I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 112

“Mr. Qi, you have to be honest. Why do you, a bachelor, buy such a big bathtub?”

Yan Shuang’s toes stirred up a splash of water, splashed it on Qi Feiyun’s chest on the opposite side, and slightly raised his eyebrows, “huh?” He laughed and joked, “old goat.”

Qi Feiyun’s face was flat. He put his hands on the edge of the bathtub. The bright red marks on his wrists on both sides were like a pair of bloody handcuffs. After three hours of almost dark exercise, he felt that he should not be accused of this – at least, Yan Shuang didn’t have this position to accuse him.

Qi Feiyun is more curious about another thing than arguing with each other about who is a pornographic.

The question lingered in his chest. He thought again and again, but still didn’t ask. He looked at Yan Shuang quietly.

Yan Shuang is smoking a cigar.

There were few cigars left in his cupboard. It seemed to be the last one.

The rising heat in the bathroom soaked the red lips fuller than usual. Yan bipolar leisurely enjoyed the last cigar. From time to time, he held the cigar at his fingertips, looked up and spit out the smoke ring in a jet shape. The smoke fell on his white face from the air and drilled back into his nasal cavity.

It’s easy to play. It’s natural and unrestrained.

“How old did you start smoking?”

Yan Shuang heard his problem. His eyelashes were down, and he was holding a cigar in the corner of his mouth, like a lollipop. He said leisurely, “I’m 18 years old. I can’t remember clearly.”

Qi Feiyun nodded, “not bad.”

He thought Yan Shuang was an old smoker. In this way, he just looked like him. In fact, he had just learned it.

“Minors can’t smoke,” Yan Shuang said as he touched his upper and lower lips and asked for a kiss. Yan Shuang said, “Mr. Qi, I’m a good child.”

Qi Feiyun has his own judgment on people. This is an occupational disease.

However, now he really doubts his judgments about Yan Shuang.

A person’s eyes, looks, actions and even heartbeat can deceive people, but it is difficult to disguise his physical state.


Yan Shuang casually put the unfinished cigar aside. He stood up from the bathtub, brought out the sound of water, raised his feet without dragging mud and water, stepped out of the bathtub, and reached out to smoke a bath towel to wipe it.

Qi Feiyun sat in the bathtub and looked cautiously at Yan Shuang.

White and flawless.

Yan Shuang’s skin is very thin and it’s easy to leave traces.

The fresh bruise on him is.

But apart from those bruises with limited area, there was no other trace on his body.

Yan Shuang’s action of wiping his body was very rude. He didn’t cherish his beautiful jade carved body at all. After wiping it dry, he wrapped the bath towel around his waist. He pulled a towel over his head. He turned his back to Qi Feiyun and said, “Mr. Qi, you can do it yourself. I’m going out.”

When he didn’t hear the answer, Yan Shuang looked down.

The snow-white towel covered his wet black hair, several strands of hair pressed on the center of his eyebrows, and water droplets stroked his white and red cheeks steamed by the heat along those strands of wet hair.

Qi Feiyun doesn’t know whether the three hours he experienced tonight were too shocking, or because of speculation in his heart, or simply soaking in the bathroom for a little too long. In short, his brain is so dull than usual. When he asks that untimely question, it’s too late to take it back.

“Where are you going?” Yan Shuang repeated his question, looked puzzled, and gave Qi Feiyun an expected answer, “what’s your business?”

Their relationship has no position to interfere in anything.

Qi Feiyun knew this very well, so he began to regret after asking.

The conjecture in my mind should also be very wrong.

Yan Shuang has such a dissolute and uninhibited personality. How could he really “guard himself like a jade” for him in the month he was hospitalized?

As long as he hooked his fingers, handsome rich and noble sons fell at his feet one after another.

He really does not lack people, and there is no need to make his night lonely.

The words “have fun in time” were engraved on his face.

Qi Feiyun’s brain gradually regained its sharpness. The wound seemed to have been soaked in warm water for too long and began to ache. He pondered for a while. When he was about to apologize, Yan Shuang said.

