Half Immortal Chapter 91

Half Immortal Chapter 91: puppet Castle (4)

Yan Wei drew the knife without hesitation, so that Yan Mingguang, who let him take the knife, was stunned for a moment.

In an instant, the bright white blade was stained with a layer of blood red. The scar on Yan Wei’s arm immediately bled and stained the cuff of the windbreaker. The smell of blood dispersed in the air, and the crows in the distance suddenly sounded from far to near.

Yan Wei was not afraid of pain. The knife cut decisively and really broke the skin. He gave a “hiss” subconsciously.

Yan Mingguang was stunned for a moment. Then he raised his hand and grabbed the bloody blade in Yan Wei’s hand. Without saying a word, he protected the man in his arms with his backhand. The blade in his hand was facing the direction of the crow. His cold voice was actually infected with a little anger and said, “deal with the wound and don’t move!”

He didn’t ask Yan Wei why he did it.

Yan Wei felt guilty because of Yan Mingguang’s tone.

Seeing that the crows were coming, he had no time to answer Yan Mingguang. He just touched the black ring with his fingertips and took out a very ordinary strong light flashlight from the storage bar of the information panel.

The flashlight sends out a condensed strong light, and the beam rises into the sky, like a sharp blade breaking the night.

The black crows came from all directions, like an overturned night, split by the light beam at the overwhelming moment – they surrounded the light beam, but they didn’t move forward any more!

There would not have been any abnormality above the labyrinth wall. Even the light would have been completely scattered, and only the people below the light could see it. But because crows surround, the invisible beam is very obvious.

Crows crowed around the light. Yan Wei held a flashlight in one hand, and blood slowly flowed from the other arm. The blood soaked his clothes, falling drop by drop and dropping vertically on the land and vegetation.

The corrosive blood immediately corrodes Yan Wei into a small area, almost the same as the area where a person stands.

Yan Wei turned to face the direction of the castle, held a flashlight, completely ignored the maze wall in front of him, and walked straight forward.

Sure enough, the dripping blood corroded the labyrinth wall in front of me and opened a small way for one person to pass through. But this road is not long. There is another labyrinth wall just a few steps ahead. Obviously, Yan Wei needs to go forward and open the road with blood.

With a conclusion in his mind, he turned to Yan Mingguang and said with a smile, “this is the hidden solution! But the road that a person’s blood can open can only be walked by one person. I drop blood in front of me to open the way. You walk behind me along the road I opened. Let’s go first. I’ll tell you what’s going on while walking.”

The man looked at the wound on his arm and his eyes were slightly restrained. Without a word, he drew a line on his arm with the dagger stained with Yan Wei’s blood.

Yan Wei was stunned. The man had taken out the things to deal with the wound without changing his complexion. He acted neatly, but for a moment, he used gauze with medicine to deal with Yan Wei’s wound. Then, the man took a flashlight from Yan Wei’s hand, pulled the man behind him and said, “I’ll drive.”

Yan Wei glanced at the wound he had been treated, opened his mouth, had to raise his feet and walked straight along the path opened by Yan Mingguang’s blood.

At the same time, he knocked on the walkie talkie and said to Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou, “Lin Zhen, fish Feizhou, no matter where you are now, don’t hurt people. First exchange a flashlight at the mall on the information panel – just an ordinary one, you can have light. Then turn on the flashlight, open the way with your own blood drops, and go straight ahead. Anyway, blood can corrode the maze wall.”

In fact, the way of hiding is not difficult, but when a default solution has been given, the thinking of all players is limited by opening the way with other players for the first time, so they don’t want to hurt themselves at all. Even when everyone is a hunter and everyone is a prey, the players’ first reaction is to protect themselves from injury. Naturally, it is impossible to think of using themselves to open the way.

Why don’t players dare to open the road with their own blood?

Because once the bloody gas dissipates, the crows all over the mountains will rush up. No matter how powerful the players are, they can’t resist so many cannibal crows at the same time. Even the 40 layer seed player duck tongue hat man was still eaten by crows.

But what if the crows don’t come around?

As long as the crows don’t surround and eat people, even if they don’t need other people’s blood, they just need to drop their blood bit by bit and walk in the direction of the castle. They can quickly reach the castle in dozens of minutes.

Yan Mingguang just told him that a group of seed players from various organizations have joined hands to capture other players as prey. But the higher the group goes, the slower the speed of opening the road, because the closer they are to the castle, the fewer crows, so they will eat human flesh slower.

The difference between high and low is the castle.

From the outside, what is the difference between a castle and other places? It’s the warm yellow light that lights everywhere.

