I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 1

“If you sign here, the contract will come into force.”

Yan Shuang hung his face, his pot lid bangs and big frame glasses covered most of his face, and his simple clothes seemed out of place in the box of the high-end restaurant.

A pair of white hands leaned out from under the table, climbed onto the table and slowly took away the contract, “can I have a look again?”

Silver rimmed glasses glittered with metallic light, and Wei Yichen’s tone was cold, “casual.”

Yan Shuang didn’t see a word of the dense rules and regulations in the contract. His eyes were firmly locked on the contract name.

——Master servant contract.

Yan Shuang: it’s funny.

“Sorry, the data is delayed,” the sound of the system machinery sounded, “the time is frozen, the plot content is loaded, and 100% loading is completed.”

In his mind, the sound of the pages turning over was like a wave, and the plot of the whole book hit Yan Shuang’s brain.

Here’s the story——

Qin yubai, a man who has abnormal possessive desire for Qin Qing, his half father and half mother, accidentally found that Yan Shuang after taking off his glasses has a very similar appearance to Qin Qing. As a poor and naive male college student, Yan Shuang did not accidentally fall into Qin yubai’s trap because of Qin yubai’s design and owed a huge debt.

When Yan Shuang was forced to pay his debts and was desperate, Qin yubai directed and acted by himself, fell from the sky and asked Yan Shuang to be his servant for one year with the master servant contract.

Yan Shuang reluctantly agreed to Qin yubai’s request and signed the master servant contract.

The key point of this master servant contract is that Qin yubai has complete control over Yan Shuang’s body and time.

Therefore, Qin yubai gave Yan Shuang an indescribable in the hotel that day. The scene was once very astringent and bloody.

Yan Shuang couldn’t help interrupting, “the plot of this book is too early!”

System: “this is a random plot.”

Yan Shuang: “…” well, retirement is really not so easy.

Seeing that he was going to retire, he deliberately arranged for him to bury ancient books that he didn’t know how long. The bookstore couldn’t issue a pension stone hammer.

However, it was so early that it could not stop him from retiring.

It’s over!

Yan Shuang: “you continue.”

After a period of time, Qin yubai began to be dissatisfied with the fact that he could not describe Yan Shuang only in the hotel. He took Yan Shuang back to Qin’s house as a servant and let Bai moonlight, who could not be obtained, live in the same room with his lover.

Qin yubai couldn’t stop facing Yan Shuang’s body. He spent all day with Yan Shuang in various places of Qin’s house. Out of some abnormal idea, Qin yubai’s favorite is to hold Yan Shuang in Qin Qing’s studio.

And Yan Shuang’s constitution setting is also quite evil. Anyway, it’s the first pain, the second cool, and the third time.

In all kinds of shameless and shameless breaking through the lower limit with Qin Yu day and night, Yan Shuang couldn’t extricate himself from falling in love with Qin yubai, a man with a lot of gold bullies. After the contract ended, Yan Shuang willingly became Qin yubai’s secret lover.

In Yan Shuang’s heart, he and Qin yubai’s he are only one marriage certificate away.

In Qin yubai’s heart, Yan Shuang is not a fart at all.

In an indescribable with Qin yubai in Qin Qing’s studio, Yan Shuang fell down and fell on the easel, crushing an unfinished painting of Qin Qing.

Yan Shuang was ashamed and sorry. Before he apologized, Qin yubai slapped him.

Then Qin yubai abruptly interrupted one of his hands.

After lingering, Yan Shuang was still covered with traces of Qin yubai’s love for him. In this way, Qin yubai mercilessly interrupted his hand, and Qin Yu threw his body naked into the cold basement.

After a series of humiliations by Qin yubai, Yan Shuang finally learned the truth. He was just Qin Qing’s double.

Yan Shuang: it has an internal flavor!

After this incident, Yan Shuang was driven out of Qin’s house and lived in an apartment of Qin yubai.

The next plot is all kinds of physical and mental abuse mixed with the eighteen prohibitions.

The turning point of the story happened when Yan Shuang had a high fever of 40 degrees after he was in the rain of sadism.

Qin yubai receives a call from home while accompanying Yan Shuang. The housekeeper tells Qin yubai that Qin Qing has no appetite at night and seems to have a cold.

Qin yubai tangled for a while, didn’t go back, chose to stay in Yan Shuang, and also enjoyed Yan Shuang’s wonderful body with high fever.

The next day, Qin yubai woke up from Yan Shuang’s bed and suddenly realized.

Yan Shuang just has a fever of 40 degrees. Qin Qing is suspected of catching a cold! He didn’t go home to see Qin Qing for a small double!

Ah, that’s not good. Yan Shuang has affected his pure love for Qin Qing. He must end his relationship with Yan Shuang!

However, Qin yubai still couldn’t bear it.

He couldn’t tell whether he was reluctant to give up Yan Shuang’s wonderful body or Yan Shuang. Anyway, Qin yubai was tangled, and it was Yan Shuang who was injured.

So they had a sadistic love affair for a while.

Both were physically and mentally exhausted.

Finally, Qin yubai reined in before he fell to the enemy, and deliberately lost Yan Shuang to Ji Yao, who had always been interested in Yan Shuang in a gambling game.

