I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 113

Whenever Sheng Guangming knows a new friend, when the other party learns that his profession is a boxer, he will instinctively show fear. Even some people who are not too sensitive will directly sigh: “then others must not dare to offend you.”

He seems to be a violent maniac who will beat people if he doesn’t agree with him.

But in fact, Sheng Guangming is a law-abiding citizen who has lived up to now and has done meticulous garbage classification.

Sheng Guangming pressed his hat on his head and beat a drum in his heart – is it illegal for him to follow Yan Shuang like this?

Last night Yan Shuang said he would not eat his cake today.

Isn’t that obvious?

——Yan Shuang is going to “pick up guests” today!

Sheng Guangming didn’t sleep almost all night.

In the past month, Yan Shuang has behaved so well that he almost forgot how rebellious Yan Shuang was when he first met him.

He’s never good.

The air in the campus is as fresh as he imagined.

One night after winter, the color in the school became dim. The students wrapped in winter clothes hurried. They looked like office workers outside the campus, as if they were eager to catch up.

Sheng Guangming deliberately wore a hoodie and a baseball cap in an attempt to make himself look more student like and not so conspicuous on campus.

This act of tenderness and tracking made his head and face temperature rise continuously, and his heart beat faster and faster.

He understood that this was definitely an act of crossing the line.

Sheng Guangming followed the figure in front tightly while regretting.

Yan Shuang looks familiar but strange in school.

A section of the lavender turtleneck sweater emerged from the coat, setting off the white and delicate face. The facial features were too soft, and the soft black hair was half hidden. It looked almost indistinguishable from male and female from afar.

It’s beautiful.

Are homosexuals so beautiful?

Sheng Guangming thought untimely.

Yan Shuang’s footsteps suddenly stopped. Sheng Guangming immediately lowered his hat and mixed into the crowd. When Yan Shuang turned and continued to walk, he held down his beating heart and continued to follow.

He is really not suitable for doing bad things.

Dangerously followed Yan Shuang into the classroom. Sheng Guangming found an insignificant position in the back and sat down.

Yan Shuang sits in the third row in the middle of the classroom.

Sheng Guangming stared at every passing boy with his eyes.

Huh? Someone is sitting next to Yan Shuang!

They only said one word… OK.

Sheng Guangming used his cautious attitude in the boxing field to observe every man who spoke to or approached Yan Shuang.

It seems that everyone looks very decent, and the most decent one is Yan Shuang himself.

His white face was almost as cold as ice, and he looked polite and alienated when talking to everyone.

It is almost in line with Sheng Guangming’s conjecture about Yan Shuang.

When the music after class sounded, Sheng Guangming was surprised that more than an hour had passed.

How did time pass so fast?

Yan Shuang was already packing his schoolbag and leaving. Sheng Guangming had no time to think about it. He quickly stood up and followed him.

Yan Shuang walked very fast.

Sheng Guangming could not help stepping up his pace and followed Yan Shuang into another teaching building.

Once inside, Sheng Guangming felt something wrong.

This teaching building is too quiet!

The arm inserted from the corner was fast, but in Sheng Guangming’s eyes it was as slow as the slow motion in the movie. He easily grabbed each other’s forearm.

“Brother Sheng?”

Yan Shuang pretended to look at Sheng Guangming in amazement.

In fact, he had already noticed that Sheng Guangming was following him.

By the standards of stalkers, Sheng Guangming is the most amateur in the world.

Sheng Guangming completely didn’t expect Yan Shuang to find him. The expression on his face looked more stunned than Yan Shuang. When his brain received the current situation information, his face immediately turned red.

Found… Found… Found… Found

The whole brain is filled with four words, played circularly and enlightening.

“Brother Sheng,” Yan Shuang’s voice sounded calm, “Why are you here?”

Sheng Guangming is still out of the body, his ears are buzzing, and his head has been instinctively lowered, “I, I come, come, no, no, fill, fill…”

The tall and strong man couldn’t even tell a lie in front of the little boy who was much younger than him. His whole face was so red that he was about to smoke. Finally, he simply shut up.

“You followed me.”

In a few simple words, he pointed out his shameless behavior.

Sheng Guangming has no excuse at all. The facts are in front of him. He is really not good at and doesn’t like lying.

Wrong is wrong.

I can only bury my head lower in shame.

“Let go first.” Yan Shuang said faintly.

Sheng Guangming heard what Yan Shuang said in his ears, but his brain did not deal with the message at all. His brain began to cycle the words “how to do”.

Found out. What should I do?

Connected in series, it turned into a huge bold question, beating wildly on his nerves.

When the struggling strength came from the palm, Sheng Guangming was surprised that he was still pulling Yan Shuang’s arm.

“Ah -” Sheng Guangming shouted, flustered and threw out his hand. He looked up and saw Yan Shuang’s cold face, and hurriedly apologized, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry what?” Yan Shuang kept up aggressively.

Sheng Guangming’s mouth opened weakly, pale again and apologized.


Yan Shuang turned his wrist. Sheng Guangming’s strength was really great, “Why are you following me?”

Sheng Guangming lowered his head and said nothing.

The teaching building was empty. They were at the corner of the stairs and shrouded in the shadow of the oblique triangle. They stood in the sun and the shadow.

“Forget it.”

Yan Shuang turned and left. Of course he didn’t succeed – Sheng Guangming grabbed him by the wrist.

