I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 101

Qi Feiyun is watching his “works”.

It’s too beautiful to describe in words.

His eyes were all taken away by this sad and beautiful body.

His eyes were gentle and focused as never before. He lowered his head and kissed the scar on his chest. His strength was as soft as a trembling wind.

At this moment, he fell in love with this body from the bottom of his heart. He devoutly worshipped it and was willing to be a believer.

Yan Shuang smoked calmly, leaving Qi Feiyun unable to extricate himself in the aftertaste. He had completely withdrawn from the madness just now, and his heart was incomparably calm.

The general constitution is really evil.

No wonder the two people in the original book painted the most indescribable plot values.

Indeed, it has opened the door to a new world.

Yan Shuang even once had the idea of “would it be better without shielding pain”.

Amitabha, you can’t indulge in lust for flesh.

He wants to quit sex!

Yan Shuang smoked leisurely in the sage’s time, and conveniently picked up Qi Feiyun’s hair. Qi Feiyun raised his face. His normally neatly combed short hair was scattered in the center of his eyebrows, and his gray eyes were hidden in it. The expression on his face was a little confused. The person who was always cold and high looked fragile.

Yan Shuang held a cigarette in his mouth, stretched out his thumb and gently pressed his lower lip. “Don’t lick it. It’s all saliva. It’s dirty.”

Being humiliated by this straightforward, Qi Feiyun did not show an angry expression on his face. He lowered his head, leaned his ears against Yan Shuang’s chest, quietly listened to the beating sound of the heart, and held the body he liked tightly with his hands.

“Let go.”

Qi Feiyun still didn’t move.

Before he woke up in that dark dream, his eyes were closed, and his mind was full of chaotic pictures. The intentions of cross, butterfly, goat and virgin flew in his consciousness, accompanied by the sound of gentle Bible reading.

Suddenly there was a tingling sensation on the back of the hand.

Qi Feiyun suddenly opened his eyes.

The aroma of tobacco remains on the tip of the nose.

“Let go,” Yan Shuang said faintly with a drooping face, “I want to take a bath.”

The gray pupils looked at him again.

Still so pure, crystal clear as a child who doesn’t know the world, as if he doesn’t know how he has been hurt.

Yan Shuang took another cigarette and smiled, “it seems that you still like this kind of play?”

Eyelashes up and down, the light flashed, and the pure childlike transparency disappeared, replaced by gradually restored reason.

Qi Feiyun raised his left hand.

There is a light mark on the back of the hand.

Like a ring scar.

His hands, known as the golden hands, are the most valuable and expensive hands in the medical field.

Burned by smoke.

No longer perfect, no longer flawless.

He felt no pity at all. Instead, he felt a sense of relief. He even felt that his hands were much more pleasing to the eye than before.

The tobacco came close to his fingertips again and flashed orange fire.

When the fingertips are about to touch, they are raised and retracted.

Yan bilaterally laughed while smoking. The smoke shook a mess on his lips. “Mr. Qi, you’re playing with fire.”

When he finished, he seemed to be amused by himself and covered his stomach with laughter.

His arm is still white and flawless, like a piece of white jade with good color, running across the abdomen full of tooth marks. The strong contrast strikes people’s eyes, and the contradiction is like his whole person.

“Well, I won’t play with you,” Yan Shuang smiled, wiped his lower eyelids with the back of his hand and patted Qi Feiyun’s head. “I’ll coax you to sleep after I take a bath.”

The bathroom lights up again.

Qi Feiyun was still kneeling on the bed. His hands pressed on the bed surface, and the red flesh on the back of his hands rolled up. There was a tingling feeling, but he still had an unreal feeling.

Thirty years of discipline was broken in just a few months. On this night, he didn’t even guard against the final bottom line.

The sound of water came from the bathroom.

Qi Feiyun turned his face and looked at the figure behind the frosted glass.

What did Yan Shuang say before?

I knew what he was at the first glance.

This sentence was clearly reflected in his mind.

It was what Yan Shuang said to him when they first went to bed.

His hypnosis didn’t work? Or did Yan Shuang not forget him at all?

