I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 106

“How about these two days? Is there anything unhappy?” Qin yubai boldly hugged Yan Shuang’s waist, and his tone was extremely soft.

Yan Shuang: “very good.”

“I heard that Dr. Qi had an accident…”

Yan Shuang immediately looked at it, his eyes full of sharp doubt, “you monitor me.”

“How could it be?” Qin yubai smiled with broad eyes. “I didn’t know until it was on the news.”

He is telling the truth.

His relationship with Yan Shuang is like thin ice. It’s not easy to ease a little. How can he use superfluous things to increase pressure between them.

Yan Shuang took back his eyes. He dared not kill Qin yubai. “He was stabbed.”

Qin yubai patted him on the waist and said in a loving tone, “are you scared?”

“No,” Yan Shuang said coldly, “it’s not my knife. It’s none of my business.”

Qin Yu paused and said tentatively, “do you want to live in another place?”

Yan Shuang looked at him again.

He now looked at him with vigilant suspicion every time.

Qin yubai’s heart was bitter, so he could only lower his posture and soften his tone, “I’ve sent someone to clean up the house I bought for you before. Don’t you want to go and have a look?”

House… Of course, the house is good. You can keep it until the plot of several characters is finished and you need a place to “heal”.

“Say it again.”

Yan Shuang looked uninterested, and Qin yubai had to stop talking about this topic first.

The two entered the elevator together.

“The weather is getting colder and colder. After dinner today, will you pick some winter clothes back?”


Qin Yu nodded his head, and his heart was very calm.

Yan Shuang is now willing to eat and communicate with him, and he is already very satisfied.

It’s better than refusing to leave that day, like never wanting to see him coming again.

In the past, his means were too radical and he just wanted to get this person. Now he just wanted to take his time and add warm water bit by bit. He believed that one day, Yan Shuang’s solid ice would melt for him.

As usual, the restaurant was booked. When the owner of the restaurant came to the box to say hello, Yan Shuang knew that the mall belonged to Qin yubai.

Yan Shuang: he is often shocked by Qin yubai’s wealth and his stinginess.

After a few greetings with the restaurant owner, Qin yubai rejected the other party’s request for personal service with a gentle smile.

After the boss went out, Qin yubai said to Yan Shuang, who turned the menu without expression: “what’s the matter, unhappy?”

Yan duotou didn’t lift his head and said, “why should I be happy?”

Qin yubai was choked by him. He habitually LIT an unhappy flame in his heart, and then forced himself down.

In the past two years, he has controlled the whole Qin family. He is too egotistic and has a growing temper. It’s time to change.

“It’s all right if you’re unhappy,” Qin yubai said with a smile with his hands folded on his knees. “The chef here will make you happy.”

Yan Shuang likes delicious food, which Qin yubai is sure of.

The chef probably knows that today’s diner is a big man. He spent a lot of effort. The dishes presented are exquisite and unusual. Just putting the plate is art, and the taste is quite amazing. There is no dish from beginning to end. He has made great efforts in the connection between meals. Yan Shuang was quite satisfied with his meal.

Whether to say it or not, Qin yubai is a very competent cook.

Yan Shuang’s face eased a little after dinner.

Qin yubai knew he liked it when he looked at his expression. “The master here can go out to eat. If you like, I’ll let him come and cook for you one day a week.”

Yan Shuang shook his head and gently shook the glass in his hand. “Eat every week and soon get tired. I want to keep today’s feeling.”

What he said was just food, but Qin yubai couldn’t help thinking of it.

Is he suggesting that it’s good to keep a distance between them now?

Qin yubai guessed his meaning, suddenly lowered his head and smiled bitterly.

Like a young boy in love, he carefully guessed Yan Shuang’s words word by word, read and understand them, for fear of missing or misunderstanding his meaning.

“Shuangshuang…” Qin yubai hesitated and said slowly, “yesterday I went to Xingxing welfare home and took two photos. Do you want to have a look?”