But if you just look at it like this, there may be something in the castle that repels crows, not necessarily lights. But just now, before Yan Mingguang came, Yan Wei took out a moon wheel that would emit pure white light in order to resist the attack of the tall man, separating the space around him.

At that time, the crows did not hit the invisible barrier, so they did not get close to Yan Wei, but bypassed Yan Wei’s body before they hit the barrier. Crows cannot have the ability to detect the existence of the barrier. What makes these crows naturally let go is not the barrier cut by the moon, but the light emitted by the moon.

“Fish flying boat is right. The theme of this castle is puppet. It’s not the best policy to pave the way with other players, so don’t kill people indirectly. Also, we must run with all our strength now. Now we are divided into three places and three beams of light. Although other people can’t see light because of the restriction of the maze on the air, they can see crows attracted by blood. Not too many For a long time, someone must be able to infer the answer from our answer. If we are slow, it is easy to create complications. ”

At the other end, Lin Zhen has broken all the fingers of the player. After listening to Yan Wei’s words, he tilted his mouth, directly loosened his feet, and whispered to the player who was already in pain and almost fainted, “goodbye.”

According to Yan Wei’s words, he cut his arm, held up his flashlight and ran straight in the direction of the castle.

Three invisible beams of light surrounded by crows rose into the sky and quickly moved towards the castle on the top of the mountain.

There is still a distance from the castle. Before a large area of open space, a group of players stood together and watched a “prey” in front flow a large amount of blood under the swallowing of crows, pouring out another large area of open space.

“What’s that?” someone said.

Another man looked in the direction the man pointed out and saw a large area of crows flying in a place. Instead of circling in one place, these crows flew straight towards the castle, and there seemed to be a blank in the middle without any crows.

There is humanity: “there is also!”

“Here too!”

“Three? What’s the matter with these crows?”

Ahead, a leading player sneered, completely ignoring the mercy of the “prey” in his hand, the blade decisively cut the man’s arm, then threw the man forward and waited for the arrival of the crow.

He said, “as long as the crows don’t hurt us, hey, time is running out. Can you waste move more quickly?”

The others heard the speech and hurried to find new prey.

However, the closer they get to the top floor, the fewer crows, and these people find prey very fast – there are still a lot of players pulled in to die, but the crows eat people very fast. When they had paved another section of the road, the place surrounded by the three crows was close to the castle.

Among these cooperative players, the leader suddenly understood that it was wrong.

“No, the more you go up, the fewer crows, but why do these crows fly straight towards the castle? It’s like…”

It’s like a man running over the castle.

The people present showed an inquiring look one after another.

They are not far from the castle. If they continue to kill like this, they should arrive in less than ten minutes. But these three groups of crows will fly to the edge of the castle in a few minutes, like players rushing to the castle.


Someone suddenly realized: “it’s not the crow flying to the castle at all! It’s the person who runs through the castle after being chased by the crow!!!”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang arrived in front of the castle first.

When Yan Wei told Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou that he was already on his way to the castle, and Yan Mingguang took him, they naturally arrived faster. As like as two peas of crow were crowding around the castle gate, they were just like the crows who rushed to the castle.

“It seems that they are not stupid,” Yan Wei looked back. “There is another solution from us. Others are already close. I’m afraid other players who are still alive in a few minutes can arrive.”

All around, the crows that had followed suddenly stagnated, hovered outside the castle for a while and flew away.

Yan Wei put away his flashlight, took out the remaining materials Yan Mingguang had just wrapped up for him, and also picked up Yan Mingguang’s bloody arm. His action was not heavy or light, but he carefully helped the other party deal with the wound and said, “thank you.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak.

Together they went forward to the magnificent castle gate in front of them.

The castle gate was half open, and countless lights were on inside, but it seemed that no one could be seen.

The prompt sound of the building sounded in Yan Wei’s and Yan Mingguang’s mind at the same time: [congratulations to the player who took the lead in reaching the puppet castle and won the reward: body index 100, perception 130 and points 300.]

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

Is this… The terrible feedback of raising the 30th floor? Such a small achievement at the beginning is even more than the total reward of his previous copies.

The two men looked at each other. Before they opened their mouth, a dumb low voice came from the seemingly empty Castle: “guest… Here.”

Before the words fell, a regular sound of footsteps sounded.

Yan Wei stood at the gate of the castle and looked inside. He saw two rows of figures walking towards them. These people are very fast, but they are regular and neat, unlike people. But for a moment, the two rows of figures had reached the door and completely opened the gate of the castle from both sides.

Yan Wei also saw the people who opened the door.

Their faces are expressionless, their movements are rigid but very powerful, and it is obvious that they are not human puppets.

Yan Wei saw a familiar face among the puppets.

The man with a duck tongue hat who was calculated to die by him.


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