I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 116

Many wrongs will kill themselves.

Yan shuangtuan looked at the ceiling with his quilt.

Sick leave notes are sold too much. I really have a cold.

When Qi Feiyun came in, Yan Shuang was sneezing with the quilt. The whole person was shrinking into a shrimp. After sneezing, he subconsciously grabbed the quilt in his hand and rubbed his nose. When the quilt was lifted to half, he found something wrong. He put down the quilt and stretched out his hand to reach the paper towel at the head of the bed.

Qi Feiyun handed a wet paper towel and said, “use this.”

“Thank you.”

Yan Shuang took the wet paper towel and wiped his nose. His fingers shook the wet paper towel twice, and the trash can automatically came under his hand.

“Eat and sleep.”

“Uh huh.”

Yan Shuang closed his eyes and spoke in a muffled voice, “… You feed me.”

Qi Feiyun put down the trash can, “get up first.”

“Uh huh.”

Yan shuangbian casually promised to make the quilt tighter.

In fact, the floor in the room is warm enough, but Yan Shuang is afraid of the cold. His cheeks are too ruddy. The lower half of his face is buried in the quilt. Only his nose is exposed to breathe. The pink tip of his nose moves back and forth between breathing. It seems that he is ready to sneeze at any time.

Qi Feiyun knelt on the bed on one knee and reached out to touch Yan Shuang’s forehead. Unable to feel the temperature difference, he lowered his head and touched it with his forehead.

As soon as he touched his forehead, Yan Shuang opened his eyes. His eyelashes were half open and his voice was soft. “I don’t want to get up. How about eating in bed?”

Qi Feiyun paused and said, “dirty.”

“Making love in bed is not fucking dirty?”


“Don’t talk nonsense,” Yan Shuang stared angrily. “I’m going to eat in bed today.” Then he sucked his nose, “paper!”

The wet towel covered the tip of his nose. Qi Feiyun looked unpredictable. Yan Shuang didn’t know whether he was cool or unhappy. Anyway, he was cool. For Qi Feiyun’s sake, he kindly reminded him: “honey, when I get well, you can clean me up in bed.”

The wet towel was thrown into the trash can by the bed, and Qi Feiyun stood up.

The original neat and meticulous big bed sheets and quilts are messy. The culprit shrinks into a small ball. His face is full of evil shapes. His nasal voice is thick: “I have a sore throat and want to drink water.”

Qi Feiyun turned and went out of the bedroom.

Put the cooked porridge into the bowl, put the ceramic spoon gently beside the bowl, and put all the medicine and warm water on the plate. Qi Feiyun, who had done all the preparations, looked at the dark plate and suddenly stopped moving.

Saying that he was led by the nose is a compliment to his current state.

It’s like a servant.

Qi Feiyun looked back at the direction of the bedroom.

He is a little angry now, not to Yan Shuang, but to himself.

He was neither angry nor offended, and vaguely felt a special pleasure.

The mind quickly judges this pleasure – because the pleasure generated by being needed and relied on is a very low-level self satisfaction, and only the flattering personality will fall into such a trap.

People should be masters of emotions.

Qi Fei picked up the plate and tilted his hand slightly to the sink.

“Husband -”

“I want water -”

The shrieking voice made the hand holding the plate tremble slightly and almost fell into the pool.

Qi Feiyun turned his head, narrowly held the plate in his hand and walked to the bedroom.

Yan Shuang collapsed on the bed, his face tired, his mouth open, “sore throat…”

The dinner plate was placed at the head of the bed. Qi Feiyun helped people up with one hand and put the water cup to the dry corner of his lips, keeping a proper angle for the patient to enter.

Yan Shuang looked really uncomfortable. He drank more than half of the cup at one breath. He closed his eyes all the way. After drinking water, he half opened his eyes and said lazily, “thank you, husband.”

Qi Feiyun: ”

It turned out that this was not his illusion.

“Don’t scream.” the three words turned around on the tip of the tongue and finally swallowed it. “Have some porridge.”

“You feed me.”

It’s justifiable.

Like his sweet words, the title of those two words doesn’t mean anything. It’s like the customs clearance secret in the game. It’s just for convenience. He can call anyone if he wants.

Qi Feiyun thought calmly, grabbed the pillow and gave it to him. He held a bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other, feeding him mouthful by mouthful.

“OK… No more…”

Yan Shuang turned his head halfway through the meal. Qi Feiyun quickly grabbed a wet towel and wiped his mouth so that he wouldn’t suffer from the pillow.

After eating and drinking enough, Yan Shuang closed his eyes and went to sleep again.

Usually lively and witty, people are particularly weak after illness, their head and face are filled with morbid red, and their lips are slightly open, like poor breathing.

Qi Feiyun sat at the head of the bed and stroked Yan’s sweaty hair. “Take the medicine and go to sleep.”

The person who thought he would be coquettish and noisy without taking medicine was obediently holding out his hand.

Qi Feiyun handed him the pill. Yan Shuang swallowed the medicine and drank water at one go. Without complaining, he immediately fell asleep again.

