I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 104

The stabbing man was soon found out.

He didn’t leave the hospital at all. After running around in the hospital for a while, he went to the roof. He held a bloody knife in his arms like a baby. He licked it around and said: don’t come here. My dagger is poisonous.

The security guards in the hospital formed a circle on the roof and didn’t dare to go up.

When the police arrived, air cushions had been laid downstairs.

Yan Shuang saw the movement in the ward and went to watch the excitement with Qi Feiyun’s veteran cadre’s water cup. He opened the window and listened attentively for a while. He turned back to Qi Feiyun and said, “Mr. Qi, he asked where your ward is. He wants to jump out of your window.”

Qi Feiyun’s face rarely showed a similar helpless expression.

Yan Shuang leaned against the window and listened for a while. He tutted, “Mr. Qi, you are charming enough,” he paused. “No one wants to live or die for me.”

Yan Shuang was sad. “Qin yubai said he loved me, but he didn’t even want to jump for me.”

The effect of the anesthetic slowly subsided. Qi Feiyun really felt the pain of the wound and couldn’t help but frown slightly.

Yan Shuang looked back and came back with a water cup. “Does it hurt?”

Qi Feiyun did not deny, “a little.”

“Love is something that hurts,” Yan Shuang sighed. “Miss Qi, do you feel it?”

Qi Feiyun and Yan Shuang spend 80% of their time in physical communication, and most of the conversation is flirting. Yan Shuang is almost like chatting with him like a friend for the first time.

The expression on Qi Feiyun’s face showed his strangeness and unaccustomed to such a mode of getting along.

Yan Shuang: don’t ask. Asking means that the emotional line is full and there is no need to play.

The emotional pool of Qi Feiyun and Yan Shuang in the original book is really pitifully shallow.

Based on Yan Shuang’s current judgment of Qi Feiyun, he feels that Qi Feiyun is a little fond of him at most.

In the original book, Yan Shuang was really miserable.

Qi Feiyun was tossed and turned to sleep. Finally, he was a little fond of it.

Qi Feiyun was active when he gave Yan Shuang a cornea transplant. He volunteered. He couldn’t trust other doctors and was afraid of being damaged by Qin Qing.

Yan Shuang drank water, “do you want to drink water?”

Qi Feiyun: “you can’t drink water within 6 hours after operation.”

“Oh, I’ll tell you. I won’t give you a drink if you want.”

Qi Feiyun: ”

Yan Shuang ran back to the window to watch the play.

Qi Feiyun lay still for a while and gradually heard the movement. It seemed to be very fierce and noisy.

“Close the window, it’s dangerous.”

After listening to Qi Feiyun’s dissuasion, Yan Shuang burst into laughter.

“It’s all right. The little fool found the wrong place. He’s playing in the window opposite us.”

Qi Feiyun: ”

Yan Shuang listened with interest for a long time. Finally, he angrily took back his head and closed the window. He turned his head to Qi Feiyun and said with regret: “saved.”

Qi Feiyun: ”

He seems to have more helplessness today than he did in the previous 30 years.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s OK to save him,” Yan Shuang drank seriously. “In this way, I can personally send him to hell.”

“… don’t mess around.”

Qi Feiyun’s tone was helpless.

He was stabbed and lay in bed. The whole person was no longer cold and dignified. His face was pale and his hair was messy. His eyes looked at Yan Shuang without lethality. Yan Shuang held his water cup. “You’re a good cup. Give it to me.”

Qi Feiyun suddenly wanted to sigh.


“Go and watch the excitement -”

Yan Shuang slipped out with oil on the soles of his feet carrying a water cup.

Until the door was closed vigorously, Qi Feiyun realized that he was almost “walked” by Yan Shuang in the whole process, and he lost even a little control over Yan Shuang.

Although it seems to be the case all the time.

Since they met, Yan Shuang has always had the upper hand in emotion and thinking.

Armed with a shotgun and bow and arrow, he constantly attacks him. He is smart and sharp to the extreme. He is the best hunter. He only enjoys the fun of hunting, but it is easy to lose interest in the prey itself.

For example, Mr. Qin, who “goes to hospital in a hurry”.

Another example is the embarrassed housekeeper.

Is Ji Yao special?

Maybe not.

Before the dust settled, Qi Feiyun did not dare to assert that he had seen through Yan Shuang.

This is a mystery.

And no solution.

While Qi Feiyun was immersed in thinking about Yan Shuang and forgot his physical pain, Yan Shuang came back. His face was full of vitality and could almost be called jubilant.


“I said in front of him that I slept you.”

“He almost killed himself on the spot.”

Yan Shuang sighed, “it’s a pity that he didn’t capture his expression at that time,” Yan Shuang said sincerely to Qi Feiyun, “you must have stretched the line.”

Qi Feiyun was silent for a moment and said, “don’t make a madman.”

Yan Shuang: you’re dead. The madman said don’t provoke the madman.

