I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 115

“Mr. Qi, it’s really cold outside today. Can you light a hot pot in the evening?”

Qi Feiyun raised his eyes and looked at Yan Shuang who took off his coat in the porch, “yes.”

“Mobile phone -”

Yan Shuang hung up his coat and ran over, “have some takeout.”

Yan Shuang calmly took Qi Feiyun’s mobile phone and began his white whoring tonight. He sat diagonally opposite Qi Feiyun with his feet on his thighs, “What do you want to eat, mandarin duck pot? You can’t eat spicy now. I’ll order you a bone soup… Forget it. I don’t eat spicy anymore. We still have to pay attention to maintenance. Mr. Qi, do you have anything to eat? Order it with your money. Don’t be polite to me.”


“Yes, yes. What a good baby who is not picky about food.”

“Eat some leeks to strengthen your Yang…”

Qi Feiyun suddenly closed the notebook in front of him.

Yan Shuang raised his face and raised his eyebrows. “Don’t you want to eat leeks? Don’t worry, Mr. Qi, it won’t stink. You’re fragrant all over your body.”

Qi Feiyun put a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose and said faintly, “I’m in a meeting.”

Yan Shuang: ”

Society is dead, but I don’t care.

“Just have a meeting,” Yan Shuang lowered his head and continued to place an order. “Let those people know that a meeting is disturbing others’ night life.”

Qi Feiyun reopened his notebook.

When the screen lights up, the doctors in the camera are filled with deep embarrassment. Only the assistant who takes minutes of the meeting in the corner is full of a loving father’s smile.

“Sorry, let’s stop today’s meeting for the time being.”


“Dr. Qi, rest early…”

“Dr. Qi, go to eat. More food will help you recover.”

Yan Shuang listened to the voice from his notebook and said loudly, “thank you for understanding our teacher Qi.”

At once, even the voice of politely saying goodbye disappeared.

Qi Feiyun glanced at him. Yan Shuangchong squeezed his eyes and looked like a joke of schadenfreude.

As long as others die more than him, he is not the one who dies!

After eating the hot pot, Yan Shuang looked at Qi Feiyun affectionately, “honey, do you want to take a mandarin duck bath?”

Qi Feiyun got up and said, “I want to wash the dishes.”

“Baby, I can wait for you.”

Qi Feiyun: ”

Yan Shuang changed again.

Qi Feiyun lowered his eyes slightly and chose not to think.

For an unsolved mystery, the more you guess why he is like this, the easier it is to fall into it.

Qi Feiyun got up silently and put on his apron.

“Let me tie your apron.”

Yan Shuang volunteered to come forward and tie a bow for Qi Feiyun behind him.

“Wow, baby, your waist is so thin and your back is so wide. It’s a perfect inverted triangle.”

Qi Feiyun pressed the cooking table with both hands, turned back and said faintly, “are you taking drugs?”

Yan Shuang’s smile, full of sweet smiles, froze. Shit, it’s hard to serve. He was a little colder. Qi Feiyun put on a look of “I’m going to be depressed”. He was a little more enthusiastic. Qi Feiyun asked him if he was taking drugs.

Fuck, it would be easier if they were all like Wei Yichen.

“No,” Yan Shuang hugged him from behind. “Mr. Qi, I was not sensible last night. You know, what men say in bed doesn’t count. I still have feelings for you.”

So put away the appearance without apricot jade and brush the plot with him quickly.

Yan Shuang usually doesn’t deliberately cheat the feelings of the characters in the book when he works.

Yes, but it’s not necessary.

But sometimes in order to achieve his goal, he can only do anything.

For example, when the male Lord who was resurrected under the guidance of the system asked him why he wanted to kill him, Yan Shuang could only tell him a small lie out of the need for the smooth development of the plot.

——”Without you, I have to destroy you!”

He really admired the system for writing such awkward lines.

What’s more embarrassing is that the man who was killed by him instantly blushed when he heard this sentence.

Ah, what a sin.

“Mr. Qi, wash the dishes quickly, wash the dishes…” Yan Shuang looked up and kissed him on the back of his neck, “… Wash me again.”

Qi Feiyun didn’t take the time to wash the dishes. He didn’t rush because a beauty grew on his back. He washed the bowl and put it in the disinfection cabinet. He turned around and said, “go take a bath.”

“Together?” Yan Shuang winked hard.

“No,” Qi Feiyun’s palm was dripping, “the meeting hasn’t finished yet.”

Yan Shuang almost didn’t carry it back in one breath. He had a showdown and didn’t pretend. He glared at Qi Feiyun. “Boy, don’t toast or punish me. My patience is limited.”

Qi Feiyun: ”

Somehow, Qi Feiyun wanted to laugh.

I never relax when I am ill.

“The operation plan is very important. I must check it. Human life is crucial. I can’t be careless.”

After listening to Qi Feiyun’s explanation, Yan Shuang was surprised and didn’t hide his surprise.

Wow, does Qi Feiyun really care about other people’s life and death?

The doubt in his eyes was very strong and undisguised. Qi Feiyun saw it at once. He said faintly, “it’s just habit.”

Yan Shuang nodded to show understanding.

Pretending for a while is a hypocrite. Pretending for a lifetime is a real gentleman.

