I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 109

The gate of the welfare home is unprecedentedly lively. The media have been waiting early and shooting everywhere with long guns and short guns. Both guests and the media have smiles on their faces. Everyone is very adapted to this occasion, except… The one who holds a bag and carefully avoids contact with the crowd.

“Why didn’t you tell me in advance that it was him?”

The cold young master finally got angry again.

Wei Yichen said calmly, “you didn’t ask.”

Ji Yao’s eyes were cold and said word by word, “don’t play with me as Qin yubai.”

“No,” Wei Yichen bowed slightly, “loyalty is the bounden duty of the housekeeper.”

Ji Yao sneered, “only Ji wensong will believe your nonsense.”

Wei Yichen: “Ji Shao, I am employed by you.”

Ji Yao didn’t want to listen to his nonsense. When he turned his face and looked at the crowd again, he found that the figure that had just shuttled through the crowd had disappeared. He subconsciously moved his steps, took two steps and stopped.

Yan Shuang is no longer his friend.

For him, Yan Shuang is nothing now.

In fact, Wei Yichen’s approach is correct. There is no need to inform him in advance when a person who is nothing comes.

The fingers hanging on his side trembled slightly. Ji Yao’s face was slightly cold. When another guest came, he hung up the hypocritical smile that even he hated.

Yan Shuang hid far away in the corner and observed secretly.

Ji Yao has changed.

The white shirt is wrapped in a well cut suit. When the wind has shape, there is no freedom.

“Xiao Shuang, why don’t you come?”

Yan Shuang turned back and smiled at the Dean coming up, “there are too many people.”

The Dean sighed softly, his eyes were kind and gentle, “I know you don’t like this occasion, and I didn’t want you to come.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Yan Shuang said. “I’ll come back later.”

Ji Yao had seen him. He only looked at him and twisted his face.

Well, if you don’t want to see him, he won’t show up.

Look how considerate he is.

Good, soft and cute. It belongs to me.

Until the ceremony was about to begin, after Ji Yao took his seat, no one came to the seat where Yan Shuang’s name was pasted on the third left.

Did you leave after seeing him? Ji Yao couldn’t help thinking so. His hands folded on his knees curled up slightly, his upper and lower eyelashes blinked, and the fierce cold light was emitted from under his eyelids.

Sitting in the third row, Wei Yichen leaned forward slightly, “Ji Shao, do you need me to find someone?”

Ji Yao slowly turned his face and his eyes scraped from his calm and modest face like a knife, “don’t get close to him.”


His tone was calm.

His attitude reminded Ji Yao of that night.

The man reported his private life to his new scholar with Great indifference.

The man bathed in the moonlight in the courtyard also said with such a calm attitude as if he had nothing to do with himself that he begged Yan Shuang to go to bed with him.

Ji Yao hates him more than Qin yubai.

The reason why he took Wei Yichen with him was not only due to the pressure of Ji wensong, but also because he wanted to alert himself.

“… excuse me, excuse me.”

Familiar sounds come into your ears.

Ji Yao’s eyes almost shot uncontrollably in the direction of the sound when the sound reached the eardrum.

Yan Shuang has already sat down.

He was thin and hid between them. From Ji Yao’s angle, he only saw his long straight legs and his hands rigidly placed on his knees.

His hands, which were white and bloodless, were shining brilliantly.

Ji Yao immediately took back his eyes, sat straight and straightened his coat.

Just don’t know.

They are just strangers now.

He sat upright for a moment and suddenly thought of something and turned back.

——Wei Yichen is watching Yan Shuang.

That kind of focused and calm look is like looking at the blue sky or the sun. In short, it is something that naturally exists in this world.

Ji Yao looked at him coldly.

After Wei Yichen noticed it, he finally took back his eyes and said in a steady voice, “Ji Shao doesn’t allow me to see him?”

Jiyao pupil miniaturization.

The meaning of this sentence seems to be that he has a certain possessive desire for Yan Shuang.

“Can you tell what the occasion is?” Ji Yao said coldly.

“Sorry,” Wei Yichen simply admitted his mistake. He nodded and made a respectful gesture, “I just can’t help it.”

His chest was choked. Ji Yao couldn’t tell what the pain in his chest represented at the moment. He suddenly twisted his face.

It’s hard to see the extreme of such a lack of self-esteem.