Yan Shuang was stunned and then said, “OK.”

Qin yubai got up, picked up his chair and took the opportunity to sit next to Yan Shuang.

“There’s a big change inside. Can you still recognize it?”

The photos in the mobile phone show a new welfare home.

The mottled paintings on the wall have been renovated. The newly painted paintings are not the works of simple people. The signboard has changed from the original simple white background and black characters to a colorful star back plate. Outside the wall, there are green trees and red flowers, which look beautiful and warm from the outside.

Yan ran his fingers across the mobile phone and looked through it one by one.

It’s all changed.

Not only the upgrade of appearance, but also the places that are actually needed such as toilets, canteens and bathrooms have become bright and tidy.

“There are different areas inside,” Qin yubai explained to him in a low voice, “take care of them separately according to different ages and actual conditions.”

“Very good,” Yan Shuang said sincerely. No matter what the purpose, these people did something really good, “I can’t recognize it.”

Qin yubai’s eyes rested on Yan Shuang’s drooping eyelashes.

He came too late and woke up too late.

Yan Shuang has never enjoyed these good.

In the Star welfare home, he looked at many old photos and tried to find Yan Shuang’s shadow, but he didn’t even have one.

The dean said Yan Shuang didn’t like taking pictures since he was a child.

“He turned from a welfare home out of town and was particularly afraid of strangers.”

“I hide when I see the camera, as if I’m afraid of being seen.”

“Shuangshuang…” Qin yubai said softly, “Qin Qing is the child adopted by my father.”

He observed the expression on Yan Shuang’s face. Seeing that he had no response, he continued tentatively: “after my father left, it was very difficult at home. He and I depend on each other…”

“I admit that during this period, I may have placed my feelings on him too much.”

He paused. His throat was too dry. The words originally organized in his mind suddenly couldn’t be coherent. He suddenly didn’t know what to say. His lips moved and closed again. After repeated several times, he continued: “… But that’s not love.”

After saying it, Qin yubai was relieved.

Yes, that’s what he wants to say.

After “losing” Yan Shuang, he tried to compare Yan Shuang and Qin Qing at both ends of the balance. Then he found that he couldn’t make a comparison at all.

How can they compare when they are in different positions?

He thought he could hold Yan Shuang when he loved Qin Qing.

He imagined turning Yan Shuang and Qin Qing’s position and asking Qin Qing to be Yan Shuang’s so-called “double”. He just thought for a moment and felt uncomfortable.

Qin Qing can’t replace Yan Shuang.

When you really love someone, that person is irreplaceable.

Qin yubai carefully stretched out his hand and covered the palm on the back of Yan Shuang’s hand, “Shuangshuang, I love you.”

Yan Shuang lowered his head and handed back the mobile phone lock screen to him.

“I don’t love you.”

“Don’t love me either.”

“I can’t stand your love.”

Yan Shuang got up, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

He turned and left. Qin yubai was left alone in the box. His mobile phone was put aside, and the dark screen vaguely reflected his current appearance.

Vaguely, I can’t see the expression clearly.

Qin yubai was surprised to find that his pain had increased.

The more he realized how he felt about Yan Shuang, the more he felt pain.

Why did he choose such a wrong start?

If… He knew he would fall in love with Yan Shuang, maybe… Qin yubai closed his eyes, maybe he wouldn’t choose to start at all.

In this way, there is a person in his heart. As soon as he raises his hand and turns around, he can squeeze his heart. It’s really bad. He wants to drive this person out, but he finds that it is not under his control. He can only worry about gain and loss, look forward to torture and wait for suffering.

Yan Shuang walked out of the restaurant with an angry look on his face.

Love or not, what’s the use of talking!

Divide his property in half!

At least give him half of this mall first?

“Yan Shuang…”

The voice of hesitation behind him came, and Yan Shuang turned back.

Can he say that he is not surprised to meet Sheng Guangming in this place?

Not Sheng Guangming, it will be someone else anyway.

