Half Immortal Chapter 90

Half Immortal Chapter 90: puppet Castle (3) “your side is too noisy.”

Another part of the labyrinth jungle.

The labyrinth wall built by trees still blocked all eyes. All kinds of noisy sounds came from around. The wind was wrapped with screams and fights. The rotten smell and bloody smell in the air became more and more obvious. Not long after the copy began, this originally very quiet jungle maze has gradually become a huge Shura field.

Lin Zhen leaned against a strong tree trunk, holding a small pile of snacks in his hand, bent his right knee and stepped on a dying player. This is the man who just saw Lin Zhen alone and wanted to sneak into Lin Zhen and open the way with Lin Zhen.

——Unfortunately, stealing chicken can’t eat rice.

The player didn’t have any blood wounds, but his clothes were very ragged and full of cracks scratched by various arrow feathers. He lay awkwardly on the ground with a blue face.

Lin Zhen didn’t even look at the player he stepped on. His dark red eyes flashed with interest. His mouth seemed to say to himself, “Yo, fight…!” he seemed to be in a good mood. He even stepped on the player’s feet a little loose.

The player gasped, nervously raised his head and stared at Lin Zhen, moved slowly, and wanted to run away while Lin Zhen was distracted.

But he just moved on the ground. Lin Zhen’s eyes moved slightly and his smile was still on his face, but he made a sudden force under his feet and stepped on the ground again. He sighed, lowered his eyes, looked down at the man and said, “Hey, you’re disturbing me to see a good play.”

The man was suddenly stepped on with force, trembled all over, and was about to vomit blood.

Lin Zhen said, “you have to hold back. If the blood spits out and the crows smell the blood, I will only stand aside and applaud them.”

The man opened his eyes in horror, hurriedly closed his lips, and swallowed the blood flowing down his throat alive. He is afraid of attracting crows. In his current state, Lin Zhen can naturally walk away, but he will die and can only become a tool to open the way.

Seeing that the other party didn’t dare to open his mouth at all, Lin Zhen suddenly felt fun, smiled, bent down, picked up the player’s palm and made a slight effort——

“Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh –!”

Accompanied by a crisp sound of fracture, the player’s painful hum with his lips closed became louder and louder. But Lin Zhen didn’t seem to hear it. He broke one finger and broke the other bit by bit.

Yan Wei’s voice finally came from the walkie talkie: “Lin Zhen, your side is too noisy.”

“If I quarrel a little, those people who don’t think much of themselves won’t dare to surround them.” Lin Zhen glanced. “Hey, who told him to sneak attack just now? I want to use me to open the way. I can only play with him. It’s very fun.”

At this end, Yan Wei saw two other seed players fighting.

The two people had no Yan Wei, a “weak player of more than a dozen layers”. Under the guidance of Yan Wei’s hint, they felt that the other party wanted to hurt themselves to swallow the “prey”. In addition, the tall man was grumpy. They fought without talking at all.

Yan Wei generally leaned in the corner to watch the play, and gave a little leisure to say a few words about the current situation with Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen.

But Yan Mingguang didn’t make a sound from beginning to end. Only some rustling wind and looming fast footsteps came from the walkie talkie. Yan Mingguang seemed to be moving quickly and didn’t know what he was doing.

Yan Wei takes back his mind. The two seed players have been fighting back and forth. They are more than 40 layers of seed players specially sent in by the organization to participate in the competitive copy. They can’t seriously kill people in violation of the rules of the building. They can only spare no effort to hurt their opponents. They can’t tell the victory or defeat in a few rounds.

The man with a duck tongue hat blocked the weapon waved by the tall man, and his face began to be wrong – more or less players of this level. He didn’t respond to Yan Wei’s provocation just now, and now he began to feel wrong.

Not far away, Yan Wei saw that the duck tongue hat man began to hesitate. He hooked the corner of his mouth and suddenly shouted to the tall man, “you, you’re bleeding!!!”

The smell of blood will attract crows. The duck tongue hat man made a move. He was just trying to confirm where the tall man was hurt. The tall man knew that he was not hurt. He kept moving in his hand. The long knife and sharp blade slipped the duck tongue hat man’s arm in an instant!

