I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 114

“Sheng, you just performed so well on the stage. I’ve never seen a boxer more talented than you… God, you are the God of heaven and the Heracles of the world…”

Foreigners are really making endless noise when they praise.

Sheng Guangming frowned and untied the bandage inside the boxer. “What can I do for you?”

“Oh, yes, it may be embarrassing to say it, but Sheng, you are so beautiful. I mean your style on the stage and your… You know, the perfect muscle line… You really don’t know how many people are willing to wipe the sweat on your chest and use their tongues…”

When the bandage was released, the handsome and gentle face was rarely stained with cold and solemn color, “Mr. White.”

The blonde man instantly held his breath, and his worship and obsession froze.

“I respect you because you are the chairman of the Boxing Federation. I have no interest in men.”

“Please don’t harass me.”

The bandage was stained with sweat, and the fingers curled up slightly.

“… otherwise, I don’t mind leaving you a souvenir.”

Violence and sex are twins. Coupled with the carriage of power, it is enough to make the world run fast.

The blonde man took it for granted that the new star boxer would not refuse his request. Unexpectedly, he ate such a direct shut door. He didn’t die: “Sheng, in fact, men and women are almost the same. You can try…”

His fist slipped across his cheek with the strong wind, and the blonde man was paralyzed on the ground.

“Roll -”

Sheng Guangming was speechless.

Those beautiful eyes reflected his red face and panic.

The palms are hot and damp, and sweat is constantly overflowing from the adjacent skin. It is impossible to tell who is sweating.

“So brother Sheng…” with his long eyelashes half closed, he covered most of the brilliance in his eyes, and his red lips moved slightly. It was clear that they were right in front of him, but they seemed to be talking from a completely different world far away from him, “… Are you jealous?”

“With the so-called banner of justice for me, I wish the man in bed was you…” red lips came closer and closer with the oppression of long legs, dangerously stayed close to the corner of his lips, “… Right? Brother Sheng.”

It’s too quiet in the corridor.

“Bang bang -”

The sound of tachycardia is too noisy to be ignored, and the taste and breath are all tangled in disorder.

The people in front of him and the words heard in his ears were so shocked that Sheng Guangming couldn’t say anything to refute for a moment. His lips stretched into a straight line, lest he move a little and touch the bright minefield.

He can get rid of Yan Shuang. As long as he wants, he can break and twist his five fingers in one second, making this beautiful face show a painful expression.

——That’s why.

He couldn’t bear to let the face show a painful expression.

When the eyelashes were raised again, the dark eyes showed complete indifference. Yan Shuang took back his hand and took a half step back. He said only one word to Sheng Guangming.

“Get out.”

He turned and left, and the sound of brisk footsteps echoed in the open corridor. It seemed that this small confrontation had no effect on his mood.

Sheng Guangming leaned against the wall and stayed for a while.

He didn’t think about anything. His mind was full of fragments. For a moment, he was beating his opponent in the boxing field, studying the cake formula late at night, and running late at night… All the years of the past 20 years were broken into pieces and hit him disorderly, and finally settled in the dressing room.

“One day you will be fascinated by a man!”

The angry roar of the other party made him sniff.

Don’t be kidding.

His life dream has always been to get married, have children and form a happy little family.

He never had any interest in men.

Just now… It was just an accident.

He’s too busy opening a shop. He doesn’t have time to solve this personal problem. His body has been lonely for too long, so it’s easy to be provoked.

The two people are too close, the other side is too fragrant, and the face is too white and beautiful… Sheng Guangming tries his best to convince himself and slowly calm down his restless body.

The cold wind floated in from the half open glass window and gradually dried the sweat on his body. Sheng Guangming raised his hand and took off the baseball cap on his head. There was a lot of sweat in the pressed black hair. When the cold wind blew, he had a splitting headache.

I don’t know how long I stayed in the corridor. When I walked out of the teaching building, Sheng Guangming was seeing the sunset in the sky, which brightened the whole bleak campus, and the sunset in winter was colder than that in summer.

Sheng Guangming raised his hand and put on his hat. His eyes were slightly frozen. His face seemed to have made some determination. He picked up his mobile phone and dialed the number he had saved not long ago.

Yan Shuang refused.

As expected, Sheng Guangming was not discouraged and continued to call.

Three times in a row.

The fourth time, the phone was finally connected.


Sheng Guangming said cautiously, “Yan Shuang, where are you? Shall we talk?”

There was no response from Yan Shuang on the phone, but there was a faint sound of cloth friction.

“… the price is as agreed before.”

Sheng Guangming’s pupils are slightly enlarged.

This is not Yan Shuang’s voice.


Yan Shuang’s voice was cold.

“Is it safe? Don’t let anything happen at that time… In case of being caught by the counselor…”

“Don’t worry, you’re not the first customer. If you don’t believe it, you can ask others.”

“My roommate introduced me. OK, give me money first or inspect the goods first?”

“Whatever, I don’t care.”

“Well… Can I have a look first?”


The sound of zipper pulling came into his ears. Sheng Guangming’s hand almost crushed the mobile phone in his hand. He hung up the phone and dialed eagerly again.

Yan Shuang neither answered nor refused.

Sheng Guangming rushed to the campus shrouded by the sunset, with his mobile phone close to his ear. In addition to the boundless “beep”, there was only the wind brushed in his ear when running.

