Half Immortal Chapter 92

Half Immortal Chapter 92: puppet Castle (5)

At the moment of seeing this familiar face, Yan Wei only felt a chill on his back. Not far away, those players who have learned the way of Yan Wei breaking the game are getting closer and closer, together with crows flying from several places around the castle. The crow crows, and the dumb cry is like the hoarse cry from the abyss.

The night wind was a little cool. Yan Wei closed his windbreaker, copied his pocket with both hands, and gently groped for the coins in the windbreaker pocket with his fingertips.

There are many figures. Now he is standing in front of the castle door. He can’t see these puppets behind, but he can also see another slightly familiar figure. It is very likely that it is the ordinary player who died in front of him just after he loaded the copy.

He looked a little dignified and whispered to Yan Mingguang, “there are people I saw in the maze. They were eaten by crows.”

Yan Mingguang had already run all the way to find Yan Wei. He saw more things than Yan Wei. He said, “I also saw them on the road.”

The nature seen here does not refer to those players who are still alive.

“So this is the purpose of the maze…”

Puppet castle, the focus is not on the castle, but on the puppet.

The maze is just a screening tool that allows players to target each other without knowing it, and give other slightly weaker players to the crows alive. The way the master of the castle made puppets, the dead, the people who died in the maze, became these dark puppets in front of them.

The dead will become puppets and people on the other side of the castle NPC.

Although Yan Wei has always had confidence in himself, his heart sank at the thought of this critical moment.

In previous copies, all they had to do was survive and find the ladder. As for other unrelated players, they die when they die. At most, there are few teammates who can help each other find clues. Even for people with gratitude and resentment, it’s a good thing to die.

But now, if one player dies, there will be one more puppet – the difference is doubled.

The castle still emits warm yellow light. On both sides of the open castle gate, players who have become puppets stand on both sides without expression. The previous dumb low voice came again: “please come in.”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other. Yan Mingguang took the lead in raising his feet and walked in with Yan Wei.

The terrain inside the castle is very complex. As soon as they entered, there was a path full of towering trees on both sides, surrounded by some small Western-style foreign buildings, and then go inside, which was the main body of the castle.

The first floor is a spacious hall with intricate stairs on both sides. It can be seen that there should be many rooms up these stairs, and the terrain must be very complex. Although the style of the castle is very old, the light in the castle is emitted by exquisite electric lights. At the top of the hall is a vintage clock, which is also connected to the power supply, and there is a display screen pasted on the clock to show the current time.

Apart from the puppets and the things in the castle, Yan Wei had no one in front of them.

The voice didn’t say anything. Obviously, it’s no use for the two of them to arrive. I’m afraid they won’t know what will happen until all the mazes are over at midnight.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang took advantage of this opportunity to have a rest. Not long after, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou also arrived one after another.

The waning moon on the sky gradually shifted, and more and more players arrived at the castle. Some of them see the method of self injury from the cracking methods of Yan Wei and others, while others use players to pave the way all the way.

Without exception, when these people saw the puppets on both sides, they all showed more or less frightened expressions.

Some people who came earlier looked at Yan Wei and others – they were very strange faces to the seed players on the forties floor, but they arrived the first, and obviously were the first to find the method of self injury and breaking the game.

Yan Wei was too lazy to take care of these people’s eyes, but carefully looked at everything in front of him and kept all the conditions of the castle in mind.

“Dong -”

The big clock hanging directly above suddenly made a sound, which shocked the people present for a moment.

——It’s midnight.

Yan Wei received the prompt sound that he had entered the state of immortality.

The puppets standing on both sides moved again and slowly closed the castle door. Screams came from outside the castle – those players who had not arrived at the castle before 12 o’clock. As mentioned in the background introduction when cutting into the copy, those who do not arrive will be eaten by crows.

When the castle gate was completely closed, the voices outside gradually quieted down, leaving only faint crows. There were more puppets around, and those players who had just died outside became puppets in an instant.

On the front steps, a man in a black robe who couldn’t see his face walked down slowly.

All players looked at it at this moment.

At the same time, the prompt sound of the building sounded at this moment.

[congratulations on the player’s success in coming to the puppet castle. The competition copy “puppet Castle” officially begins, and the ranking table starts to calculate and rank by organization. If the player who comes in because of the gambling house failure has a belonging organization, the score will also be included in the score of the organization. If there is no belonging organization, he will be automatically classified as a team. If he successfully survives out of the copy, he will be counted as a new organization.]

Before the voice falls, an additional option appears on everyone’s information panel – view ranking.

