I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 103

Ji Yao changed his system.

As soon as Yan Shuang arrived at the classroom, he was told the news.

In fact, this is not too explosive news. Everyone knows that Ji Yao will not stay in the College of Arts for long and will go to the College of Finance sooner or later.

But the news is related to Ji Yao, which naturally attracted people’s attention.

“Really?” Yan Shuang whispered, “I don’t know.”

“Don’t be funny. You’re not the best friend with Ji Yao.”

Yan Shuang opened the book in silence and looked lonely. The careless person saw him like this, immediately had an association, immediately stopped the conversation and twisted his face.

Yan Shuang usually attends classes with Ji Yao. They are inseparable and have become a fixed scenic spot in the Department. Over time, this position around Yan Shuang is automatically “shielded” by everyone.

That was Ji Yao’s position. Passers-by glanced at it and knew it.

The news of Ji Yao’s transfer system has just come. Many people don’t know or are uncertain, and some are out of inertia. In short, various factors lead to no one sitting around Yan Shuang until the formal class.

He walked alone, like the lone goose left behind in the flock of geese.

After class, Yan Shuang walked alone among groups of people.

While he is bound with Ji Yao, he is also isolated from social interaction with others.

Now Ji Yao “doesn’t” him, and he is left alone.

Sitting alone in class, the canteen was automatically ignored. The lower berth of the dormitory was the same as before Ji Yao left. No one dared to move, so it became Yan Shuang occupying two beds alone.

Yan Shuang: who knows the happiness of the lone ranger?

He was reading in Ji Yao’s bed, sighing in his heart.

It feels like Ji Yao’s people are gone. He inherited Ji Yao’s legacy.

A little cool.

Yan Shuang put down the book and put his hands on his chest. He repeated the rest of the plot line and timeline in his mind again.

The current situation is that Qin Yu is white and ripe. He doesn’t care what he likes.

Wei Yichen is familiar. He went to Xiaoji as an assistant. Eighty or ninety percent still don’t give up. In the future, he must help Xiaoji do him, and the cornea also pointed to him to add fuel to the flames.

Xiao Ji is half cooked. Today, the two people completely tear their faces. Xiao Ji looks like he wants to get rid of his relationship with him. Naturally, he won’t disturb his two lines with Qi Feiyun and Sheng Guangming.

Qi Feiyun’s emotional line was originally shallow. Today’s performance is almost full. The rest is that there are many indescribable scenes.

Yan Shuang also studied the play with Qi Feiyun.

In the original work, the two are not simply indescribable. Qi Feiyun plays very well in bed. There are some extreme sports in this indescribable play.

Yan Shuang tried extreme sports with Qi Feiyun, and it was faster than the usual indescribable progress bar.

The rest is Sheng Guangming.

For Yan Shuang, on the contrary, he felt that Sheng Guangming was the most troublesome line for him.

In the original book, this line has a large number of emotional lines of mutual love, ordinary love, and even reached the stage of marriage. It didn’t usher in a big crash until the night before marriage.

This serious love affair is not really his strength.

Lock your heart and love jpg。

Forget it, stick to it. In love, as long as one person is involved enough.

It’s not easy to Hang Sheng Guangming’s “straight man”?

After that, you Jiyao finished. He donated all his kidneys and corneas at one time. After retirement, it was perfect.

Yan Shuang picked up the book on his chest again with satisfaction.

Before the end of the world, he had to find a chance to see Qin Qing.

It must be interesting to have a chance to meet someone who looks like him.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, Qi Feiyun was late on time.

Yan Shuang was amused when he looked at the empty school gate.

Nima has a bigger temper than a cow. He doesn’t understand. He’s not a man. He always throws his face at him. Why?

It’s reasonable. He’s such a good man. Don’t they sleep or earn? Don’t you support him gratefully?

Gu Zaowen is really far from the spectrum.

Before Yan Shuang sighed for a while, a sapphire blue car came and stopped beside him.

“Yan Shuang -”

A head sticking out of the window was Qi Feiyun’s assistant.

His expression on his face was very urgent. At the same time, there were all kinds of complex emotions such as confusion and panic. When he saw Yan Shuang, he quickly waved his hand, “get in the car.”

Yan Shuang got on the bus inexplicably. The assistant was so anxious that his hands were shaking.

