Half Immortal Chapter 89

Half Immortal Chapter 89: puppet Castle (2) “fight! Fight!”

Through the moonlight, Yan Wei observed the expressions of the two people for the first time.

They stood in different directions and on different roads. It was only because the blood of the dead player had corroded all the plants in this article that they saw each other in a wide field of vision.

The other two were very tall, and the other was wearing a pure black cap with a lot of different costumes. They were closer, and Yan Wei stood in the opposite direction. Not only that, the tall man and the player in the cap looked at Yan Wei, but also looked at the other side.

He did not know the two men, nor did he know each other.

During the survey, the two seed players have approached with vigilance.

They saw the phenomenon just now and the withered vegetation, but the two players didn’t point out anything. They just asked each other the details of each other as if nothing had happened – as Yan Wei thought, these are the seed players from the two organizations respectively.

There are all kinds of organizations in competitive copy, ranging from Xuanniao and Qixing to some organizations that have just established and entered competitive copy for the first time. The organizations of the two players had heard their names. They looked at each other and looked at Yan Wei who had not yet spoken.

In the world inside the building, players have perception, and how many floors they have climbed, the smell soaked in blood can be felt. Although it is impossible to know everyone’s data, each player can more or less know what range the person in front of him is.

They can naturally feel that Yan Wei is not like a player who has experienced many 30 or 40 layers of copies.

The male player in a cap said, “Hey, what’s your organization?”

Yan Wei, who had slightly lowered his head and had cleaned up his expression in the lightning, stone and fire, slowly raised his head, and his amber eyes twinkled with timidity and panic. His lips moved slightly, and his clear voice was very light and low: “I, I have no organization…”

At this moment, the eyes of the other two players looking at Yan Wei became subtle.

Yan Wei blinked.

This reaction… Sure enough, most of the seed players in the forties don’t know him.

Before coming in, Yan Wei discussed the situation with Yan Mingguang. They do lift the building too fast, but it is also because they lift the building too fast. Maybe players on the 30th and 40th floors have heard of Yan and day, and they have heard of some things they have done before, but they won’t know them.

Because they had copies below the 20th floor before, even if higher-level players learn experience, they will not see the copies of gambling buildings on the lower floor. When the 19th floor mobile Ben robbed the legendary props, because the mobile Ben restricted the players who came down from the building, only the players below the 19th floor entered. In addition, the players of major organizations who followed up to pay attention to this replica were high-level players. Instead, they were in the middle of the 30th and 40th floors. No matter from which aspect, they had little chance to see them.

And they were still on more than a dozen floors more than a month ago. Players of other organizations would never think that Yan Wei would really shut down for more than a month and directly enter the 49th floor.

Just now, when the two players first saw that Yan Wei didn’t react much, Yan Wei guessed that even if they knew Yan, they didn’t know what Yan looked like, let alone that Yan would appear on the 49th floor.

In the eyes of these two seed players, Yan Wei is just an ordinary player pulled in and killed.

They looked at Yan Wei and were wary of each other, but this vigilance had changed – now, they were more worried about each other taking their prey.

As a “prey”, Yan Wei, taking advantage of this information gap, trembled and said, “can I come with you?”

At this time, the crows in the sky hovered back and forth on the hill, and the vast black one flew back and forth in mid air, as if fused with the dark clouds in front of the stars. And those places blocked by the labyrinth wall heard different screams one after another.

These screams sounded from all directions, mixed with the crow’s cry.

The same thing is happening in the whole jungle maze and elsewhere. At this moment, Yan Wei clearly understood why this time, in addition to the seed players participating in the competition, this copy also pulled in some players who failed in the gambling house.

These players came in to die.

Before long, I’m afraid almost all players will know the fastest way to crack this maze.

——Player’s blood can open the way.

As long as you completely ignore other people’s names and leave bleeding wounds on other players to attract crows… You can step on the blood of innocent players and go to the castle.

Yan Wei didn’t seem to see this way. He just closed his windbreaker, lowered his voice and said, “I’ve been up to more than ten floors before. This time, my friend and I failed to gamble in the building and were forced to drag in. Unexpectedly, as soon as we came in, we found that it was a copy of the 49th floor. The span is too large. Players like me are dead…”

Although the players on the more than ten floors are not as sophisticated as those on the thirty or forty floors, they are at least a little experienced. Yan Wei didn’t pretend too much. At the moment, his expression has slowly “recovered” from the panic just now. He looked at the tall man and the cap man in front of him rather flatteringly, and then said, “you see, it’s more than 40 layers of players who come in with the invitation. I know I’m a burden to you, but I can also play a role. No? I don’t know if there are other dangers in this maze. I can walk in the front, just hope… Cough, I hope the two eldest brothers can take me?”

Yan Wei said, looking like his eyes were drifting, but in fact he was paying attention to the changes in their faces.

At the moment, there was no him in the eyes of the tall man and the man with a duck tongue hat. The two men were defending each other. Everyone wanted to monopolize Yanwei’s “prey” and get rid of the other person.

Yan Wei’s next sentence suddenly drew back the attention of the two people: “Although I only have more than ten floors, I have raised the building three times and have skills. My skills are to locate a few known players within a certain range. This maze limits perception, but my skills are not limited. I can feel the location of my other two friends dragged in. I can meet them and help the two eldest brothers work together. How about it?”

The tall man immediately said, “OK, find your friend first. There are many of us to find the way.”

