Half Immortal Chapter 96

Half Immortal Chapter 96: puppet Castle (9)

Since entering this copy, Yan Wei felt his head big for the first time.

His inference has traces to follow, and it is not difficult to testify. For a day or two at most, as long as someone tries to catch a living player to the black robed man, whether it is a real player or a fake player, they can immediately verify the situation of good and evil puppets.

But this step is only the beginning.

Yan Wei leaned against the wall at this corner. The cold touch of the castle wall could be felt even through clothes. From time to time, there was a noisy sound on the walkway, mixed with the cool wind of “wheezing”.

Yan Wei’s face was slightly white and his lips were pale. At the moment, he was more afraid of the cold than usual. He folded his windbreaker, bowed his head and buried the lower half of his face in his scarf.

But he didn’t feel cold.

He can only maintain his indifference to all irrelevant things, but he is not a sage who can be completely rational. In such a situation that no one can believe, if he is alone and knows nothing about the breaking method, he may also be at a loss.

But the moment Yan Mingguang first identified the true and false, Yan Wei suddenly had a feeling that even if everyone recognized him wrong, there was a Yan Mingguang around him.

There’s nothing to be afraid of.

He suddenly felt cold.



“I continued. In addition to fighting evil puppets and other players who want to compete for points, we also have to fight good puppets. Before you came, I had some communication with my good puppet, and I found him…”

As like as two peas and a frown, he looked more serious. “He did not think he was false. Instead, he thought I was false. That is to say, after good puppet was made, everything we knew was similar to ours, including cognition. They felt that they were the game player who entered the castle. We were their good puppet.”

Then, good puppets will also want to “score”.

Anyway, even if their noumenon is caught, good puppets will instantly become evil puppets. No one can tell who. The cognition of these good puppets can not change from “I am real” to “I am an imitation”.

They have three enemies: Evil puppets, other players, and good puppets.

Yan Wei stood up slowly and said, “go and find Lin Zhen first.”

Yan Wei’s walkie talkie props have been destroyed. Yan Mingguang contacted Yu Feizhou and asked about the location. They began to go in the direction of Lin Zhen.

Before taking a few steps, Yan Mingguang carried Yan Wei up without saying a word, and carefully avoided Yan Wei’s wound.

In this case, Yan Wei did not shirk, but lay down on Yan Mingguang, leaned close to the man’s ear and said: “If he meets my good puppet, he will kill us without mercy. We’d rather not. I know myself. Now I’m analyzing the situation, and he must be there. He may even meet other people – Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou, or their corresponding good puppet, or even your corresponding good puppet… I know myself, and he will be a very good puppet Big trouble. And your good puppet… ”

Somehow, men’s footsteps seem to slow down at this moment.

“Your good as like as two peas are hard to beat, the rule of this copy limits our good puppets and our strength, and we can always play our good deeds with no good.” you can’t kill yourself. It’s hard for others to beat you. He is also very difficult. ”

“Not necessarily,” Yan Mingguang said suddenly. “This copy is hidden. Our basic data is too common here. There may not be no one who can beat me.”

The man paused and said, “maybe he has been killed.”

Yan Wei chuckled, “aren’t you afraid of this rule, too? Worried about meeting another you? You talk more than usual, Mr. Yan.”

Yan Mingguang stopped talking.

Yan Wei: ”

They had just walked out a few steps when a prompt sounded in their mind.

[existing players have obtained the first ranking points of this copy, and the ranking list has been updated. Players can view the current scores in real time on the ranking list. The first organization player to obtain points will receive corresponding rewards, and the subsequent scores will not be prompted. Please check the ranking changes by yourself.]

[the copy ends in seven days. When the time comes, everything stays in the copy until the player directly erases it.]

[please actively participate in the game and try to find the ladder to leave.]

Yan Mingguang’s footsteps did not stop. Yan Wei lay on Yan Mingguang’s back with his eyes flashing.

“You’re right. There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers in this copy.”

But he did not expect that someone would completely abandon human nature so soon.

It was not long before the good puppet appeared. Only those who met the good puppet and the evil puppet could guess these things. After guessing these things, we should immediately catch a good puppet and send the caught good puppet to the top-level observatory.

Where did the good puppets get caught so quickly?

Yan Wei doesn’t believe that someone can not only speculate in such a short time, but also catch a good puppet and give it to the man in black.

——It’s only possible that they sacrificed their own people directly.

After entering the castle, the replica gives the players who failed in the gambling building and were pulled in to fill their heads to each team according to the organization. Even Xuanniao has two more players with lower layers into their team.

Some organizations that are now in the limelight even have four or five more such players at one time.

An easy job to do as like as two peas in the same team, to see two identical teammates, to figure out the problem of good and evil puppets, and to send two identical teammates to the black robe together, so that it is easy to verify this point. It is not even a game player. Now the players, they can use.

