Half Immortal Chapter 95

Half Immortal Chapter 95: puppet Castle (8)

Yan ran as like as two peas in his hallway.

The man as like as two peas and even the strength, and the way to deal with the guy with a peaked cap, only uses a moon wheel to cut out the barrier to stop the moment, throwing out some ordinary darts to stop the other’s movements, thereby leaving time to run. Obviously, some players around have encountered puppets, but the total number is not much compared with the number of all players, that’s just a few.

Game player as like as two peas game player, some players are exactly the same as Yan, some are even making up with “themselves”.

Obviously, as like as two peas in the same situation, not only is it dangerous to swallow.

At the moment, Yan Wei and another Yan Wei turned another corridor. They seem to be the same person, with the same props, appearance and strength, even the same way of thinking. Every time Yan Wei decides the direction, the “Yan Wei” on the other side runs in the same direction at the same time.

Compared with some people he saw on the road, Yan Wei was obviously different from another self – except that they fought back and forth at the moment they first saw each other, and then they were constantly observing each other. They looked serious. Although they had been avoiding puppets, they obviously focused on observing themselves.

The puppet behind as like as two peas, he is exactly the same as himself.

The sound of the fish flying boat suddenly came from the walkie talkie: “Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, why aren’t you in the room.” the fish flying boat seemed very quiet, didn’t meet the puppet, and Lin Zhen yawned bored on his side.

Yan Wei gasped and said, “I met a puppet.”

Then, the walkie talkie on the ear of another Yan Wei around him was also connected to all their walkie talkies. Yan Wei looked at “himself” and gasped, “fish flying boat, where are you?”

Yan Wei looked heavy.

He simply gave up communicating with others and said to the end of the walkie talkie, “Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, fish flying boat, listen — don’t believe anything I say next, don’t communicate with others on the walkie talkie, don’t… Trust me.”

When he finished, he raised his hand and took the mini walkie talkie prop hidden in his ear. Without saying a word, he threw it directly in front of him, stepped on it and destroyed the walkie talkie. He didn’t even care. He had caught up with his puppet behind him, took out a dagger, moved sideways, and finally shot at another one again!

The dagger went towards the other party’s heart without hesitation, leaving no hindhand. “Yan Wei” dodged in a hurry. Yan Wei stabbed into the air with a knife, but didn’t show any depressed look. Instead, he resolutely threw down the dagger and reached for the interphone worn by the other party in his ear.

As soon as he got it, Yan Wei broke the walkie talkie prop in an instant – it’s better to disconnect both of them than confuse others with him.

The moment Yan Wei crushed the fake Yan Wei walkie talkie, the puppet behind him caught his shoulder because of his pause.

The puppet’s seemingly indistinguishable hand easily pierced Yan Wei’s shoulder, and blood burst out, stained with fake Yan Wei’s cheek. Yan Wei snorted stiffly. He only heard fake Yan Wei say, “cut off the connection and you can pretend to be me?”

Fake Yanwei finished and hooked the corner of his mouth. A cunning look appeared on his docile face.

Yan Wei knew that it was the smile he would show when he was confident. If he sees another person doing this, he… Also reacts like this. Unexpectedly, he believes that the other person can’t beat him.

He was thrown to the ground by the puppet and rolled back and forth on the ground.

——It seems that if the player does not catch the wrong good and evil puppet, even if the puppet hurts him, he will not become a puppet.

Under what circumstances will evil puppets occur?

In the maze, the player who was swallowed alive by the crow became a puppet in the castle, but he was hurt by the puppet just now, but nothing happened except normal injury. From the situation of the man with a flat tongue against him, Yan Wei prefers that the puppet is an evil puppet, not a good puppet.

The dead player has a corresponding puppet in the castle.

As like as two peas stood as like as two peas in front of him, some game player still has the same “imitation”.

What’s the connection?

Is it

Yan Wei withstood the pain and sidled away from the puppet’s attack. His eyes turned and ran directly towards another Yan Wei. Unexpectedly, the puppet moved his hand to another Yan Wei.

He covered his wound and leaned against the wall, breathing hurriedly, with the warmth of blood on his palm.

Suddenly, an extremely short sound broke the air from far to near, and the whip was thrown in front of us in an instant.

Yan Wei’s eyes lit up and looked at Yan Mingguang’s direction. His amber eyes were like stars and night. He relaxed for a moment, but Yu Guangzhong caught a glimpse of the fake Yan Wei with the same bright eyes. In a moment, his back tightened again and his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.

