I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 107

Yan Shuang really enjoyed the treatment of a rich man.

He and Qin yubai are the only two people in such a large VIP room. A line of shopping guides came to serve him with clothes hangers and introduced him to the latest winter clothes and accessories of major brands.

“It’s all your size. If you like it, let them wrap it up.”

Qin yubai sits at the other end of the sofa with a cup of coffee.

Yan Shuang didn’t have much interest in choosing clothes. At first, he felt a little new. Slowly, he felt boring again. He immediately put the word “boring” on his face.

“I want to go back.”

“It’s still early,” Qin Yu tapped the coffee cup with his white hand, “where are you going to play?”


He was stingy even when he spoke. He looked wan. If Qin yubai continued to develop according to this momentum, he would lose his temper.

The thick black eyelashes flashed slightly. Qin yubai put down his coffee and said, “I’ll give it to you.”

The car was still the same car. Yan Shuang began to close his eyes as soon as he sat in the car. Not long after he closed his eyes, his hand on his knee was caught. He opened his eyes and swept his eyes coldly.

Of course, it was Qin yubai who grabbed his hand.

Qin yubai’s palm is dry and warm. He gently sticks his palm to his palm. “My hand is a little bigger than yours, but my fingers are almost long.”

Yan Shuang thinks Qin yubai is a little strange today.

Want to rebel.

Yan Shuang pulled back his hand.

“If you do this again, we won’t meet again.”

The hospital buffet is waiting for him!

Qin yubai gave him a deep look and let go.

“Pa -”

The back of Qin yubai’s hand was beaten hard.

Yan Shuang didn’t leave his hand at all, and the back of his hand immediately turned red.

“Don’t touch me casually in the future.”

Yan put his hands in front of him. He shot quickly, took them back immediately, and stared at Qin yubai warily.

Qin Yu felt a burning pain on the back of his white hands. He smiled low, “OK.”

It’s weird.

As soon as the car stopped, Yan Shuang immediately pushed the door.

Qin yubai sat in the car and didn’t move. After Yan Shuang closed the door, he said through half the window: “Shuangshuang.”

Yan Shuang looked back at him.

“Can I have a good night kiss?”

The night wind blew his black hair, the moonlight hooked the line, his handsome face was thick with ink, his smile was implicit, and there was a little brilliance in his deep eyes. He sat in the car, which was the scenery, but Yan Shuang in front of him didn’t understand the amorous feelings. He waved his hand and turned away without even answering.

After Yan Shuang’s figure entered the apartment, Qin yubai slowly put away his smiling face and reported an address to the driver with a gloomy face.

The corridor of the dilapidated public house was dark. When the leather shoes stepped on the stairs, the crisp clatter echoed in the corridor. Qin yubai’s face sank slightly with each step.

When the door opened, Qin yubai smiled as soon as he entered the house, “what’s going on?”

The lights in the room are flickering, flickering, and the whole room is half bright and half dark.

The assistant explained, “the lamp is too old and has poor contact.”

Qin yubai said “Oh”, untied the button of his suit, pulled a stool and sat down. He took a cigarette from his close pocket. He narrowed his eyes and said, “turn it off.”


After the light was turned off, the house was completely dark, and only the corner of his lips flashed orange fire.

Qin yubai slowly smoked half a cigarette and said, “drag people out.”

The assistant nodded in the dark, went into the master bedroom and asked the bodyguard to bring the man out.

Qin Yu was disgusted with Yan Guofu’s noise. On the way, Qin Yu ordered his assistant to teach Yan Guofu how to speak, so Yan Guofu was as quiet as a little quail when he was pulled out.

The living room was all black. Yan Guofu saw Qin yubai’s figure in the dark at a glance.

All the people were standing and sitting alone. It was the only light in the dark. Yan Guofu almost jumped on his knees. His mouth was blocked and he could only kowtow in the air.

Qin yubai waved his hand.

The bodyguard stood behind Yan Guofu and fixed him left and right.

With the smoke in his fingers, Qin yubai’s eyes cruised in the dark, “say what you said on the phone again.”

The bodyguard removed the gag rag.

“Mr. Qin, Mr. Qin…” Yan Guofu said in a low voice and dared not be as presumptuous as on the phone. “I said, Yan Shuang is not what you think, he is a bitch -”

“Stop,” Qin yubai said lazily, “take him to wash his mouth.”


Yan Guofu was immediately pulled up by the bodyguard and begged for mercy, which was blocked by gloves.

The sound insulation in the old house was very poor. The sound of water in the bathroom clearly spread to the living room. His fingers flicked the smoke. Qin yubai took another sip, “OK.”

A moment later, the bodyguard dragged the wet man out.

