Half Immortal Chapter 94

Half Immortal Chapter 94: puppet Castle (7)

Behind him, the duck tongue hat man who has become a puppet has hit the barrier cut out by the moon wheel several times. Ordinary puppets can’t break the legendary props at all, but Yan Wei’s own ability is limited and can’t hold it in an instant.

He turned white. The man standing in front of him looked at him and smiled at him.

It was a face as like as two peas, and even the whole body was dressed up and tempered. Yan Wei looked at the “thing” in front of him who didn’t know what it was. For a moment, his thoughts were disturbed, and the moon wheel in his hand trembled slightly.

The puppet behind him rushed up, and Yan Wei quickly sidled away.

Under inertia, the puppet ran between the two.

As like as two peas, he still looks at the man who is exactly the same as him. Even though his reason told him that he should turn and run in the opposite direction. After a while, Yan Mingguang will surely arrive – it is no longer forbidden to locate props in the castle. He just gave Yan Mingguang his seat. But suddenly “he” stood in front of him, and Yan Wei was still subconsciously stunned.

When the puppet came between them, it seemed that he stopped for a while because of the sudden addition of two goals, and then went directly towards another “Yan Wei”.

The puppet’s intelligence is obviously not high. It seems that it is an indiscriminate attack on the two “Yan Wei” in front of him. No matter who is who, it just always pours on the nearest one. No matter whether the puppet that the man with a duck tongue hat becomes is a good puppet or a bad puppet, if the puppet has different strength, the man with a duck tongue hat should be just an ordinary one, and he has no terrible strength at all. Maybe Yan Wei can’t fight it head-on, but he can hold on for a while by hiding without fighting.

There seems to be some noise from the rooms on both sides of the corridor. The players living inside must also know the movement outside, but they are already players on more than 40 floors. No one will rush out at this time.

Yan Wei stood in place to catch his breath and glanced down at the digital light – “29” under his feet. Puppets are now wandering everywhere on the second floor. Although the castle is very large, it is uncertain which puppet will appear later.

He should run now.

But Yan Wei stood in place and looked ahead. I saw as like as two peas, and a broken moon appeared in the palm of his palm, and a barrier was set around him.

Yan Wei was as like as two peas in a time when he was in the air.

People can’t see themselves completely. Even if they can see their face with the help of a mirror, they can only see themselves from a certain angle through their eyes alone. Only with the help of images can you see the whole picture of yourself recorded by images. For the first time, Yan Wei saw his whole self. This familiar and strange feeling made him excited. He only felt cold all over his body.

His eyes were slightly frozen and his mind was full of thoughts. Even if he becomes a puppet, he can’t die today. Yan Wei doesn’t care about the puppet that the man with a flat tongue hat has become. He stares at the person in front of him and yells, “who are you?”

The man in front of him ran to him, dodging the puppet’s attack, and rolled around on the ground.

Then Yan Wei heard the familiar voice with the same breath: “who are you?”

Yan Wei’s eyes sank, dodged the hand of the duck tongue hat man, took out a dart and threw it at another Yan Wei!

As like as two peas, he had been practicing with Yan Ming Guang for some time. At such a short distance, the dart went to another neck of the swallow without any doubt. The sharp knife edge was caught in the throat of the man who was exactly the same as him. But the incomplete moon wheel in the man’s hand turned again. The space in front of his neck blocked the dart in mid air for a moment, and “Yan Wei” turned sideways and avoided the dart at the critical moment.

During the movement, Yan Wei saw a small black spot on the other party’s ear – the walkie talkie he used to contact Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen and fish flying boat. As like as two peas as like as two peas, he suddenly owns the same thing as he owns. In this moment, even Yan Wei himself can not find out what difference he has with this person.

He was suddenly a little surprised.

What the hell is going on?

The puppet castle as like as two peas in good and evil, he knew that before night, he thought about how to catch a puppet and how to find a black robe to change his own puppet. The same appearance, the same movement habits, the same costumes, and even the same props and skills

Is this one of the puzzles of the puppet castle?

As like as two peas in game player, there is a similar character in this volatile castle. What does this have to do with the copy of the puppet castle? Is it just him, or


The castle is on the third floor.

The first floor is a hall full of stairs, the second floor is one corridor after another and guest rooms, and the third floor is one spacious glass room after another. Across the glass wall, in the faint light, you can see that there are some strange tools inside. Some are big scissors stained with blood, some are eyeballs floating in transparent liquid, and that kind of giant sewing machine

The whole third floor was confused by the smell of rotten blood.

