Half Immortal Chapter 93

Half Immortal Chapter 93: puppet Castle (6)

As soon as the scream came out, the dark scene immediately became chaotic.

The noise sounded, and it seemed that someone had handed in the direction of the scream. Other players took out flashlights one after another, and the light beam lit up from all directions. For example, they could only see the digital light board at their feet.

In the dim light, there were all human figures. There was no way to immediately tell where the puppet was.

Yan Wei also took out the strong light flashlight he had previously used, but he just swept around, pulled Yan Mingguang’s arm and said, “run!”

Lin Zhen was stunned: “what? Run? Now? We don’t want to –”

“Run first!”

Yan Wei didn’t say anything, so he raised his feet and walked to the second floor. Yan Mingguang followed without any hesitation. The man was faster than him. After a few steps, Yan Mingguang took him to the second floor. Although Lin Zhen was confused, he also followed up with the fish flying boat.

There are steps spreading up everywhere in the hall. At this moment, in addition to Yan Wei and others, some other players left quickly for various considerations, and some players still stayed there, as if they wanted to see where the puppet was.

It was not until the winding stairs came to the darker second floor, and the noise downstairs was getting farther and farther away that Yan Wei gasped and stopped.

There seems to be no living creatures around. Under the light beam of the flashlight, you can vaguely see that there are one corridor after another on the second floor. The doors are regularly distributed on both sides of the corridor. I think this is where the players in the black robed population live.

He glanced roughly. Although he didn’t see anything, he took out the moon wheel for the first time and separated the four of them from their surroundings. They are really full of unknowns here. He will not die today, but others may be in danger at any time. It is safer to separate them first.

When a barrier was completely separated, Yan Wei turned white and his feet were soft. The unhealed knife wound on his arm became more and more painful because of the consumption of this moment.

Yan Mingguang held his arm for the first time, held him and wrapped his bleeding wound again.

Yu Feizhou took a look at Yan Wei’s wound and Lin Zhen.

Lin Zhen glanced at him.

The fish flying boat smiled silently, took out an ordinary dagger from the storage column of the information panel, held his blue pearl prop that could be used with his skills in the palm, and silently cut his arm.

Yan Mingguang had just put on a new gauze and wrapped it. Yan Wei felt the pain on his arm suddenly disappear.

The wound is gone.

He smelled the blood in the air and was stunned. He turned his head and looked at the fish flying boat.

The fish flying boat didn’t speak. Lin Zhen said, “as soon as you came in, you broke the maze. Now you use the moon wheel. He’s sorry and wants to pay you back. Just let him return it, or he’ll be tangled to death.”

Fish flying boat: ”

Yan Wei smiled silently.

He knew in his heart that he was surrounded by danger at the moment, so he would not mention such a small matter any more.

“The reason why I ran first just now is that I don’t think it’s so simple.” Yan Wei looked ahead and compared with the others with a forward gesture, maintaining the operation of the moon wheel, walking and walking, “From the words of the black robed man, it is nothing more than to distinguish those puppets from good puppets, seize them and give them to the black robed man for gold coins, then use the gold coins to buy a puppet who can open the door from him, open the gate of the castle and leave.”

“But there are many doubts.”

“He hinted that we can leave when we open the door, but he also said that if we open the door, we don’t necessarily see anything. What does it mean? If we can’t see the stairs after opening the door, what will it be? Is this a word game or a mystery?”

“Secondly, there is the problem of good puppets and evil puppets, which is why I want everyone to run first. It is obvious that someone died just now, it is very likely to be a bad puppet, and the dead person will quickly turn into a puppet at the scene. There are both good puppets and evil puppets. Now we know nothing except that there are two kinds of puppets, so we stay on the scene and fight with so many seed players The probability of success in grabbing clues is not only low, but also easy to be plotted by evil puppets. It’s dangerous for us. It’s better to come up first and find a safer room. ”

Yan Wei said that they had turned into a small corridor with rooms on both sides.

There are rooms from the inside to the outside, some close to the edge of the main body of the castle, while others are more inside. Yan Mingguang just opened several doors and observed. There is no difference in the internal structure of these rooms, and they are single rooms with single beds.

There are also some cautious footsteps not far away, which should be the follow-up players who also temporarily choose the conservative strategy to go upstairs.

Fish flying boat: “so what do we do now?”

Yan Wei glanced at the edge of the room, stopped, and looked at the digital light board showing “0” under their feet. The light beam of the flashlight shook slightly, indicating that the person holding him was thinking.

“There must be several players from prominent organizations fighting at the bottom. They are absolutely confident in their strength, so they dare to start and grab the clue of the puppet that suddenly appears. Even if other players want to take a share at the beginning, a few minutes later, more people should react, and more and more people will go upstairs immediately.”

Lin Zhen put his hands around his chest: “so?”

“Of course, first find a better room to live in, and then protect yourself. Don’t do anything.”

Yan Mingguang turned his head to look at him and said calmly, “do you want to be passive?”

“When I don’t know anything, let the clues come to us.”

As long as they are still in the copy, as long as the things in the copy are always opposite to the player, those things can’t stand there waiting for the player to find. It’s like the scream just now. Before the player starts, the puppet starts first.

Yan Wei pointed to the room in front of him and said, “believe me, don’t care about anything. It should change forever – at least on the first day. We live inside. The outside room is close to the edge of the main body of the castle. I always feel uncomfortable.”

