I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 102

The early morning wind was cold and clean, blowing the black hair on his head. Yan Shuang seemed to not understand what Ji Yao was saying. He stared at the person in front of him and called again, “Ji Yao…”

He only called his name, and it seemed that even he didn’t know what to say.

There was a trace of helplessness on his face and an obvious loss.

Ji Yao is familiar with this expression.

Every time, every time Yan Shuang showed this expression, he couldn’t help helping him solve the problem.

They are friends.

He is his only friend.

He always believed that Yan Shuang was the simple and kind Yan Shuang. He and Qin yubai were forced and Wei Yichen were cheated.

Even if his father, his cousin and everyone around him are telling him that Yan Shuang is not what you think, he still has no choice to believe it.

Ji Yao narrowed his eyes slightly. He looked at the face carefully and suddenly felt very strange.

Is that the same face that just took a man’s hand and showed a sweet smile?

He can’t recognize it at all.

Ji Yao’s eyes slid from that face to his white slender neck, and his eyes solidified on the tight collar.

Yan Shuang is wearing a light blue shirt today. The collar of the shirt is very high. The last button is almost stuck to his Adam’s apple.

“Aren’t you tired?” Ji Yao said faintly.

Yan Shuang said, “what?”

Ji Yao stretched out his hand. The black leather gloves wrapped his hand very thin. His index finger pointed to the top button of his shirt and said gently, “the button is so tight. Aren’t you tired?”

Yan Shuang subconsciously grabbed his collar.

Such action is tantamount to trying to cover up.

The four eyes were opposite, and Yan Shuang’s eyes could not hide their confusion.

In fact, Ji Yao has already made a judgment.

The moment Yan Shuang appeared in his sight holding Qi Feiyun, he knew it.

The man who has been lying to him… It’s really him.

Now it’s just tearing down the human skin more thoroughly and making all the deception clear in the sun.

Will Yan Shuang hurt?

Ji Yao denied the idea in his heart.

Of course he won’t hurt.

He was the one who was deceived and fooled, and the person in front of him might, as his father said, secretly laugh at him many times.

How could he hurt?


It’s ridiculous.

Yan Shuang grabbed his collar and didn’t let go. He looked at Ji Yao, his eyes stopped, as if he wanted to say something, but he still couldn’t say anything.

“Ji Yao…”

He reached out again and tried to grab the sleeve.

The outstretched hand failed again.

Ji Yao dodged away from the hand. He looked at Yan Shuang’s bright and clean eyes and said slowly, “that day you asked me if I had seen Qin Qing before I knew you.”

Yan Shuang looked stunned.

Ji Yao looked at him and said, “yes.”

The cold words fell, and Yan Shuang’s outstretched hand seemed to be stabbed and shrunk slightly.

Ji Yao looked at the face. It was indeed a face very similar to Qin Qing, but all that flashed in his mind was the picture of being with Yan Shuang.

Go to class together, go back to the dormitory together, eat together, watch the snow together

Those memories filled my mind and had already squeezed the little heart when I was young.

“I knew Qin Qing before I knew you.”

“He can play the piano and draw.”

“He’s excellent and……” his thin lips moved slightly and spit out the remaining words, “clean.”

The hand holding the collar was slowly put down, but there was a completely different expression on the similar face, shocked as if he didn’t know what to react.

He looked at him like he was in pain.

“Ji Yao…” he called his name again, his meaning trembling, with an imperceptible cry.

Ji Yao smiled.

He went on talking, and his words seemed to be so smooth and difficult without thinking at all.

“You do look like him.”

“But it just looks like.”

Yan Shuang’s eyes widened slightly. He seemed to foresee what Ji Yao was going to say. His lips trembled slightly. He whispered, “don’t…”

When he prayed to say “no”, the most cruel words had overlapped.

“You don’t deserve to compare with him.”

