Half Immortal Chapter 98

Half Immortal Chapter 98: puppet Castle (11)

Yan Wei was frightened by his thoughts for a moment.

There is no solution to this proposition of questioning whether I am me or not.

He blinked, and his amber eyes flashed a trace of loss. Subconsciously, he blurted out: “Yan Mingguang, have you ever thought that you may have recognized the wrong person just now?”

On his side, Yan Mingguang seems to be reconfirming the recovery of his wound. The man put his hand on his other shoulder, slightly lowered his head, looked down at his injured place, and said calmly, “it will be much better in a few hours.”

Yan Wei: “… I’m asking you.”

Lin Zhenzheng next to him was hiding at the corner of the corridor, eating nuts, sticking out his head and peeping at the fight of the four people not far away. He was not interested in the things around him and didn’t seem to have any complex ideas.

Yan Wei didn’t expect Lin Zhen, who didn’t care about the way to break the game, to think more. He just raised his eyes slightly, looked at Yan Mingguang and said in a deep voice, “I’m serious. Good puppet players have the same understanding, so we’ll know everything we’ve experienced before entering the castle, whether I’m a good puppet or a player, so -”

“So I won’t admit my mistake,” Yan Mingguang just said.

Yan Wei’s rare vacillation just now disappeared under the determination of the other party. He smiled and raised his eyebrows and said, “Why are you so determined?”


Yan Wei: “… Tease me, dead ice?”

Yan Mingguang stopped talking.

Yan Wei asked again, “what about you? Haven’t you ever had doubts? If you didn’t admit your mistake, but… What if I did?”

“No, I’m not a good puppet.”

Yan Wei suddenly felt some unspeakable stability. In fact, Yan Mingguang did not give him any evidence, but gave him a confident attitude, but this confident attitude is too important in the current situation.

This is tantamount to completely cutting off his swing.

He raised his foot and gently kicked Lin Zhen’s ankle.

Lin Zhen turned around and said, “Hey, why did you kick me?”

“Have you met the same yourself?”

“No, if I do, I’ll beat him up.”

“What if you are a good puppet?”

Lin Zhen didn’t think about it and said, “does that prevent me from beating another fool? And I firmly believe that I am me.”

The fight was louder. The fight of the four players not far away seemed to be coming to an end. There was already a collision sound of someone being beaten to the ground. A small number of players who are still in the room slightly open the door and have a look, but those who are still in the room either want to keep a low profile and watch the change in the early stage, or they don’t dare to go out at all and won’t mind their own business at all. These people took a look and closed the door.

At this moment, there are players or puppets all over the castle.

Crows outside surrounded the deep and treacherous castle, making one dumb crow after another. The moonlight is sparse, and the starry night covers the whole mountain.

Inside the castle, you can vaguely hear the wind and crows outside.

Yan Wei was silent for a moment.

He said, “I see.”

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a good puppet or a player.

If you are really dimpled by this true and false performance, start questioning your own existence, and completely fall into the fight deliberately guided by the copy, it is really sent into the pit by the mystery of the copy.

“What if I’m a player? What if I’m a good puppet? There’s no difference between a good puppet and a player. Yes, it’s impeccable, but just because it’s impeccable, it also brings a disadvantage – we will have the same idea.”

“In that case, the purpose is the same. Why should I worry about who I am? I’ll break the game.”

Another part of the castle.

The young man in windbreaker and scarf stood on the ground of three layers of broken glass and looked back at the seed players who had planned to catch him.

The three-tier pattern is complex, but it is full of all kinds of props for making puppets. It is a natural trap.

At this moment, those players have been right in his arms and fell into a huge puppet production belt. There are all kinds of shaking knives around, so they have no time to come to him.

He stood in the corridor, raised his eyes and looked at everything in front of him. His light brown eyes were full of meditation.

On the same face as Yan Wei, the natural docility of his facial features was slightly covered by the depth of thinking. He looked around and looked the same.

Behind him, the player who was cut alive by the props of the puppet made a long wail, and blood splashed at his feet.

For a moment, he gave a sudden chuckle.

“There’s nothing to think about,” he muttered. “If you can’t tell, you don’t have to. I’m me, the good puppet is me, and the player is me.”

“All we want to do is get the first.”

“I’m on the third floor and he’s on the second floor. If I were on the second floor with more players, what would I do…?”

Second floor.