No – no——

With amazing memory and insight, Sheng Guangming recognized that someone who passed by had appeared in the same class as Yan Shuang.

The footsteps stopped suddenly. He grabbed the other party’s arm. Under the other party’s frightened and suspicious eyes, he said with expectation: “do you know where Yan Shuang has gone?”

The dark red runway on the playground cracked in some places. Yan Shuang stood by the grove at the end of the runway, his hands shrank in his coat pocket, half his face hiding under the high collar sweater, and the boy ran to him with a happy face, “it’s done –”

Yan Shuang said frankly, “I said my sick leave note must be OK.”

“Great!” The boy said happily, “so I don’t have to run and clock in for a week.”

“I only do business once and introduce new customers, but I must be trustworthy.”

“I understand the rules. Don’t worry.”

The boy smiled and arched Yan Shuang’s shoulder with his shoulder. The smile on his face had not disappeared. Suddenly, a strong force came from his shoulder. He was pushed away and looked back to see a strange and angry man.

“Stay away from him.”

The other party’s tone was very cold, his voice was fierce, and he exuded an inexplicable and fierce atmosphere. The boy who felt that he would be beaten in the next second turned and ran without hesitation.

Sheng Guangming turned to his face. He ran all the way. His face was not red and out of breath. Only his eyes stared badly.

Compared with listening to Yan Shuang talk about it again and again, when he heard it on the phone and saw such a scene, he clearly realized how unbearable he was.

“What are you doing?” Yan Shuang looked tired. He was not ashamed of being caught on the spot. “Smash the field?”

Sheng Guangming looked at him with his chest slowly fluctuating. After silently filtering out the anger in his voice, he said, “you…” but he was speechless.

He is a person who is not good at words. In today’s situation, he doesn’t know what to say and how to say it.

Facing Yan Shuang, he always seemed at a loss.

The wind rustled through the woods.

Both stood still.

One is leisurely, the other is extremely nervous.

After a while, Sheng Guangming’s steps moved.

He shielded Yan Shuang from the cold wind blowing from his side.

“I… don’t like men…”

“Stop,” Yan Shuang directly interrupted his opening remarks, “I don’t want to hear your false sexual orientation declaration. I’ve seen a lot of people who say they don’t love men and can’t stop in bed.”

Sheng Guangming turned pale and couldn’t help saying, “why?”

Yan Shuang glanced at him, “what and why?”

“Why do you do such a thing?”

The broad back blocked the cold wind. Sheng Guangming approached half a step and looked at Yan Shuang warmly. “Have a good love, isn’t it?”

Yan Shuang saw a serious puzzle in his eyes.

In Sheng Guangming’s world, cats eat fish and dogs eat meat, Altman beats small monsters, and everything has its natural order. Of course, there are good people and bad people in the world. Good people are rewarded, bad people are punished, overcome setbacks, and bravely beat each other away when encountering bad people.

So… He doesn’t understand how “Yan Shuang” fell in love with the person who hurt him like that.

Bad lid with rotten pot.

“Yan Shuang” loved scum, so he was not innocent.

Slag attack is cheap.

He is, of course, a rotten man.

How does a rotten man deserve to be with good people?

“No,” Yan Shuang said faintly, “I just like it.”

Sheng Guangming stubbornly said, “why?”

“No why.”

“People always do things for a reason. Yan Shuang, can you tell me? I’m willing to help you…”

Yan Shuang smiled, “well, I’ll tell you why.”

Sheng Guangming stopped his words and waited for Yan Shuang to talk to him. Maybe it would be a heartbreaking story, but as long as he said it, there would be the possibility of treatment. It seems that God sent him to take Yan Shuang to a good world.

The long eyelashes blinked up and down, and a faint smile appeared on the white face.

“Because I suck.”

Four words clearly enter Sheng Guangming’s eardrum.

“Can you hear me?”

Yan Shuang repeated, “because I’m rotten.”

Sheng Guangming looked at the face calmly, trying to find some clues to prove that Yan Shuang was just talking angrily, but Yan Shuang’s face was only serious.

“Brother Sheng,” his tone suddenly became gentle again, “The world is black and white. You are a good man and I am a rotten man. Don’t ask me why I am a rotten man. If you really can’t understand, just treat me as another species. You won’t ask why birds like insects? The fact is that there are people like me in the world, which may hinder the eyes of people like you. You don’t like it, so you have to break the casserole and ask me to the end. Brother Sheng, I The suggestion is that we keep a distance from each other and do not interfere with each other, which is good for you and me. ”

Yan Shuang’s eloquence was so good that Sheng Guangming thought abruptly.

When talking, it sounds beautiful, and the content seems to be very reasonable.

There are all kinds of people in the world.

He can’t ask everyone to behave according to his standards.

He is not qualified to do so.

Yan Shuang is right.

Keep a distance and don’t interfere with each other. In this way, his life will return to the right track and go in the direction he expected at the beginning.

“In addition, the boy just now is not my customer. I sold him a sick leave slip.”

“I don’t want to receive guests today.”

Yan Shuang continued, “I just think… We…”

He stopped talking, turned his face, looked into Sheng Guangming’s eyes clearly, “it’s time to stop.”


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