There may be more than two attacks anywhere except in bed – the world law in this paper belongs to yes.

Yan Shuang said hello calmly, “brother Sheng.” he looked at Sheng Guangming’s clothes. Sheng Guangming wore a typical Western Chef’s clothes, which unexpectedly suited him and looked delicious. Yan Shuang immediately guessed, “do you open a shop here?”

Good guy, the four egg store is opened in the big egg mall. It’s wonderful.

Sheng Guangming nodded, looked complicated and said, “how about you, come to dinner?”

“Yes.” Yan Shuangjian is short.

Sheng Guangming couldn’t hide anything on his face, so he had to write clearly about “I just saw you and a man cuddling into the restaurant”.

Sheng Guangming feels like scratching his heart and liver.

In fact, it doesn’t matter who Yan Shuang wants to have dinner with or who man he is intimate with. It’s Yan Shuang’s private affair. He can’t control it. He knows this fact very well in his heart.

But he just can’t turn a blind eye.

Especially after knowing that Yan Shuang is an orphan like him.

He called him brother and found himself a good reason. Sheng Guangming calmed down and his eyes became sharp. “I see you with a man. Who is he?”

Yan Shuang stood quietly. He didn’t answer Sheng Guangming’s question, but smiled, “can we talk in another place?”

They went to the stairway of the safe passage of the mall.

“He is my guest.”

Before Sheng Guangming could stand firm, he was stunned by the oncoming heavy bomb. He said to Yan Shuang incredulously, “doctor Qi didn’t say you weren’t…”

“Mr. Qi doesn’t know.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned again and fainted in his head. After a long time, he said, “why…”

“Many things have no reason.” Yan Shuang said faintly.

His attitude was as if it were no big deal.

Sheng Guangming looked at his beautiful and clean face and his heart became a mess. How could it be? How could it be like this? In the morning, he thought everything was moving in a good direction. Now Yan Shuang told him that it wasn’t like that. He was wrong.

He didn’t lie to him from the beginning.

He was in the abyss and waved to the people who came and went. Maybe someone would like to give him a hand.

“How much -”

The voice suddenly increased and burst out suddenly and strongly in the empty stairway, like a cluster of fire, scattering infinite stars in the beating of iron.

Yan Shuang looked at Sheng Guangming. Sheng Guangming’s gentle temperament faded, and the firm light in his pupils strongly enveloped him.

He now believes that this man is indeed an invincible boxer in the ring.

“How much does he pay for you today,” Sheng Guangming frowned and said word by word, “I’ll give it to you.”

Yan Shuang leaned against the wall, his hands behind his back, his head bowed, like a child who had been found wrong. The faint melancholy smell on him filled the air.

“It’s not about money.”

“Why is that?”

“I like this,” Yan Shuang raised his face, with a shallow smile and soft eyes, “go to bed with a man.”

Sheng Guangming continued without pause, “you already have Dr. Qi.”

“I like sleeping with different men.”

Yan Shuang’s tone was always so gentle and soft, without any intention, just stating a fact, even slightly lighter, like coaxing Sheng Guangming.

“Brother Sheng, it has nothing to do with you. Just leave it alone.”

He stood straight and rubbed past Sheng Guangming. His shoulders were slightly restrained. He didn’t touch him, but stopped when he was carrying his back.

He turned his head slightly, the door of the safety passage opened, and the bright golden light in the mall hit his face. The light and shadow shone, his face was white and proud, with a touch of tenderness and gloom.


“Don’t pity me.”

Saving the wind and dust is too low.

He left Sheng Guangming more than just dust.

With passive degeneration, Sheng Guangming may be able to act as a savior without much effort.

Active depravity, then only out of the heart and lungs to save, there is no way, who makes the two people’s emotional line so deep, he can’t do this kind of thing, can only let Sheng Guangming invest more.

Yan Shuang opened the door and calmly stepped into the weaving stream of people.