Yan Shuang went to the hospital bed and looked kindly at the injured slag attack.

“If you really care about me, take good care of your body and recover as soon as possible, you know?”

Qi Feiyun felt that his words were not perfunctory or hypocritical at all.

But somehow, he always felt that Yan Shuang looked at him now… It was hard to describe.

Yan Shuang rubbed his hair lightly.

“Don’t worry, I won’t mess with others during your injury.”

“I’m at most having an affair with my pectoralis major.”

“Do you mind?”

Qi Feiyun: ”

“According to our relationship,” Qi Feiyun paused and said slowly, “I have no position to interfere with you.”

“That’s good,” Yan Shuang kissed his eyelid like a reward. “When you’re well, I’ll show you women’s clothes.”

Qi Feiyun: “…” it seems that his suture is really going to break.

“Don’t think about it. It’s pure fan welfare. Everyone has a share.”

“Can I refuse?”

Yan Shuang opened his eyes. “Can you refuse my women’s clothes?”

Qi Feiyun: ”

“Mr. Qi,” Yan Shuang said painfully, “I’m afraid you’re a little seriously ill.”

After flirting with the injured slag attack, Yan Shuang went out to chat with his little assistant.

The assistant just saw Yan Shuangzhi proclaiming his sovereignty over Qi Feiyun in front of the murderer. Now he is still shocked.

He is not surprised that the two are a pair.

But Yan Shuang’s words are too explicit.

——”I put Qi Feiyun to sleep.”

——”Dog, that’s a man you can’t get in your life.”

——”It’s killing you.”

Than the middle finger.

A series of operations went on and on, and even the people’s police were stunned. They almost didn’t catch the murderer who was going to commit suicide.

“Why did you cry so miserably just now?” Yan Shuang, the first mover, said with great interest, “are you bent, too?”

Assistant:… The word “also” is used in his imagination.

“No, of course not,” the assistant hurriedly denied. “I just respect Dr. Qi. You know, Dr. Qi has excellent medical skills and good character. He is also very good to my subordinates. When Dr. Qi was injured, I just didn’t expect it for a moment and didn’t control myself.” he waved his hand desperately. “I really don’t like men.”

Yan Shuang nodded. He drank water and said deeply, “I believe you.”

“If there are crazy people in this world, there are normal people.”

He shook his glass at his assistant. “It’s called the law of conservation of energy.”

Assistant: ”

“Is Dr. Qi awake?” The assistant said cautiously.

Yan Shuang nodded, “yes, I woke up. I woke up for a while. I gave him a live broadcast of the fool… The fool jumped from the building. He was very excited.”

Assistant: ”

It’s really hard for him to imagine Qi Feiyun’s appearance of “listening with enthusiasm”.

In addition, Yan Shuang’s attitude and appearance are very casual, which is quite different from the enthusiastic and cheerful college student in his previous impression.

“Where is the hospital canteen? I’m hungry.”

There was a good meal in the evening, but it was a pity that it was ruined.

That fool will die.

Yan Shuang thought angrily.

Find out where he is serving his sentence another day. Go to the door and explain to him in detail how he sleeps Qi Feiyun. It’s not over until he’s angry.

How much time did it take him.

The assistant took Yan Shuang to dinner. Yan Shuang was shocked by the food in the hospital.

“You have a buffet?!”

The assistant looked strange, “yes.”

Yan Shuang: “…” brain congestion. Brain congestion. I knew he would have gone to visit Qi Feiyun.

The absurdity of ancient novels also has advantages.

The hospital is too luxurious, and the food in the hospital is too good.

Yan Shuang sighed while eating: “is the patient meal here also very luxurious?”

The assistant replied, “the patient’s meals are customized, and each patient’s needs and taboos are different.”

Yan Shuang: “…” ancient novels are good!

He could not help but said, “are there any patients… For example, there is a problem with the kidney. You know what I mean, can you eat lobster?”

Assistant: “… It should be… Ok…”

Yan Shuang nodded with satisfaction.

Well, he hopes to spend his last days in the world peacefully in this hospital in the future.




Yan Shuang was full and ready to go back to bed.

The assistant was shocked again. “Don’t you stay with Dr. Qi?”

Yan Shuang: “I want to accompany him.”

The assistant breathed a sigh of relief. Right, how can lovers be separated at this time.

Yan Shuang: “but I’m afraid he loves me.”

Assistant: ”

That’s what I said, but… The assistant found that he couldn’t refute it, and even couldn’t find a reason to leave people. There were both nursing workers and him in the hospital. Yan Shuang’s staying was really useless, but

The assistant struggled for a long time. Seeing Yan Shuang standing quietly with his bag on his back, he thought whether Yan Shuang just talked or changed his mind?

They looked at each other. The assistant looked forward to it, and Yan Shuang looked forward to it. “What are you waiting for? You can take me back.”

Assistant: ”

“At least tell Dr. Qi.” It’s hard for him.