The slender figure turned and didn’t even see Yan Shuang’s reaction. A corner of the windbreaker rubbed Yan Shuang’s drooping palm, as sharp as a knife.

When the door opened, the black housekeeper in the co driver’s seat nodded slightly to the new owner, while Ji Yao completely ignored him, closed the door and directly started the car.

The tires screeched on the ground, and the black luxury car made a beautiful turn and drove straight away from everyone’s sight.

The car sped past. Sheng Guangming stepped back and avoided it. He clearly saw the man sitting in the co pilot in less than a second.

… it was the man who took Yan Shuang away that day.

He seemed to have a vague guess of what had happened.

It was only last night that I wanted to stay away from Yan Shuang. I ran into it again today.

To tell the truth, he can’t figure out how many “boyfriends” Yan Shuang has now.

“Let’s go.”

Qi Feiyun had recovered and stretched out his hand to gently pull Yan Shuang’s arm.

He was there that day.

Yan Shuang’s “acting skills” left a very deep impression on him. He was able to play with the three top tycoons in his hands, and then walked away. He only felt puzzled at that time. The longer he spent with Yan Shuang, the more he could understand this man… Terrible place.

Funny, the little young master thought these words could bring back a city on this lawless man.

Yan Shuang was not pulled by him.

He stood there, as if his soul had gone out of his body, staring at the nothingness in the air.

Qi Feiyun frowned slightly. Everyone left. What else do you play?


As soon as his voice fell, he paused fiercely.

Yan Shuang cried.

Two tears fell directly from the eyes, like a stress like physiological reaction, and fell straight to the ground without even wetting Yan Shuang’s cheeks.

Then more and more tears fell from his eyes.

He seemed to be caught in some kind of great blow and completely lost control of his body. Just like this… He looked at the nothingness in front of him dull and desperate.

Qi Feiyun saw Yan Shuang cry.

Hypocritical, artificial, or cheerful.

Those tears have a purpose.

Now, he seemed to have no idea who he was, where he was, or even why he shed tears. He was at a loss for a while before he slowly reached out to wipe his tears. His wrist covered his eyes. His action became more and more urgent and rude.


All the sounds were broken and scattered by the uncontrollable cry in the throat.

“What the fuck am I crying for…”

He suddenly smiled, but the tears fell more fiercely. He looked at Qi Feiyun and the corners of his mouth opened.

“Who is he…”

“I don’t even remember him…”

“What are you doing to me…”

In a flash, he squatted on the ground as if he didn’t stand firm, and both of them pressed their temples.

“Stop crying.”


“Hold it for me.”

He said it himself, but the cry became thicker and thicker, and his voice was so astringent that it seemed to squeeze out of his throat.

It was another shaking. Yan Shuang sat directly on the steps. He held his head and buried his whole face in his knees.

There’s no sound.

Only the thin shoulders trembled and trembled in the violent earthquake.

Qi Feiyun watched quietly, and the palm of his briefcase tightened quietly.

It’s true? Or fake?

If it’s fake.

Then his acting skills are so good that he is about to deceive him.

If it’s true.

So the only person Yan Shuang… Loves is

Sheng Guangming watched Qi Feiyun step forward with a cold face, directly left the crying person in place, went straight to the parked vehicle, got in the same car – drove away.

Sheng Guangming was at a loss and wanted to go, but his feet were stuck in place. After the battle between heaven and man, goodwill finally prevailed.

“Are you okay?”

“Are you okay?”

The same words came from the housekeeper in the car.

This concern is beyond his scope of responsibility, but the speed is too fast, threatening his own life and safety, so he has to speak.

The vehicle has been speeding.

The driver looked calm and calm, but the hands holding the steering wheel were very tight, and the leather gloves rubbed against the steering wheel, making a “creak” sound.

Wei Yichen put his palm lightly on his knee and said, “Ji Shao, don’t forget what you promised Mr. Ji.”

The brakes screeched.

