I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 117

“Yan Shuang is ill? How could he be ill?”

Sheng Guangming’s hand holding the door frame hung down, and his shoulder, which was hiding behind the door, poked out half. Anyone can see his anxiety and concern at the moment.

Even he was aware of it.

But Sheng Guangming couldn’t manage so much. He didn’t like camouflage. He stared at Qi Feiyun directly. His tone changed a little, “Dr. Qi, tell me quickly.”

The conversation on the playground yesterday evening made him in a trance. After he came back, he was dizzy and almost didn’t sleep all night. Fortunately, he was in good health, otherwise he would fall down.

Yan Shuang is so thin. His mouth is full of cruel people. They are not necessarily hard hearted. They all say that they have a knife mouth and a bean curd heart. Sheng Guangming thought that he shouldn’t have been frightened by Yan Shuang yesterday. Why did he break the contact? How hard should Yan Shuang feel?

“Dr. Qi…”

The longer Qi Feiyun remained silent, the more worried Sheng Guangming’s face became, and the more smelly Qin yubai’s face became.

“He has a cold.” Qi Feiyun said faintly.

Sheng guangming: ”

Sheng Guangming immediately recovered and said, “is it serious?”

“Fortunately,” Qi Feiyun stretched out his hand towards Qin yubai, “introduce Yan Shuang’s brother.”

Sheng Guangming couldn’t control his expression at all. After he was too stunned, the whole face completely froze. He looked at Qin yubai’s face with high eyebrows and deep eyes like a hybrid, and his brain was blank. He tried to find out all the scenes of seeing this person in his mind.

The more at this juncture, the more I can’t remember. Sheng Guangming gave a helpless “ah” and restrained his hostility to me, “… Hello.”

Qin Yu Bai Leng snorted, “I don’t dare.”

“Yan Shuang said he had a bitter mouth.” Qi Feiyun explained his intention.

Sheng Guangming immediately understood what he meant, “I’ll make a cake soon.”

He looked down slightly embarrassed to Qin yubai, turned back and entered the house.

When the gate was closed, Qin yubai looked slowly at Qi Feiyun, his eyes pressing.

Qi Feiyun said calmly, “it’s not what you think.”

Qin yubai sneered, “do you think I’m blind?”

The pastry maker almost engraved the words that he cared about Yan Shuang on his face.

Qin yubai clenched his fist to knock again.

Qi Feiyun said, “Mr. Qin, don’t be impulsive.”

Qin Yu Baixin said, you two bastards can’t run away. When he coaxes Yan Shuang home, he will clean up one by one!

“Mr. Sheng is a retired boxer.”

The fist almost stopped when it was one centimeter from the door.

“Mr. Qin,” Qi Feiyun glanced at him, “please calm down.”

Qin yubai slowly took back his hand and his face was livid, “… Wait until he finishes the cake.”

Sheng Guangming quickly began to make cakes in the house.

All the materials are ready-made. The store will send them to him every day to facilitate him to develop new flavors at home. Yan Shuang is left with all his unsolved ideas, which has almost become a habit of him.

When he took out the butter from the refrigerator, Sheng Guangming’s action was suddenly dull.

The part in charge of memory in his mind pushed him a picture.

Downstairs of the apartment, in front of the woods, touching and kissing.


What kind of brother?

The cold in the refrigerator rushed to his face. Sheng Guangming woke up for a moment and looked down at the butter in his hand. Just now, his excitement was like a breeze, and his mood had disappeared without a trace.

He thought… Yan Shuang was really just teasing him from beginning to end. Everything was just a story made up by Yan Shuang to tease him. It would be nice if there were no prostitutes and no guests.

His head dropped slowly and his face was covered with long hair.

The cell phone in my pocket vibrated.

It’s Qi Feiyun.

“Yan Shuang wants strawberry.”

The pink cake doesn’t look a bit careless because of the rush. It belongs to high-end goods in terms of appearance and smell. Qin yubai is very picky about eating it, and can’t find anything wrong for a moment. The idea in his heart is: maybe Yan shuangzhen only likes his cake.

