I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 108

Yan Shuang came out of the door of the apartment and saw Sheng Guangming standing next to the car. The weather was approaching winter. He was still wearing a single coat with a jacket. When Yan Shuang came out, he waved to him.

“Get in the car and I’ll take you to school.”

Yan Shuang was not surprised by Sheng Guangming’s appearance. He stretched out his hand to pull the bag belt on his shoulder and calmly came down the stairs.

“Brother Sheng,” Yan Shuang said, “you don’t have to.”

“What’s the matter?” Sheng Guangming said calmly, “on the way.”

Yan Shuang: “we are not on our way.”

“Why is it not on the way? After seeing you off, I’ll drive East for another ten minutes. It’s very on the way.”

“It’s not on the way,” Yan Shuang said coldly. “I said it’s not on the way.”

It’s really strange.

When he wanted to hide from Yan Shuang, Yan Shuang often deliberately teased him. Now he came up, but Yan Shuang began to want to hide from him.

Sheng Guangming frowned and asked what else to say. He was interrupted by two whistles.

The black car stopped not far from them. Qin yubai got out of the car. He smiled and said, “Shuangshuang.”

Yan Shuang walked decisively to Qin yubai. He moved and his shoulder was immediately pressed. Yan Shuang turned his head and Sheng Guangming looked cold. He glanced at the handsome man not far away and lowered his voice, “what did you promise me yesterday?”

Yan Shuang also lowered his voice, “I won’t do it with him today.”

Sheng guangming: ”


He turned away his shoulder and walked towards the man without hesitation.

Qin yubai’s eyes fell on Sheng Guangming. When Yan Shuang approached, he said, “who is he?”


“Looks like I know you very well?”

“Not familiar.”

Yan Shuang bends down and drills into the car. Qin yubai holds the door to block his head, and his eyes are still looking at Sheng Guangming.

Sheng Guangming is also looking at him.

The other party looked rich from head to toe, not to mention the expensive luxury car.

This is not an ordinary rich man, but a rich man.

The rich well doesn’t mean anything. He’s seen a lot of abnormal rich.

The fist hanging on the side of the body slowly curled up.

“He seems to be following us.”

Qin yubai glanced back in the car and said with interest.

“By the way.”

Qin yubai looked at Yan Shuang up and down with a smile, “it’s very beautiful today.”

Yan Shuang: Oh, did you wipe honey on your mouth, or did you have a bad idea?

Yan Shuang was too lazy to return to him and closed his eyes to sleep.

If he doesn’t speak, Qin yubai doesn’t speak.

Qin yubai hardly fell asleep all night. He spent the whole night thinking about a question: How did Yan Shuang sleep in this bed for nearly ten years.

His eyes stayed for a moment on the people around him. Qin Yu’s mouth was slightly hooked, but he was not short.

The thick eyelashes drooped, and the smile remained on the lips.

False or true.

Their past is a bad debt.

Look at the future.

He is not a man who indulges in the past.

The car stopped steadily. Yan Shuang opened his eyes. Qin yubai looked at him with an unpredictable expression.

“If Dr. Qi is hospitalized, will he be afraid of living there alone?”


“Do you want to…” Qin yubai paused lightly and joked with a smile, “keep a dog?”

Yan Shuang: ”

He was sure that Yan Guofu must have said dog words in front of Qin Yu.

Yan Shuang ignored him, got out of the car directly, slammed the door, didn’t look at the car following him, and went straight to the school.

Sheng Guangming watched him enter the school gate. His mood was very complex. He was not simply relieved. He still felt very uneasy. His heart was still hanging.

The black luxury car then drove away and passed by his car. It was very fast. It seemed that it had no interest in his car.

Even if he only met downstairs, Sheng Guangming has deeply felt the arrogance of the other party. His eyes are full of judgment and examination. He has seen such “human” eyes many times, and the boss of the club likes to see him like this.