After going to the bathroom and returning to the restaurant, Yan Shuanggang opened the door of the box and heard Qin yubai calling inside.

“… if you don’t want to, cut off his finger.”

The tone is cold but careless, which is very different from the bitter man image when Yan Shuang left.

Qin yubai heard the movement behind him. Looking back, he said to Yan Shuang, “I’ll take you to see your winter clothes later. Don’t worry. Don’t run up and down. I let people open the VIP room. You just sit and choose.”

Yan Shuang was noncommittal. He came in and sat down. He drank water and his face was light.

Qin yubai didn’t know he didn’t hear him on the phone. He smiled as if nothing had happened. The voice of his new assistant came from the other end of the phone.

“He said he had something to tell you. It’s a secret about Yan Shuang.”

Qin yubai rubbed his fingers on his knees. Yu Guang glanced at Yan Shuang very quickly and said in a steady tone, “Oh? Let him say it now.”

He smiled at Yan Shuang again, “things in the company.”

Yan Shuang turned to the water cup, “go back if you are busy.”

Qin yubai bent down and approached him a little, “not busy.”

He deliberately squeezed out time. He can accompany Yan Shuang all night, if Yan Shuang is willing to let him accompany him.

There was another voice on the other end of the phone.

“Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin, you, you, me, me…”

Yan Guofu is being thrown on the ground at this time. He is scared to death. Those people fiercely force him to sign the agreement to give up the upbringing relationship. Yan Shuang was adopted by him. He has been his son all his life and his cash cow. How can he give up?!

Qin yubai had taken good care of him before. He didn’t have to do anything. He ate and drank delicious food every day. He gambled with his workmates on credit. Others knew that he was covered by Qin yubai. They could only swallow their anger and dare not ask him for money. Such an immortal day made him give up. He might as well die.

Gamblers often burst out with great sensitivity when they are in a desperate situation.

Qin yubai cares about Yan Shuang.

Qin yubai is for Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang, as long as it’s about Yan Shuang, it’s all his chips!

Qin yubai waited patiently for a while. Yan Guofu was forced to his head. His breathing sound was like some kind of livestock to be slaughtered. It was sharp and ugly. He was trying to hang up the phone, but the voice at the other end suddenly became fluent.

“Yan Shuang is not what you think, he is a bitch! I saw him hooking up with your former Secretary downstairs…”

Qin yubai frowned lightly, “deal with this little thing yourself.”

The other end of the phone noticed that he was not interested and immediately connected it quickly.

“Listen to me, Mr. Qin, he pretended in front of you! He said that you designed my gambling debts, and he knew it for a long time… He also said that you and the secretary were his dogs! Mr. Qin, come here and I’ll tell you face to face. Mr. Qin, I don’t have any bad thoughts about you. I’m loyal, I’m different from Yan Shuang… You Give me another chance… ”

Qin yubai hung up.

Yan Shuang heard a faint cry before he hung up.

“If you have something to do, go and be busy,” Yan pushed the water cup with both hands, and his face showed impatience faintly. “I don’t need your company.”

Qin yubai slowly put down his mobile phone and looked at him with deep eyes.

He had known that Yan Shuang had a lot to hide from him, but he had never doubted Yan Shuang’s feelings for him.

It was because Yan Shuang had feelings for him that he hurt him so deeply.

Irreparably, he thought of the bad strategy of hypnosis.

After that, he suffered all kinds of disputes.

What if Yan Shuang lied to him from beginning to end?

“I’m leaving.”

Yan Shuang saw that he hadn’t spoken for a long time, pushed his chair and stood up. When he rubbed his side, his wrist was grabbed. Yan Shuang lowered his eyes and looked at him in surprise.

Big egg is fat and dare to drag him with so much strength?

Qin Yu looked thoughtful on his white face. A moment later, he relaxed his strength, smiled lazily and gently, “lost his temper again.” he also stood up and put his arm directly around Yan Shuang’s shoulder, “what’s the hurry? There are other programs.”


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