As a pastry chef, Yan Shuang’s taste will not decline so quickly.

“How much is it?” Qin yubai stretched out his hand from the half closed door. He meant that he didn’t want Sheng Guangming to enter the door.

Sheng Guangming hasn’t figured out what the relationship between him and Yan Shuang is. In short, the two people held and kissed downstairs. He saw it with his own eyes. At present, he recovered the bad face he saw Qin yubai at the beginning. He said coldly, “I can’t ask for the price for Yan Shuang.”

Qin yubai was furious when he heard this. The palm of the hand behind him curled up and opened again and again. He regretted that he was in a hurry and didn’t take any bodyguards with him. Otherwise, how could Sheng Guangming be so presumptuous in front of him.

“As a pastry master, you pay attention to who will buy your order?”

“So what?”

Qin yubai really wanted to turn over on the spot. Qi Feiyun came over again behind him, “is the cake ready?”

Sheng Guangming’s attitude towards Qi Feiyun was not so tough.

Although the relationship between Yan Shuang and Qi Feiyun is not glorious, it is also legitimate. Moreover, Qi Feiyun is still covered in the drum by Yan Shuang. I really think this proud man is Yan Shuang’s brother

Sheng Guangming glanced at Qin yubai coldly and said softly to Qi Feiyun, “well, does he want to eat now?”

“Yes,” Qi Feiyun held out his hand from the side, “he’s been arguing.”

His tone was flat and straightforward, but Sheng Guangming immediately had a sense of picture in front of him.

It’s been arguing.

What are you arguing about? You want him to have this cake?

How many cake shops are there in the city? It’s not easy to eat a strawberry cake? Why are you waiting for him?

Sheng Guangming, sour in his heart, silently handed over the cake.

Qi Feiyun politely thanked him. At the same time, he looked at Qin yubai with an iron blue face and said politely, “Mr. Qin, can you take it?”

Qin Yu took the cake from Qi Feiyun’s hand with a cold face and gave Sheng Guangming a meaningful look. Now it’s Sheng Guangming’s turn to look bad.

When Qin yubai’s figure turned to the bedroom, Sheng Guangming looked at Qi Feiyun.

Qi Feiyun never closed the door. It was like standing there waiting for Sheng Guangming to say something to him.

Sheng Guangming felt as uncomfortable as a thorn all over his body.

If he directly finds out that he has seen Yan Shuang kissing with his brother downstairs, it will expose Yan Shuang’s privacy, and Yan Shuang has scolded him so severely and told him not to mind his own business… But he is clamoring to eat his cake

Sheng Guangming scratched his heart with a hundred claws and said for a long time, “why is Yan Shuang’s brother Qin?”

Qi Feiyun said, “it’s not pro.”

Sheng Guangming was dumb and thought that he was not a pro. How can he call him brother? He thought that Yan Shuang also called him “brother Sheng”. His face was green and red, “Mr. Qin doesn’t look very easy to get along with.”

“Yes,” Qi Feiyun didn’t defend Qin yubai. “Mr. Qin is a rich man in this city. He doesn’t have to study being kind to others.”

Sheng Guangming frowned, “money doesn’t mean virtue.”

Qi Feiyun didn’t speak.

Sheng Guangming glanced in from the half open door. He wanted to go in and have a look at Yan Shuang, but he didn’t think it was appropriate.

“Do you want to go in and see Yan Shuang?”

“Can, can?”

Qi Feiyun raised one eyebrow. “What’s wrong?”

Sheng Guangming walks in the living room. The pattern of the living room is the same as that of his family. The decoration style is different. The house is too clean and tidy. In Sheng Guangming’s view, he lacks a little taste of home. Walking in such a house, his pace can’t help slowing down.

The closer he gets to the bedroom, the lighter Sheng Guangming’s steps are. He seems to feel afraid of something. The front doesn’t seem to be an ordinary bedroom. Maybe a monster will be released when he opens the door.

Sheng Guangming stopped suddenly and said to Qi Feiyun in front, “forget it… Yan Shuang may not want to see me very much.”