The duck tongue hat looked very calm, but he seemed calm. After thinking for a while, he said, “OK, you go ahead.” obviously, he also knew that if he was against the tall man now, he might as well use Yan Wei to find more bottom players who were thrown in and killed, and pave the way with their lives.

Yan Wei knew the two would choose this way.

The start of the copy was really aimed at him, completely amplifying his biggest weakness. As long as he is casually exposed to a seed player, he is a prey without resistance.

This is the beginning of a test of humanity.

But it is precisely because of this that such a start is aimed at Yan Wei, and Yan Wei can also aim at it.

Just amplify human nature.

For these two people, there is only one prey in front of them. At most, it is the one who wins and the one who gets the prey. It doesn’t matter if they fail, that is, they just lose one prey. But when this prey may bring more prey, the benefits suddenly become greater. These two people must not start with him now, but want to use him to find his friends.

There are more possible prey, and the tall man and the man with a duck tongue hat suddenly become a lot more defensive.

One prey may be willing to give up and leave, but they all want to swallow multiple prey alone.

Yan Wei has no ability to locate friends at all. All this is just the contradiction he made up to delay time and intensify the players of these two different organizations.

The two men took the bait.

The tall man is obviously a man with a bad temper. He raised his hand, pushed Yan Wei hard and said, “hurry up, there’s not much time.”

Yan Weishan smiled and walked at the front very “cleverly” and pointed in a direction: “I feel that a friend nearest to us is in this direction and just walk this way. They know I have this skill and won’t move around.”

But the moment he completely turned around and turned his back to the two players behind him, Yan Wei’s face suddenly changed. His mouth was slightly crooked, and his light brown eyes flashed cunning.

He didn’t turn off the walkie talkie. The other three people who didn’t know where the maze was listened to Yan Wei’s fooling all the way. Yan Wei’s sentence “they know I have this skill and won’t move around” was specially said to Yan Mingguang, suggesting that the other party should protect himself first and don’t worry about his safety until he finds out how to solve the maze.

Lin Zhen’s exclamatory voice came through the walkie talkie: “am i catching up with the live broadcast? Hey, I don’t want to find the way. I’ll squat and listen to your live broadcast.”

“…” the fish flying boat was helpless. “You can stay still and nothing will happen.”

Yan Mingguang did not speak this time.

Of course, Yan Wei can’t talk to them. He just listens to Lin Zhen.

The jungle maze is intricate, but there are also many players who are thrown in. The screams of crows gnawing continue to ring from all directions and become more and more frequent – obviously, some players have no shortcut to resist the blood and start to do it.

Yan Wei and others have just walked through an open space cleared with the player’s life and came to a fork in the road.

There are two forks in the direction of Yan Wei.

The tall man pointed to the one on the left, kicked Yan Wei’s leg behind him and said, “go.”

Yan Wei stumbled. Before he could move, the man with a duck tongue hat said, “this one on the right. My intuition is that there may be more detours on the left.”

Yan Wei blinked and went straight to the road on the right without saying a word.

The wall of the maze blocked the player’s line of sight. There was nothing to see in the two roads. The tall man also chose the road by intuition. Since he chose the right, he didn’t say anything, but he was still on guard against the man with a duck tongue hat and walked behind Yan Wei.

After a few steps, they met several forked intersections.

Duck tongue hat man: “the second one.”

Tall man: “the one on the far right looks closer to the castle.”

Yan Wei walked to the second road without hesitation.

There were many turns and roads in the jungle maze. They met many bifurcations within a few minutes. Even if there is the direction pointed by Yan Wei, there are several forks to choose.

Every time, no matter whether the duck tongue hat man and the tall man agree or not, Yan Wei doesn’t hesitate to listen to the duck tongue hat man’s choice and take the road chosen by the duck tongue hat man. The tall man followed without hesitation at first, but later his face became worse and worse.

Yan Wei looked at the castle standing on the top of the mountain from time to time. Different from the darkness in the maze, every window of the castle is lit with warm yellow lights. No crows fly over the castle, but the moonlight stays there.

The labyrinth is corroding one by one in the East and West – compared with the whole hill, the area of these corrosions is still a drop in the bucket.

Black crows hovered in the sky, and the thin and narrow moon floated in the night. Under the quiet starry sky, there were one after another screams and wails.

In such a black deception, Yan Wei and others passed another fork in the road.

Yan Wei glanced back slightly at the tall man’s already gloomy face, slowed down without trace, and said in a rather excited voice, “I feel it. My friend is in front of me –”

“That’s wrong,” said the tall man suddenly, with a layer of anger in his voice. “There is no voice or movement in front of me. Instead, there are a group of crows flying. Do you say your friend is here? Is this really looking for someone or deliberately leading me to a dangerous place?”

He sneered. In an instant, he took out a long knife and said, “I was fooled by you two one day. Are you two together? Pretend you don’t know each other. You two chose the road together every time, and finally chose such a road full of crows…”

Yan Wei turned around, looked frightened, his voice trembled and said, “what are you talking about? My friend is really in front. There are so many crows. He should hide and dare not move, so there is no voice?”

The man with a duck tongue hat frowned.

He looked at the weapon that the tall man couldn’t wait to take out, and said coldly, “if you want to tear your face, just say it. What’s the reason?”

Yan Wei’s eyes slipped a trace of cunning and took a step aside without trace.

In the walkie talkie, Lin Zhen ate melon seeds and said, “fight! Fight!”


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