I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 100


The neighbor apologized with a plain expression on his face. There was neither apology nor ridicule. He looked very ordinary and turned around calmly around the boy’s waist.

“What’s in your hand?”

“The cake given by Mr. Sheng.”

They talked naturally, as if there were no one else.

The water in the hair fell drop by drop and slid down the curved spine. The cold touch made Sheng Guangming shiver.

What happened?

Is he dreaming?

The man in the man’s arms turned his face.

A clean face smiled at him, “thank you for Mr. Sheng’s cake. I’ll eat it well.”

Cake… Oh, he cut him in half. He ran all over the city and carefully selected and bought the cake.

Because he said it was his birthday and looked so pathetic, he involuntarily gave him half.

They embraced each other and entered the room.

The door slammed shut.

Sheng Guangming finally returned to God.

“Cheated” flashed in my mind.

No, I was cheated again.

When we first met, we were cheated by the other party and mistook him for a deaf mute.

After finding that he was cheated, he was glad that he was just cheated. It was great that the other party was a healthy person.

And now?

Are you glad?

Logically, he should be glad that such an excellent college student as the other party has not gone astray, and his relationship with Mr. Qi is only an ordinary love relationship.

I see. No wonder two people quarrel.

In my mind, one irrelevant idea after another jumped out without logic at all.

Sheng Guangming stood at the door for a long time, trying to restrain the… Anger in his chest.

When he first stepped into the ring, his coach once criticized him for being too gentle and lack of aggression. He always believed in the point to the end on the stage and was often caught by his opponent because of his temporary weakness.

“Sheng Guangming, won’t you be angry? Ah? You won’t be angry if others hit you in the face!”

Slowly relax your curled fist.

It’s not worth getting angry, it’s not worth getting angry.

The two people who entered the room hugged each other intimately, but immediately separated with tacit understanding at the moment of closing the door.

“Are you sick?” Yan Shuang directly scolded, “why did you delete the fingerprint?”

Qi Feiyun took off his windbreaker coat and said faintly, “the password lock is broken in the morning, and the fingerprint is reset.”

“Do you think I’ll believe it?”

“Do you think I did it on purpose?”

The briefcase was placed on the cabinet in the porch at the door. Qi Feiyun walked into the house, followed by Yan Shuang.

“You don’t seem to understand that you are entrusted by Qin yubai to take care of me. It doesn’t mean you can take care of me just because I spend the night with others. Is your behavior too childish?”

The voice echoed in the huge living room, aggressive.

Qi Feiyun’s footsteps stopped. He turned his face. The dark suit he wore during the day was still meticulous, just like the look on his face.

“You think too much.”

“I don’t care who you spend the night with.”

His attitude is gentle and indifferent. As a gun friend, he behaves appropriately.


Yan Shuang glanced at the clock on the wall.

“It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to drive from the hospital.”

“Now this point is the time of traffic jam.”

“Even if the driving skills are good, it will take more than half an hour to come back.”

“I’ll text you…”

Yan Shuang opened the plane in front of Qi Feiyun.

When the mobile phone screen lit up, he immediately smiled, with a sarcastic arc at the corners of his mouth, turned the mobile phone screen over, and there was a missed call on it.

The minute after he sent the message.

“Miss Qi, are you in a hurry?”

Yan Shuang smiled, his eyes bent and shook the mobile phone in the palm of his hand.

The expression on Qi Feiyun’s face did not fluctuate.

“The next door neighbor is a boxer who has just retired,” he said faintly. “I’m afraid you don’t know the measure. I can’t tell Mr. Qin what happened.”

The proud smile on his face faded slowly in his unshakable expression.

Qi Feiyun did not feel the joy of victory.

He is well aware that he is now being kidnapped by emotion.

The lock is broken.

However, when resetting, the option of “whether to keep the original fingerprint” clearly appeared, and he chose “no” almost without hesitation.

From the morning, pay attention to the frequency of mobile phones is much higher than usual.

When the body is connected, it will also affect a person’s psychology.

Looking at each other, there was a frank anger of being offended in those eyes, which compared with his affectation at this time. Qi Feiyun knew that his posture was not good. He pressed the sofa on his side and said faintly, “it’s late. Go to bed.”