When the faint smell of blood spread from the wound on the man’s arm, a large number of crows came from the starry night.

As soon as the complexion of the duck tongue hat man and the tall man changed, the tall man suddenly retreated. The duck tongue hat man picked up weapons to block the flying crows. But for a moment, the black and magnificent blackbird swept over the sky, as if burying the duck tongue hat man. Yan Wei looked not far away and saw one dead crow after another fall to the ground and scream bitterly. But the more it was, the stronger the bloody smell was, more and more crows flew in, and some even flew over Yan Wei’s shoulders.

The tall man who had avoided looking at this scene could not reflect what had happened?

He gritted his teeth and looked at Yan Wei. In the low-altitude circling of the black crow, he walked towards him with a long knife and said, “I’m out of my sight…”

Yan Wei was not flustered.

He raised his hand, and a faint white moon appeared in the palm of his hand. At the moment when the moon appeared, the air around Yan Wei fluctuated. The moon separated Yan Wei’s square inch from the surrounding, like a transparent barrier. Even the crows bypassed the barrier and flew from both sides.

As soon as the tall long knife arrived, it was suddenly shocked by the barrier divided by the moon wheel and retreated several steps one after another.

At this moment, Yan Wei, who maintained the operation of the moon wheel, turned white, and his forehead was already sweating. The moon wheel was missing a corner and was absorbing his energy. Now he still had to maintain the operation. Naturally, he was unable to do it.

But Yan Wei didn’t show it on the surface, but calmly said, “you can try again if you can break it, but the time is only more than an hour. I’m not afraid to spend it with you. If you want to waste your time on me, I’ll accompany you.”

This is Yan Wei’s self-protection plan.

At most, his body index is normal among the players on the same floor. In the 49th floor after 30 floors, especially when there is no bonus data at the beginning, he can’t win any normal player. He is now in an ordinary state. Without the blessing of immortality, he can’t take the edge of the sword.

If he saw the tall man and the tall man, he would take out the moon wheel to protect himself. The man and the tall man would not leave immediately. At that time, there were two hours left. The two worked together at the same time, and he couldn’t last for a few minutes. If you don’t use the moon wheel, but try to provoke the two people on the spot and let them start. When they finish, the one who wins will still not let Yan Wei go.

But now, he took the two for a meeting, and the players he met along the way didn’t dare to meet them – because in the eyes of others, the three of them seemed to be a group. Up to now, Yan Wei makes a match between the two people and solves the duck tongue hat man first. When the players around hear the news here, they will only think that they are two people who have won one person. They don’t want to take the risk to compete for prey here. In addition, there is only more than an hour left. If the tall man can’t break the moon wheel, he will never gamble his life and continue to spend time dealing with Yan Wei.

In this way, as long as the tall man gives up a few attacks and leaves, this area is not only cleaned up by the blood of the duck tongue hat man, which can give Yan Wei a wider vision. The players around will also think that there is an expert here who will not come to deal with Yan Wei, so he will have time to think about the maze.

“This level of props… Legendary props!?” the tall man understood in a moment, “it’s you, the low-level player who obtained legendary props on the 19th floor…”

Legendary props seemed to aggravate his eagerness. He waved his knife again without thinking.

The moon wheel trembled, Yan Wei was short of oxygen for a moment, but his face remained calm.

At this time, the duck tongue hat man buried by the crows issued a sad cry, and the blood around him suddenly became very rich. With the duck tongue hat man as the center, a lot of blood began to flow, and the corrosion of land and plants spread around bit by bit.

The tall man dodged the crows with higher density, gave Yan Wei a cruel look and said, “this is the 49th floor. You dare to come in from the 19th floor… I hope you can live to the castle and give me a chance to settle accounts with you in person.”

Then, the man didn’t dare to delay, so he turned around and walked closer to the castle with the wide road opened up by the blood of the man with a duck tongue hat.

Yan Wei still maintains the operation of the moon wheel. Until the scream of the man with a duck tongue hat became weaker and weaker, and the surroundings had been completely corroded. After it was determined that the tall man would not look back, Yan Wei put away the moon wheel. The barrier set up by the moon wheel disappeared, and the passing crows wiped Yan Wei’s side again, with a shocking sound of breaking the air.