The room was soon filled with the sound of heavy breathing from the illness.

Qi Feiyun sat at the head of the bed for a long time. He didn’t return to his mind until the mobile phone in his pocket shook.

The name of the caller flashing on the mobile phone screen made him look at Yan Shuang, who was sleeping heavily in bed.

He got up and went to the balcony to answer the phone.

“Hello, Mr. Qin.”

“He’s at home.”

“He didn’t answer the phone because he was ill and sleeping.”

The voice on the phone suddenly increased. Qi Feiyun said slowly, “it looks like it’s just an ordinary cold.”

“… OK.”

Half an hour later, the doorbell rang. Qi Feiyun opened the door. Qin Yu, dressed in formal clothes, hurried in white, “which room?”

“The first room on the right.”

Qin yubai walked over directly. He opened the door and saw the man with only half a face in the gray quilt. His heart softened. In the past, he touched Yan Shuang’s head first and then touched it with his forehead. He felt that the temperature was normal before he was relieved. He wanted to tuck Yan Shuang in the quilt, but Yan Shuang had wrapped himself into a ball. He had no room to start, but smiled helplessly, “Why did you catch a cold?”

It was like hearing his voice. The person lying in bed twisted and whispered, “Mr. Qi…”

Qin yubai didn’t hear clearly. He bent down and said softly, “what?”


The soft sound scraped through the eardrum. After a short pause, a huge tsunami quickly formed in the brain.

“Drink water…”

Qin yubai stooped motionless.

The person in the hospital bed was obviously dissatisfied with the lack of response. He closed his eyes and raised his voice. He used the kind of bossy but coquettish language that Qin yubai had heard: “pour me water.”

A moment later, he was satisfied.

The water was cold, wrapped in a warm mouth, and it became warm along the way. Yan swallowed and smiled. After being fed a few salivas, he hid in the past, half his face hid in the quilt, and whispered a scold, “it’s so numb.”

He didn’t open his eyes all the way and naturally enjoyed the care of a man.

Kissing is also very gentle, lazy, relaxed and unprepared.

Qi Feiyun is reading a book he didn’t have time to read in the living room. Qin yubai wants to see Yan Shuang. It’s natural that he played the role of “custodian”.

The “master” came. Of course, he didn’t refuse to visit.

His fingers stopped on the page for a long time, and those dense letters twisted and beat on the snow-white paper like alive. None of them would calm down and let him read the content well.

The eyes are out of mind, and the mind is full of imagination.

What they will say and do.

In the room, Qin yubai stood with his hands down and his eyes swept from Yan Shuang to the side of the bed. As soon as he came in, his mind was taken away by Yan Shuang, and he didn’t notice the abnormality in the room at all.

One side of the bed is slightly sunken.

There are traces of sleep on both pillows.

A pair of creamy white plush slippers were casually placed on the carpet by the bed.

Qin yubai stood for a moment and calmly stretched out his hand to lift the quilt on Yan Shuang.

The pajamas were wrinkled and the neckline was wide open. The scenery inside was unique.

Playing so crazy, Qin Yu thought expressionless, stretched out his hand to cover Yan Shuang’s quilt. As he thought when he first entered the room, he carefully tucked in the quilt for Yan Shuang, leaned over and kissed him on his slightly hot cheek. He got up and straightened his clothes before he pushed open the bedroom door and went out.

He walked into the living room step by step, his eyes slightly narrowed and looked at Qi Feiyun sitting on the sofa.

Qi Feiyun raised his face with indifferent eyes, “Mr. Qin.”

“When did it start?” Qin Yu said faintly.

His tone was gentle, but Qi Feiyun felt a sense of oppression.

Neither of them was stupid, so there was no need to pretend to be deaf and dumb. Since he didn’t ask Qin yubai not to come, he was ready. Qi Feiyun pondered for a moment and said frankly, “earlier than you think.”

“Oh?” Qin yubai smiled, “how early?”

Qi Feiyun gave an accurate date.

Qin yubai listened, thought for a moment, and then smiled, “I said, at that time, he was uncomfortable with me. When he came back, he was fierce. He kept saying that he slept with others, so he annoyed me about it. I thought who that person was. It was you.”

Qi Feiyun understood what he meant – Yan Shuang just used him as a tool to revenge Qin yubai. That person could be him or anyone.

Qi Feiyun remained silent.

No matter where he stands now, he seems to be at a disadvantage.

The tool of jealousy for lovers – the evil doctor of hypnosis and brainwashing – the “keeper” of self-theft.

Every identity seems to be disgraceful.

“So this time,” Qin yubai said calmly, “why?”

“His brain, memory and emotion are in an extremely disordered state and need an outlet for catharsis and regulation.”

“I see,” Qin yubai nodded gracefully and smiled, “so I should thank you.”

Qi Feiyun was silent again. A moment later, he closed the book and looked at the man with a cold smile, “I have selfishness.”

Qin Yu felt that he had completely lost his temper.