“What’s the matter?”

The assistant looked ugly. “Dr. Qi was injured.”

In the morning, when Qi Feiyun came, the assistant noticed the abnormality. Qi Feiyun put a piece of gauze on his hand.

“Dr. Qi, what happened to your hand?”


Qi Feiyun, as always, did not disclose any of his private life to his assistant.

The assistant did not ask again, but said, “the two operations today…”

“No problem.”

The assistant felt a strong sense of security immediately.

“The operation was very successful,” the assistant frowned as he drove. “But Dr. Qi’s hand was injured again after two operations, so he needed more attention to complete the operation. At the end of the operation, Dr. Qi was too tired…”

Qi Feiyun finished the operation at about 2:30 p.m. and immediately washed and changed his clothes when he came out of the operating room.

“Dr. Qi, do you have something urgent?”

The assistant handed over the briefcase quickly.


Qi Feiyun’s face was a little tired and his hands trembled, but he still picked up his briefcase and prepared to go out.

No one expected that the moment Qi Feiyun came to the corner of the corridor.

“The man rushed out,” the assistant is still in shock, holding the steering wheel tightly with both hands, “… Dr. Qi was injured.”

The assistant said vaguely. Yan Shuang was silent for a moment and asked, “what hurt him?”

The assistant dodged, “you knew it in the past.”

He glanced at Yan Shuang, “Dr. Qi won’t let me say. Anyway, go to the hospital first.”

From his expression, Yan Shuang guessed that Qi Feiyun must have suffered more than a little injury this time.

Damn it!

They still have so many unspeakable stories to brush!

Qi Feiyun, don’t hurt the key parts!

Yan Shuang suddenly realized the loophole in his work plan – the personal safety of the slag attackers.

If something happens in the middle of a slag attack, he can’t accept it.

Yan Shuang was really anxious, “drive faster!”

The hospital has become a pot of porridge. Qi Feiyun is the gold lettered signboard in the hospital. The operation is full all year round. I don’t know how many patients are waiting for him to help.

The assistant came with Yan Shuang and learned from the nurse that Qi Feiyun was in the operating room. They were black at the same time.

“What did he get hurt?” Yan Shuangji road.

The nurse was also worried. “Dr. Qi was stabbed in the abdomen. How the internal organs were damaged is unknown.”

Yan Shuang: ”

Who is it?

Who stabbed him, little scum!

He’s going to kill him!

The assistant took Yan Shuang to the operating room.

“The madman said…”

The assistant sitting on the bench with his head down suddenly said, “if he can’t get Dr. Qi, no one else can think of it.”

Yan Shuang: ”

Is it true that there are crazy people crazy about love everywhere in the ancient world?

“In fact, Dr. Qi is really strange recently.”

“Always look at your cell phone.”

“Last time he was supposed to be on duty in the hospital, he received a text message, immediately changed his shift temporarily and left in a hurry.”

“At that time, I was surprised that Dr. Qi had never been like this before.”

“Today, he had two operations. He didn’t rest for a moment and was in a hurry to go.”

“You know…” the assistant suddenly raised his head and looked at Yan Shuang with red eyes. “Did Dr. Qi say anything to me after he was stabbed by the madman?”

The stabbing man ran away with a shrill smile, and the blood filled his vision. The assistant had been scared to cold hands and feet, trembled and stretched out his hand, and didn’t know what to do, “Dr. Qi, Dr. Qi, you, you, etc…”

Qi Feiyun pressed the wound, and his face quickly turned pale in the blood loss. The look on his face was still calm, “you go to pick up Yan Shuang for dinner.”

“I booked a seat in Chengyun…”

The assistant couldn’t help crying when he said this.

He was Qi Feiyun’s assistant. He saw with his own eyes that Qi Feiyun had rejected many people who asked him for love. In his heart, he always mistakenly thought that a hard hearted person like Qi Feiyun could not be moved to others.

He never expected Qi Feiyun to fall on Yan Shuang.

In fact, it’s not unexpected, but Qi Feiyun’s moving appearance really shocked him.

Yan Shuang sat silently. When the assistant cried less, he handed in the paper towel.

“Thank you.” The assistant wiped his tears, looked at Yan Shuang with a calm expression and said, “aren’t you… Aren’t you sad?”