The puppet didn’t succeed in chasing him for so long. Yan Mingguang’s strength makes it a matter of time to get rid of the puppet. But how can he keep Yan Mingguang from being confused by this fake Yan Wei? He was hurt just now in order to cut off the connection between fake Yanwei and others, but it turned out to be a bad situation for him – in fact, it was not a completely rational decision he would make.

He was in a hurry just now. He didn’t want to drag Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen. He did it without thinking about too many advantages and disadvantages.

Lightning, stone and fire, Yan Wei’s face became more and more depressed, and the fake Yan Wei showed the same look.

Except that Yan Wei was really hurt and the fake Yan Wei’s cheeks were stained with Yan Wei’s blood, the two people were no different.

Both of them spoke at the same time: “Yan Mingguang -”

Two overlapping voices stopped at the same time.

The dart thrown by Yan Mingguang got stuck in the puppet’s knee in an instant. The puppet didn’t shed any blood, but he made a sudden move. He was hit by the dart, turned his foot slightly and fell to the ground. Yan Mingguang took advantage of this gap and threw the whip at the fake Yanwei!

Instead of dealing with the puppet first, he went straight to the danger of fake Yan.

Yan Wei hasn’t reacted yet. The whip has rolled up the fake Yan Wei.

They have the same data. Yan Wei’s body index is not enough in this copy. Naturally, it is impossible to get well under Yan Mingguang.

Fake Yanwei rolled up the whip in an instant and was suddenly thrown to the wall by Yan Mingguang in the dull impact sound.

Before the puppet got up, everything was in a moment. Yan Wei watched Yan Mingguang, and without hesitation pulled out the double-edged long knife and took the fake Yan Wei’s heart. Fake Yanwei vomited a mouthful of blood in the impact, fell on the ground, and the corners of his mouth were stained with blood.

Yan Mingguang’s knife point has reached an inch in front of fake Yanwei’s chest. Fake Yanwei raises his eyes and looks at him. His light brown eyes reflect his figure.

He knew it wasn’t Yan Wei, but he still acted.

Seeing the situation clearly, fake Yanwei immediately got up and ran away.

Yan Mingguang suddenly looked pale again for a moment. Raising his hand again was going to kill him, but the puppet who had fallen to the ground behind him had climbed up again and went towards Yan Wei who was breathing against the wall.

He turned around, whipped his body and beat the puppet away in an instant.

Yan Wei has reacted, but his mood still stays at the last moment.

When he first saw Yan Mingguang, he had almost no doubt of trust. Knowing that every player now has a probability to have a corresponding fake player, when he saw Yan Mingguang appear, his first reaction was still – this man came, he could relax.

His only worry at that time was not the puppet. His only fear was not Yan Mingguang’s mistake, but whether something would happen if Yan Mingguang made a mistake.

But Yan Mingguang just shot at the fake one for the first time without hesitation.

Yan Wei thought about the emotion of the just now. Yan Mingguang calmly twisted off the head of the non bleeding puppet in the long and narrow corridor. The puppet lay on the ground with his head separated and completely motionless.

“Their operating mechanism is the head,” the man put away the blade and went to Yan Wei. “There is no blood and no pain, but when the head is broken, it stops.”

He said and walked to Yan Wei’s face, covered by a tall figure.

The man raised his hand and seemed to want to help Yan Wei deal with his wound. But he was about to meet, but the man made a move.

Yan Wei looked at Yan Mingguang, who didn’t care about these. Yan Mingguang took out a wet paper towel and cleanly wiped the dirt left in his hand when he was fighting with the puppet. Only then did Yan Wei take the medicine and gauze in his hand and come forward to help him deal with the wound on his shoulder.

The wound directly crossed the side of Yan Wei’s shoulder blade, leaving a blood hole.

At this moment, there is no danger. The players in the rooms on both sides of the corridor dare not come out, and no one around can see them. Yan Wei’s perseverance to bear the pain just now suddenly disappeared, and the pain exhaled: “- hiss!! dead ice, please be gentle…”

Yan Mingguang paused, looked at him and said, “use a flower ball, this injury…”

The medicine bought from the mall has to be better for half a day.

Although he didn’t say it, Yan Wei understood Yan Mingguang’s meaning.