The castle has no warm yellow lights everywhere. Black crows linger outside the castle one after another. Through the window, they pull down dense shadows one after another, which makes the third layer of silence more gloomy and terrible.

Yan Mingguang stood on a walkway full of broken glass because of his hands.

The glass dregs didn’t seem to have caused him any trouble. He just stepped over the broken dregs all over the ground bit by bit, and dragged the ground with a whip in his hand, making a fine sound. The normally gentle and clean eyes drooped slightly at the moment, and there was a little blood on the lens, which made him colder and colder.

In the distance there was the sound of fighting one after another.

After midnight, more than one player played with the puppet. Yan Mingguang is only one of them, and Yan Wei is only one of them.

As the black robed man said, at the beginning of the game, players and puppets are hunters as well as hunters. Some people have nothing in their rooms, and some have fought all the way to the third or first floor with the puppets. Yan Mingguang didn’t move his seat just now, but he watched the digital light showing the number of puppets within 300 meters beating slowly at his feet – a symbol of the increasing number of players who have become puppets.

Yan Wei’s voice came from the walkie talkie hidden in his ear: [… Are you awake? Dead ice!! Yan Mingguang!! teacher Yan!! saving people or saving people into a puppet depends on your speed of getting up!!!… where have you been, teacher Yan?]

The young man’s tone was very hasty, accompanied by the sound of fast footsteps and running wind. It was obvious that he was chased by something.

Yan Wei obviously believed him very much. Without waiting for his response, Yan Wei immediately sent him a general positioning with the prop function of the walkie talkie.

Yan Mingguang’s pure black eyes suddenly sank. His expression moved slightly, but his eyes became more and more invisible. His hand holding the whip was also gradually exerting force unconsciously, and the green tendons on the back of his hand burst. He frowned slightly, heard the sound of the thing hidden in the dark, and whispered to Yan Wei: [… Wait for me.]

He gave him a footstep.

Suddenly, the whip suddenly swung up, with a rustling sound breaking the air, and in an instant broke the glass in front of Yan Mingguang’s left.

The glass fell to the ground, and the whip went towards the figure hidden in the corner. The next moment, the man hiding in the dark didn’t step back, but took a step forward, and there was another rustling sound of a long whip breaking the air——

The two whips collided at that moment!

Yan Mingguang did not have the calm posture just now. Instead, he pressed quickly and was fierce in his hands. The man was forced by him to completely let go of the fight, but for a moment, they hit again from the glass room full of all kinds of bloody tools to the outside of the room. In the dim light of the corridor, the man’s appearance was more obvious.

It was a tall man with silver hair and a whip. He wore a pair of gold framed glasses and his black eyes behind the lenses were extremely cold.

Just like Yan Mingguang. Whether it’s appearance, strength or even props, this person also has them.

But Yan Mingguang looked at the people in front of him. Compared with the surprise of other players to see similar people, his expression was slightly surprised and most of them disdained.

Another Yan Mingguang obviously heard Yan Wei’s words in the walkie talkie. He looked at Yan Mingguang and turned to run towards the stairs on the second floor. Yan Mingguang did not react the same way. He threw the whip in his hand again, hooked up a railing in front of him, and jumped in front of the fake Yan Mingguang with the force of the whip.

“You can’t learn from me,” he said.

When he heard Yan Wei’s call for help, he would not put down the difficult environment in front of him at the first time and run to the second floor to save people with another fake self. Because he has confidence in Yan Wei. He will only first solve the fake goods in front of him, remove the hidden dangers, and then go to find Yan Wei alone.

Yan Mingguang’s voice did not fall, but he shot again. Another Yan Mingguang also threw out the whip at the same time, but at the moment when the whip waved in front of Yan Mingguang, he didn’t avoid for a moment.

The next moment, the skill of living to death suddenly opens.

Yan Mingguang suddenly burst up, and the whip in his hand was instantly taken back. The black ring was replaced by a double-edged long knife. The long sword went away with a sharp edge. At the moment when it reached the other party’s eyes, the other party seemed to have opened the skill of living to death.

But Yan Mingguang’s action did not stop.

The data blessing brought to death and life reached the peak. Yan Mingguang just looked a little pale, and his body data increased at this moment.

Until the sharp blade cut the throat of the person with the same face as himself, a trace of Yan Mingguang’s rare surprise flashed in another Yan Mingguang’s indifferent eyes. The cold sound line was hoarse and broken because the throat was cut: “… You are not bound by the copy rules.”

Yan Mingguang just calmly took back the long knife, the blade crossed his cuff, and the blood was wiped clean. He turned around, stepped over the broken glass on the ground and ran quickly to the second floor.


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