Yan Shuang turned his face. Sheng Guangming still lowered his head. His baseball cap covered his face. His shoulders drooped and looked like an abandoned big dog.

“Just say what you want to say,” Yan Shuang said gently. “I still have a class.”

Sheng Guangming puffed up slightly on the back of his hand and sighed, “Yan Shuang, you know what I want to say.”

Oh, I know how to advance by retreating. I’m not a pure fool.

Yan shuangrou said, “let go first.”

Sheng Guangming gave him a tentative look. Seeing that his face was calm, he should want to talk well, so he let go of his hand.

Yan Shuang looked at him and said calmly, “Sheng Guangming, you are my gun friend’s neighbor. In addition, you come out of the same welfare home. Although I don’t think it’s meaningful, you take it seriously, so I’ll cooperate with you.”

The lake like eyes reflected the color of the sun, “you know what I want to say.”

As like as two peas, he was given the same reply.

Sheng Guangming felt a little uncomfortable and said slowly, “I know.”

The relationship between them was so peaceful that he was not qualified to interfere with Yan Shuang.

But let him turn a blind eye to the downfall of such a good young man, he really can’t do it.

The same welfare home really doesn’t make much sense, but it also makes great sense to be alone in this world.

“Just know,” Yan Shuang smiled, a polite and cold smile familiar to Sheng Guangming, “then I’ll go.”

An ordinary farewell, like the most appropriate end to his absurd behavior today.

You can’t just let Yan Shuang go.

When an idea comes to mind, the body reacts instantly.

Sheng Guangming stretched out his hand again, and Yan Shuang seemed to expect him to do so. At the moment when Sheng Guangming raised his hand, he raised his hand at the same time.

“Pa -”

Two hands collided.

Sheng Guangming had time to withdraw in the future. Yan Shuang grabbed his hand, and his fingers were embedded into his fingers. He was also a man. Yan Shuang’s fingers were as soft as no bones, with slight temperature and no lethality, but made Sheng Guangming step back in amazement.

Yan Shuang held his hand over his head and nailed it to the wall with an irresistible force.

Sheng Guangming’s eyes widened, “Yan Shuang…”

“I’m gay,” Yan Shuang raised his face and looked straight into Sheng Guangming’s eyes. He looked cold but had an unspeakable charm, “do you understand?”

The back of the hand is a cold wall, and the palm is soft human skin.

His heat gradually passed to Yan Shuang, making Yan Shuang’s hands warm.

“I know…” Sheng Guangming said slowly, “I just want to persuade you not to…”

“OK.” Yan Shuang interrupted.

Sheng Guangming was stunned at first, then showed a happy look, “really?”

“Really,” Yan Shuang smiled and nodded, “if I don’t receive money today, I won’t sell it.”

Sheng guangming: ”

Seeing Sheng Guangming’s world outlook collapse, Yan Shuang’s smile deepened, “I won’t accept money in the future, OK?”

Step by step, there is no breathing space.

A month’s peaceful and peaceful time is a quiet river, and what Yan Shuang has to do today is to throw stones into the river.

Sheng Guangming is a person who likes to set goals for himself. As long as he sees the goal, he will move forward without hesitation, not hitting the south wall or turning back.

He can endure boring training day after day and competitions he doesn’t like at all for his cake dream.

This is a man of great toughness.

For Yan Shuang, Yan Shuang guesses that his goal is to hope that he can turn around and jump out of the dust.

Now he just wants to tell Sheng Guangming that this goal is not enough.

If Sheng Guangming’s interference with him in the past was still famous, what about now?

What qualifications does Sheng Guangming have to tell him again?

Who can control his private life?

There is only one answer.

“No money…” Sheng Guangming understood Yan Shuang’s meaning and said slowly, “but I still have to go with a man…”


“I’m gay,” Yan Shuang said in a relaxed tone, “it’s normal.”

“This is not normal.”

Sheng Guangming’s eyes were strong, “Yan Shuang, this is not normal.”

Yan Shuang smiled again. His eyes fell quietly. When he raised his eyes again, the eyes under the long eyelashes turned slowly, “… Are you a virgin?”

Sheng Guangming didn’t know how the topic would jump into this category, and his face turned red instinctively. “Yan Shuang, listen to me, no matter what you like is a man or a woman, emotional things should be taken seriously…”

Sheng Guangming suddenly pursed his lips.

“Why don’t you go on?” Yan Shuang smiled lightly.

He is touching his hand.

The fingers embedded in the finger seam slide up and down, and the skin belonging to another person rubs, grinding slowly and strangely.

His eyes seemed to grow a hook. Yan Shuang looked up and his breath was sprayed on the tip of his nose. “Do you usually like to use this hand or the other hand?”

In addition to his face, other places also seem to catch fire at once. The temperature rises suddenly without a little buffer. In such an abnormal situation, Sheng Guangming subconsciously wants to get rid of Yan Shuang’s hand.

The inlay between his fingers was too tight, and with sweat, he didn’t get rid of it. On the contrary, because his arm used too much strength, he quickly threw Yan Shuang out.

With his excellent reaction, Sheng Guangming immediately pulled back Yan Shuang who was about to be thrown out.

Between such a toss and a drag, the two were close together.

They have never been so close.

Cotton padded clothes stick to hoodies and jeans stick to jeans.

join tightly.

Yan Shuang’s face shrank in a lavender sweater, looked up at Sheng Guangming, who was red in the face, and gently raised a mocking smile at the corners of his mouth, “straight man?”


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