I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 111

Qi Feiyun was discharged from the hospital on the day when the cold wave came. The whole city cooled down overnight. Yan Shuang wore a milky white cotton dress bought by Qin yubai, which was matched with the latest goose yellow sweater of the same brand and a pair of blue jeans. It floated into the ward like a fresh and elegant flower in the sudden cold wave.

Qi Feiyun is slowly wearing his coat.

He hasn’t recovered from his injury, but he really doesn’t want to stay in the hospital anymore.

Yan Shuang pushed the door in, exhaled a cold breath first, and said with a surprise on his face, “you’ve put on your own clothes.”

Qi Feiyun’s eyes flashed, and he put Yan Shuang in his eyes. He said faintly, “well.”

Apart from the first few days when he was hospitalized, Yan Shuang occasionally came to see him – most of them left at a glance after dinner. The rest of the time was when the Dragon saw the head and did not see the end.

It seems that he hasn’t seen Yan Shuang for more than two weeks.

The arm stretched into the sleeve paused.

He remembered the days so clearly.

“That’s great -” Yan Shuang praised him in the tone of praising the children, rubbed his hands and said, “it’s cold outside. You wear too little.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Qi Feiyun put on his coat. “It’s all right in a while.”

“Brother Sheng, he is too busy to come to the store today, so he has to ask your assistant to drive us back in your car.”

As soon as he finished the long crosstalk, Qi Feiyun only replied two words, “brother Sheng?”


Yan Shuang came to help him.

He loves the scum attack that hasn’t finished the plot line.

“It’s your neighbor, Sheng Guangming. He opened a cake shop. The cake is very delicious.”

Qi Feiyun’s arm was held by Yan Shuang, and the tip of his nose seemed to smell a sweet smell.

Yan Shuang’s white and small chin is buried in the yellow sweater. The little Lingding is hidden in it. It is very beautiful and always attracts Qi Feiyun’s attention.

Qi Feiyun was actually surprised.

When he was in hospital, there was nothing else. He often… Wanted to see Yan Shuang.

Maybe it’s because of a physical relationship.

Qi Feiyun was always thoughtful. Yan Shuang helped him into the back seat of the car, “be careful.”

Yan Shuang falsely covered Qi Feiyun’s head. Qi Feiyun naturally lowered his head in cooperation. The assistant in the front driver’s seat was relieved to see such a “harmonious” scene behind.

During this time, Qi Feiyun was nominally “self-cultivation”, but in fact he was not at peace at all.

Just a few days after the operation, the ward was fairly clean. Qi Feiyun’s spirit was a little better behind him. The professors and experts in the hospital began to ask Qi Feiyun for “guidance” with the film and operation plan.

The assistant couldn’t help, so he watched Qi Feiyun drag the sick body and discuss the operation plan with the people with a tired face.

Turn the ward into a conference room.

If Dr. Qi wasn’t too weak, maybe they would push people into the operating room in wheelchairs to operate knives, the assistant thought angrily.

What makes the assistant feel uncomfortable for Qi Feiyun is that every time Yan Shuang comes to the hospital, he goes straight to the canteen. After tasting all the delicious food in the canteen, he goes to his station to make a pot of tea and eat lazily while drinking tea. He can’t help urging Yan Shuang to have a look at Qi Feiyun. Yan Shuangcai goes in with a perfunctory attitude and a teacup.

Obviously Qi Feiyun’s ward is right ahead.

Yan Shuang also said boldly, “I’m not a magic pill. Can he get better quickly when I look at him?”

The assistant was speechless and thought how you did this to your boyfriend.

Dr. Qi is handsome, has a lot of money, and has a clean private life. Although he is a little cold tempered, he still wants to take Yan Shuang to dinner after being stabbed. It can be seen that Qi Feiyun must be very interested in Yan Shuang.

Such a perfect boyfriend, if he is, he must give it up!

No, no, no, he means girlfriend.

The assistant was thinking wildly. When he started, he was a little fierce. The car ran forward and there was a cry in the back.

“Are you okay?”

Yan Shuang took Qi Feiyun’s arm and said nervously.

“Nothing.” Qi Feiyun frowned slightly.

“Be careful,” Yan Shuang said, looking forward through the rearview mirror with a bad face. “He hasn’t recovered from his injury. If he breaks down, he has to go back.”

“Sorry, sorry…”

The assistant kept apologizing, but he felt a burst of relief in his heart.

The relationship between the two people is still very good.

When the car arrived at the place, it was a cold wind. Qi Feiyun didn’t feel too cold.

Yan Shuang put a shawl in the car and put it on for him before getting off the bus.

“Fortunately, I have foresight,” Yan shuanglue said, hugging Qi Feiyun’s broad shoulders with some effort and moving forward in the cold wind, “otherwise I would really freeze to death.”

The soft Wool Shawl patted gently on his cheek with the cold wind. Qi Feiyun lowered his head and stared at Yan Shuang’s face, from the smooth forehead to the beautiful curve of the bridge of his nose to the two plump red lips.

As soon as he entered the apartment, the warmth like spring immediately surrounded the two people. Yan Shuang let go, breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled at Qi Feiyun, “well, I’m really afraid you’ll catch a cold.”

Qi Feiyun has been in bed almost all this time. He inevitably contracted a trace of illness. He looked a little thinner and his head grew a little longer. His short hair on his forehead was fluffy on his temples. The tip of his black hair quickly touched his light gray pupils. He blinked his eyes, as if he wanted to drive away the cluster of black hair, “No.”

Yan Shuang helped him into the elevator.