The body bound by the seat belt bounced back and forth.

Without saying a word, Ji Yao untied his safety belt and got out of the car.

The vehicle has unknowingly driven to the southernmost sea of the city. Ji Yao didn’t go far. He stood in front of the dam a few meters away from the car and looked at the dark water in the sun.

The sea breeze dishevelled his short hair.

The Adam’s apple rolled gently. He twisted his face and rolled astringently in his throat. He endured it until now from the moment he saw Yan Shuang.

See a person’s true face, but also vent their emotions.

He should be happy.

From today on, Yan Shuang will no longer be his friend. He will not waver for Yan Shuang at all.

Readjust the position and everything will return to its original state.

He stared at the dark sea, and the beating waves of the sea jumped into his eyes, inch by inch golden light.

He remembered the sunset that day, which was reflected on the water.

… their first kiss.


How can a friend Kiss?

He likes him.

He likes him

Ji Yao gently closed his eyes.

The sea breeze swept over and took away the wet meaning on the boy’s face in an instant. It helped him pretend that nothing had happened, only the cheek left tingling and dryness.

Wei Yichen sat in the car. From his perspective, he could only see the profile of Ji Yao. It was too far away. He couldn’t see Ji Yao’s expression at this time.

In fact, he doesn’t have to see it. He knows how it looks.

Wei Yichen turned his face and looked at his face in the rear-view mirror of the vehicle – that’s the look.

Sheng Guangming carefully observes Yan Shuang through the rearview mirror.

He didn’t expect to turn a blind eye to this man after he made up his mind last night. Today, he broke his plan and took the initiative to send Yan Shuang to school.

It’s not his fault.

Yan Shuang looks really miserable.

No matter who sees it, he can’t help helping.

This has nothing to do with what kind of person Yan Shuang is, but what kind of person he is.

Sheng Guangming convinced himself very well.

… Yan Shuang is still crying.

He leaned against the window, his eyes wide open and wept silently.

He was like a failed flower, which lost its vitality at once.

Sheng Guangming thought: since you like it so much, why don’t you get involved with others?

Forget it, it’s not what he should worry about.

That’s it. That’s it.

The car stopped at the back gate of the University.

“Here we are.”

Sheng Guangming spoke to remind.

After a long time, Yan Shuangcai seemed to have recovered his mind. His red and swollen eyes turned to him and another tear fell empty.

Sheng Guangming was slightly stunned and frowned. When he was about to say something, Yan Shuang turned his face and pushed open the door.

“Mr. Sheng,” before closing the door, he turned back and looked sincere, “I’m sorry.”

When the door closed, Sheng Guangming was stunned for a while. “It’s all right,” he paused and continued, “think about your feelings.”

Still say more.

Sheng Guangming quickly started the car and ran away, but his eyes still couldn’t help looking in the rearview mirror.

Thin people look thinner in the rearview mirror.

Like a piece of paper.


Sheng Guangming shook his head and took back his sight. Today is his opening day. He is about to be late.

After the vehicle disappeared from sight, Yan Shuangcai put down his shoulder bag, found a paper towel from the bag, slowly wiped his tears, swept the haze on his face and looked lazy.

Ji Yao and Wei Yichen appeared together today. He was not surprised at all.

Desperate abandoned dogs can only seek the protection of those who have the strength to fight with Qin Ji.

The only candidate is Ji wensong.

Ji wensong is estimated to be “scared” by him in the gambling game. He must be impatient to seek an opportunity to get his son out. He will never miss the opportunity to send him to the door.

Although it was not agreed in advance.

But these people really cooperate with him.

Wei Yichen, Ji Yao and Ji wensong, none of them let him down, and they went on very faithfully according to their personality.

I believe that the subsequent plot should go on as he expected.

Yan shuangtuan the paper towel and raised his hand lightly. The white radian fell into the trash can not far away.

He smiled easily and said silently – “good ball”.


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