Half Immortal Chapter 97

Half Immortal Chapter 97: puppet Castle (10)

[they may not believe it.] Yan Mingguang said.

Yan Wei naturally knows.

Can go to this step, and find a tacit understanding in the shortest time when the good puppet appears, and directly ruthlessly give up a player in their own organization to get the first point. This group of people can be said to be the most difficult players they have encountered so far.

A few words without substantive evidence can’t make them really start directly.

But Yan Wei doesn’t want them to believe it now. What he wants is to let the four people give up the idea of doing it – it’s not worth facing the four players now.

At this time, the voice of Lin Zhen came from the walkie talkie hidden in Yan Mingguang’s ear. Yufeizhou didn’t know whether to turn off the walkie talkie props. There had been no Tokyo. Lin Zhen, who was waiting for Yan Wei, seemed to move suddenly. He ran very fast, and the wind of high-speed movement kept coming from the walkie talkie.

In front of Yan Wei, the four people looked different. In this moment, they always looked at the handsome man unconsciously, and even began to observe the other three teammates. Yan Wei’s words didn’t make them make any impulsive moves immediately, but they planted a seed of doubt in their hearts.

Whether it’s the man with the problem and beautiful appearance in Yan Wei’s mouth, or the other three people, they will have an idea about it.

No one knows who is true and who is false.

Will some of them actually be good puppets and they don’t know? Will someone pretend to be a player from the beginning and intend to kill others after using them?

The handsome man’s eyes became more and more low. He looked at Yan Wei and said fiercely, “do you remember where I went? Lead the way.”

“Where did you go and why did you ask me? It’s strange.”

“That’s not me,” said the man, slowly raising his weapon at Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei. “That’s a puppet. We need to find him now.”

Yan Wei was stunned and reacted for a while. It seemed that “this” realized the meaning of this man and the danger brought by these people. He quickly shook his head and said, “I, I don’t know. My teammates and I left first…”

“People who don’t know any information are worthless in the copy,” the other party said with a smile. “Let’s give you to the castle master. He didn’t say that you can’t give him players. If you’re a puppet, we’ll earn two points.”

“How can we be puppets? They are numb and have no ability to think -”

“Why are you asking so many questions? Come down and lead the way! If you can’t find ‘him’, who knows if you’re lying? If you’re really lying, we’ll throw you two into the meat grinder.”

Yan Wei gritted his teeth and said for a moment: “… OK, I’ll lead the way.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t move.

Yan Wei immediately pretended: “don’t be stubborn at this time. We can’t fight again… Put me down. I just hurt my shoulder, not my leg.”

Yan Mingguang’s expression remained unchanged, but he paused and slowly put Yan Wei down from his back.

At this moment, Yan Wei suddenly felt the faint killing intention emanating from Yan Mingguang. The killing intention suddenly spread out and was slightly covered by Yan Mingguang’s cold temperament. On the contrary, it was not so obvious. Only Yan Wei on Yan Mingguang’s side could feel it.

Compared with just seeing the disdain of these people, put him down and walk, this man has a killing intention?


Yan Wei blinked, endured the pain of the wound and walked in front of him: “this direction.”

The four people looked at each other. The seed of doubt in their hearts grew larger and larger, but they also followed Yan Wei quietly.

Every time Yan Wei leads the way, he not only points to the direction, but also seems to be afraid that these people don’t recognize the road, but also tells the specific direction and roughly how many meters to go.

In the walkie talkie, the sound of Lin Zhen’s rapid movement continued.

Yan Wei took these people to the location sent by Lin Zhen, and kept secretly looking at the ranking table.

In addition to the first points just obtained by these four people, there was no movement in the ranking table. With the strength and quality of these players, it’s impossible that no one else can’t guess these. It’s just that it’s still early to the end of time. We can’t find any way to distinguish, and no one has started yet.

Yan Wei guessed that after the time moved back, the change speed of the ranking list would be faster and faster, and then fell to the location again. Because at the beginning, players can harvest those who are sent in after gambling house failure. To the back, there are players competing. It is difficult to increase one point.

But if so, players may end up slowly stopping because of mutual fear.

This is not in line with the starting point that this copy wants to kill each other more and more fiercely.

So… Is there a potential scoring method he didn’t find?

The breakthrough point is definitely not the most superficial thing. Just like in the maze, paving the road with players’ blood seems to be a method that players can observe, but this is actually only the most rough and direct method, which increases the number of evil puppets and reduces the number of good puppets.

After entering the castle, if you catch all the players you see and give them to the black robed man, you have half the chance to score. In fact, this is the same as paving the maze with players. It’s just that the probability decreases and the income increases.

But the final solution to the jungle maze is to hurt yourself.

So Yan Wei doesn’t think there is only one solution to the puppet castle. He must see the mystery as soon as possible. This time, he must not only break the game, but also win the first, because only the first can get the extra reward of the copy – the last moon wheel fragment.

These players are his entry point.

They quickly turned several corners and got closer and closer to Lin Zhen’s positioning.

Yan Mingguang suddenly said: [… What are you thinking.]