That’s a big truth.

Yesterday on the playground, Yan Shuang almost said absolutely. Even if Sheng Guangming’s nerve is thick, he knows it’s inconvenient to meet Yan Shuang at this time.

Just don’t know why, those ugly words are almost forgotten, Sheng Guangming’s mind repeatedly only recalls the four words Yan Shuang said – “so far”.

Here – where did they go?

Until – why?

As a person who used his fist to solve problems most of the time, Sheng Guangming had to stop and bother to think and figure out Yan Shuang’s words and phrases. The more he pondered, the more uncomfortable he felt.

Blunt, he couldn’t say what he couldn’t understand.

Qi Feiyun looked at his dejected look, smiled and said, “if you look at him secretly, he won’t see you. It’s all right.”

He said, gently pulling the bedroom door.

Sheng Guangming just refused, but he couldn’t help but sneaked in along the crack of the door like a thief.

Yan Shuang is eating the cake he just made himself – leaning against Qin yubai’s arms.

His face and expression were Wan, and his cheeks were a little morbid red. Half of them leaned against Qin yubai’s chest. Qin yubai hugged him with one hand and fed him with a spoon in the other hand.

“Is it sweet?”


“Will you be tired?”

“Not greasy.”

Yan Shuang seemed to be annoyed by his question. His mouth turned up and said in a dissatisfied tone: “you’re so annoyed.”

Qin yubai was offended by him, but he just smiled, bowed his head and kissed him on his forehead, “… Little heartless.”

The bedroom door closed quietly, and Qi Feiyun turned around, “it seems that he is very good.”

The expression on Sheng Guangming’s face can only be described as bleak.

The two people in the house, he is still not sure what their relationship is. The only thing he can be sure is that there must be deep feelings between them.

Such an atmosphere, not to mention lovers, is absolutely impossible to be any ordinary “trading” relationship.

“Mr. Sheng, what’s the matter with you?” Qi Feiyun said faintly.

Sheng Guangming didn’t sleep all night. His brain was already on the edge of dizziness. He blurted out: “are they really just brothers?”

Qi Feiyun smiled and asked, “what do you say?”

Sheng Guangming looked at him with puzzled eyes. “Dr. Qi, do you……” don’t you mind at all?

“It’s a long story,” Qi Feiyun said. “If Mr. Sheng is curious, he’d better ask Yan Shuang himself.”

Sheng Guangming looked in a trance, as if he were immersed in his own thoughts.

Qi Feiyun paused and said, “I just said casually. I don’t think Mr. Sheng should be curious about Yan Shuang.”

Sheng Guangming was shocked. Yes, why did he have so much curiosity and care about Yan Shuang?

In the bedroom, Yan Shuang ate half a cake and drank some water. Qin yubai wiped his mouth and said with pity: “Qi Feiyun can’t take care of you well. Come home with me.”

Yan Shuang refused without hesitation, “no, I want to stay here.”

Qin yubai stabbed him in the heart. He couldn’t find out what to do. He said patiently, “there are many servants in the family…”

“I’m not their master.”

“Why aren’t you?” Qin yubai shook his hand, “you are the little master of the family.”

Yan Shuang smiled sarcastically at him, “that’s really nice. Is there my name in the Hukou book?”

Qin Yu said without hesitation, “as long as you want.”

Yan Shuang was stunned and immediately resumed his armed look, “what about your will?”

Qin yubai said straight, “it’s already there.”

Yan Shuang was really surprised.

Is Qin yubai really willing to bleed?

Under such circumstances, he had to consider the possibility of going back to his old business and killing the guy after finishing the task.

Qin yubai saw the shock in Yan’s eyes. He was slightly happy. He tightened the soft hand in his palm and whispered, “if you want, the company can also add your name.”

Yan Shuang: good, tiezi. You saved your life.

“Thank you,” Yan shuangrou said, “Please add it right away.”

Qin yubai smiled and kissed his palm, “OK.”

Yan Shuang also smiled, “why don’t you go? What are you doing here?”