Such a person

Sheng Guangming clenched the steering wheel and tightened his eyebrows.

Yan Shuang, who made him uneasy, finished his class without distractions. After going to the hospital for a buffet, he ran up to see Qi Feiyun’s recovery.

Qi Feiyun is resting in bed. This is his rare rest time in recent years, although at the cost of a knife.

But rest is not a good thing for him.

Once a person’s body is free from the habitual busyness, it will be very uncomfortable, and he can’t move, so his mind begins to run wildly instead of his body.

When Yan Shuang pushed the door in, Qi Feiyun was thinking of him.

Until Yan Shuang lifted the quilt, he suddenly realized that this was a real person, not his fantasy.

“What are you doing?”

“Look at the wound.”

The central air conditioner in the ward was as warm as spring. Yan Shuang unbuttoned the patient’s clothes and sighed again: “it’s so close that he stabbed his kidney.”

Qi Feiyun was silent for a moment. “In fact, the kidney has nothing to do with sexual function.”

“I didn’t mean that. Eh, Mr. Qi,” Yan Shuang looked at him with disgust, “you look good.”

Qi Feiyun: ”

The wound on the abdomen was wrapped with gauze, and the exposed muscles looked more bloodless than before, like a beautiful marble plaster.

Yan Shuangyi held a corner of the sick suit in his hand and touched his chin. “Mr. Qi,” he raised his eyes to Qi Feiyun and said seriously, “do you think with your current physical condition, can you complete the Great Harmony of life with me?”

Qi Feiyun: ”

Do not know why, feel helpless at the same time, but also vaguely want to laugh.

“The Great Harmony of life?” Qi Feiyun repeated slowly.

He can hardly drink water now, and his wound hurts. When talking, his abdominal cavity vibrates, which is also a burden for him, but he still wants to continue talking to Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang smiled and exaggerated his eyebrows. “You know, dead ghost.”

Qi Feiyun: ”

I can’t help it.

Qi Feiyun gently turned his face, hid his upturned lips in his pillow, took a few seconds to press down his smile, turned his face, and looked dignified and cold, “I don’t understand.”

Oh, roar, and flirted with him.

Yan Shuang is seriously considering this matter.

In the original book, Qi Feiyun and Yan Shuang love extreme sports. It’s not AI Si’s mother. It’s just that Qi Feiyun has a bit abnormal personality. If he doesn’t get hurt, he seems to have no fun.

Now — Qi Feiyun is wounded!

Yan Shuang thought that he was injured and Qi Feiyun was injured. They are not the same.

Forget it. Wait until he gets better. He doesn’t want to kill Qi Feiyun.

Yan Shuang put his hand down and buttoned his patient’s clothes again. “Get better quickly.”

Qi Feiyun lowered his eyelashes and slowly slid his eyes from that face, “didn’t you say… There are many men who want to be with you…”

What if he’s hurt?

Yan Shuang doesn’t have to be him.

He would not naively think that if Yan Shuang said not to mess around, he would really guard him with a pure heart and few desires.

This is a top master of lying. Sometimes even he can’t see through his lies.

“Yes, there are many men who want to sleep with me,” Yan Shuang buttoned him up one by one and covered him with a quilt, “but now I only want to sleep with you.”

“So you have to work hard and get better quickly,” his lips fell gently on his forehead. “Don’t make me wait too long.”

At the moment when the door was closed, Qi Feiyun’s lips moved like his own will.

When the “click” of closing the door came into his ears, he closed his eyes.

The ward became quiet again.

His thoughts moved again in this torture like solitude.

What did Yan Shuang just want to say when he closed the door?

The previously active thoughts become dull at this time, like instinctively rejecting the issue.

What could it be?

It should not be such a weak request as “don’t go, stay with me for a while”.

He doesn’t need company.

“Mr. Qi…”

The sound of the door being reopened came.

Qi Feiyun opened his eyes.