“No, no, your body is repairing itself now. The cells of your whole body are working hard to repair your wounds. There is naturally less defense in other places. It is easy to catch a cold.”

As a doctor, Qi Feiyun thought Yan Shuang’s statement was childish and ignorant, but out of his profession, he thought it was very cute.

The elevator door closed slowly.

This is a working day, there are not many residents in the apartment, and the light on the elevator is only their floor… Qi Feiyun turned his mind for a short time. He turned his face, spoke gently and politely to Yan Shuang, “I want to kiss you now.”

Yan Shuangxian was stunned and said generously, “OK.”

Qi Feiyun leaned down. When he did this, his waist and abdomen still hurt slightly, but this pain made him feel a different kind of… Excitement.

Yan Shuang stood on tiptoe very cooperatively.

The height of several slag attacks is almost the same, higher than him, but the gap is not too large. The perfect height difference that you can kiss on tiptoe.

Yan Shuang’s principle is that work can be serious, and he is too lazy to be perfunctory.

He also saw Qi Feiyun several times, but when he saw Qi Feiyun’s delicate flower shining on the water, he was not interested immediately.

What’s the use of him if he can’t brush the slag attack of the plot!

Now Qi Feiyun is discharged from the hospital. At least standing and lying down is not a problem. Yan Shuang thinks it’s time to brush the plot!

The two men kept kissing and got out of the elevator. Their fingers pressed the password of the fingerprint lock. The pleasant voice came into their ears. At the same time, Qi Feiyun’s Wool Shawl was rudely pulled down by Yan Shuang.

The floor heating had been turned on in the house for a long time. Anyway, Qi Feiyun’s bill was hung. Yan Shuang was not distressed at all. The whole house was extremely warm, and his face turned red. He impatiently took off his milky cotton clothes and kissed Qi Feiyun around his neck.

Qi Feiyun’s wound hurts more every minute than the last minute.

The decision to leave the hospital is still too reluctantly.

In fact, he is not unbearable to be surrounded by a group of people trembling for guidance every day, but unbearable

Yan Shuang flexibly took off his sweater and revealed the light colored T-shirt inside. His face was red and his eyes were shining. “Can you?”

Qi Feiyun could feel a faint pain in his abdominal wound, which was a very bad message, but he still said calmly, “OK.”

Yan Shuang looked at his face, but he smiled, “Mr. Qi, don’t be brave.”

Qi Feiyun’s face is not bad, but it is by no means good. Even if he wants to show himself lively, his body will not lie.

“I can…” Qi Feiyun insisted, reaching out and hugging Yan Shuang’s waist.

Yan Shuang was amused by his “physical disability and strong ambition”, leaned against him and smiled twice and said, “Mr. Qi, what did I say about you before? You see you were tough at that time. To be honest, we are also friends now. Have you been lying in bed for a month, thinking about it?”

Qi Feiyun didn’t answer his question. Instead, he stretched out his arm and leaned over slightly. Unexpectedly, he lifted Yan Shuang up in the air.

Yan Shuang exclaimed and stared round his eyes. He was really frightened by him. “What are you doing? Put me down quickly and be careful that the wound will crack.”

Qi Feiyun walked to the bedroom without saying a word.

Yan Shuang exclaimed repeatedly along the way. All the words in his mouth were “be careful and take it easy”. He dared not move and struggle. Finally, he had to say, “well, Mr. Qi, I believe you can do it. Will you let me down first and preserve my strength? Good steel should be used on the blade…”

Facts have proved that slag attack’s self-esteem is very strong.

Although Qi Feiyun’s face was not good, he still insisted on holding the man to the bed.

As soon as Yan and his wife touched the soft bed, they quickly said softly, “don’t bother, Mr. Qi. Just lie down. I’ll come and I’ll come.”

Qi Feiyun leaned on the bed on one knee. Although he listened to Yan Shuang’s words in his ears, he didn’t get much in his mind.

This state is caused by excessive secretion of dopamine and adrenaline.

In Chinese, there is a more easy to understand saying called Jing x on the brain.

A state of inferiority and secularity.

Qi Feiyun leaned down and kissed the two red lips.

Yan Shuang is very supple and cooperative.

Qi Feiyun is confident that they always keep pace in bed.

If there is a one percent chance that Yan shuangzhen, as he said, didn’t find anyone during his hospitalization, then Yan Shuang… Should also miss his body?

At the moment of chaos, Qi Feiyun was pushed down.

The top and bottom positions are reversed in an instant.

Yan Shuang looked at him from above with a smile, “Mr. Qi, I told you to lie down. I don’t know what’s cheap. Are you stupid?”

Qi Feiyun stretched out his finger and touched his face.

That’s it.

That’s what he misses.

Dangerous will make him happy and painful. I never know what kind of adventure will be next second.

Yan Shuang stood up directly and opened the wardrobe in his bedroom with Qi Feiyun’s eyes.

“Mr. Qi, I’ve been sleeping with you for a while and found…”

The white palm brushed the wooden clothes hanger, but what hung on it was not Qi Feiyun’s usual shirt, but one… Tie.

Black, gray, blue and red ties are hung on the hanger, just like the bright twisted rope on the execution ground.

With his fingers wrapped around a wine red tie, he simply pulled the tie off the hanger. The hanger “clattered” and the above tie shook together. Yan Shuang turned his face, knelt on his knees and went to bed, walking slowly like a cat. The silk tie scattered the mellow light of wine in his palm.

It slowly descended, covered Qi Feiyun’s eyes, and then – suddenly tightened in the back of his head.

The sweet aroma approached his earlobe.

“… you have many ties.”



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