Qin yubai: ”

Serving tea and pouring water does not lack him, and he is clumsy. He grinds and chirps when feeding a cake. He is good for nothing except making money and a bit of beauty.

Qin yubai was helpless. He always wanted to atone for his mistakes.

The company and Yan Shuang’s name can be regarded as the unbreakable tie of the two people together.

For today’s rich and powerful families, isn’t marriage just that?

Round it up. He’s a successful proposal.

Qin yubai was trying to take advantage of the situation and put forward a proposal to let Yan Shuang go back. The mobile phone in his pocket shook, “I’ll answer the phone first.”

It’s from home.

“Sir, young master Qin Qing seems to have a cold…”

Qin yubai frowned as he listened. “What’s going on? Is it serious?”

“I don’t know. You know, young master Qin Qing doesn’t like to meet people. He just hasn’t eaten. He says he has no appetite…”

Qin yubai looked at Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang was looking at him and suddenly said, “is something wrong with Qin Qing?”

Qin yubai jumped in his heart and subconsciously hung up the phone.

“You go back,” Yan Shuang said thoughtfully, “often go home and have a look.”

Qin yubai said bitterly, “Shuangshuang…”

“It’s all right, I don’t care,” Yan Shuang directly lay down. “You take him to check his kidney when you have time. Men are prone to deficiency, most of which is the kidney.”

Qin yubai: ”

“I won’t go…” Qin Yu laid down in Bai Heyi, surrounded the people from behind with the quilt, and said gently, “I’ll be here with you, okay?”

“If you don’t go back, you’ll go back to the company and do what you should do earlier, so that you won’t change your mind later.”

“Why, don’t you believe me?”

Yan Shuang twisted his face and gave Qin yubai a look of “you are so thick skinned”.

Qin Yu was white and brittle, so he became thicker. He kissed him on the cheek and boldly said, “Shuangshuang, I’ll add you to the list of shareholders of the company. Do you know what this means?”

“Means… I’m rich?”

“Of course, what else?”

Yan Shuang thought for a moment and said, “Oh, don’t worry. I believe in your ability and won’t vote against your decision.”

Qin yubai smiled. “It’s not this,” he said with deep eyes. “It means that we will share wealthier and poorer lives.”

Yan Shuang was shocked and immediately said, “say hello to me before you lose money. Don’t put me in it.”

You can be rich together, but you can be fucking poor together.

Qin yubai chuckled, “OK, I know what you mean.”

Qin yubai doesn’t care about the phone at home. He is worried about Qin Qing, but he doesn’t care in front of Yan Shuang. He thinks that every family has a difficult Sutra to read. Everything is difficult at the beginning. Let’s talk about it later. There will be no real water and fire between uncle and sister-in-law… He thinks about it for a long time. When Yan Shuang falls asleep, his cheeks become more ruddy and he can’t help touching it, The touch startled him.

Yan Shuang has a fever.

Qin yubai kicks someone out of the bedroom door and sees two people sitting in the living room. He first says, “why is he still here?” Then he said, “Yan Shuang has a fever!”

“I said I wouldn’t go, but I wouldn’t go. Blind date? It’s better to kill me…” Cui Zheng stepped on the brake impatiently. “You let the old man do whatever he likes. Didn’t he tell me to learn from Qin yubai? Qin yubai… Qin yubai… Sleeping slot!… no, mom, don’t scold. I’m not talking about you. I didn’t say dirty words… I’ll hang up first and talk about it later –”

Cui Zheng pulled down his sunglasses and stared out through the window, watching Qin yubai rush into the car with people in his arms. Then two tall handsome boys – he knew one and followed him into the car.

Four people and a car went away, and the tail gas threw a long white arc in the air.

Cui Zheng kept his chin falling off for more than a minute.


He is worthy of being a master and gives him a new experience every time.

It happened that the phone came in again. Cui Zheng looked at the Green saw man.

Digging, what’s wrong?

Cui Zheng answered the phone. His heart was swinging from side to side. He listened to Ji Yao “inform” him that he must meet his cousin at noon. “Ji Yao, do you know where I am?”