He almost… Will be reduced to this.

The ribbon cutting process was not long. The leaders from the city came to the stage and spoke a few words. After praising Ji’s achievements in charity, they announced that the ribbon cutting ceremony began.

The welcome guests were the children of the welfare home. The children were dressed in uniform and cute. They came to hold people’s hands one by one.

Yan Shuang was led by a little girl with curved eyes. Yan Shuang took her hand. She also called “brother” sweetly. Yan Shuang almost couldn’t help but want to hold her up and rub her hard. He smiled gently at the little girl, “what’s your name?”

Ji Yao was also led by a little girl. The little girl was a little timid when she saw a tall man with such a cold temperament. She stretched out her hand and didn’t dare to hold it. Ji Yao was a scholar who stretched out his hand. Her cold eyebrows flowed in the sun and showed her restrained tenderness. The little girl summoned up the courage to hold it up. She felt that the other party’s hand was so warm, so she also called “big brother” sweetly.

Ji Yao’s eyes fell in front.

Yan Shuangzheng bent down and talked to the little girl holding him. Without two words, he coaxed the little girl very close to him.

Yes, very good at cheating.

Yan Shuang felt the angry sight behind him and smiled again at the little girl holding his hand.

Look, what are you looking at? I only smile at the little beauty.

Everyone on the stage is already standing.

Yan Shuang’s task is to hold the ribbon. Those who really hold the scissors are several big men. There are two people between him and Ji Yao. After he came on stage, he didn’t look over there. Instead, he winked at Wei Yichen who has been watching him under the stage.

Receiving his eyes, the housekeeper who had not seen him for a long time smiled at him calmly.

The smile is still very sweet.

Housekeeper, is this completely broken by him, or is he holding it up?

Ji Yao saw most of the information between the eyebrows and eyes of the two people on and off the stage – he only saw Wei Yichen smile. Yu Guang swept over and sure enough, Yan Shuang was also smiling.

The hand holding the scissors trembled slightly.

How can two people be so unscrupulous?

But it seems to have nothing to do with him.

Wei Yichen and Yan Shuang… Had sex

And what about him?

From beginning to end, his identity was nothing more than an obscure friend.

Or his wishful thinking friend.

Yan Shuang was just lying to him all the time, just like lying to the child he was holding. In a few words, he coaxed him into thinking that they would be friends for life.

“Click -”

When the sharp scissors go down, the other end of the silk and satin falls, and the water slides across the palm, cold and cold.

“OK, OK, let’s take a picture together.”

The magnesium light under the stage flashes.

“Please come closer.”

The people on the stage consciously began to get close to each other.

Ji Yao hung his face and smiled, but his eyes were cold. The people around him crowded over, and then… Brought a smell of citrus. He was shocked, and the rest of the light swept over. It was just so good. It seemed that the people who had been deliberately avoiding him were also looking at him, with bright eyes and clear eyes.

At the moment when the four eyes were opposite, Ji Yao’s brain seemed to suddenly fall into a snow, and there was a bright light in the blank.

Then Yan Shuang immediately lowered his head to avoid his eyes.

The remaining light flashed, his eyelashes dropped, and Ji Yao avoided it.

The look at each other between them was only a short second, no, maybe shorter than a second, but it set off a huge wave in Ji Yao’s heart.

… he would still be distracted by those eyes.

After the group photo was taken, the reporter asked, “who is Yan Shuang?”

Yan Shuang raised his hand, “I am.”

“Well, would you please stay and take a picture with the person in charge of Ji’s investment this time?”

Ji Yao, who was about to step down on the side of the stage, stopped.


“I’m not very convenient.”

Yan Shuang refused gently and firmly.

The reporter is from the media of Ji’s “support”. Today, he is responsible for the general report. This photo of college students and investors walking out of the welfare home is very important. He used the question out of politeness. He didn’t expect the other party to refuse. He was stunned on the spot.

“Well…” the reporter said in silence, “what are the considerations that make it inconvenient?”

Yan Shuang raised his hand and slowly put it down.

Someone has begun to notice the movement here.

On the bright red stage covered with ribbons, the people around him have dispersed. Yan Shuang stood alone, dressed in white and black pants, with a gentle smile, “it’s my personal problem.”

“Mr. Yan…” the reporter frowned and said something. Ji Shao on the side of the stage went back and walked back to the man named Yan Shuang.