He breathed heavily, and his face was very pale because of excessive physical exertion. The surrounding black crows were spinning close at hand. Yan Wei took a deep breath and decided to put aside his cleanliness habit and sit on the bloody ground for a while. Suddenly, there was a very fast sound of footsteps not far away.

A man with silver hair suddenly appeared after a piece of crow. His cool temperament was incompatible with the bloody dirt around him. The black crow couldn’t hide his eye. In a few steps, he ran to Yan Wei’s eyes and caught the tottering Yan Wei.

Crows crowed, wings fluttered, and blood filled their noses. In the blink of an eye, Yan Wei found that he had leaned against Yan Mingguang and smelled some clean breath of Yan Mingguang in the dirt. He was stunned: “how did you find me?” although it was a question, Yan Wei’s body had relaxed, and his whole body focused on Yan Mingguang, slowly recovering his strength.

“Sound.” Yan Mingguang said faintly, “the sound of every place is different. I can judge the track according to the sound around you, and just walk towards the place where such sound may exist.”

No wonder the man just listened to the walkie talkie and didn’t speak.

No wonder he heard Yan Mingguang moving fast just now.

Yan Wei blinked, his Adam’s Apple moved slightly, and finally swallowed the words of “thank you” and said, “did you see anything worthy of attention all the way?”

The scream of the duck tongue hat man has completely disappeared, and the crows around him have slowly dispersed, leaving only Yan Wei and the dead bones in front of him. Yan Mingguang looked at Yan Wei’s pale face at the moment. First, he put up Yan Wei’s hand and carried the man to his own back. He held a short knife in one hand and held Yan Wei steady in the other hand. Then he said: “Some people have cooperated to get ‘prey’ and paved the way with blood together. The distance from the castle is only half. When I passed by, I hid nearby and took a look. They don’t lack prey, but the closer they get to the castle, the slower the paving speed is, because there are fewer crows eating meat.”

Yan Wei lay on Yan Mingguang’s back, his chin against the man’s back shoulder, and his pale face slowly rose to a layer of blush.

Fortunately, he is not thinking about those messy pictures now.

He said, “fewer crows eat meat? That is to say, the closer to the castle, the smaller the density of crows…?” he looked up to the quiet and bright castle on the top of the mountain.

“Let me add,” the sound of fish flying boats came from the walkie talkie, “I don’t think we should use the most obvious way first. Everyone was thrown into this maze at the beginning in order to reach the top of the mountain, but let’s not forget that when entering the copy, Lou mentioned the name of the copy – puppet castle. This is a copy related to puppets. Puppets in the world inside the building usually carry blood related to human life, and this copy has just started Encourage ‘people’ to kill each other, deliberately blurring the theme of puppets. What if there is any mystery… ”

Yan Mingguang had been carrying Yan Wei on his back and walked forward silently. Just now, the man appeared behind the black crow and strongly held Yan Wei, but after he carried the man on his back, he just objectively informed Yan Wei of the information he had observed, and then silently gave Yan Wei the space to play.

Yan Wei looked at the castle on the top of the mountain, frowned and didn’t speak.

Yu Feizhou said this. He just flashed a similar idea. This is a 49 story competitive book. At the beginning, he threw them into a jungle maze to test human nature. Is it really just to throw some ordinary players to die and consume the number of players? After the rest of the players arrive at the castle and start the competition, this first level is meaningless, just a wild game Pretty fight.

Paving the road with blood is a direct, rough and effective method, but it should not be the best policy.

At the top of the mountain, there are castles with lights everywhere, cannibal crows with lower density higher and higher, and mazes that will be corroded by blood

Yan Wei’s eyes were as bright as stars.

He smiled, patted Yan Mingguang’s arm and said, “come on, put me down.”

Without hesitation, Yan Mingguang immediately stopped and slowly put Yan Wei down from his back.

As soon as Yan Weigang landed, without saying a word, he took the short blade directly from Yan Mingguang’s hand – without hesitation, he slashed his arm!


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