If it had been before, he should immediately wake Yan Shuang up, pinch his neck and ask him which wild man he was just calling, then drag the man down from the bed, throw him in front of Qi Feiyun and confront him face to face, giving the two people deep embarrassment and humiliation, and then take the man back to the Qin house to give him a good lesson and discipline, break his hand or foot, whatever, Just tell him he’s wrong.

But what did he do?

He kissed him on the face and closed the door with the lightest force.

He felt very sad.

At this point, I still want to leave room for redemption.

Even he didn’t have such a violent mood towards Qi Feiyun as he knew Wei Yichen at the beginning.

Without Qi Feiyun, there is Wei Yichen, without Wei Yichen, and Ji Yao. Even without Ji Yao, who knows who else will there be?

You can’t finish it, you can’t kill it.

What matters is Yan Shuang.

Only Yan Shuang.

“Do you like him?” Qin yubai calmly talked about this topic with Qi Feiyun.

Qi Feiyun: “I can’t talk about it.”

Qin yubai sneered and finally said his first rude words since he learned the truth: “fart your mother!”

Qi Feiyun’s face was calm. “Compared with you, Mr. Qin, I can’t say I like it.”

“Are you satirizing me?” Qin yubai said sharply.

Qi Feiyun: “I misunderstood. I’m telling the truth.”

“Does he like you?”

Qi Feiyun paused, looked at the proud man and said, “that’s even less.”

Qin yubai’s face remained unchanged, and he sneered, “I think so.”

“According to my observation, he prefers Ji Yao more.”

“The suckling boy,” said Qin yubai, disdaining the sharp arc of his mouth, “he’s just trying to be fresh.”


Qi Feiyun slightly adjusted his sitting posture, “Mr. Qin, please sit down.”

After Qin yubai sat down, he felt that it was incredible for them to sit and talk so calmly. At the same time, he couldn’t help asking, “what did you mean by his extreme disorder of brain, memory and emotion just now?”

“There is confusion and confrontation between the character’s memory and emotion and hypnotic instructions, resulting in his emotion and memory of a person may be completely opposite, resulting in emotional tear and disorder.”

“How long will this last?”

“It’s hard to say.”

Facing Qin yubai’s angry eyes, Qi Feiyun said faintly: “Mr. Qin, we have signed an agreement, which clearly describes the possible risks and precautions.”

Yes, very clear.

As a businessman who has touched countless contracts, Qin yubai sees every word of the agreement clearly and studies it very thoroughly.

Such hypnosis is a great adventure for the human brain, and no one can guarantee what sequelae it will produce.

Everything is back to the origin.

Do evil.

It was he who personally drew an irreparable end to the inflection point of their relationship, and once felt complacent that his decision was very wise.


Qin yubai looked at the nothingness in the air. For a long time, he said, “I’ll take him away.”

Qi Feiyun was also silent for a long time, “please.”

“Husband -”

The hoarse cry came from the bedroom. The two men on the sofa got up at the same time and looked at each other at the same time.

Qin yubai’s eyes were sharp, but Qi Feiyun was not in a hurry. “What he called is the same as calling a servant.”

“Husband -”

The cry was significantly louder than before, mixed with intolerance.

Qin yubai takes back his eyes and walks ahead.

Yan Shuang was calling her husband from the bedroom to the ceiling. When he saw Qin yubai pushing the door in, he was stunned for a moment and said naturally, “you’re coming.”

Qin yubai looked gentle and calm. “I heard you were ill. Come and see you.”

Yan Shuang was ill. Unlike everyone else, he was not ill. When Qi Feiyun appeared behind Qin yubai, he didn’t need a second to figure out the current situation.

He wanted to be convenient and used the spell “husband” to summon slag attack.

——Here we are.


What are the remaining three doing?!

Yan Shuang grabbed the quilt and coquetted without turning over. “My mouth is so bitter.”

“Illness is like this,” Qin yubai bent down and touched his hair. “What do you want to eat?”

“I don’t know.”

Qin yubai gets up and looks back at Qi Feiyun standing still behind him.

Qi Feiyun: “there lives a pastry maker who is good at making cakes next door. Yan Shuang likes it very much.”

Qin Yu knew it clearly and said to Yan Shuang, “lie down and I’ll be right back.”

Lonely and widowed, Qin yubai doesn’t trust Qi Feiyun to stay in his apartment. He says he doesn’t care whether it’s fake. Can’t he manage Yan Shuang or the men around Yan Shuang?

The closed door finally opened after ringing the doorbell several times.

The tall and handsome man who looks like a marble statue frowns and looks at him angrily for some reason.

“What’s up?”

The tone is also inexplicably bad.

Qin yubai said patiently, “Hello, I heard you are a pastry master and want to buy a cake from you.”

“Not for sale -”

Sheng Guangming was resolute and gnashing his teeth. He was cultured without directly punching the rich bastard.

Qi Feiyun, standing silently behind him, suddenly said, “Yan Shuang is ill.”

Qin yubai looked at the man in front of him who was not so much a pastry master as a show model. After hearing the words “Yan Shuang is ill”, his face changed greatly and his heart suddenly flew into a rage.

Who the fuck is this bastard?!


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