I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 10

Ji Yao walked into the path. The bushes in the campus were messy and dense, emitting a certain bad smell, like ripe oranges falling from the trees to the ground. After no one paid attention, they rotted in the grass day by day, gradually becoming smelly from sweetness.

Ji Yao stopped.

He looked back.

The path twists and turns. I can’t see the fork or the thin figure.

Ji Yao turned his head, glanced at the bushes and went straight to the road outside the school.

In the hotel, Ji Yao is waiting for Yan Shuang. His ID card is remanded in the hotel. Yan Shuang needs to change his ID card. Calculate the time. Yan Shuang should pack up his clothes and come back.

It’s just that Ji Yao waited in the hotel for more than half an hour without waiting to come to Yan Shuang.

“Handsome boy, wait for someone?”

The front desk came out to hand over the shift and recognized Ji Yao at a glance.

Such a boy with outstanding appearance and temperament is really hard to forget.

Ji Yao nodded to him in response.

The front desk was happy. Unexpectedly, the handsome man looked cold and polite, so he continued: “your friend hasn’t come back yet.”

“I know, thank you.”

“Why don’t you call and ask? Just wait here.”

Ji Yao lowered his eyes and ended the short dialogue with an evasive attitude.

“Didn’t he have a phone?” The receptionist was knowledgeable and saw the other party’s dilemma. He tore a note enthusiastically and wrote Yan Shuang’s registered phone number to Ji Yao in the morning.

Ji Yao took the paper and said, “thank you.”

The front desk smiled again and gave Ji Yao a thumb. This is his praise for the obedience between the handsome men. He is handsome and elegant. It’s very good.

A long string of numbers on the phone, as long as you dial, you can establish contact with another person.

Ji Yao looked at the numbers for a long time, and his eyes moved back and forth between the key keyboard and the phone number.

There are only a few family members and trust managers in his mobile phone, not even Qin Qing’s number.

Qin Qing has no phone.

Qin Qing is very cold and almost doesn’t look like a person in modern society. He doesn’t use mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, and doesn’t like communication. Because of his poor health, he never shows up in the circle.

Funny to say, Ji Yao can hardly remember when he last talked to Qin Qing.

Qin Qing built a thick cocoon room around himself. In the cocoon room, he painted and played the piano freely without asking about the world.

Ji Yao never wanted to disturb him.

Sometimes when he goes to Qin’s house and takes a look from a distance, he is relieved to see that Qin Qing is doing well.

A rare smile appeared on Ji Yao’s face, and his eyes fell back on the note paper in the palm of his hand.

He dialed the number and established contact with a person similar to Qin Qing.

After the phone was connected, he was even inexplicably nervous. After a pause of two seconds, he opened his mouth preemptively.

“Where is it?”

“Why not go back to the hotel?”

Yan Shuang in the winery was stunned when he heard Ji Yao’s voice, without any performance.

Ji Yao! Is this the gold content of 10% emotional progress?! No more, Dad loves you!

The palm of the hand holding the mobile phone suddenly worked hard.

The small “click” sound came, and the phone screen that had broken a corner split like a cobweb in an instant.


The voice still came clearly from the broken mobile phone on the screen. It was clear that it was just a plain tone, but it made Qin yubai feel an alternative provocation.

Qin yubai’s face was livid, but his tone was still stable. “No. 111 Wannan Road, Patton winery.”

“Qin yubai?”

Ji Yao’s tone was suddenly tense.

“Where is Yan Shuang?”

“Yan Shuang…” Qin yubai repeated slowly, looking at the pale boy in his arms, “it seems that he didn’t hit the wrong number.”

The phone has been quickly hung up at that end.

Qin yubai threw the shabby mobile phone on the table, his left arm heavily across Yan Shuang’s waist, Yan Shuang snorted, and Yan Shuang’s chin was strongly twisted back.

“Tell me,” Qin yubai said faintly, “did you sleep with him?”

The twisted posture was too reluctantly, and his chin and cheeks were tightly controlled. Yan shuanghan said, “he… Is not as… Dirty as you…”

Qin yubai loosed his arm and suddenly released his force, which made Yan Shuang stumble forward. Between the lightning and flint, a pair of powerful hands grabbed his arm and lent him only a moment of strength. He immediately released his hand and stood on one side in a regular way, as if he had done nothing.

Yan Shuang glanced at Wei Yichen with a stiff expression and winked at him quietly.

Wei Yichen turned to his face as if he didn’t see it.

“Come on, what’s the matter with the hotel?”

Qin yubai sat down again, drank the remaining red wine in the glass, and the liquor went into his throat, which made him barely calm his surging mood.

It’s just a substitute. It’s not worth any emotion. He doesn’t have to be angry. He can’t be angry.

Qin yubai nervously unties a button on his collar shirt.

“I don’t think I need to explain to you.”

Yan Shuang stood straight, took away the mobile phone on the table with one hand and took the schoolbag with the other.

“Do you want Yan Guofu to die?” Qin yubai said coldly.

Yan zips up and doesn’t reply: “it’s a society ruled by law. You can try to kill him.”

“You’re right. I won’t do anything against the law. It’s just to see the shortage of staff in the warehouse. As a new employee, it’s normal for Yan Guofu to stay up a few more nights and work for a few days. He doesn’t sleep for several days and nights in a row.”

Yan stopped with his backpack.

Qin yubai looked at his stiff back and hooked his lips. His eyes were cold and cruel.