Although Qi Feiyun, a biting pervert, may despise anyone’s life, he is used to saving lives and helping the wounded. He is used to standing guard on the operating table day and night, so he is used to it.

Yan shuangsong opened his hand, “well, go to the meeting and call those people up again as revenge just now.”

It was originally a good thing. It turned into revenge in Yan Shuang’s mouth. It woke Qi Feiyun up. After he reconvened the meeting, he apologized first and then said, “I don’t mean to revenge my colleagues.”

The doctors called back: ”

I won’t dare disturb Dr. Qi at dinner next time.

The assistant was also shocked by Qi Feiyun’s high-level strangeness.

Qi Feiyun is famous for his lack of words. His mouth must be work. His voice and appearance are not suitable for social networking. Social networking is a surge of love and debt. Therefore, let alone teasing people, there are few ordinary greetings.

The assistant subconsciously thought that Yan Shuang said loudly just now that they were disturbing Dr. Qi’s nightlife.

Qi Feiyun’s black hair in the camera was drooping. He was probably ill. He didn’t trim his hair much for more than a month. His original regular hair became a little free growth. In addition, he wore light colored home clothes instead of a white coat. The whole person looked very different from before.

The assistant thought for a long time. At the end of the meeting, Qi Feiyun said good night. Then the assistant came back to his senses and finally summed up the change of Qi Feiyun – Dr. Qi has a human flavor.

Qi Feiyun returned to the bedroom.

The headlight in the middle of the bedroom is not on, only a layer of light yellow light belt on the outer ring is emitting a soft light, which can most induce sleepiness.

Yan Shuang fell asleep.

His face was buried in the pillow, revealing only his dark haired head.

Qi Feiyun, who shared a bed with him, had long discovered his bad habit: Yan Shuang likes to sleep on his stomach.

Two hands were trapped in the pillow like surrender, and a little white ear tip was exposed under the thick black hair.

Just a little, like a shell in the sea.

Qi Feiyun felt an unspeakable desire.

Not tenderness, but violence.

Sharp teeth are wrapped in soft lips, eager to try to reach out.

There are bones in the ears.


Compared with teeth, it’s almost vulnerable.

Yan Shuang woke up the moment Qi Feiyun opened the bedroom door. During this short sleep, he slept very heavily, his bones were soft, and he didn’t get up for a while. Until Qi Feiyun leaned down and gently pecked his ears, he gave a low response, raised his face from the pillow, stretched out his hand to hook Qi Feiyun’s neck, and said, “I’ll come, don’t tired you…”

He just woke up from a nap, with a thick nasal sound and sleepy laziness, which reminds people of all close and warm relationships for no reason.

Qi Feiyun kissed him and was fighting between heaven and man.

Do you choose to be gentle against your heart or cruel to meet your desires?

When such multiple-choice questions are put out, there is already an answer.

Yan Shuang’s back neck was suddenly pressed into the pillow. With only a cry, he was as soft and clever as a kitten, “Mr. Qi, you can do whatever you want to do to me.”

“It doesn’t matter.”

The road up has been very difficult, but there are still people waving their heads – down, it doesn’t matter.

Qi Feiyun loosened his hand.

Yan Shuang turned his head suspiciously.

Qi Feiyun’s face was frozen, but he stretched out his hand to gently press Yan Shuang’s ear. His fingers traced the crystal clear ear with a very gentle force, and then lifted Yan Shuang’s chin.

The kiss was extremely gentle.

Yan Shuang was surprised again. “Mr. Qi, are you taking drugs?”

Qi Feiyun did not respond, but kissed more and more.

He won’t give up fighting the dragon.

***Three thousand words are omitted here***

Yan Shuang was shocked by the omitted content.

How could a man like Qi Feiyun do that for him?

Yan Shuang thought that sweet words really worked. He hugged Qi Feiyun’s head and kissed him, “baby, it’s very kind of you.”

In the light gray pupils, there was a passion that had not yet faded, brighter and more charming than usual. Qi Feiyun achieved a trivial victory on the way to struggle with himself. His mood was much better than last night. He hugged Yan Shuang’s waist and said, “sleep.”

Yan Shuang is very satisfied with the plot point tonight. According to this progress, Qi Feiyun’s plot should be finished in about a month, which is also consistent with his plan.

Yan Shuang, who worked smoothly, lay down in his partner’s chest and let himself sleep.

They often sleep together recently, but they are always completely different.

The bed is big enough to split in two to allow two adult men to sleep safely.

Qi Feiyun slept with Yan Shuang in his arms tonight.

Sleeping on your stomach is not a good habit.

Qi Feiyun tightened his arms and closed his eyes.

The next day was Sunday. Yan Shuang woke up and brushed a plot with Qi Feiyun. When he was about to continue to come again, he suddenly sneezed.

“Ah, cut –”

Yan Shuang sat on the top, his small face wrinkled into a ball, one after another.

“Ah, cut –”

“Qi… Ah Che -”

Yan Shuang sneezed five or six times, and his head was almost dizzy. He fell into Qi Feiyun’s arms and said vaguely: “Mr. Qi, who is thinking of me…”

His nose was suddenly caught, but Qi Feiyun took out a paper towel to wipe his nose. The magnetic voice was sweet and ruthless, “virus.”


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