No, earlier, he had hinted at him to forget him.

It is reasonable to say that Yan Shuang can’t remember what happened before them.

Then there is only one possibility left… His hypnosis defeated Yan Shuang on the whole line.

Yan Shuangbi, who opened the bathroom door and took a bath twice a night, was even more tired than after extreme sports with Qi Feiyun, and directly threw the towel on Qi Feiyun’s shoulder.

“Brush my hair.”

He lay lazily on the bed, pulled up the quilt and looked ready to sleep.

The towel slipped slowly from his shoulder, and Qi Feiyun held its tail.

“You remember me.”


Yan lay on both sides, eyes closed, hands folded under his face, in a standard and clever posture.

Qi Feiyun suddenly felt that he could not ask at the moment.

If you directly ask “are you not hypnotized by me”, it is undoubtedly self disclosure.

If he doesn’t ask, he has to guess by himself.

Maybe… This is Yan Shuang’s purpose.

The towel was wrapped with wet short hair. Qi Feiyun lowered his head and his eyes moved on the soft face. Such a clear face was wrapped with a mystery.

It seems that he can finally understand why his peers were so keen on guessing games in his childhood.

He leaned over and touched his lips lightly against the rich corners of his lips.

The face was so indifferent that it didn’t even shake its eyelashes.

Ruthless people are the most charming.

Qi Feiyun suddenly understood Qin yubai’s appeal.

If you can get all the attention of this person by some means, it is really worth taking a risk.

The idea flashed, and Qi Feiyun couldn’t help laughing.

Qin yubai, who used hypnosis to satisfy his selfish desires some time ago, is very sad, but now he has begun to understand him.

He fell so fast.

Everything is due to the man lying in his bed at this time.

Qi Feiyun stuck to the two lips.

Good night – thank you.

At the table the next morning, the atmosphere was no different from usual, even more harmonious.

The light sweet milk matched the bright cake perfectly, and Yan Shuang was satisfied.

Qi Feiyun said while drinking coffee, “I’ll take you to school later.”

This was something he would not normally do, but Yan Shuang naturally answered as if it would happen every day: “I finished class at 3 p.m. and you’ll pick me up.”


“If you stand me up again…”

Yan double tone warning.

Qi Feiyun put down his coffee cup and stuck a gauze on his left hand, which was very eye-catching, but they turned a blind eye to each other.


After breakfast, Qi Feiyun picked up his briefcase. When Yan Shuang reached for the canvas bag on the shelf, he suddenly said, “wait.”

Yan Shuang twisted his face, “why?”

The man turned and entered the bedroom. A moment later, he came out of the bedroom with a leather backpack in his hand.

“Use this.”

Yan Shuang glanced at it. Just looking at it, he knew that the shoulder foreskin was superior in quality and distributed a charming matte color on it.

It must be expensive.

Yan Shuang accepted it impolitely, stuffed the canvas bag directly into it, carried it on one shoulder, and said, “buy me a new one.”

Qi Feiyun opened the door and heard the sound of the next door almost at the same time.

The other party obviously noticed it, and the man froze at the door.

Qi Feiyun looked back, “I’ll take you to get a deputy card this afternoon.”

Yan Shuang walked past him and kissed him with a smile, “thank you, baby.”

He whirled like a butterfly to the door and saw Sheng Guangming standing motionless at the door two doors apart.

Sheng Guangming is dressed formally today.

Usually, when Yan Shuang saw him, he was either sportswear or casual wear. It was the first time to see him in a suit.

His strong body was forced into a serious suit. The tailor of the suit was very fit, and almost all the beautiful muscle lines on his body were hidden, except for the slight fluctuation of his chest and the sense of introverted strength.

With a handsome, expressionless face.

Unexpectedly, it feels very ferocious.

Yan Shuang looked at Sheng Guangming without scruples, as if nothing had happened.

Sheng Guangming closed the door with a straight face, as if nothing had happened.

He knew Yan Shuang was looking at him.

The agent is right. He doesn’t know and can’t see.

He doesn’t need to know or see.

Other lovers love each other very much. Only he was cheated around.