Lin Zhen yawned: “all right, good night.”

He said, stretched himself, took the shining “0” under his feet, walked into the room and closed the door.

They have also passed through several copies. Although many rules are not clearly stated, the single bed in the house has explained the problem. It is best to live only one person in a room.

Yu Feizhou told him to be careful and entered the room next to Lin Zhen. Yan Wei chose the room opposite Lin Zhen. Yan Mingguang watched Yan Wei go in and lie down, and then slowly walked into the room next to Yan Wei.

In this way, the four rooms face each other on both sides of the corridor.

Before long, the players who were still alive went upstairs one after another. Some players were still stained with the blood left by the fight just now, and each chose their own room.

The night is getting deeper and deeper.

The guest rooms in the castle are very large, and the intervals between the rooms are naturally wide. Each room is very exquisite. The highly retro style bedding and the long table away from the copper mirror are against the wall. At the head of the bed, there is a candle shaped electric lamp, and the bulb flickers bit by bit. The warm yellow and gentle light is really dazzling.

Yan Wei lay on the bed and turned over. The doll coin locked in the windbreaker pocket collided with the swallow coin, making a slight “clang”. There were always some strange and gloomy sounds outside, but he slept quickly this time.

After he assembled the incomplete moon wheel, his physical strength decreased because he supplied the incomplete corner of the moon wheel all the time, and he was very tired after tossing all night. He was immortal again today. At least he had a guarantee, so he didn’t think much. In the twinkling of an eye, he fell asleep.

Before falling asleep, Yan Wei just vaguely wondered if today’s dream would still be scattered but vague fragments of getting along with Yan Mingguang. But he may be too tired today. He slept heavily.

Until the latter half of the night, Yan Wei was awakened by a sudden scream.

This situation is already common in the copy. He rubbed his eyes with a headache and turned over to continue to sleep. But as soon as he turned over, he felt that the electric lamp in front of him, which should have emitted weak light, suddenly lost its brightness. Even with his eyes closed, he could feel something standing in front of the small lamp, blocking the only light source in the house.

The air in the house is very cold.

I don’t know that the scream in that room has stopped. Yan Wei heard a kind of “creak” and “creak”.

A chill slipped across his neck and he suddenly opened his eyes.

The man with a wooden face is slowly bending over and standing in front of him. He looked at Yan Wei. Yan Wei looked at him. Neither side moved at this moment.

By the bed, the digital light following him was showing the number of “22”.

The next moment, the puppet suddenly stretched out his hand to Yan Wei!

Yan Wei took out the moon wheel and set up a tiny barrier between him and the puppet. At the moment when the puppet’s hand was blocked, he turned over and got out of bed and ran out of the house.

Obviously, the puppet didn’t want to kill him. If he was a bad puppet, maybe he would become a puppet in the next moment if he was met by a duck tongue hat man. He didn’t know whether the puppet was counted as instant death or not. Without certain assurance, Yan Wei dared not take the risk.

The puppet who had just moved slowly made a sudden effort at the moment Yan Wei turned over and got out of bed, and caught up without hesitation. Yan Wei burst out of the door. At the same time, he immediately spread his perception and accidentally quickly connected with Yan Mingguang’s perception: [are you awake? Dead ice!! Yan Mingguang!! teacher Yan!! saving people or becoming a puppet depends on your speed of getting up!!!]

As soon as he went out, he turned to Yan Mingguang’s room, but as soon as he ran to the door, he found that the other party’s door was open and empty. At this time, the puppet chased after him and turned back to break into the room of Lin Zhen and the fish flying boat. It was too late. The two people seemed to be still sleeping. He couldn’t connect the perception of Lin Zhen and the fish flying boat, so he had to continue to run forward.

[teacher Yan, where have you been?]

With the help of perceptual burst skills, Yan Mingguang spoke very fast: [wait for me.]

The puppet was only two meters away from him, but Yan Wei suddenly relaxed.

Seeing that there was a fork in the road ahead, Yan Wei stopped and turned the corner, so he chose a road to run. But as soon as he turned the corner, the number floating up and down under his feet suddenly jumped to “28”.

Yan Wei: “…” there’s no luck.

There will be more puppets within 300 meters of running down this road. Yan Wei used the moon wheel several times to stop the puppets chasing behind him and won a few seconds. At the next intersection, I decisively chose the way to turn back.

But this time, as soon as he turned the corner, a man standing in the middle and facing him appeared in front of Yan Wei.

Yan Wei: “……” he felt that what he played was not catching puppets, but bean eaters.

He gasped, put a brake on his front foot, held the moon wheel in his palm, and again drew out his little physical strength to run the moon wheel, briefly blocking the duck tongue hat man behind him.

The man who stood in front of him and blocked his way just stood calmly. He seemed to hear the movement of Yan Wei and slowly raised his head in the direction of Yan Wei.

The man in front is wearing a windbreaker, with a pocket in one hand and a scarf in the other. His hair was dark, his eyebrows were stretched, his light brown eyes were as clear as amber, and his eyelashes trembled in the blink of an eye. The bridge of the nose is slightly stiff and the lips are thin. It’s a gentle face with a little peach blossom when you laugh.

Yan Wei took a breath.


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