In the cold late autumn, Yan Guofu was filled with cold water. Yan Guofu was shivering with cold and his teeth were trembling. In fact, he was not stupid. On the contrary, he was a little smart, so he thought about getting something for nothing all day by relying on his little smart.

Qin yubai is a meal ticket from the sky. The only pity is that he is tied to Yan Shuang.

“Think about it,” Qin yubai said slowly. “Don’t add your personal views.”

Yan Guofu swallowed his saliva.

From Qin yubai’s attitude, he keenly felt that the meal ticket was still possible.

“That time… You asked me… To come here and have a look at Xiao Shuang. He, he seemed to have changed and changed himself and shouted at me…” Yan Guofu shook. The living room was very quiet. Only the feeling that he was talking made him feel fear for no reason. He thought word by word, “He said that you and Mr. Wei are his dogs… This sentence is true. I didn’t add fuel to it – I don’t believe you can let him confront me face to face…”

The orange flame flickered at his fingertips. Yan Guofu didn’t get a response. He had to harden his head and continue to speak.

“… he said you designed my gambling debt. If I dare to offend him, you have plenty of means to deal with me.”

There was a sudden laugh in the quiet living room.

Yan Guofu was “cluttering” in his heart. The light of fire in front of him drew a line, “continue.”

“Later… Mr. Wei came and came. The two kissed downstairs and downstairs. I saw it with my own eyes -”

Yan Guofu was breathless. “Yes, it’s true.”

The living room fell into silence again. Yan Guofu looked at Qin yubai and took another cigarette, “no?”

Yan Guofu said honestly, “it’s gone.”

Qin yubai smiled again. He finished his last cigarette and looked around. The assistant next to him brought the ashtray on the table. He twisted out his cigarette and stood up.

In the dark, Yan Guofu looked up laboriously and saw only the faint outline of the man. He held his breath and waited for Qin yubai’s next instructions.

He knows that Qin yubai must be very angry. This adopted son is unknown and useless. He is willing to be a pawn to avenge Yan Shuang for Qin yubai.

Since Yan Shuang is willing to sign an agreement for his gambling debt, he must have more utilization value and will not be abandoned like this.

“Yan Shuang…” Qin yubai slowly opened his mouth. When Yan Guofu was nervous enough to twitch, Qin yubai’s next sentence made him dizzy, “have you been living here?”

Yan Guofu was silly for a long time before he said, “yes, right.”

“Isn’t it?”

Yan Guofu hurriedly explained, “I don’t often stay at home. He, he should have no place to go. Yes, he has always lived here.”

“Which one?”

Yan Guofu, supported by his bodyguard, walked to a room.

Qin yubai opened the room, touched the switch on the wall with his fingers, and the dark yellow light came on. He narrowed his eyes slightly.

This is a very small room.

As soon as the door is opened, there is a single bed with a top to the wall. There is a narrow desk in front of the bed. Old books are neatly placed on the desk and on the ground. The only decoration on the wall is various awards.

Three good students, special prize in composition competition, first prize in English competition, excellent students, District civilized students

The certificate of merit almost covered the whole wall.

In the middle is an admission notice.

Qin yubai approached.

In the blank space under the admission notice, the beautiful and steady handwriting: “university is just the beginning, continue to work hard!”

After several months, the oil pen has been dim.

The finger stroked the line of words. Qin yubai lowered his eyes and said slowly: “he’s right… You offended him. I have plenty of means to deal with you.”

Yan Guofu’s eyes slowly widened.

“Sign the agreement to give up the upbringing,” Qin yubai said faintly, “or go to the Middle East to mine. Choose for yourself.”

“Mr. Qin and Mr. Qin, what I said is true and true. Don’t you, don’t you, don’t you want to teach him a lesson…”

Qin yubai waved his hand. The bodyguard comprehensively covered the gambler’s mouth and impolitely dragged the man out.

The sound of water came from the toilet again.

Qin yubai’s hand touched the rough Book desktop and opened the top of a senior three history book. The red, blue and black notes in history were clear and tidy, and red stars were painted in some important places.

Close the page, Qin yubai turns around and touches the bed with his knee.

The place is too small.

He was silent for a moment and lay down.

The bed is also very small. When you lie down, you can’t move. If you move a little, you seem to fall.

He looked at the cracked ceiling with drooping eyes.

A few minutes later, the assistant knocked at the door.

“President Qin, he is willing to sign.”

Qin yubai said, “after signing, send him to the boat and send him to the place. Don’t let me see him again.”

“I see.”

“I sleep here tonight.”


Qin Yu closed his eyes, lay down for a while and took out his mobile phone.

Yan Shuang came out after taking a bath and received a message on his mobile phone. It was Qin Yu’s white hair.

“Guess where I am?”

Yan Shuang raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t guess.