Even he, who is only Qi Feiyun’s working partner, is so sad. Why hasn’t Qi Feiyun’s people at the top of his heart responded at all?

Yan Shuang was silent for a while and said, “I don’t know.”

When Qi Feiyun woke up, he opened his eyes and saw the white ceiling. He immediately recalled what had happened before.

He was stabbed.

Qi Feiyun frowned slightly and reached out to open the quilt to look at the wound. He didn’t know who had done the operation for him and how the suture was.

“Don’t move.”

The clear and familiar voice made Qi Feiyun twist his face.

Yan Shuang took a water cup in his hand and was standing at the door of the ward. He looked a little reproachful. “He didn’t stop when he woke up,” he continued as he walked. “Do you know that the knife is so close, it’s only a few centimeters, and it’s going to hurt the organs.”

Do you know which organ it is?

It’s a kidney!

Scared him to death.

Yan Shuang sat down in the chair in front of the hospital bed. “Fortunately, you didn’t hurt. You have to lie down for ten and a half days and a half months if you didn’t hurt yourself.” his eyebrows frowned more and more. “You’re so careless!”

The tone was full of anger.

He was so angry that he even took a sip of water to calm his anger.

“What are you looking at me for?”

Yan Shuang seemed still angry and glared at him, “believe it or not, I pulled your eyes together.”

Dig the kidney, dig the eye, and live together.

Qi Feiyun looked at Yan Shuang quietly. He didn’t know whether the anesthetic effect had not passed, or whether his injury had affected his mood. His mood is very calm now, much calmer than when he left Yan Shuang in the morning.

Yan Shuang lowered his head to avoid his eyes, rubbed the water cup with his palm, and suddenly said, “I’ve been stabbed. I still want someone to take me to dinner. Are you sick?”

The tone is still bad.

Qi Feiyun was silent for a moment and said, “it’s hard to book a seat.”

Yan Shuang raised his eyes and stared at him angrily.

But strangely, Qi Feiyun was not unhappy at all when he stared so fiercely.

“I’m hurt,” the effect of the anesthetic really hasn’t faded. He speaks very slowly, word by word and very clearly, “… It has nothing to do with you.”

This is true and true.

The relationship between them is purely physical, and there is no need to pay emotional costs for each other.

Those eyes staring at him suddenly seemed to have lost their momentum.

“Your assistant asked me if I was sad that you were hurt.”

Qi Feiyun listened quietly.

“I said I didn’t know.”

Qi Feiyun’s expression did not change. He looked at the water cup in Yan’s hands and thought: the water should be cold.

“I think my brain is strange.”

“A lot of pictures are broken.”

“I seem to forget a lot of things, and I seem to think of a lot of things gradually…”

“I want to be sad,” Yan Shuang raised his face. His face was sincere and confused. “Qi Feiyun, I really want to be sad for you.”

“But I don’t know why, I just can’t feel sad.”

He clutched the water glass, looked up and poured another mouthful of water, as if to ease his anxiety.

“I’m still thinking about Qin yubai.”

“It’s strange that I felt so bad because of Ji Yao this morning.”

“But Qi Feiyun,” Yan Shuang looked straight at the gray pupils, “I also want to be sorry for you.”

“But I can’t.”

“Why do you say that?”

He was really confused, confused that he couldn’t find an outlet for his confused mood.

Qi Feiyun knows why.

Because he made him forget him.

The brain faithfully executes this instruction.

When receiving the instruction of emotional transfer, the brain receives it again.

Two hypnosis and two instructions have caused confusion in his brain.

For Ji Yao, he only awakened emotion, but did not awaken memory.

For him, he only awakened memory, but could not mobilize emotion.

Everything is distorted and misplaced, just like their current relationship.

“Don’t be sad…” Qi Feiyun said slowly, “you don’t have to be sad for me.”

Yan Shuang held his face with one hand and blinked, “really?”


Yan Shuang’s expression relaxed. “Let me be frank. Can you help me book a seat for Chengyun Ji again?”

Qi Feiyun smiled.

He remembered the feeling that the knife was inserted into his abdomen. It didn’t hurt at all. The cold thin blade immediately became warm in his blood. This was the brain’s first-aid self deception.

Qi Feiyun could even think calmly at that time: Yan Shuang was waiting for him to pick him up. He promised not to stand him up this time.



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