The Milky door was well closed, and he was still alone in the ward.

This time… It’s a fantasy.

Qi Feiyun looked at the door and his eyes gradually cleared.

In fact, he should have thought that once Pandora’s magic box was opened, all the bad luck that followed could not be avoided.

The body has a connection, and slowly, the heart will become restless.

He is not a God.

He is the most vulgar person.

When Yan Shuang walked out of the hospital, his mobile phone rang, and the remark on the phone was “President”.

Sleeping trough, his financial management officer!

Yan Shuang immediately called, “Hello, Dean, what’s up?”

The dean’s voice was very happy. After saying hello to Yan Shuang and chatting a few more home affairs, he finally got to the point, “are you free at three o’clock this afternoon?”

“Yes, what happened to the welfare home? Can I help you?”

“Ha ha, almost.”

“Xiao Shuang, someone has been donating money to the welfare home in your name for a long time. The amount is not small. I also asked about the origin of the other party, but I didn’t get a response. Then I can only calculate your donation according to the process.”

“Well, now you can become the largest ‘shareholder’ of our welfare home.” The Dean joked.

“After the renovation of the welfare home, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony. The investor of the renovation welfare home wants to find several caring people to attend,” said the president. “Look, it’s inconvenient for you to come here?”

The funder of renovating the welfare home… Isn’t that Ji wensong?

Yan said quietly after a moment of meditation, “I’ll come.”


The Dean hung up the phone, turned back and said to the man with glasses, “all right, Mr. Wei, thank you for reminding me, otherwise I really forgot Xiaoshuang.”

Today’s ribbon cutting is attended by celebrities. Yan Shuang is a college student. The Dean feels that Yan Shuang may not adapt to this occasion, but after reading the list of donations, Wei tezhu said that it is inappropriate for those who donate the most to not be present. The Dean thought so, and informed Yan Shuang that Yan Shuang would be best to come. If Yan Shuang has stage fright, it will not hinder him.

Wei Yichen nodded lightly, turned and walked into the newly completed auditorium of the welfare home.

One side of the auditorium is floor to floor stained glass, and colored light spots are cast on the man in black suit, adding a bright color to his cold face.

“Ji Shao,” Wei Yichen bowed respectfully, “the Dean hopes to add one more person to today’s ribbon cutting ceremony.”

Ji Yao was silent.

The renovation of the Star welfare home began a few months ago. Today is the ribbon cutting ceremony. The media are invited to publicize Ji’s charity.

Ji wensong assigned the task to him.

He didn’t refuse, and he wasn’t necessarily happy. He just silently played a look that he once hated.


“They are college students who go out from welfare homes.”

“Yes,” Ji Yao looked out of the window. The green trees and red flowers outside the window were particularly gorgeous through the flower window glass. “The position of the personnel was rearranged and the people were placed in the middle to the left.”


Silence fell again in the auditorium.

Wei Yichen doesn’t know Ji Yao’s personality, but he probably knows it.

The cold young master seems to have faded the last warm background now.

——More and more like his father.

When the time was approaching, Ji Yao went out with Wei Yichen. He was the protagonist of the ribbon cutting ceremony today. All the guests were not small. Ji wensong was not here. He represented Ji Shi. He had to be the master.

“… Uncle Zhang is old and strong.”

Ji Yao shook hands with others, with an appropriate faint smile on his face.

For this kind of social interaction, he never would, but did not want to.

He can be more hypocritical than anyone if he wants to.

Finally released his hand, Ji Yao turned his head and prepared to perfunctory the next guest. The smile on the corner of his mouth suddenly froze.

In the car at the gate of the welfare home, there was a thin figure, dressed simply and with a reserved look, avoiding the people passing by.

Ji Yao stared at the familiar face and looked coldly at Wei Yichen behind him. “The college student you said… Is him?”

Wei Yichen’s face remained unchanged, “yes.”


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