“I’ll have supper next door.”

Qi Feiyun was stunned. Before he could figure out the meaning of “Midnight”, Yan Shuang had opened the door of the bathroom and went out.

The door of the bathroom rebounded and closed, making a sound that was neither light nor heavy, hitting Qi Feiyun’s eardrum, waking up his temporarily dizzy brain again.

He really shouldn’t have asked that question.

Ask… As if he cared.

Qi Feiyun lowered his eyelashes, and the red marks on his wrist were filled with bright and fragile powder.

He thought: don’t wear that navy blue tie in the future.

Sheng Guangming was surprised when he saw Yan Shuang in the surveillance inside the door.

Qi Feiyun was discharged from the hospital today. He thought Yan Shuang would not come.

When Sheng Guangming first proposed the “deal”, he also felt ridiculous, but Yan Shuang seemed to take their commitment seriously.

“I did it with Mr. Qi, but I confiscated his money. Shouldn’t it count?”

The round eyes looked at Sheng Guangming who had always opened the door carefully.

Sheng Guangming was speechless for a while. He thought how he could say such words so pure. Then he smiled faintly, “it doesn’t count.”

Yan Shuang nodded and entered the house.

Sheng Guangming made a chocolate cake today.

He now has a very accurate grasp of Yan Shuang’s taste. He knows that Yan Shuang prefers cake body and only likes cream as ornaments.

He made this chocolate cake very carefully. Layer by layer, the cake body is inlaid with almost solid chocolate, which makes the cake have a very solid taste at the beginning. However, as long as you chew it a little, the temperature in your mouth will gradually melt the chocolate. The smooth chocolate will be integrated with the cake, which will bring new taste, and even the chewing speed is different, The taste of that cake is also different, so that each bite has a fresh experience, so that the diners who taste the cake will not feel boring.

“It’s delicious.”

Sure enough, Yan Shuang gave praise without stinginess.

Sheng Guangming squinted and smiled.

Yan Shuang really loves cake. It can be seen from his eating appearance that Jing doesn’t say how elegant, but the expression on his face and the brilliance in his eyes, including every fold of his skin, can make Sheng Guangming feel that he loves cake so much.

——Just like him.

If at first it was just a simple way to delay Yan Shuang, now Sheng Guangming is a little enjoying his time alone with Yan Shuang every night.

Yan Shuang is very quiet.

He has nothing to say to him, usually just praise.

Praise is also very short.

“Delicious”, “like”, that’s all.

But this simple praise made Sheng Guangming feel great satisfaction.

His cake can stop him from falling down.

This is not only a great affirmation to him, but also his original intention of making cakes: it is meaningful and romantic to use sweet cakes to treat one’s unhappiness in one’s life.

“It’s delicious.”

Yan Shuang repeated his evaluation after eating. His expression was very serious, as if because today’s cake was particularly delicious. He grinned at Sheng Guangming with satisfaction.

When he smiled, Sheng Guangming smiled too, almost falling off his seat.

Yan Shuang’s face was unclear, so, “did I say something wrong?”

Sheng Guangming’s shoulders trembled with laughter, “you, your teeth…”

Yan Shuang made a sudden look, “chocolate.”

“Yes,” Sheng Guangming slowly calmed his smile and said softly, “it’s like a tooth decay in your mouth.”

Yan Shuang smiled again. He deliberately aligned the upper and lower rows of teeth to expose the teeth polluted by chocolate.

He knew he looked very childish.

Whenever he shows this side, Sheng Guangming will think that he is showing a soft belly, and his heart will be loose. For example, at this time, the smile on his face is extremely soft, and he uses a very favorite language: “how do you look like a child.”

Yan Shuang closed his lips and resumed his quiet appearance. He was very reserved and said, “I’m going back.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned for a moment and subconsciously said, “so fast?”

Yan Shuang usually spends more than half an hour with him. After eating the cake, he always said he was worried about getting fat, so he competed with the sandbag in the living room. Sheng Guangming wanted to teach him, but he repeatedly refused.

