All the crows around rushed up!

There was no Yan Wei leaning aside in their eyes, and they rushed to the player from all angles.

Yan Wei sighed silently and shook his head regretfully.

These players who were randomly dragged in because of the failure of the gambling building simply did not have the ability to impact the 49 storey highly difficult competitive copy. From the moment they were dragged in, they were almost destined to become the stepping stone for the seed players of the competitive copy.

But for a moment, the weapon in the player’s hand was pecked off by crows, and the smell of blood became stronger and stronger.

“Ah, ah, ah –!!!”

But in the blink of an eye, these man eating crows swallowed the man alive in an instant!!

The cries are intertwined and mixed again, paradoxically mixed with sharpness and dumb.

The crows scattered in all directions. The corpse, which was eaten so clean that only the skeleton was left, fell down with a bang, and the bones scattered. A large amount of blood spread from the scattered bones, infecting the whole land where Yan Wei was located.

Smelling the rotten smell, Yan Wei waved his hand rather uncomfortably.

But at the moment when the stench spread, the labyrinth walls trimmed by dense trees began to corrode and wither. At this moment, the line of sight of this area became wide. Although the eroded area is only a small piece compared with the whole jungle maze, it has saved the way to explore the maze of this area.

The maze wall can be corroded by the player’s blood.

Under the death of this player, Yan Wei has been able to walk directly through this unobstructed area and get closer to the top of the mountain without effort.

The other two players in this area also appeared in Yan Wei’s field of vision. They looked at each other, looked at Yan Wei and the bones on the ground, and obviously knew what had just happened.

Yan Wei looked at the player’s only scattered bones, and the story he heard when loading the copy just now sounded in his mind.

——”His mother gave birth to him in the wilderness, and was unconscious in the jungle maze because of too much blood loss. The blood stained the land, the surrounding vegetation corroded, and his mother died of flesh and blood swallowed by crows. But he cried on the grass for three days, crows cried for him, and the jungle withered for him.”

i see.

Blood corrodes, and the jungle that forms the maze will naturally wither, revealing a broad vision and clearing the open space without maze tree walls.

If such corrosion is towards the top of the mountain, it can easily reach the castle in two hours.

The more dead players, the easier it is for alive players to pass this first level.

It’s faster than taking the time to find the way and directly find the player to sacrifice… No doubt.

Yan Wei copied his pocket with one hand, and his fingertips gently groped for the edge of the swallow coin in his pocket. He raised his eyes to the other two obvious seed players present, and his light brown eyes flashed through Youran.

The scene just now is too direct. He can understand this shortcut in an instant. These two people… Can too.


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