Yan Shuang just fell into the arms of another slag attack from one slag attack.

Ji Yao’s attitude towards Yan Shuang is the same as Qin yubai’s.

Because Ji Yao – he also likes Qin Qing!

Yan Shuang couldn’t help it when he got here. “Can I apply to be Qin Qing?”

System: “there is only one missing role in this book, and too many people wear white moonlight. Our book is the Renaissance.”

Yan Shuang: “… OK, you continue.”

Ji Yao plays a little better than Qin yubai.

He was not only satisfied with using Yan Shuang as a substitute physically, but also sublimated to the inner level.

Qin Qing was a painter, so he asked Yan Shuang to give up his major in literature and transfer to the Department of fine arts.

Qin Qing could play the piano, so he asked Yan Shuang to practice the piano day and night.

In short, Qin Qing will, and Yan Shuang must.

Vow to make Yan Shuang a perfect double.

With Yan Shuang becoming more and more like Qin Qing, Ji Yao’s treatment of Yan Shuang is getting better and better, which makes Yan Shuang unconsciously have a little illusion.

Does this person really like him a little, a little?

Of course – it’s impossible.

Soon, the cruel reality pierced Yan Shuang’s naive fantasy.

Qin Qing has renal failure.

When Yan Shuang saw this, he probably guessed the development of the plot.

Classic kidney digging.

Yes, Ji Yao ordered Yan Shuang to donate a kidney to Qin Qing.

——If necessary, it can also be two.

Yan Shuang, as the virgin in this book, is cheap. In fact, after knowing that Qin Qing is ill, he wants to donate a kidney to Qin Qing. However, Ji Yao takes a defensive attitude for fear that he won’t and that he will be jealous of Qin Qing. Yan Shuang is dizzy and then sent to the operating table.

The two broke up completely.

Yan Shuang ended this sadistic love at the cost of one kidney.

Later, Qi Feiyun, who operated on him and Qin Qing, slowly approached him.

Because in the process of surgery, Qi Feiyun loved Qin Qing as soon as he saw him!

Yan Shuang: people are numb.

Qin Qing is such a lovely person made of glass. Qi Feiyun certainly doesn’t want to move him.

Therefore, as a medical genius, Qi Feiyun brainwashed and hypnotized Yan Shuang in the process of treating Yan Shuang. When Yan Shuang was discharged from the hospital, his previous memories were erased and had completely become Qi Feiyun’s doll.

Qi Feiyun will do whatever he wants.

Yan Shuang:? Can surgeons still use this skill?

Then Qi Feiyun began to explore the limit of human posture level on Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang is not regarded as a person at all.

Originally in his heart, Yan Shuang was just a substitute for Qin Qing.

Finally, at this time, there is a slag attack No. 4 who doesn’t love white moonlight – Qi Feiyun’s neighbor Sheng Guangming. Just like his name, Sheng Guangming is a righteous man. He saw Yan Shuang’s situation and quietly rescued Yan Shuang while Qi Feiyun was out.

As a good man in the secular sense, Sheng Guangming cured Yan Shuang with his tenderness, and Yan Shuang gradually fell in love with Sheng Guangming under the condition of amnesia.

At the beginning, Sheng Guangming was a straight man. After meeting Yan Shuang, the protagonist, he was not surprised to indulge in Yan Shuang’s beauty in the process of getting along with Yan Shuang. They fell in love and lived a happy life without shame.

Just when Yan Shuang thought he could finally usher in the grand finale of he, Qin yubai and Ji Yao somehow found him. On the eve of their marriage, Sheng Guangming learned that Yan Shuang had been “kept” by the two, and Sheng Guangming’s mentality collapsed.

Yan Shuang is too dirty to deserve him.

So Sheng Guangming also abandoned him. Yan Shuang finally remembered everything under multiple stimuli. His state of mind collapsed. He was ready to degenerate to the end and go to the bar to drink and get drunk. Anyway, he was so dirty. It’s better to be dirty.

Finally, Wei Yichen, Qin yubai’s housekeeper, jumped out to pick up the leak.

Wei Yichen, who has been silently watching the whole process, “doesn’t care about Yan Shuang’s complex past”, is willing to give Yan Shuang a home as long as Yan Shuang meets his small request – donating cornea to Qin Qing who is about to lose his sight.

Yan Shuang: “I think…”

System: “No.”


Afraid that Yan Shuang disagreed, in order to increase the chips, Wei Yichen also revealed a shocking secret!

——Yan Shuang is actually Qin Qing’s biological brother who has been separated for many years!

Yan Shuang: “…” this is very reasonable.

Yan Shuang, who was kind-hearted in nature, donated his cornea in order to save his “poor” brother.

Qi Feiyun did the operation.

Yan Shuang: OK

Don’t ask, ask is a medical genius.

The end of the book.

Yan Shuang, a blind man without a kidney, was discharged from the hospital. The man who came to pick him up bowed his head and kissed him. The man had a familiar taste, but Yan Shuang couldn’t tell who came.

Yan Shuang was really speechless because of the whole open ending of the novel.