To get the first point so quickly, we can only use the dependence and trust of these low-level players on the high-level players in their organization to tie a player and his corresponding good puppet to the star viewing platform.

Yan Wei sneered: “I despise them. I don’t believe that only this can break the game. Lou always uses the darkest way to cover the most original winning face. Such a treatment is too rough.”


“Let me think again -”

Yan Wei gave a loud voice.

In front of him and Yan Mingguang, there suddenly appeared several people who didn’t know to turn from that corridor.

There are four in total. These people are full of bloody smell, as if they had just come out of some Shura hell.

One of them also said: “… That’s how the strange guy handled the caught good puppets. I’m so happy.”

“Insulting and gentle,” said a man with a beautiful face and a gentle voice, “smashing people alive is the most brutal way to kill people. I have countless ways to hurt people without blood…”

The man had a loud voice.

They obviously also saw Yan Wei.

Compared with the four players who are covered with bloody smell, fierce and in good condition, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang obviously don’t seem to be justified at all. One of them carries the person on his back, the other is carried on his back, and his shoulders are wrapped with thick bandages. His face is slightly white. Obviously, he is seriously injured and doesn’t have combat effectiveness at all.

The handsome man raised his eyebrows and looked at them: “I have an impression of you – the organization that first arrived at the castle? It seems to be… Xuanniao, right?”

Another person said, “Xuanniao… After the mysterious leader disappeared, he shrank and dared not see anyone every day. Now it’s getting too late to send more than a dozen layers to the players to come in and die?”

“Two, let’s discuss. Why don’t we give you to the man in black and try to get points?”

They said, already holding weapons, walking slowly towards Yan Wei.

Yan Wei knows.

They are now in a corner on the corner of the second floor. There is an old ladder on one side. They should be able to go up three floors and then go to the star viewing platform. However, it is relatively remote here. Most players walk on the stairs elsewhere. They haven’t met anyone just now.

The reason why these people are here… Is that they just found the black robed man to get gold coins and points.

The game player is as like as two peas who are throwing two identical players.

From the content of their words, whether good puppets or real players, as long as they are handed over to the black robed people, they will be thrown into the giant meat grinder and crushed alive.

Yan Wei didn’t see the provocation just now, but now he reacted. He actually wanted to kill these people – without trying to find a way to break the game, he directly chose to kill players for benefits. This kind of person is not top-notch in strength, but his mind is vicious one by one.

He lowered his head and eyes, leaned his face against the side of Yan Mingguang’s neck, and his eyes were a little cunning.

In silence, he pressed Yan Mingguang’s hand. In this way, Yan Mingguang carried it on his back, slowly looked up at the four people who were about to do it, and suddenly said, “it’s you!”

He looked at the gentle and beautiful man. His voice was a little empty because of injury, but his tone was still full of surprise: “didn’t you just say you were going to find your teammates, from there -”

Yan Wei raised his hand, pointed to the other direction and said, “go from there. I was chased by a puppet. You saved me in order to find my teammates, but I said I didn’t know. Then you left. If my teammates didn’t come, I would be dead.”

As he said this, his voice seemed to be getting lower and lower in order to cope with his injury. It seemed that he had almost died because of the attack just now.

With that, Yan Wei poked Yan Mingguang on the back and said unhappily, “Hey, ice, carry me back to rest.”

He didn’t think that other players would be enemies. He didn’t know the truth of good and evil puppets at all.

At the same time, Yan Wei connected Yan Mingguang’s perception with his burst of perception skills and said: “dead ice, I can feel your speechless mood. You act like a little. Don’t show a speechless expression to them.”

[… HMM.]

In front of Yan Wei, the four people stepped down. The handsome man looked at him in confusion, and then suddenly said in a deep voice, “you see my good puppet?”

Yan Wei was stunned. His light brown eyes were clear and innocent: “your good puppet? What do you mean? I don’t know if I met a good puppet. I did meet a puppet, but I don’t know whether it was a good puppet or a bad puppet. I was almost killed by that puppet. Didn’t you see it all? You can’t help me…”

“And you also described the appearance of your teammates. I’m right about them. I just don’t know why you were just behind and now you’re in front…”

He complained here, and the handsome man thought more and more.

He seemed to be really thinking about where his good puppet would go and whether he had done something just now.

But on his side, the expressions of his other teammates ranged from confusion at the beginning to the same meditation as him, and then showed an alert expression.

——The handsome man said that Yan Wei met a good puppet, right? They came out of the room and met for a period of time. Who knows whether the person around them is their teammate or the person who says he wants to find teammates is their team friend?

Yan Wei blinked, swept the faces of these people without trace, and knew that it was done.

He said to Yan Mingguang with his perception in his mind: [teacher Yan, it’s my turn to be a teacher today. Let’s watch a good play later.]


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