When Ji Yao approached, Yan Shuang shook his shoulder in shock, and then recovered his composure. After his eyes moved down the stage for a moment, he turned and wanted to go.

“What’s inconvenient?”

Ji Yao’s cold voice nailed his feet in place.

On the stage, the crowd had gone down and interviewed each other, leaving only two people, like a stage left for them alone.

The reporter under the stage keenly felt that there was something wrong with the atmosphere between them. He raised his camera when he had an occupational disease and was immediately photographed on his shoulder.

When the reporter turned back, the man wearing glasses said in an indisputable tone: “don’t take pictures.”

Yan Shuang twisted his face and looked at Ji Yao. The expression on his face became cold. He said clearly, “I don’t deserve it.”

“How can a person like me deserve to take a picture with the noble young master Ji?”

Ji Yao looked at him coldly, showed no weakness, and went back directly, “what kind of person are you?”

“What kind of person am I?” Yan Shuang repeated his question, staring at Ji Yao with both eyes, pursed a stubborn arc at the corners of his mouth, “I can’t play the piano or draw. I’m good for nothing and don’t deserve to stand with you.”

When he finished, he turned and walked away with fast steps, leaving no room for Ji Yao to continue.

The reporters on the stage have been silly. Are these two people… Arguing?

Listen, it seems that two people still know each other?

Before he could figure it out, the gloomy young master on the stage suddenly hurried down the stage and passed in the direction of the college student.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” the man patted him on the shoulder again, with a warning tone, “do you understand?”

The stupid reporter said, “Ming, understand.”

The structure of the welfare home was clear and there were no twists and turns. Ji Yao immediately caught up with Yan Shuang in the new amusement facilities.

“Stop –”

The people he chased walked faster.

“I told you to stop –”

Yan Shuang stopped, but turned back and glared at Ji Yao.

“Who are you? Why should I listen to you?”

Ji Yao was close, and Yan Shuang immediately stepped back.

The two faced off at a short distance.

Ji Yao just instinctively chased out. When he really caught up with people, he didn’t know what to say.

what did you say?

Nothing will help.

What Yan Shuang did was certain to have happened.

He has made a clean break with him, and it has happened.

So… Why did he catch up?

Yan Shuang glanced at him, pursed his lips, turned and walked away.

“Stop –”

As soon as he left, Ji Yao shouted at him again.

Yan Shuang really didn’t listen to him this time, and his feet were faster and faster.

Ji Yao took a few tight steps and his men consciously stretched out after catching up with him.

“Pa -”

The outstretched arm was raised by the guard.

“Don’t touch me!”

Yan Shuang’s eyes were wide open, and there seemed to be water vapor in them.

Ji Yao’s palm hung down after a virtual grasp in the air, “you think too much, I don’t want to touch you.”

“I’m going.”

“Whatever you want.”

“Don’t chase me.”


Ji Yao was silent. He didn’t want to. His mind drove his body and made a decision faster than his body, almost out of his control.

“Don’t chase me,” Yan Shuang repeated. The water vapor in his eyes has become fog. “You will make me have an illusion.”

“What illusion?”

The throat was completely out of control and automatically followed one sentence after another.

Ji Yao looked at him and wanted to end the meaningless dialogue, but he looked forward to Yan Shuang going on.

Yan Shuang pursed his lips and gently hooked the corners of his mouth.

“… Ji Yao, are you so interesting?”

“Yes, I admit that I’m not as good as your Qin Qing, and I’m not as clean as him. I don’t deserve to compare with him. What else are you dissatisfied with? What do you want from me?”

At last, Yan Shuang almost couldn’t restrain his emotions and was about to roar out.

The tide spread on his chest, and the hand hanging on his side curled up quietly. Ji Yao turned his eyes to one side and turned back. Once again, his face seemed to restore calm, “I’m not dissatisfied, you said very well.”

The water mist wrapped in the eyes finally turned into reality and was forcibly pressed back the moment before it was about to fall.

“Just be satisfied.”

Yan Shuang’s face showed a smile without smiling. “I hope you don’t talk to me again next time, don’t look at me, and don’t chase me like this, okay?”

He looked up and stubbornly retained the last bit of dignity.

Ji Yao looked at the face quietly. The wind sent the aroma of citrus, which was strong all around him.

“No,” he said coldly


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