Half Immortal Chapter 99

Half Immortal Chapter 99: puppet Castle (12)

As early as the beginning, black robed people introduced this most basic rule.

The floor of the whole castle is made of light plates. If no player walks on it, everything is very ordinary. But if the player stands on it, at the foot of each player, the light board will light up and display a number.

This number is the number of puppets nearby – whether good puppets or evil puppets.

So tonight, after the game starts, the role of this number is not high. Because there are too many puppets and players in the castle now, there can be no one except yourself within 300 meters. Therefore, this number usually fluctuates between at least single digits or even tens. In addition to determining whether it is dangerous around, it does not rule out the role of puppets.

Of course, if players within 300 meters can cooperate and inform each other of their numbers, they can also put these numbers together to calculate the distance and quantity through mutual exclusion, so as to calculate the range of puppets. But this requires full cooperation and trust between players. This is impossible.

But when the density of players and puppets decreases, this number is too important.

Yan Wei doesn’t want that situation to come quickly, “Yan Wei” doesn’t want it either.

On the first floor of the hall, where the front is against the wall, the huge power box is against the wall, but no one cares.

The clock hanging on the ceiling swings the time bit by bit, showing the passage of game time bit by bit. In addition to the sound of pendulum shaking around, “Yanwei” can only hear his own breathing.

Players are on the second and third floors.

He and “he” were the first people to think of the role of digital light board.

“Yan Wei” stood in front of the power box, gently crossed the black ring with his fingertips, and exchanged the invitation for a miniature time prop bomb.

After setting the time of the bomb to four hours, he looked around to make sure there was no one around. Only then did he plug the miniature bomb into a gap in the power box.

Then the young man turned around and left the floor without hesitation.

The second floor of the castle.

Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen came down from the top floor and walked towards the place where they lived on the second floor.

Lin Zhen was puzzled: “didn’t you say that you had speculated that another one would destroy the power box? Hey, what’s going on now? We’re going back to our room to sleep? No fighting?… the digital light is still there?”

Yan Wei was a little annoyed by Lin Zhen’s series of questions. He glanced at Lin Zhen and said: “Because I’m injured, I need a rest to recover. He can infer that I’m verifying the scoring method, and I can infer that his next step is to think that the digital light board must be destroyed at the same time. Naturally, he can know as well as I – the synchronous action of the two of us has saved time, one step faster than everyone else, but if we destroy the power box now, it’s inevitable It will cause more agitation, but I’m injured. It’s not suitable for an accident at this time. ”

Yan Mingguang said, “the power box will be destroyed after you rest.”

“Yes, one more thing – I’m not the only one who can get to this point and even use the ‘self’. There will always be other seed players who get the same conclusion and even cooperate with their good puppets or themselves. But Yan Mingguang is right. These people don’t want to destroy the power box. They even like the way of fighting and elimination, Because it’s safe and fast. ”

“This is a relative logic. I can guess that someone can make the same progress as me, and others can assume so. So our first step is to destroy the power box of the digital light board. The first step for other players who can guess this is to see if anyone is doing something next to the power box and if there is something wrong with the power line. If something happens to the power box immediately at this time, what will happen Players with hands will know that if someone makes progress with them, they will act immediately and speed up the killing. But if there is no accident with the power box at this time, they will feel that in fact, only they guessed this, so they relax their vigilance. ”

The puppet Castle copy is a competitive copy. What you need to do is not only your own progress, but also the ideas and progress of other players. This is a deduction for yourself and the enemy. It is the stage Yan Wei is best at.

At this time, when all players are negligent, if the power box is destroyed again, all players will be caught off guard and the fighting speed will be delayed. Yan Wei can also get time to recover from his injury and prepare for the next war.

He doesn’t even need to communicate with another person. He knows what the other person will think.

Because he is “he”.

When he is doing this step, he can figure out the next step. When he takes this step, he will go to the next step at the same time. And he can also infer the next step of the other party, so as to carry out the next step immediately.

People will never be able to overcome themselves now, but being unable to overcome also represents impeccable understanding.

Gambling area.

Everything was the same in front of the projection of other gambling buildings. Only one gambling building was orderly filled with people.

Competitive dungeons are regularly opened at regular intervals. For the bonus of dungeons and various additional strength and props rewards in the next period, each organization will arrange the strongest seed players below the 49th floor in the current organization to enter the dungeons. Such dungeons are bound to meet the conditions for opening gambling houses before they start.

The gambling building projection of competitive copy is very special.