He turned and went away. When he turned his back to Yan Shuang, his face finally sank.

Yan Shuang “cut” behind him and refused to accept his airway: “what about the boxer? He has a big chest and no brain. If you don’t come back, maybe we have rolled up now.”

The answer was the sound of the bathroom closing.

And said I didn’t care.

Yan Shuang held the sofa and smiled.

Even the bathroom is wrong.

Although almost all of their emotional lines depend on the indescribable plot, there is no real emotional scene at all.

But even if the doctor put a little emotion in this way, the progress bar of the emotional line immediately increased by a large section.

What a tempting reward.

After Qi Feiyun entered the bathroom, he found that he had gone wrong.

He went into the guest bathroom he didn’t use at all, rather than the bathroom in his master bedroom.

He made a mistake.

It’s too late to correct it now.

Maybe as soon as you go out, you can immediately see the playful smile on that face.

Forget it, you can only make a mistake.

There were no clothes to change in the bathroom. Only the bathrobe could be put on. Qi Feiyun put on the bathrobe, walked out of the bathroom and walked into the bedroom without squinting.

The sound of water came as soon as the bedroom door was opened.

Yan Shuang… Is using his bathroom.

It is obvious that his mistake has been caught.

The outer ring of the bathroom in the bedroom is a layer of frosted glass, which clearly reflects the beautiful contour of the human body. The slender arms bend up and sweep over the head, naturally stroking the wet hair.

This is undoubtedly a very attractive picture.

Qi Feiyun suddenly felt a kind of boredom.

Pulling back and forth like this, trying to test each other roundly, competing who has the upper hand and consuming their emotions endlessly… This relationship is really boring.

Yan Shuang came out of the bathtub, put on his bathrobe, wiped his wet hair, and directly opened the bathroom door.

Qi Feiyun was sitting on the chair beside the bed in his pajamas reading. When he heard the movement, he continued reading without raising his head.

The heat in the bathroom diffused into the bedroom with Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang walked over with the fragrance after bathing, “the shower dew in your room smells better than that over there.”

“You like it. I’ll buy it for you tomorrow.”

Qi Feiyun seems to have completely recovered his calm, gentle and dignified tone, just like when they first met, playing a perfect good man.

Yan Shuang sat directly on his lap.

“What book are you reading?” He raised the book, glanced at the book cover and said, “you believe in religion and read the Bible at night.”

His eyes moved away from those dense words. As soon as he moved to Yan Shuang, Qi Feiyun’s eyes stopped.

Yan Shuangzheng was wearing his bathrobe. The too loose size made his clothes loose and his collar was wide open. It was very easy for people to spy on the scenery inside, or he didn’t want to cover it at all.

The white human skin is like a good picture scroll. The cyan paint is dizzy. It is crooked and messy. It is an disorderly and miserable beauty.

Bruises, kiss marks and tooth marks all clearly set off on it, telling him how crazy he was with a man last night.

The heart beat slowly, the breathing rate became faster, and thin sweat was exuding from his back.


His emotions today have never been summed up so clearly in his mind.

Such beautiful scars… Didn’t come from his handwriting

The thick Bible in his hand was taken away.

The palm fell empty.

Qi Feiyun stared at the deepest tooth mark on Yan Shuang’s shoulder.

The heart in the chest is sending out a strong tremor, an unprecedented strong desire.

Qi Feiyun clearly realized that his reaction had exceeded the warning line of ordinary men in the face of this situation.

From a very young age, he found his abnormality.

For the things they like, other children either cherish them or play with them.

Only he is different.

After getting something you like, the idea that comes to mind is to dismember and destroy it.

For those terrible imagination, instead of feeling fear, he felt unprecedented joy and excitement.

This is not true. He knew it from the beginning.

In order to correct this “mistake”, Qi Feiyun had to worship more piously than any member of his family, praying that he could become like other children.


There is no God in this world.

Learning all psychology doesn’t help.

Neither theology nor science is an antidote to him.

The devil grows in a bone. It makes him itch. It’s an addiction he was born with.