The four players have already decided the outcome – no matter how strong Sven man is, he can’t be the opponent who knows his three teammates.

Before long, Sven Nan was hit by his teammates and hit the wall with a bang. When he fell to the ground, his eyes were white and obviously seriously injured.

“Let’s go!” a man came forward and tied the Sven man with a prop rope. “Let’s go to the star viewing platform upstairs and get another point.”

Not far away, Lin Zhen waved: “little pet, Yan Mingguang, they’re finished. Shall we do it?”

Yan Wei didn’t have a good way: “what do you do? Follow behind. I want to see what happens if they take someone who has won a point or a good puppet to find the man in black.”

“Eh? What do you mean? Is there anything special about people or good puppets who have gone too far?”

“It’s just a guess. I told Yan Mingguang before that under the current rules, the last day or two will cause unequal pay and interests, and everyone will give up the peace situation, which is completely inconsistent with the theme of the copy. That’s why I want to cooperate with you in acting, let them fight among themselves, send the person who gets the first score to change points, and see if my guess is right.”

He said, waving to Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen, and the three gently followed up.

Yan Wei has strong perception. Although his body index is not as good as these seed players of more than 40 layers, he can use his perception to ensure that there is no movement at every step with deliberate attention. Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen are players with outstanding body index. It’s no problem to track these players who have just fought hard.

The three of them followed behind them and came to the star viewing platform on the top floor of the castle.

The castle has four floors. The first floor is the hall where they first entered the castle, the second floor is the guest room, the third floor is all kinds of laboratories and operation rooms, and the fourth floor is the place where the black robed people stay.

Yan Wei and others followed to the fourth floor of the stairs, hid behind the railing of the stairs, looked from a distance and didn’t come forward.

The castle gets smaller and smaller on the upper floor, and the space on the fourth floor can be seen at a glance.

The ceiling on the fourth floor is made of glass. You can see the whole starry sky without obstacles, as well as the crows circling around the castle and the jungle maze. The man in black stood in the middle of the stargazing platform and looked up at the sky. He didn’t know what he was thinking.

Not far from the black robed man’s side, there is a huge meat grinder.

That must be what these people said before, the meat grinder that destroys good puppets and exchanges points. The meat grinder was still stained with blood, which was the blood of the kind puppets sent by these people.

Yan Wei hid in the dark and watched these people walk to the black robed man with Sven man tied.

Someone said, “we have caught another good puppet.”

The gentle man struggled, but he was seriously injured and tied down. He couldn’t earn any money at all.

The hoarse voice of the man in black sounded, “come with me and lift him up.”

In other words, the man in black stretched out his hand and, together with the player escorting the Sven man, directly lifted the Sven man up one by one and aimed at the feed inlet of the meat grinder. Sven man struggled frantically, but the player and the man in black seemed to be carrying a life in their hands. Without hesitation, they threw Sven man into the feed port of the meat grinder.

The next moment, the sound of the meat grinder running sounded.

Sven man was thrown in with his lower body down. At the moment of being thrown in, even the three Yan Wei hiding at the entrance of the stairs heard the brittle sound of the broken bones and the scream of Sven man.

The scream continued for a short time. In a few seconds, the Sven man’s head was broken.

Yan Mingguang’s face remained unchanged. Lin Zhen watched the meat grinder operate with interest. Yan Wei frowned uncomfortably when he smelled the bloody smell in the air.

A few minutes later, Sven man was completely crushed.

The man in black didn’t say anything, but turned around and walked slowly back to the middle of the observatory.

The player who threw Sven man into the meat grinder with the man in black seemed stunned and then said, “what’s the matter? We didn’t add a point?”

The other man turned pale: “… He’s not a good puppet!?”

“But that’s wrong,” said the man. “Then why did I get one more point? You see, the total score of our organization remains the same, but I got one more point.”

Yan Wei withdrew his eyes.

He winked at Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen. They went downstairs again and came to a deserted corner.

“Sure enough.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak, but went to the other side and took out his lighter and cigarette. But for a moment, the rising smoke blocked most of the man’s face and covered his indifferent expression.

He didn’t speak, but Yan Wei knew that the man should also see it.

Yan Mingguang’s character… I’m afraid he can’t see such rules more than him.

Lin Zhen asked: “how? Can you speak directly without playing charades? Does that make me more than enough?”