Yan Shuang nodded, “it makes sense.”

They went up again. Yan Shuang pushed open the door of the ward. The assistant was about to avoid and let them talk quietly. He heard Yan Shuang stand at the door and say loudly, “I’m going back. Take care of yourself and take good care of yourself, okay?”

Assistant: ”

“I see.”

When Qi Feiyun’s extremely magnetic voice came into his assistant’s ears, he doubted whether he was too shocked and hallucinated.

Yan Shuangguan closed the door of the sick room and said frankly, “OK, let’s go.”

Assistant: “…” he hasn’t felt like saying anything for years, but he can’t say it at all.

Helpless, the assistant still obediently sent Yan Shuang home.

Halfway through the drive, he woke up and said, “do you live in Dr. Qi’s house now?”


Assistant: hoo, I finally heard a decent answer.

When the car drove to the downstairs of the apartment, the assistant said to Yan Shuang, “what time will you come tomorrow? Do you want me to pick you up?”

Yan’s eyes lit up, “7 o’clock tomorrow morning.”

The assistant said, “so early?”

He wanted to say that it was not so early. At that time, Dr. Qi should still be sleeping. Yan Shuang had continued, “I have to punch in and run in the morning tomorrow. I’m really speechless. I’m in college and have to do morning exercises.”

Assistant: ”

“Hey,” Yan Shuang suddenly said, “you work in the hospital. Can you help me with the whole sick leave note?”

Assistant: “yes, no problem.”

In this way, Yan Shuang can spend more time taking care of Dr. Qi.

Yan Shuang smiled, “thank you. Come and pick me up at 10:30 tomorrow afternoon. It’s just time to have lunch. By the way, you also have a buffet for lunch?”

Assistant: “… Yes.”

Yan Shuang got off the bus with satisfaction.

Although Qi Feiyun was seriously injured, he got a driver and a meal ticket. It’s OK to think so.

Anyway, the indescribable plot is not technically difficult, and it brushes quickly.

Just replenish qi Feiyun at that time.

When Sheng Guangming came out to take out the garbage, he happened to meet Yan Shuang coming out of the elevator.

They met face to face and looked at each other as if they were embarrassed.

Sheng Guangming gently nodded his head and rubbed past Yan Shuang when he was about to enter the elevator.

“Dr. Qi is injured.”

Sheng Guangming stopped and turned his head.

Yan Shuang stood at the door, holding the door handle in his hand and lowering his head, so that people could not see his expression, “he was stabbed.”

“What?!” Sheng Guangming was shocked and said, “what’s the matter? How’s Dr. Qi? Does it matter?”

Yan Shuang said vaguely, “after the operation, I’m out of danger.”

Sheng Guangming completely ignored the embarrassment in the morning. “How did you get hurt? Are you in your own hospital?”

“Mr. Sheng,” Yan Shuang raised his face with a melancholy expression, “can you accompany me to the hospital tomorrow? I’m a little scared…”

The next morning, when the assistant came to pick up Yan Shuang, he was in a happy mood.

Yan Shuang asked him if he could pick him up at 8:30.

He said Yan Shuang couldn’t not worry about Dr. Qi’s.

Idols become lovers, isn’t it in the palm of your hand?

The car stopped downstairs. The assistant called in the car and said, “I’m here. Come down.”

A few minutes later, Yan Shuang… And another man came into the assistant’s sight.

The man is tall, strong and strong. He wears casual clothes and can see his extraordinary temperament.

The assistant said dully, “Yan Shuang, this is…”

“Oh, he is our neighbor. He also wants to see Mr. Qi.” Yan shuangwen judo.

Assistant: “…” how did he feel that Yan Shuang had changed again.

The two greeted each other. Sheng Guangming coughed, “there is a flower shop outside the community. I go to buy a bunch of flowers. It’s not good to see the patient with empty hands.”

Yan Shuang said, “well,” buy a bunch of chrysanthemums. Mr. Qi likes chrysanthemums. ”

Assistant:… Why didn’t he know Qi Feiyun liked chrysanthemums?! Will you automatically like chrysanthemums after gay?!

Sheng Guangming said patiently, “you can’t bring chrysanthemums to see patients.”

Yan Shuang: “well, I don’t know much.”

Assistant: “…” really? He doesn’t believe it.

Did Dr. Qi quarrel with Yan Shuang?

“I’ll buy a bunch of flowers,” said Sheng Guangming. “Wait for me here for a while.”

After he turned and left, the assistant couldn’t help asking Yan Shuang, “Yan Shuang, did you quarrel with Dr. Qi?”

Yan Shuang: “how possible.”

Assistant: “in fact, Dr. Qi really cares about you. He asked me to order Cheng Yunji last night…”

“What month and day?”

“Lunch or dinner?”

“Can you bring your own drinks?”

The eyebrows on his face were about to fly.

Assistant: “…” he was sure that the two men must have quarreled.


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