I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 11

Qin yubai and Ji Yao belong to the same generation in terms of seniority, but there is an age gap between them. Secondly, Ji Yao is still a student, so their intersection is not profound.

Qin Ji and his family are also competitors. They have been competing secretly.

The Qin family that Qin yubai took over is a mess full of holes and leaks everywhere. At the age of 21, he entered the company and started as a unloading worker at the grass-roots level. In just seven years, he can refill the old bones of the Qin family with flesh and blood, so as to return to the upper class circle of the city.

If Ji’s family were not powerful, Ji Yao wouldn’t deserve to mention shoes to him in terms of his qualifications in the mall.

How dare such a hairy boy pull his people away in front of him?

Qin Yu Bai impolitely clasped Yan Shuang’s other arm, “I’m afraid you haven’t figured out whose territory this is and whose people you want to take away.”

Yan Shuang was grabbed by two people like a doll.

Ji Yao seldom gets angry, not because of the hypocritical etiquette and self-restraint he has been well trained since childhood, but because he clearly knows how much unknown anger is hidden in his heart. Once detonated, even he is not sure that he can control himself.

Now, the temperature in his chest is rising bit by bit.

“Let go.”

Ji Yao coldly squeezed out two words from his throat. He couldn’t hide his anger at the moment.

“Who should let go?”

Qin yubai sneered and refused to give in.

The two people were deadlocked, and the atmosphere escalated to the level of tension again. A faint smell of gunpowder filled the air between them, as if they were about to be triggered.

Ji Yao reluctantly restrained his anger and directly asked Yan Shuang, “do you want to go back to class?”

Two eyes, one left and one right, oppressively shot at Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang lowered his head and didn’t look at anyone. Under the pressure of two hot eyes, he shook his voice and said, “I want to have class…”

Tears hit the dark marble ground one by one, splashing out tears.

The house was so quiet that there seemed to be only the sound of tears falling to the ground.

Ji Yao looked relaxed and gently pulled Yan Shuang to his side.

“What are you crying for?” Qin yubai’s tone suddenly became soft. He pulled Yan Shuang’s hand and put it down. Instead, he hugged Yan Shuang’s waist. It was intimate, like coaxing an unreasonable little lover. “Class is class. I’ll let Wei Yichen send you.”

The arms around Yan’s waist exert themselves secretly. It seems that they are issuing a silent warning and quietly bringing people to themselves.

Ji Yao still didn’t let go. He looked at Yan Shuang with his head hanging low.

As long as Yan Shuang is willing to resist, he will


A word too light to be light was introduced into his ears and quickly dissipated in the air, like a basin of cold water pouring on Ji Yao’s head.

He really shouldn’t expect anything from this cheap and dirty soul.

The palm of the hand immediately loosened.

When loosening, the palm trembled slightly, and the fingertip slipped over the thin shirt, and the heat dissipated.

Yan Shuang looked up and looked at Ji Yao with tearful eyes. Ji Yao, who had gone outside without looking back, got on a dark sports car not far away, almost started the car without stopping, threw up a mess of dust and left.

Ji Yao should have raced here immediately after he hung up the phone.

Now he left alone.

As soon as Ji Yao left, Qin yubai’s face was also cold. He hooped Yan Shuang’s waist, put people close to himself, and said coldly: “tonight, you’d better explain clearly, otherwise…”

All words are intended.

Yan Shuang pushed him away. He rudely wiped a tear with his sleeve. “I’m going to class.”

“Wei Yichen, send him away.”

“OK, Mr. Qin.”

Qin yubai turns around and takes up the wine cup to have another drink, but finds that the wine cup is empty.

In the yard, the sound of the engine starting came, the car had driven away, and Qin yubai was the only one left in the whole house.

The sound of cicadas and the rustle of the breeze blowing through the woods are quiet and safe.

“Pa -”

The crack of the wine glass on the ground started a sharp cicada outside.

Qin yubai’s chest fluctuated. The anger he didn’t show just now made his hands tremble.

After several deep breaths, Qin yubai finally sat down at the table.

He hates being threatened by a hairy boy, and he hates the feeling of being out of control now.