“I just want to play. Brother Sheng, if you really teach me, I will feel very burdened.”

He put his cynicism and irresponsibility clearly in front of everyone.

Don’t take him seriously, he will feel a burden.

“Well,” Yan Shuang’s face showed a rare serious expression. He stood up and said, “it’s inconvenient for Mr. Qi to be at home alone. I’m worried about his accident.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned again.

To tell the truth, although nearly a month has passed, Sheng Guangming still can’t forget the heartbroken look on Yan Shuang’s face when he left the welfare home with Yan Shuang that night.

But the next day, Yan Shuang looked as if nothing had happened.

Even, Sheng Guangming bumped into him several times to have dinner with Qin yubai in the mall.

Yes, he finally knew the man’s name.

The people in his shop told him.

When he was looking at Yan Shuang through the glass window that day, the staff around him said in a very uneasy way: “the big boss has been so diligent recently. Is he going to raise the rent for us?”

“Big boss?” Sheng Guangming frowned.

The employee said, “yes, it’s the owner of this mall.”

He pointed to the man who was smiling at Yan Shuang with his head down.

“Qin yubai, the boss of the Qin group, heard that half of the real estate in our city is surnamed Qin.”

Yan Shuang’s guest is such a rich man

Not only that, Sheng Guangming also saw Yan Shuang’s “true love” on TV.

The boy who looked about the same age as Yan Shuang turned out to be the only son of the city’s richest man.

Every man who has a relationship with Yan Shuang has a big background.

Sheng Guangming found out later.

Including his neighbors.

“It’s time to be careful,” Sheng Guangming got up and sent Yan Shuang to the door. After hesitating for a moment, “do you need my help?”

“Of course not -”

Yan Shuang categorically refused, with a surprised expression on his face, as if Sheng Guangming’s proposal was ridiculous.

Sheng Guangming explained with embarrassment: “I think Dr. Qi is a big man. You are too thin. If you need to move, you may not have much strength…”

“Mr. Qi can move,” Yan Shuang smiled as if he thought of something. “Have you forgotten? I was with Mr. Qi just now…” he pointed to the end and looked at Sheng Guangming with a smile, “he’s okay.”

Sheng Guangming’s face turned red.

“I’m sorry,” said Sheng Guangming hurriedly. “I can’t think about it.”


Yan Shuang shook his head and looked very gentle, “brother Sheng, you… Are just very considerate and nice.”

Sheng Guangming is often praised as “very nice”.

When he was a boxer, the agent who always yelled at him praised him after he retired. “You are really good. A good man like you will be happy in the future.”

Sheng Guangming is used to hearing it, so he doesn’t feel anything.

Just from Yan Shuang’s mouth, it has a different meaning.

“Good man” is not only a compliment to him, but also a label on him, similar to “don’t touch this thing”.

Because he is a “good man”, Yan Shuang will never have a deep friendship with him.

Maybe that’s what it means.

Sheng Guangming thought that although he was sorry, people could not force him. It was only a moment when he could help Yan Shuang. It was good to have a clear conscience. As for what Yan Shuang regarded him, it was not something he should think about. He just had to be himself.

Sheng Guangming said, “what do you want to eat tomorrow? I’ll do it to the end and accept your order.”

What he did and what Yan Shuang ate before, Sheng Guangming didn’t ask Yan Shuang. Anyway, as long as he did it, Yan Shuang seemed to like it very much.

Sheng Guangming is confident and ready to take Yan Shuang’s private order.

Yan Shuang opened the door. Half a man walked out of the door and said softly, “don’t eat tomorrow.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned until the door closed.

“Not tomorrow.”

What’s the meaning of this?

In a few simple words, Sheng Guangming frowned and thought repeatedly for a long time. In fact, he had made clear the meaning of the other party in his mind, but due to emotional resistance, he was unable to present a very simple answer in front of him.

A month is neither long nor short.