It was like the movie was played again after the pause. Yan Shuang carried his schoolbag and turned back to Qin yubai: “it’s really reasonable. Remember to calculate overtime pay for him.”

The boy’s eyebrows were written stubborn and unyielding. For his only poor self-esteem, he insisted on dressing as if he didn’t care about his adoptive father to be angry with him.

Qin yubai looked at him coldly, his eyes mocking and clear.

“After a period of time, it will be the Mid Autumn Festival and family reunion. I think that the employees in the warehouse must be very scarce, and it may be necessary for individuals to make a little sacrifice,” Qin yubai put down his glass and stood up. He approached Yan Shuang, put his palm on Yan Shuang’s face and whispered, “you can only work overtime in the cold warehouse and can’t reunite with your relatives.”

He has long investigated that Yan Shuang was brought up by his adoptive parents since childhood. After his adoptive mother died, his adoptive father couldn’t be worse for him, but Yan Shuang just couldn’t let go of this “relative” who is not a relative.

No matter how many times Yan Guofu deceives him, he will jump into the same pit next time.

Children who lack love can’t bear to give up their false family affection.

Yan Shuang lowered his eyes and his eyelashes flashed. He began to bite his lips again.

Qin yubai has seen it many times. He knows that this is what Yan Shuang will do when he bears pain.

Last night in bed, Yan Shuang knelt in front of him, bit his lips and shed tears.

Hold it, hold it.

Yan Shuang didn’t laugh on the spot with strong willpower and rich work experience.

Mid Autumn Festival overtime, three times the salary!


Qin yubai goes on. He’s not angry that Qin yubai broke his mobile phone screen!

“How? Can you answer me now, what’s the matter with the hotel?”

Yan Shuang opened his face, took a deep breath and said calmly as far as possible: “Qin yubai, you have a contract with me. You call me and I must come, but when you don’t call me, I’m still free. I have the right to do what I want to do and go anywhere.”

Qin yubai once again pinched Yan Shuang’s cheek. This time he used enough strength to confirm that he would not be broken away by the disobedient servant. His face was cold, but the flame jumped in his eyes. “Do you want me to lock you up?”

At the moment of speaking, Qin yubai suddenly felt a lot of depression in his chest.

Servant, how can you not serve closely?

He should be around him, anytime, anywhere, all under his control, trapped in the palm of his hand like a caged bird.

This is what he wanted to do to Qin Qing, but he didn’t.

What is Yan Shuang? He is a substitute for Qin Qing, which can naturally carry all his desires for Qin Qing.

Qin yubai’s arms trembled with the imagination in his mind. He lowered his head and leaned very close to Yan Shuang. He infected Yan Shuang’s breathing with his own taste. His tone was dangerous. “I think this is a good idea, don’t you think?”


The teeth poked out from the lips and bit the lower lip. Yan Shuang’s lower lip became pale from bright red to blood color, which was plundered by pain for only a few seconds.

Just like his possession of Yan Shuang, Yan Shuang was about to collapse without effort.

Yan Shuang’s intestines were almost twisted into numbness.

Are you going to take him to Qin’s house so soon?

This will not save another sum of accommodation and board!

He decided to give Qin yubai another 0.1 point.

Let Qin yubai return to the men’s team with more than nine points.

Eyelashes open, dark eyes burst out of water vapor, the tone is as stubborn as ever, but it can’t hide the trembling, “whatever you want.”


“Qin yubai -”

The three people in the house went to the house at the same time.

Qin yubai and Ji Yao have known each other for more than ten years. This is the first time he has seen Ji Yao look so… Disheveled.

It’s just a wrinkle on the shirt.

But for Ji Yao, who is picky and weird, this can almost be called embarrassment.

“Ji Yao…” Yan Shuang saw Ji Yao and immediately Xiannan burst into tears.

He just laughed and endured so much pain that tears came out of his eyes. At this time, big tears fell from his cheeks without waste.

Guessing and seeing are always two different things.

Although Ji Yao guessed the relationship between Qin yubai and Yan Shuang early in the morning, and even heard Qin yubai’s name Yan Shuang on the phone, he saw Qin yubai holding Yan Shuang’s cheek in one hand with ambiguous posture. It seemed that when he wanted to kiss, the string in Ji Yao’s mind finally broke.

Ji Yao walked towards them with great strides.

The air pressure around him was extremely low, like ice and snow.

Qin yubai didn’t let Yan Shuang go, but showed a faint smile to Ji Yao, “Ji Shao doesn’t want to come…”

Yan Shuang was forcibly pulled out of Qin yubai’s arms by Ji Yao – it was his collar. Even if Yan Shuang shielded the pain, he felt like he was going to heaven in a moment.

Fortunately, Ji Yao pulled him out and threw him behind him, and immediately let go.

The smile on Qin Yu’s white face gradually disappeared.

“Ji Yao, you should know that I call you Ji Shao in whose face.”

Ji Yao repressed the violence in his heart with a faint tone. “There are classes in the afternoon. I took them away.”

He turned to face Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang just stared at him. His eyes behind his glasses were soaked with tears, dark and wet, weak and helpless.

In Ji Yao’s mind, Yan Shuang fell to the ground and burst into tears for no reason.

“Ji Yao… I can’t stand up…”

He is too weak. If no one pulls him, he will rot in no one’s place.

Ji Yao stretched out his hand and grabbed Yan Shuang’s arm with a cold look.

The palm of such a cold person is hot.



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