Put the mobile phone aside. Yan Shuang wiped his hair and walked to the refrigerator, thinking about why Qin yubai was abnormal tonight.

“… chop his finger.”

This sentence he heard outside the door seemed a little familiar.

When the refrigerator was opened, Yan Shuang took out a bottle of water and suddenly gave a meal by screwing the bottle cap.

——It’s Yan Guofu.

When he first entered the world, Qin yubai threatened to chop Yan Guofu’s finger in front of him.

The other end of the phone is related to Yan Guofu!

His hand continued to unscrew the bottle cap smoothly. Yan Shuang smiled. What else should he do.

He closed the refrigerator door and went to the balcony with ice water. Yan Shuang leaned against the balcony while drinking water and recalled Qin yubai’s abnormality today. It was probably Yan Guofu who jumped over the wall and died again.

Since he dares to do those things in front of Yan Guofu, he is not afraid of Yan Guofu to say in front of Qin Yu.

Even when Qin yubai’s line didn’t end before, he didn’t care, let alone Qin yubai’s line has been completed.

It doesn’t matter if you lose a lot of favor with him.

After all, his purpose was never to make them like him.

Don’t like him too much.

For him, these are just cumbersome.

The sound of French windows coming from the balcony next door.

Yan Shuang turned his face.

Sheng Guangming held the French window with one hand. Half of him had stepped out. It seemed that he had just taken a bath and stopped at the moment when he saw Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang nodded to him, took the water bottle and turned away.

“Wait –”

Yan Shuang stopped, “what’s up?”

Sheng Guangming’s face was dark, “you……” his eyebrows tightened tightly. After a long pause, he continued: “… Do you want to eat mango?”

Last time, Sheng Guangming thought that he would never let Yan Shuang enter his house again. Unexpectedly, he overturned his idea a few days later.

Yan Shuang ate mango thousand layers very quietly.

From the moment he entered the door, he was very disciplined. He didn’t say a word more and looked at Sheng Guangming more.

“Who is that man in the mall?”

Yan Shuang licked the cream on the spoon and whispered, “I can’t reveal the guest’s privacy.”

Sheng Guangming was almost laughed at. He was very dedicated.

“Are you a little sorry for Dr. Qi?”

“Mr. Qi and I are not the kind of relationship you think…” Yan Shuang raised his face and smiled at Sheng Guangming with a frown. “We are just gun friends.”

Sheng guangming: ”

Well, it sounds like everything has become reasonable.

“So that man is also a gun friend?”

Even if it was just the chaos of private life, Sheng Guangming asked with a glimmer of hope.

“He’s not,” Yan Shuang smiled again. “He’s a guest.”

Sheng guangming: ”

Yan Shuang lowered his head and continued to eat.

This is one of the most delicious desserts he has ever eaten in the world!

This broken book is really willing to be broken by slag!

Sheng Guangming met Yan Shuang for the first time. He seemed to care nothing about secular views. No matter how he tried to persuade him, he couldn’t listen. He just went his own way and didn’t repent.

Sheng Guangming rubbed his fingers. Yan Shuang refused to say why and didn’t want him to take care of him. He really had nothing to do with him.

“Is it delicious?”

Sheng Guangming said nothing.

Yan Shuang took the last bite and put the spoon in his mouth. After making sure there was no sweet taste on it, he reluctantly put the spoon down.


Very serious tone.

Sheng Guangming glanced at the plate, and his mind filled with depressed emotions suddenly flashed.

It’s ridiculous, but it’s better than nothing?

“Do you want to eat tomorrow?”


Very serious eyes.

Maybe it’s really feasible? Sheng Guangming quietly shook his hand on the table and said, “if you still want to eat, you must promise me tomorrow…” he paused, looked at Yan Shuang’s clean eyes at the moment, and said in a round voice, “no – can – receive – guests.”


“Ah what,” Sheng Guangming regained a little confidence. He sat straight and looked serious. “If you still want to eat, you can’t pick up guests tomorrow. Go to school and go home honestly.”

Yan Shuanglu hesitated.

“Do you like plum?” Sheng Guangming lowered his voice.

Yan Shuang nodded slowly.

“I created the plum tart tomorrow,” Sheng Guangming continued. “No one has tasted it except me. It tastes better than this one today.”

Yan Shuang rolled the Adam’s apple.

Half loaded, half real.

He never expected that Sheng Guangming would take this curve to save the country.

Even if he didn’t cooperate with the plot, he wanted to promise!

Sheng Guangming saw his vacillation, rejoiced and felt funny – there was still childishness in Yan Shuang.

Sheng Guangming stretched out his hand and rubbed the top of his hair like he was in the garden during the day.

“How about a lemon tart?”

The thin white fingers clenched the spoon and slowly let it go for a long time.

“… deal.”


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