Half Immortal Chapter 9

Half Immortal Chapter 9: The Promenade Hotel (9)

Yan Mingguang also came over.

In the daytime, there were no corridor lights on, and there were no windows in the narrow corridor. Only the rows of rooms with open doors penetrated the light and pulled out the silhouette of Yan Mingguang’s slender legs.

Yan Wei stood up and said, “our time is very tight. Even if someone can avoid the death trigger tonight, if two people die on average a day, the maximum number of us will last for another four days. Moreover, the later the time is, the greater the danger may be.”

He said the inference just now, “I originally planned to go to the hospital one day and the painting exhibition one day. Now it seems that it’s too slow. There’s also the first floor underground and the room on the top floor…”

In such a short time, there are so many places that seem to have clues.

Yan Mingguang’s eyes were deep, his expression was light, and he didn’t feel any fear at all. He said, “come on, it’s time for breakfast.”

Then the man turned directly and walked towards the elevator. Yan Wei didn’t move the two dolls and directly followed Yan Mingguang’s footsteps.

In the gloomy and narrow corridor, their footsteps came one after another, and they walked out of a rather random pace in such a strange environment. Yan Wei walked behind Yan Mingguang. After thinking for a while, he said directly, “Hello, Mr. ice…”

They walked into the elevator. There is no staggered decoration of mirrors and portraits outside the elevator. From the current clues, this place often appears in horror movies is actually safer than the corridor outside.

Yan Mingguang leaned slightly against the side of the elevator, took out his pocket in one hand and threw a cigarette in his hand, as if he had no response to Yan Wei’s words.

“Did you hear that?”

“Yes,” the man said suddenly, his voice still as indifferent as ever, but his words were not cold, “waste dessert.”

Yan Wei: “…?”

He was stunned and saw Yan Mingguang’s dark black pupils, in which his figure was reflected. This pair of deep but always floating ice eyes flashed a smile at the moment, fleeting, but Yan Wei saw it clearly.

He responded to him with the name he mocked himself yesterday.

“…” he actually looked away. He was not cold at all. Yan Mingguang seems that everything will never be kept in mind. In fact, he keeps everything in mind and clearly.

The elevator slowly came to the first floor. Yan Wei bowed his head, smiled and said, “OK, I want to discuss something with you.”

His expression suddenly became serious, and his smile was scattered in his light brown eyes in an instant. He can laugh gently and innocently, but he can also sternly and solemnly in an instant.

“I don’t know why you don’t care about everything and don’t care about being on the cusp. I won’t ask. But as long as it’s a person, everything you do has a purpose, and you have a purpose. We can trust our teammates, and maybe we can cooperate all the time in the future. So I’ll say frankly, I don’t want to stand out – I also have a purpose. In that case, No I believe in my ability, I can provide you with the best ideas I can think of, and you can provide me with protection from attention. ”

When the elevator reached the first floor, the heavy door slowly opened to both sides.

The man walked in front, stepped and looked back at him outside the elevator door. Yan Wei has seen all kinds of people and has never counseled anyone, but he has no resistance to Yan Mingguang’s eyes. Not fear, but an emotional softening.

Yan Wei’s expression remained unchanged, and her casual temperament was restrained, leaving only solemnity. In fact, he was a little guilty by Yan Mingguang’s heavy eyes. Fortunately, his psychological quality passed and his expression was properly controlled.

For a moment, the elevator door began to pull up slowly. Yan Mingguang said calmly, “yes.”

Yan Wei blinked. Then he picked up the corners of his mouth and followed him up.

They had just been dragged for a while by the blood fingerprints on the bed and the dolls with their eyes hollowed out. When they arrived at the restaurant, the other living players had arrived at the scene.

The middle-aged man also sat at the table with his head down. The other players living on the 13th floor were talking nervously. It seemed that they knew about the death of the long skirt woman last night.

As soon as Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang appeared, the other players changed their faces slightly. A young man dressed as a gangster looked at him with sharp eyes and a hostile look.

Yan Wei recalled the man’s name, which seemed to be sun Shi.

As soon as he sat down, the wise man on his side frowned and whispered to him, “where did you go just now? Why did you come down so slowly?”

“Something happened just now. Our room -”

“There were blood fingerprints, and the doll left in the trash can at the door was hollowed out,” Sun Shi interrupted Yan Wei, “That’s what you told me just now, and you lied to me to go to your room. As a result, after I went in, the room became a studio! There was a woman coming out of the painting who wanted to dig my eyes!! if it wasn’t for me… If it wasn’t for my life, I would have been killed by you!”

Yan Wei gave a look, but in a moment he understood what had happened.

Sun Shi met their situation yesterday. Someone dressed up as a player and made up a fantasy to deceive sun Shi. He wanted sun Shi to enter the painting in the studio. But this time, the fake player Sun Shi met was just like him.

But he reminded others in the name of Yan Mingguang yesterday. Unexpectedly, others were deceived. However… Sun Shi didn’t see through the scam, but he survived because he had something to protect his life? But none of their initial players had props, so why did sun Shi have something to protect his life?

When I came in, Lou introduced that this is a copy of the first floor, but didn’t say that the players inside are the initial players.

The initial player will start from one layer, which does not mean that all layers are initial players.