If you click on it, a score table listing the names of all organizations will pop up, with Xuanniao, Qixing, yuemang, broken sickle, etc. on it… And the scores behind all organizations are initial zero.

The man in black finally came to the players.

He stooped slightly, bowed to everyone with an extremely gentlemanly hand in hand, and said in a deep voice, “welcome the guests to my castle to play.”

The man in black straightened up, raised his hand and snapped his fingers.

At the next moment, seven coins suspended in the air suddenly appeared in front of everyone.

“Take your coins, seven for each person,” said the man in black. “The game lasts up to seven days. Everyone’s initial chip is seven coins.”

He spread his hand, swept over the puppets standing not far away, and said, “these coins can catch my puppets. As long as you can successfully hit the coins on them, you can catch them, give me the puppets you catch, and you can get a point in this game.”

“Every day, my puppets will walk in the castle – guests, be careful… Of course, you can also find a chance to catch them with coins. But guests, please note that my puppets are divided into good puppets and evil puppets. Good puppets can be caught, and evil puppets…”

The man in black smiled grimly, and his hoarse voice was three times more harsh than the crow’s cry.

“Catch the wrong evil puppet, or let the evil puppet catch you, you will join them.”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

This means… Not only the dead players will become puppets, but also the wrong puppets will be assimilated. Players should not only distinguish the classification of puppets, but also avoid the hunting of evil puppets.

When everyone put away their coins, the man in black raised his hand and clapped his hand.

At the next moment, the lights were on at the feet of everyone, and a number was on at the feet of everyone.

“Why are you so embarrassed? The guests and my children are fair, they will disguise, and the guests also have extra help. The whole castle floor is made of light panels, and the number under your feet is the number of puppets within 300 meters centered on yourself. This is the only help I can provide to the guests – after all, games are fun when everyone is fair 。”

“The second floor is the guest’s room. Guests can live freely.”

“Every time you catch a good puppet, you can not only get a point of the game, but also get ten gold coins calculated separately here. The amount of different gold coins can be exchanged from me for a puppet belonging to you.”

“Within seven days, the guests can exchange the gold coins you obtained with me. Take the exchanged puppet and open the gate of the castle and leave. As for what you see after opening the gate… It’s not necessarily.”

“You can’t get out in these seven days without exchanging the puppets from me. This is my great paradise. Guests, what you see are all my great masterpieces, the most real puppets in the world.”

The man in black smiled several times.

He snapped his fingers and around the player, the numb puppets disappeared in an instant.

The man in black turned and walked slowly up the stairs. His hoarse voice was farther and farther away: “the game has begun. If guests want to come to me, I’ll be on the star viewing platform on the top floor.”

The sound dissipated and the man in black disappeared at the corner of the stairs.

The players did not move for the first time, but looked at each other. Some seemed to be whispering something with props.

Yan Wei passed the words of the man in black robe in his mind, slowly dispersed his perception, and connected with the perception of Yan Mingguang and others.

Lin Zhen took the lead in saying, “what do you say?”

[do you all understand the rules? In short, there are two kinds of puppets. Evil puppets are very dangerous. They will kill players and turn players into puppets. Only when they catch a good puppet and give it to the castle master can they get one point and ten gold coins. The score is used to rank each organization. The gold coins are exchanged for their own puppets from the castle master, and only those who own them can get one point and ten gold coins Only when a puppet comes to help open the door can he open the castle gate and leave.]

Fish flying boat: [in other words, catching puppets is the most important anyway. We should not only try to climb the ranking, but also find the ladder. The hint of the castle owner is already obvious – exchange for the right puppet, open the door, and the door is the ladder to leave.]

Yan Wei nodded: [yes, we should get high scores as much as possible while ensuring that the puppets will not increase to crush the players, and find out what clues or characteristics there must be among these puppets who can open the gate of the castle and have stairs.]

This is a looming balance.

As time goes on, more and more players will fail to catch puppets, and more players will become puppets. The difficulty and danger will increase, but the probability of alive players catching puppets will also increase.

Lin Zhen “cut” a sound, didn’t talk with perception at all, and directly said, “that’s not to say, just catch the puppet with the coins in our hands.”

Yan Wei opened his mouth and was about to say something. With a “pa” sound, all the lights in the castle suddenly went out at this moment. Only the light showing the number of puppets around at the foot of the player was still on.

The number under everyone’s feet is “0” at the moment when the light goes out.

But the next moment, Yan Wei watched the number at his feet become “1”, and a player’s scream came not far away.

“Ah, ah, ah –!”

In the dim light, Yan Wei felt Yan Mingguang looking at him.

He murmured in a low voice: “just now the castle owner has said that the game… Has begun.”


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