After reading all the stories, Yan Shuang took a deep breath, “just play the ending?”

System: “yes, the plot line and emotional line are full, and the book is completed when the original ending is played.”

Yan Shuang: “how many OOC points have I saved?”

System: “0.5 points.”

Once the retirement world fails, we have to start from the beginning, and the previously accumulated pension will be confiscated.

In the previous book wearing world, no matter how harsh the characters were, Yan Shuang completed it 100% without discount. It can be said that he had to endure hardships and hardships, because the predecessors said that the retirement world was very disgusting and could not survive without saving some OOC points.

What the elder said is right. The retirement world is really vicious.


“OK, the employee can modify one of the tags of the character.”

Yan Shuang’s five people set labels and appeared in front of him – poor, kind, weak, stubborn and studious.

Only one word can be changed.

Each of the five labels has its own nausea.

But it was one of the most unbearable to Yan Shuang.

“Poverty…” Yan Shuang thought about it, “into poor milk.”

System; “… character fixed attribute cannot be changed.”

Damn, is the bookstore so poor?! Every time – every time, his character has the attribute of poverty!

Well, since poverty can’t be changed, Yan Shuang can only start with the second attribute that hinders him from brushing the plot.

“Change kindness to…”

“Employee, this is a fixed attribute and can only be modified on the original basis. Employees can modify the original word with no more than three strokes.”

Yan Shuang; “…” is Chuanshu a beast? Right?

Hard work saved 0.5 points, but there are still so many restrictions? How to change the three strokes? Put it here for primary school Chinese exercises?

But this is not difficult for Yan Shuang, who is determined to retire.

After thinking over and over again, Yan Shuang said, “add three points of water next to ‘Liang’.”

System: “… Received, the human label is changed from ‘kindness’ to’ kindness wave ‘.”

After using up OOC points, Yan Shuang’s character attributes were changed to: poverty, good wave, weakness, stubbornness and studious.

Yan Shuang: barely satisfied.

Yan Shuanghe confirmed: “is there a specified time for the ending?”

System: “no, but the indescribable plot with several protagonists in the main plot of the book is the core of the book and will be directly included in the plot point.”

Yan Shuang: “how many?”

System: “calculated by day, Qin yubai 66, Ji Yao 92, Qi Feiyun 108, Sheng Guangming 52, Wei Yichen 7.”

Yan Shuang: “what does this day mean?”

System: “… Date of mm / DD / yyyy.”

Yan Shuang: “I see.”

System: “it is illegal to remind employees not to brush the indescribable plot of two characters at the same time.”

“Yes, what’s the order of other plot lines and emotional lines? Are there any requirements?”


“Can I brush it together?”

The system was silent for a while, “employees can try.”

The mechanical sound is even ironic. It seems to say that you will die if you try.

Yan Shuang didn’t think so. “That’s it… By the way, can pain shielding be used here?”

System: “it can be used. Only the auxiliary performance function is turned off.”

In other words, it’s OK to drive without pain. When it’s time for pain, you deserve it if your poor performance leads to problems in the plot line.

Yan Shuang: “open.”

Acting is not challenging for him at all. There are so many scenes of abuse in this book and a lot of organs. How can he withstand it without pain.

“Finally, can the money collected by the world be included in the pension?”

“Of course.”

“I have no problem. Let’s start.”

“Yan Shuang’s retirement world starts. If employees need to end the world, please feel free to contact the system at any time and wish everything goes well.”

As the mechanical sound disappeared, the time in the book began to flow again.

“Is there anything else you don’t understand?” Wei Yichen said coldly.

Yan Shuang flipped the contract, glanced over all the rules and regulations above, and stopped for a moment at the “one million” of the contract money.

That’s it?

How the hell was this a few years ago?!

Isn’t president Wen already inflating to hundreds of millions?

It must be the ghost of the bookstore again!

Wei Yichen noticed, “one million is enough to pay off your debt.” Wei Yichen sneered at the cowardly boy who easily sold himself. “People should have self-knowledge and be able to sell at this price. It’s already worth it. Don’t be too greedy.”

Yan Shuang raised his hand, took off his glasses and slowly raised his head. Black hair scattered from his forehead, revealing a very amazing face.

With snow-white skin, gentle eyes like a deer, small nose bridge and slightly tilted nose tip, it is connected with plump and purplish red lips, and the comic beauty is coming.

Wei Yichen’s pupil shrinks slightly.

For a moment, he thought Qin Qing was sitting in front of him.

i see! No wonder Qin yubai tried to design an ordinary college student with a debt of millions.

Such a face is worth more than a million!

“Mr. Wei,” Yan Shuang pursed his lips and said coldly, “since you want to sell, the one with the highest price will get it.”

Wei Yichen’s eyes stared at the face highly similar to Qin Qing.

“Please tell Mr. Qin.”

“A million, not enough.”

“Of course,” Yan Shuang put on his glasses and was a dull and dull poor college student, “Mr. Wei might be able to afford me…”

The red lips are gently aroused, the smile is clean, but the expression is hidden and straightforward frivolity, “… One night.”

[Wei Yichen’s emotional line is opened, progress: 0%.]


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