Yan Shuang looked at him for a while and then took back his eyes. He hooked Qi Feiyun’s arm and pretended to see the gauze on his hand. He looked flustered and said, “no, your hand is injured. Today it won’t affect your operation?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

Qi Feiyun uses the language of statement.

“Hey,” Yan Shuang frowned, “I knew I wouldn’t burn you with cigarette butts last night.”

He said, but Yu Guang glanced at Sheng Guangming.

Sheng Guangming stood indifferently waiting for the elevator.

Yan Shuang was still laughing, but the hand he was holding pulled out, wrapped around his face and covered his mouth, “don’t tease Mr. Sheng anymore.” after saying that, Qi Feiyun couldn’t nod his head to Sheng Guangming around him, “I’m sorry.”

Sheng Guangming was determined to ignore them, but Qi Feiyun directly pointed out Yan Shuang’s small action. He had to turn his face, “no… cough…”

Jun’s face coughed red.

No, Sheng Guangming coughed uncontrollably and realized that he had been holding too hard just now. All his strong momentum all morning failed.

Almost coughed until the elevator came up.

I don’t know if it’s really unstoppable or too embarrassing. Just keep coughing.

The two men on the side have advanced into the elevator.

Sheng Guangming stopped coughing slowly.

“Mr. Sheng,” the doctor pressed the key on the elevator, “won’t you come in?”

There are three people standing in the elevator.

The temperature on Sheng Guangming’s face slowly dropped.

He bet that he was the only one of the three people in the elevator who was embarrassed!

For what?

People don’t want to be invincible, as long as they have thick skin, and he hasn’t done anything wrong… Sheng Guangming slowly hardened his face while persuading himself.

Just as he returned to his most serious state, he was suddenly poked in the back of his waist.

Sheng Guangming suddenly opened his eyes and slowly twisted his face.

There was a Qi Feiyun between Yan Shuang and him.

Both men looked straight ahead.

The statue like man in the middle suddenly opened his mouth.

“Stop joking with Mr. Sheng.”


Qi Feiyun turned his face again and nodded to Sheng Guangming, “sorry, he didn’t mean any harm.”

Sheng guangming: ”

Somehow, Qi Feiyun’s face like a parent made him feel more unhappy than Yan Shuang’s casual provocation.

There is a strong sense of rejection.

It seems that the two people are one, and he is just a toy to make his boyfriend happy.

When the elevator door opens, Yan Shuang puts his arms around Qi Feiyun and walks out briskly. Sheng Guangming hears him asking Qi Feiyun to go to a restaurant for dinner behind him.

Qi Feiyun still walked steadily under his shaking.

A calm doctor with lively college students.

It seems to be a good match.

Sheng Guangming’s throat itched and coughed again. He pressed it very low and very light. He was the only one who heard it. He didn’t want to disturb the couple, but his eyes were still looking at the same-sex couple uncontrollably.

His Yu Guangli noticed Yan Shuang’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

The next second, he let go of his hand holding Qi Feiyun.

A black car stopped at the door of the apartment.

Sheng Guangming stood in the back and recognized the car by looking at the front and rear of the car.

It was the man who sent Yan Shuang back that day and kissed Yan Shuang.

Sheng Guangming thought after a while – if Qi Feiyun and Yan Shuang are lovers, what are those men?

He kept walking and his sight expanded with his forward steps. When he saw the people in front of the car, his pupils narrowed a little.

Not that man.

He is a younger… And more handsome boy. He is wearing a camel windbreaker and has a slender body. He exudes a colder breath in the slightly cold autumn wind.

He was staring at Yan Shuang, which made Sheng Guangming, who was used to life and death struggle in the ring, feel cold.

“Ji Yao…”

Yan Shuang’s voice was timid.

Sheng Guangming has never seen Yan Shuang like that.

He came forward, gently grabbed the boy’s sleeve and lowered his head without saying a word, like a child who had made a mistake.

Later, the boy called Ji Yao took out his hand inserted in his pocket. He wore a pair of black leather gloves, reached out and grabbed the wrist of the hand Yan Shuang pulled him, and then pulled it out firmly.

“Don’t touch me.”



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