Yan Wei sighed: “Now the obvious rule is that if you just catch a player you see and give the player to the black robed man as just now, you have half the probability of getting a point. In terms of probability, the expectation value is 0.5. If you catch one, you may catch the wrong real player and get no points, but if you catch ten, you can almost get about five points. This rule It will make the players can’t stand the interests and start to catch other players, because the players here have different strengths. The powerful players will certainly catch ordinary players in the early stage. ”

“But in the back, there are few people alive. The risk can’t compare with the income. Everyone will stop, and there will be few good puppets. Later, there are many players left.”

“Then what can keep players fighting? I just thought, now there are many good puppets, so what drives us is to catch good puppets. There are many players behind us, what drives us… Is it to catch players?”

Lin Zhen is not stupid. When Yan Wei finished this, he immediately responded: “Wow, is this copy so exciting?”

“It’s not exciting, it’s cruel. The black robed man said that a good puppet can get one point and ten gold coins, but he didn’t say that only this way can get points and gold coins – players can also exchange points and gold coins.”

“If a person gives another player who has won one point to the black robed man and throws it into the meat grinder, the point that the player gets will be transferred to this person. The total score of the organization has not changed just now, but the player who threw Sven man into the meat grinder gets one point, which is completely consistent with the motivation of the copy – he ‘killed Sven man and he got Sven man’s office Some score. ”

This is how the replica ensures that players fight.

At the beginning, catching those ordinary players paid time and energy and got points after points. The risk is directly proportional to the income.

Later, there were more players left, so we went to find those players with high scores. The risk was great, but the profit was greater – if we caught one, we could get huge scores at one time!

Yan Wei sneered and said, “this game has only one purpose from beginning to end, that is to force out the greatest evil in human nature and let everyone harm the same kind for benefit and survival. At the beginning, players catch good puppets, and at the end, players catch players.”

“But in the end, it’s possible to catch a mistake and become a good puppet,” Lin Zhen said. “A good puppet has the same strength as a player, but it’s only worth one point. Isn’t this a risk far greater than a gain? How do you know if you catch a player or a good puppet?”

Yan Wei raised his eyebrows and pointed to the digital light under his feet.

“Do you see this number? In the early stage, it helps us confirm the number of puppets around us. In the later stage… The number of puppets and players decreases greatly, and the density of players decreases. There may not be a player or good puppet around 300 meters. At this time, if you encounter a player, your number will only be ‘0’. If you encounter a good puppet, your number is’ 1 ‘, then you There’s no need to waste time with him. ”

The game is that the more you go to the back, the greater the profit.

If you catch a player, you can get huge scores. Why not? And this digital light can help you distinguish whether you are a player or not. You are not afraid of making mistakes at all.

“When we really get to this situation, everything will be out of control.”

Yan Mingguang extinguished the cigarette end, looked at him in the dense smoke and said, “what do you want to do? There are many players who can find clues in this copy, and the time is very urgent.”

Those people may prefer such fighting and elimination, and may not be willing to choose to find other ways to break the game.

These are Yan Mingguang’s unspoken words, but Yan Wei can understand them.

“No, time is really urgent for me to think alone.”

“But I’m not alone.”

As like as two peas on the other side of the castle, the young man ran down the stairs.

“I have doubts and conjectures about the rules of the replica. I was just wondering whether the player who has scored will get the score of that player at one time. If I am on the second floor with more players, I will verify this first.”

The careful logic is closely embedded in Yan Wei’s mind.

The forward and reverse thinking kept turning. He gasped and ran quickly to the next floor.

He is confident in himself. Generally, there is no big problem in his guess, but the process of confirmation is essential. If it is proved wrong, he will immediately take new actions, but there is no other movement on the second floor, which shows that his guess is not wrong.

If the guess is correct, this rule will only become more and more terrible later. His first idea must be to delay the arrival of this situation and find another way to break and win qualifying.

Then the first thing he has to do is delay everyone’s score.

The digital light board under the player’s feet plays a vital auxiliary role.

“Yan Wei” ran down a layer again. He gasped slightly, but his amber clear eyes were full of confidence.

On the third floor of the castle, Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen, hiding in the corner, said, “I am me, he is also me, and our purpose is the same.”

“I’ll verify this scoring method, then he will…”

On the first floor of the castle, “Yan Wei” stood in front of the power box that provided the digital light board of the whole castle and smiled.

“I’ll destroy the power supply the first time.”


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