Yan Wei lowered his head slightly and wanted to understand the key point. His light brown eyes flashed a trace of clarity, and his tone was quite casual: “you met the person in the picture. I’ve been staying with Yan Mingguang, but it took me some time to take a bath in the morning. Yesterday we also met fake Gaoming. If Yan Mingguang wasn’t powerful, I would almost die in the studio.”

Sun Shi sneered: “I thought there might be a problem, but you said the same thing just now. Why did you say the same thing, blood fingerprints and doll dolls? Fake you would talk about the same things with you and collude? I know ghosts sometimes cheat people, but liars also need information, and liars always want to kill me? If I met you is fake, why would he If you don’t kill me, you still have to run? I’m not stupid. If you push things on ghosts, you can escape the fact that you pit me? ”

Yan Wei glanced at him: “it’s foolish for you to be trapped.”

“Who do you say is stupid?”

Gao Ming pushed his glasses, frowned and said, “otherwise, you’d better calm down. We don’t know what happens in this place. It’s possible that Yan Wei will know what ghosts he meets.”

Yan Wei stopped talking.

This fool.

Such an obvious scam could not be found. Yan Wei was too lazy to pay attention to him. He simply picked up the tableware and began to eat the breakfast on the table slowly.

Sun Shi saw that he ate breakfast indifferently, stared at him, but had no choice but to take Yan Wei. He had to blame Yin and Yang: “anyway, you waste who only has a face will pit yourself to death sooner or later.”

Yan Mingguang took something out of his pocket and threw it straight at the table in front of him.

With the sound of “Dang -” a dagger like short knife was directly inserted into the table, and the blade was still trembling. The whole table trembled, enough to see the strength when thrown.

Sun Shi immediately turned pale, his lips trembled, and finally dared not speak.

Several people had breakfast in an awkward atmosphere. Only Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang seemed indifferent and looked quite indifferent. Gao Ming was calm, asked some questions about the middle-aged man, and discussed his views with Yan Mingguang. In fact, they were talking all the time.

Half an hour later, the waiter came. He just left four tickets for the exhibition and four maps of the city and left.

At the same time, the prompt sound of building sounded in the minds of all players.

[congratulations on entering the next stage of the replica. The location range of the replica is expanded from the corridor hotel to the whole urban area where the corridor hotel is located. Players can move freely within the map range from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day. They must stay in the hotel for the rest of the time. Punishment for violation: death.]

Sun Shi touched his hand for the first time and took a ticket to the exhibition and a map in his hand.

Seeing this, the other players also realized that there were too many monks and too few, and hurriedly reached for the ticket. Yan Mingguang just reached for a map. Yan Wei didn’t move, but smiled without trace.

He had been thinking that if there were so many places to explore and nine days was a cover up, how could they search all the clues in such a short time? To do this, they must be aware of the problem of time at the beginning of the copy, find a large number of places, and disperse people to look for clues, which also requires the people looking for clues not to be surprised.

It’s too demanding.

And the rules that confuse players can appear a second time since they appear once in the copy.

The four tickets for the art exhibition sent by the waiter confirmed Yan Wei’s guess – the place mentioned all the time seems to be an indispensable link in the clue, but there are only four tickets, which is unreasonable.

Moreover, rules do not work in vain.

From the beginning to the end, they came to visit the painting exhibition only from the mouth of the waiter, and there was no mandatory requirement at all. The copy expanded the map for them, not directly asked them to go to the painting exhibition. There were only four tickets, which also implied that they did not have to go to the painting exhibition.

So Yan Mingguang didn’t take the ticket. He just took a map.

Finally, sun Shi, the middle-aged man and the other two players took the tickets and two maps. Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang only took one map. Gao Ming didn’t take the tickets and took the last map.

Sun Shi took the ticket and led the other three people. When he was about to leave, he passed Yan Wei’s side and said with a very contemptuous sneer: “you still know yourself well. Just stay in the hotel and don’t lag behind. After I find the clue, if you don’t continue to pit everyone, you admit a mistake, I can still take you out.”

Eager to find clues, he walked out with great strides.

Yan Wei whispered to sun Shi’s back as he hurried away: “… Congratulations to the player – oh no, fool, you’re going to waste a day.”

Gao Ming: “Yan Wei, what are you talking about?”


Gao Ming asked, “Yan Mingguang, where are you going?”

Yan Wei blinked. His eyes moved and his eyelashes trembled. A pair of good-looking eyes revealed innocence and clarity.

He didn’t speak. Yan Mingguang said faintly, “the hospital.”

“Sure enough!” Gao Ming patted the table and looked happy, “You’re the same as I guess. We’ve all been to the studio. The portraits in the studio have appeared too many times in the hospital background. The tickets for the exhibition are limited. It’s better to go to the hospital first. Yan Wei, you go to the hospital with us. The hotel can’t find clues for the time being. There are still many dangers. It’s better to stay with me and Yan Mingguang, and we can take care of you.”

“OK,” said Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang when they went to the hospital. Naturally, he didn’t refuse the wise kindness, “thank you.”

Yan Mingguang has pulled up the short knife inserted on the table and is putting it away neatly. Yan Wei has just reached a cooperation with a man. Now he righteously holds the chicken feather as an arrow and says to Gao Ming, “but before going, Yan Mingguang asked me to ask you something. You and sun Shi are not initial players, right?”

Brilliant look suddenly changed!


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