He “cut”, simply took the things to deal with the wound from Yan Mingguang’s hand, finished them by himself, and said: “the flower ball is only twice. This copy has just begun, so we should save some use. Not only I will be injured, but you and Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen may also be seriously injured. I’m good or bad today…”

He lowered his voice: “at least you won’t die. It’s nothing to drag. If any of you is fatally injured, the instant healing function of the flower ball is too important to use.”

Yan Mingguang seemed to frown.

Yan Wei stretched out his uninjured hand and took Yan Mingguang all the way to the corner where there was no room on the side.

He said, “how did you recognize me?”


“Well, what is it?”

“It’s easy to recognize.”

“…” he almost didn’t know the difference between him and fake Yanwei.

Yan Wei knew that the current situation was more important. He didn’t feel uncomfortable with the man. He whispered, “I just guessed about the puppet Castle again. If it’s true… I think I found the core of the fight.”

Yan Mingguang looked at him.

“As like as two peas game player?” “where have you been? Did you meet with the same situation as I did? I just ran all the way, and occasionally saw a few people like me who met exactly the same person, and some of them were playing with the puppets. But I never saw the dead puppets as the puppets, where they could distinguish good from bad. I think our previous guess was wrong.”

“If the puppets that those dead players become are really different, I don’t believe there is no difference, and I don’t believe there is nothing wrong that I can’t see.”

This is Yan Wei’s confidence in himself.

“So I think they are no different – they are the same, they are all evil puppets. We have been misled.”


“It’s not that dead people will be made into puppets, but each of us has a corresponding puppet – the most real puppet, as the black robed man said. So long before we came to the castle, there were corresponding puppets made with us as a template in the castle. These puppets are actually the good puppets we’re looking for!”

“Dead people don’t become puppets, but good puppets created by imitating them will become evil puppets. At the beginning, black robed people misled us and deliberately let those puppets who become evil puppets because of the control players die to open the door, which made us mistakenly think that only dead people will be made puppets. In fact, at that time, the good puppets corresponding to our living players were already in the city Hidden in the castle. ”

Game player as like as two peas, and the game player will die at that time. The good thinking ability, character, strength and props of the good puppet will disappear at this moment, leaving only the instinct of killing. We are looking for the corresponding puppet of the player who has not died. For example, the fake I just now, we should not kill him, but should catch him and give him to the black robe. People exchange gold coins. By the way, have you met your puppet? ”

Yan Wei asked casually.

Yan Mingguang lowered his eyes and shook his head.

Yan Wei didn’t doubt him, and then said, “it’s not hard to guess that what you’re looking for is the puppet corresponding to the living player. Let’s take a look at these other puppets who don’t aim at killing. You can always think of it. The man in black didn’t intend to hide it from us for long. This is not the horror of this copy.”

“The terrible thing about this copy is the rules.”

“Everyone’s goal is to catch the puppets corresponding to the ‘living’ players, including ourselves. We also want to catch our own good puppets. But what we can never defeat is ourselves, so it is absolutely impossible for us to catch the good puppets, but other players who can restrain them.”

Before he spoke, Yan Mingguang understood. The man looked slightly heavy, frowned slightly and said, “players will admit their mistakes, or they’d rather kill by mistake.”

“Yes, this means that evil puppets are just ghosts who kill people unconsciously. Let’s just do it directly. Our biggest enemy is players. Is it possible for players to recognize wrong in order to catch good puppets? The closest people may not be able to distinguish who is a person and who is a puppet, let alone a stranger? Everyone mistakenly catches people as puppets, and directly gives the wrong players to people in black robes The ability is very high – and this is not murder. In fact, players don’t have to pay attention. If they catch the wrong one, they will catch the wrong one. They don’t have to pay a price. At most, they just waste time and energy, and there are fewer opponents to grab points. ”

“If you catch the right one, you’ll make a profit. If you catch the wrong one, you won’t lose. People even don’t know whether they are familiar or puppets in front of them because of this suspicion. Therefore, no one believes anyone and everyone wants to kill anyone.”

“In that case, in a few days, all players in the castle will start to try their best to catch other players and give them to the black robed people, and those who are wrongly caught as good puppets can’t live, and the living good puppets will also become evil puppets, and more and more evil puppets…”

A few players who are still alive will eventually be drowned by countless evil puppets.

And this is a dead end for players to send themselves to.

The copy of this puppet castle, from the beginning of the level of the labyrinth jungle, never tested strength.

It’s the heart.


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