It is forced to open and cannot be determined by the player. The perspective of the gambling building will be arranged in every corner of the copy, which is composed of dozens of objective perspectives covering the whole copy. These perspectives are fixed, similar to placing a camera in every part of the copy.

——Its existence is not to gamble, but to provide the organization players with the full angle record of each competitive copy.

Therefore, at the beginning of the copy, people from various organizations have been waiting in front of the projection to watch the competition of people’s hearts.

In order not to expose his relationship with Yan Wei, Lin Qing is wearing a hat and mask, standing behind the Xuanniao player and pretending to be an ordinary Xuanniao player. Gao Ming and Zhou Tian are also among them. They just look at the action tracks of the two Yan Wei without words.

Yan Wei’s data and starting conditions are completely inconspicuous among these seed players of more than 40 layers, but he has repeatedly led in front of most players, causing a uproar several times.

“Is the upper level of Yan only 19? This strength and quality… Immortality must be a high-level player in the future.”

“He’s looking for this clue too fast!”


At first, I was just amazed – after all, the jungle maze is only the first level. For low-level players, this first level is the end of ten deaths and no life, but those who watch the competitive copy are veterans. Although they will be amazed, they will not feel much experience.

But when Yan Wei found that “killing” players could directly grab scores, another Yan Wei had stuffed □ □ into the power box of the digital light board, and the scene suddenly quieted down.

The strange silence was maintained around the projection for more than ten minutes, and suddenly a greater noise broke out.

“He actually gave up calculating others and dealing with himself. Instead, he began to deduce himself! It takes more careful thinking to cooperate with another self step by step!”

“Xuanniao has held back a big… Where can we find such a dark horse? So far, only Xu Miaomiao and Yan Wei have reached this step, but Xu Miaomiao is not only a few minutes slower than Yan Wei, but also calculated by two Yan Wei at the same time. She will go to the power box to check whether anyone has reached this step. Xu Miaomiao has never met an opponent below the 50th floor? Her skills And strength are especially in line with this copy… ”

“The most important thing of this copy is to deduce and calculate the hearts of the people. Unless it is a completely crushed body index, pure force can’t play a big role in this copy. Whoever can calculate everyone can win. Yan may really.”

“It’s hard to say that someone has reached cooperation with another self.”

In the crowd, Lin Qing heard these people’s discussion and smiled disdainfully.

Puppet Castle copy.

After Yan Wei and Lin Zhen explained, the three had already walked to the door of the guest room where they had previously lived.

All four doors are open.

Yan Wei said, “so we should destroy the power box as soon as possible, but we can’t destroy it immediately. We must take them by surprise after I rest and prepare well and paralyze those players who also have this speculation.”

“It’s OK to fight directly,” Lin Zhen glanced. “There are so many twists and turns.”

“They also fought directly in the maze. Look at the results?”

Lin Zhen choked.

Yan Wei was going to go to the room where he used to live. When he came to the door of the fish flying boat, he suddenly stepped down.

Yan Mingguang and Lin Zhen also looked at the room of the fish flying boat with him.

Yan Wei suddenly understood why the fish flying boat had not moved.

As like as two peas in the room, there are some traces of chasing or fighting. The guest room that the fish boat stayed in stayed in the same place. The retro decorated decoration was arranged in an orderly manner. The old bronze mirrors reflected the blurred figure of the house, and there were four identical figures in the mirror.

Beside the tea table beside the bed, two fish flying boats sat opposite each other, with a game of chess in front of them.

“I know which step you want to take…” a fish flying boat picked up a chess piece and said, “if you take this step, I will take this…”

Another fish flying boat said, “then I also know your next step. Like the previous game, I know every move from the first chess piece, and even the final game of this game.”

“This is the 34th inning.”

“I know myself too well. Every step and every word, I can imagine my reaction after dozens of steps and dozens of words. I can’t distinguish myself, so I can’t distinguish you… Hey.” a fish flying boat smiled helplessly, looked gentle and behaved, “In fact, we can’t think deeply about this problem. The person we can’t defeat is ourselves. The person we see most clearly and thoroughly is also ourselves, but the person we can’t recognize is ourselves.”

The fish flying boat opposite the fish flying boat was very peaceful. He raised his hand with a smile, poured himself and the other himself a cup of tea, and slowly said, “we still can’t find our difference.”

“Another round?”


Lin Zhen stood at the door and drew from the corner of his mouth: “… I almost thought we were on vacation.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at the house, took out a cigarette, walked slowly to the other corner and lit a fire.

Yan Wei: “


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