Reaching out to grab the wine bottle, Qin yubai’s actions suddenly stopped, and the white logo on the wine bottle was stained with a little bright red.

Qin yubai turned his hand over.

A little broken glass was carefully embedded in the palm, stained with blood.

Is it a wine glass? Or the broken screen of that old mobile phone?

Qin yubai closed his palms, leaned back on the seat and exhaled deeply.

He really lost his temper today.

Inside the car, Yan Shuang was wiping his face against the rearview mirror. After carefully wiping away the tears on his face, he said to Wei Yichen briskly, “thank you for your wet paper towel.”

Wei Yichen was silent.

Yan Shuang half turned around, sat on the passenger seat with a side leaning posture, blinked his eyes, said excitedly, “did you just see that they almost fought for me.”

Wei Yichen still ignored him. He drove wholeheartedly, like a tool man with full marks. He changed his face when Yan Shuang got on the bus and smiled and asked him for a wet paper towel.

“What a pity. Hey, who do you think will win if Qin yubai and Ji Yao really fight?”

“To tell you the truth, your boss has a good physique. His explosive power, endurance and endurance are of a high level. He should also be good at fighting?”

“Ji Yao, he looks thin and his muscles are not bad…”

“It’s hard for two people to tell the difference. Hey, what do you say?”

Wei Yichen always ignored Yan Shuang indifferently.

He wondered if Yan Shuang would be so complacent and smile cunningly and freely if he knew he was just Qin Qing’s double, thinking he played everyone in the applause room.

He waited for that day to come.

“By the way, if you want to pick me up next time, you must inform me in advance, oh.”

Seeing that Wei Yichen was still like “you say whatever you say, I don’t have long ears”, Yan Shuanggou smiled, suddenly leaned over and kissed Wei Yichen on his side.

“Bare -”

The tire quickly rubbed against the ground and brake violently, bouncing Yan Shuang back and forth on his seat.

After settling down, Yan Shuang curled up in his seat and laughed.

Wei Yichen glanced coldly at Yan Shuang, who was shaking with laughter, “what are you doing?”

Yan Shuang smiled with a smile in his voice, “you can’t communicate with your mouth, so I have to communicate with you with my body.”

Yan Shuang laughed enough, and his face became cold. He said coldly, “next time you pick me up, inform me five minutes in advance. Do you hear me?”

Wei Yichen twisted his face, and Yan Shuang on his side came up again. He blocked him with his arm, “I hear you.”

“That’s good,” Yan Shuang sat down again. “Drive quickly, or I’ll be late again.”

Wei Yichen sent Yan Shuang to the back door of the school at the fastest speed, “get off.”

“Don’t forget what I told you,” Yan said as he unfastened his seat belt

Wei Yichen didn’t want to answer, but Yan Shuang had cast a threatening look again.

“Next time I’ll let you know five minutes in advance.”

Yan Shuang smiled brightly, “since you are so good, I’ll tell you a little secret.”

“Just now… It was the first time I kissed someone…”

Yan Shuang got out of the car, ran away laughing and waved to Wei Yichen. His wide white shirt flew behind him like a little pigeon.

That’s ridiculous.

On the way back, Wei Yichen gently shook his head and wiped the back of his hand on his right cheek. There was a faint aroma of citrus.

A lying little bitch.

Thinking like this, his face was burning uncontrollably.

Back to the winery, Qin yubai is being helped by the staff to deal with the wound in the palm.

Tiny pieces of glass were picked out bit by bit and placed in a metal tray aside. Each piece of glass was covered with blood.

“Back?” Qin Yu Bai man takes a smoke carelessly.

“President Qin.”

“Go and find out why Ji Yao is with him.”

“They are college classmates, from a department.”

Qin Yu Bai twisted his face fiercely and looked fiercely, “did you know?”

Wei Yichen said calmly, “I met Ji Shao when I met Mr. Yan at school for the first time.”

“Why didn’t you say it?”

“Sorry, Mr. Qin, I didn’t think that these two people would have any other intersection. As you know, Ji Shao’s personality is very lonely.”

Wei Yichen is right. Ji Yao is also a famous freak in the whole circle.