The fingertip touched the scar.

Yan Shuangse shrunk and hissed, “it hurts.”

Qi Feiyun raised his eyes.

Yan Shuang bowed his head and was reading his Bible. After taking a bath, his cheeks were white and red, and his hair was still wet, dripping water bit by bit.

“Tick -”

The delicate eyebrows were picked. The expression on Yan Shuang’s face was more schadenfreude than guilt, “I’m sorry to wet your Bible.”

Every day he sees countless broken organs and deals with all kinds of scars, but Qi Feiyun is still not satisfied.

Because… He didn’t create it himself.

The fingertip pressed the scar hard.

“Why?” Yan Shuang frowned lightly, pretending to eat pain.

Qi Feiyun didn’t feel a trace of guilt when the voice of complaint came into his ears. The corresponding feedback in his brain was satisfaction.

The addict was only briefly satisfied for a second, and then fell into a deeper emptiness.

Not enough. Further instructions came immediately from the brain.

Don’t you want to try something else?

Qi Feiyun lowered his head and kissed his lips lightly.

The touch of scars is wonderful.

Better than he expected.

The blood is being heated.

Yan Shuang smiled and said “itch”, but he didn’t stop him from going on. Instead, he read the Bible leisurely.

“You put our sins… Before you, our hidden evils in the light of your face…”

In the gentle sound of reading aloud, the kisses on the bones gradually exert themselves, and the sharp teeth hidden between the lips are eager to try to taste the flesh and blood under the skin.

At the moment he opened his mouth, the hard cover touched his head.

The sound is as soft as fog.

——”Qi Feiyun, what is your sin and your hidden evil?”

The blood all over seems to be getting cold.

The flame went out suddenly.

What’s he doing?

He has always been on guard, reminding himself to keep “normal” and reminding himself that Yan Shuang is an extremely sharp person. Don’t take it lightly and don’t show flaws.

Have been patient for so long, and even made the choice to stop this relationship just now.

Why can’t you bear it?

Qi Feiyun lowered his head and his teeth were still leaning on the flesh and blood he wanted to bite. Addiction and pain tortured him at the same time. Was it seen through, continued or stopped?

My hair was suddenly rubbed lightly.


Yan Shuang’s voice was calm and light, “be gentle,” and it was the voice of turning a page of the book, “don’t see blood.”

Qi Feiyun was shocked, and he slowly raised his face.

Yan Shuang lowered his head and looked at him through the gap in the Bible.

There was nothing in those gray eyes except the abnormal emotion.

It’s pure and beautiful.

Yan Shuang closed the page, left a hand and gently hooked his chin. He said softly, “didn’t I say that early in the morning? I knew at your first sight…”

He smiled, almost holy, like an angel in a church.

“… what are you?”

The brain suddenly fell into a deeper impact.


“Shh,” Yan Shuang pressed his lips gently with his fingers, “are you sure you want to speak with this mouth now?”

This is an act that is allowed to be recognized, and it is also a degenerate invitation.

Without God, the devil follows.

The teeth bite on the soft skin, and the warm flowing blood burst under his teeth.

Yan Shuang rubbed his hair and poked his ears down, making a painful sound in his throat.

The blood was rekindled.

He was taken in.

Fell completely into the trap.

Cold anger and strong needs pulled in his body. This man completely lifted his addiction, and now only he can solve it.

Yan Shuang was lifted up by Qi Feiyun, and his arms fell softly. The thick Bible fell from the palm of his hand and fell on the thick wool carpet.

The bedroom light was extinguished and plunged into darkness.

In the dark, they no longer pretend to be polite and modest.

The teeth bit down the bone.

The limbs are twisted.

Like two uncivilized beasts.

He is making pain, and the pain is nourishing him.

Unprecedented pleasure like explosion.

There was despair in bliss, and then they felt relieved – that’s what he should do, that’s what they should do.

The night wind blew in along the unclosed French window, “Shua Shua” turned the page, and the words and sentences on the page were reflected in the cold moonlight.

“… but your sins separate you from God; your sins hide his face from you…”

The night is long and there is enough time to release the devil.


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