When Sheng Guangming first became an athlete, he was not used to intense training. He was in terrible pain every day. When he begged the coach for mercy, the coach told him that he would get used to it in only one month.

This is a scientifically proven truth, and the coach told him categorically.

Science… Can science explain everything?

Can science tell him why Yan Shuang doesn’t want to eat his cake tomorrow?

Yan Shuang returns to Qi Feiyun’s apartment and opens the door to find Qi Feiyun sitting in the living room.

The large TV in the living room is broadcasting a documentary.

In the dark blue sea, colorful fish swam in the water. Qi Feiyun didn’t turn on the light, and the faint blue light from the TV screen was reflected on his face.

Yan Shuang pushed the door open. He didn’t look back, as if he was addicted to the unpredictable sea in TV.

“Miss Qi, don’t you sleep yet?”

Yan Shuang was concerned.

Qi Feiyun’s physical condition is now a top priority for him.

He can’t allow Qi Feiyun to spoil his body at will.

Qi Feiyun said faintly, “I’m not sleepy yet.”

Yan Shuang approached and found that there was a wine glass on the tea table in front of Qi Feiyun. The six prism crystal wine glass contained brownish yellow wine. Yan Shuang took the wine glass and smelled it.


Yan Shuang frowned, “Mr. Qi, you are a doctor. You should know that your current situation is not suitable for drinking.”

Qi Feiyun denied, “I just poured a glass of wine, but I didn’t drink it.”

Yan Shuang leaned over. He leaned very close. “Open your mouth and I’ll smell it.”

Qi Feiyun really couldn’t sleep before he came out.

When he got to the living room, he didn’t know what to do. He turned on the TV and poured himself a glass of wine. When the cold glass touched his lips, he was surprised to know what he was doing.

Of course, drinking was not conducive to his recovery, so he put down his glass.

Yan Shuang’s face was close at hand. He could clearly see the worry on that face.

He opened his mouth – like opening his palm on the bed to the navy blue tie.

After hearing this, Yan Shuang said, “it’s good. Just don’t drink.”

He put down his glass and said, “it’s time to go to bed now.”

“I’m not sleepy yet.”

“You have to sleep if you are not sleepy,” Yan Shuang said overbearing. “Your body now belongs to me. You have no right not to love it.”

He took his hand and closed the dark blue sea on TV.

Qi Feiyun was led back to his bedroom by Yan Shuang. He was pushed to bed by Yan Shuang in the dark.

“I went to brush my teeth and my mouth was full of chocolate.”

As he spoke, he breathed at Qi Feiyun.

“You smell it.”

Qi Feiyun really smelled the bitter taste in the sweet.

Like the cigar they smoked for the first time.

Yan Shuang was pressed by Qi Feiyun’s arm to kiss him, and the chocolate on his teeth was licked clean. Qi Feiyun didn’t let him go until the sweet bitterness disappeared.

In the dark, the room was so quiet that there were only two people breathing.

“Mr. Qi,” Yan Shuang said softly, “are you… In love with me?”

Qi Feiyun breathed steadily, “nothing.”

“Then I’ll rest assured.”

Yan Shuang’s tone was relieved.

“Mr. Qi, although I’m sorry, I have to tell you that I have no feelings for you, so you don’t have any response or expect my response. It’s good for us to maintain the current relationship.”

Yan Shuang went into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

Qi Feiyun is lying in bed. He is waiting for another person to brush his teeth and go to bed.

It sounds warm.

But the man said, “there is no feeling at all”.

This is the relationship he dreams of.

Solve the addiction of the body and keep the alienation of the mind, so that his life will go on like his ideal.

A few minutes later, the bed on his side sank down, a thin corner of his body was lifted, and the warm human body entered his field.

“Hoo, I’m really tired today. Go to bed. Mr. Qi, you should go to bed quickly. Don’t think about it. If you can’t sleep, just count the fish. I just saw you watching an ocean documentary…”

The voice on the side of the body gradually decreased.

Qi Feiyun slowly closed his eyes.

… it turned out that he was just looking at the sea.


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