It is not too difficult to maintain the skills of perceptual burst with one person at a close distance. Yan Wei has always maintained the contact between the two people.

He said: [I’m thinking that in the future, all the players with poor strength will be eliminated. They die. What benefits can the players continue to fight in the last few days? It’s worth fighting against a player who fails to be sucked into a gambling building on more than ten or twenty floors in exchange for one point in the ranking and ten gold coins in the castle. But if you deal with a player on forty-eight floors and have a lift For the seed player with the ability of building, this benefit is not worth it. It’s better not to. Each group has 28 coins and can also rob the coins of the lone wolf player. The coins won’t be a problem at all. What does it depend on?]

What is there to let the last surviving players play?

[I have an idea, but I need to experiment with people who have scored. Just now I looked at the ranking table. Their organization, the person who gets this score, is the gentle man. As for how I want to experiment… You wait and see.]

While talking, their positioning coincided with Lin Zhen’s positioning for a moment.

Behind Yan Wei, one of the players of the organization didn’t have a good way: “I think you’re lying. How many turns have you taken yet?”

“I really didn’t! I met people far away, because I was chased all the way by puppets, and I wasn’t close…”

He said, and his voice stopped.

A figure suddenly appeared ahead.

The man was wearing a Hoodie. His Hoodie was lifted up and covered most of his face. He couldn’t see what he looked like. He was quite outgoing. He could feel that he was a player of thirty or forty floors. He looked like a hard stubble.

These people didn’t want to create complications and planned to go wrong. Unexpectedly, the player suddenly stopped and turned to the beautiful player.

It was a rather hoarse voice lowered: “hey? Why are you here? You just said you couldn’t find your teammates. Aren’t they all there? There are six people… Tut, you still hold me and ask, wasting time.”

When he finished, he didn’t care much. He raised his feet and left, leaving only the four people looking at each other.

Yan Wei: ”

Fortunately, these people don’t know Lin Zhen. His acting skills are really poor!!

At the other end, Lin Zhen’s figure had disappeared in the corner. Yan Wei muttered, “I told you you’ve been looking for teammates… I was very worried at that time. You see, you asked others, not just me…”

The handsome man has a very ugly complexion.

He frowned and meditated, his back straightened, and unconsciously became vigilant.

Yan Mingguang held Yan Wei, but looked at these people faintly, and his eyes couldn’t see the bottom. Yan Wei stopped and said in confusion, “why don’t you go?”

Followed by a silence.

Yan Wei’s eyes turned slightly. This time he stopped talking.

His words alone are really untrustworthy. Yan Mingguang also said the same, which is really easy to doubt.

However, rumors always make a tiger out of three people. All disbelief and doubt will become convinced after a thing is mentioned repeatedly. Even if you say to a person in the arabian night that “the sky is falling” , when the first person says it, others don’t believe it. When the second person says it, others will only feel nonsense, but when the third person says it again, the informed object will have a moment of shaking of “is innocence about to collapse”.

When these people have been vigilant, they continue to deepen what Yan Wei said, and these people will believe it if they don’t believe it.

A moment later, one of them finally broke the silence: “are you a player or a good puppet?”

The handsome man was stunned and smiled angrily, “are you crazy? You asked me this question? We’ve known each other for so long. Can’t you tell me from the good puppet?”

Another person suddenly said, “as we have just observed, there is no difference between good puppets and players – including cognition. If you say you are not, how can you prove it?”

“Don’t you think you’re ridiculous? I’m not. Why should I prove it?” the handsome man sneered. “Even if I am, shouldn’t I solve others first? You questioned me when you came up. Now I doubt that you are a good puppet among us.”

A man said, “even if you are, what does that mean?”

Yan Wei raised his hand, gently touched Yan Mingguang with his elbow, and said to him in his mind: [Mr. Yan, use the skills you obtained by lifting the building.]

Short distance instantaneous movement.

Yan Mingguang took a deep look at these people, grabbed Yan Wei’s hand and carefully avoided Yan Wei’s wound.

The next moment, they suddenly disappeared in front of the group. The group had ignored Yan Wei – they had started.

Yan Wei saw Lin Zhen in a Black Hoodie. There was a fierce fight not far away. It was the movement of the four people.

Lin Zhen chewed a nut and said leisurely, “we don’t do it?”

“No, wait until they decide the outcome. The one who loses will be caught by others and sent to the man in black – most of them are the fake man. We follow. I need to observe something.”

It’ll take a while for these people to finish.

Yan Wei slowly leaned on Yan Mingguang and gently closed his eyes.

A man’s cool but warm voice came from his ear: “what’s the matter?”

Yan Wei shook his head: “nothing, I was just thinking… Since good puppets and players have the same cognition, the most original question – am I me?”

He looked at the mutual doubt and even self doubt among the players just now, and a terrible idea came into his heart for a moment.

He began to question himself.

He began to think whether he was real or not, whether he was a player or a good puppet.

Is he… Yan Wei.

Such cognition is almost terrible – this is the first day. Will they completely confuse themselves after a few days in such an environment?


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