He plays cool with a poker face all day. He is never willing to talk to anyone. He runs away from home with his family in order to study what major. Qin yubai has always been glad that the only son of the Ji family is such an lawless and unscrupulous thing. Unexpectedly, Ji Yao put his hand to him.

“Check it out. Since the first time they met, they have checked it out for me bit by bit. I want to see all the information before tonight.”

“Yes, I see.”

Wei Yichen nodded and stooped down to work.


The last piece of glass was also taken out. The staff took alcohol to clean Qin yubai’s wound. Qin yubai bit the smoke and his handsome face wrinkled slightly. After surviving the initial hot pain, he spit out a smoke ring, “buy him a new mobile phone.”


Wei Yichen held down the hem of his suit and officially stepped down.

Back to school, Yan Shuangma kept rushing to class. Fortunately, Ji Yao stuffed his professional books into his schoolbag and didn’t delay the class.

The transparent man’s physique is so strong that even if he is embarrassed, no one notices him at all.

After three classes in the afternoon, Yan Shuang returned to the hotel.

The front desk in the hotel noticed him, “Hey, where’s the handsome guy?”

“Handsome boy?”

The front desk smiled and said, “the handsome man came to redeem his ID card. I gave him your phone. I thought you two would come together.”

“Yes, ID card!”

Yan Shuang suddenly realized that he said how Ji Yao could have his number. He called him for no reason. When he came up, he asked him why he didn’t go back to the hotel. It was for his ID card.

I don’t know where Ji Yao has gone. Yan Shuang didn’t see Ji Yao during the three classes in the afternoon.

I guess it’s incompetent rage in a deserted corner.

Thanks to Xiao Ji’s blessing, the emotional line is painted well today.

Next time you see him, coax him.

“Give me his ID card and pledge my ID card.”

Yan Shuang exchanged his ID card for Ji Yao’s.

Ji Yao’s ID card was taken very well.

Usually the photos on the ID card will have a certain gap with me.

The police uncle wants to take a clear picture of your characteristics, not good-looking.

However, an outstanding figure like Ji Yao, even the most line drawing shooting technique, still can not hide his handsome eyebrows and unique cold temperament, which is even more prominent in the photos.

He is the man in the picture and has nothing to do with the secular world.

Yan Shuang lay in bed, admiring Ji Yao’s ID card and giving Ji Yao a score.

It’s 9:5. The remaining 0.5 points will be deducted in the hotel opened for him, regardless of dinner!

Qin yubai said let him make it clear at night. Don’t you care about dinner?

Yan Shuang turned up, put away Ji Yao’s ID card, coded the textbooks in his schoolbag on the hotel table, and walked out of the hotel.

There are all kinds of shops near the University. There are a mixture of fish and dragons and many stalls.

Yan Shuang, with his bag on his back, looked all the way. When he saw a man who set up a stall to repair his mobile phone, he hurried over and asked, “master, do you think my mobile phone can be repaired?”

Yan Shuang gave the broken screen mobile phone to each other.

The person who repaired the mobile phone checked it and said, “if you can repair it, you can use it with another screen.”

Yan Shuang sighed with relief, “how much is the screen change?”


“What, 200?! master, don’t be kidding. Even if you sell this mobile phone, it’s not worth 200.”

“It’s the same thing to repair and sell. Your mobile phone is too old. You can sell it if you want. I’ll take it for 50. Go and buy a new one.”

“That’s no good. I’ll repair the mobile phone. How can I sell it? Master, let’s make it cheaper. How about 100100?”

“No, no, 100 is too little. My cost price is more than…”

When Wei Yichen found Yan Shuang, Yan Shuangzheng was squatting in front of a roadside mobile phone stall. He was talking red in the face about whether he could get another ten yuan cheaper.

“Shifu, you really, if you make it cheaper, 110, 110, our business is not…”

Yan Shuangzheng said, feeling that the other party had been worn a little loose, his arm was raised. He looked up and saw Wei Yichen wearing glasses and a straight suit. Yan Shuang slightly opened his mouth. He looked a little surprised. His eyes were round and black, like a stray dog Wei Yichen had seen.

I’m dirty and my hair is about to tie, but I still work hard… To live.


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