The tone on the other end of the phone was faint, “I hope you are on your way to the rose garden.”

“Oh, I was downstairs in my small apartment. You also lived there, remember?”

The other end of the phone was silent for a while and said, “you still have half an hour. A gentleman shouldn’t be late for a date.”

Cui Zheng smiled. “Gentleman, guess who I saw just now? Forget it, I’ll tell you directly. Just half a minute ago, I saw Qin yubai get on the car with Yan Shuang.”

“You have twenty-nine minutes left.”

Cui Zheng sneered and pretended for him here.

A large area behind the horse farm opened by Xiao Qingyang is about to be cut bald. I really think no one knows.

“I kindly remind you that people seem to have completely lost consciousness. Their hands and feet are hanging down, followed by two fierce men. Tut Tut, Qin yubai’s means are also very cruel…”

“Pa -”

Wei Yichen looked at Ji Yao around him, “Ji Shao?”

Ji Yao handed him the broken cell phone, “take out the card.”

Wei Yichen didn’t ask any more. He took it and simply took out the card from the wreckage.

Ji Yao turned his face, sat upright again, picked up his pen, just turned a page of the contract, and patted the pen on the table.

Since the last time he came back from the welfare home, Ji Yao almost closed himself up, plunged into the project given to him by Ji wensong, and worked overtime almost day and night.

Work squeezed all his time and mind, leaving him unable to separate other thoughts.

This is a kind of self-help.

“Well,” said Wei Yichen, “I’ll get you a new mobile phone.”

He nodded slightly and was stopped when he turned to leave.


Ji Yao tapped his fingers on the table and said, “ask your man what happened to him today and what happened.”

Wei Yichen slightly bent over and didn’t answer. Ji Yao glanced at him coldly, with a slightly severe tone, “don’t think I don’t know you’re looking for someone to stare at him in private.”

Wei Yichen was silent for a long time, “wait a minute.”

He stood up straight, took out his mobile phone, dialed the phone, listened to a few words and his face changed greatly. He quickly hung up the phone. He looked at Ji Yao. Ji Yao looked ordinary. He just grabbed the pen in his hand and gently turned his pen cap with his fingers, “what do you mean by that expression?”

“He is ill.”

The pen in his hand clattered to the ground.

The front desk nurse of St. Peter’s Hospital looked at the man in front of him with a straight suit and a frightening cold face. She opened her mouth without saying anything. After clearing her throat, she slowly said: “… Are you a family member?”

Ji Yao’s face was ugly: “I’m not a family member.”

Nurse: “then according to the regulations, I can’t disclose the patient…”

“I’m an investor in your hospital.”

Nurse: ”

After confirming the identity of the other party, the nurse smiled politely after calling for inquiry, “Hello, the patient is observing in the intensive care room on the top floor.”

Ji Yao’s ear flashed a buzzing. Wei Yichen behind him took half a step and looked extremely frightened, “what happened to him?!”

The nurse smiled and said, “the patient has a fever.”

“Fever?” Ji Yao pressed the marble on the front desk and said urgently, “why does he have a fever? What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with him?”

“The record here is…” the nurse looked carefully and continued to smile. “The patient has a fever caused by a cold.”



Looking at the two men from frightened to constipated, the nurse said in her heart: is money great? Fierce what fierce, really.

“Because this patient is Dr. Qi’s family,” the nurse smiled and bit the stress of the word “family” on her tail. “When the ordinary bed is just vacant, it is arranged to Dr. Qi’s own nursing room on the top floor.”

After asking about the situation, Ji Yao felt that when he heard the word “he was ill”, he ran to the hospital without a head. Just now he was weak because of the word “severe”, he was ridiculous to the extreme.


right on.

“Go -” Ji Yao said coldly.

“Ji Shao,” Wei Yichen didn’t move, “I want to take a vacation.”

Ji Yao turned his head and looked coldly, “what did you say?”

“I want to take a vacation,” Wei Yichen bowed slightly, “from now on.”

Ji Yao had been laughed angrily, “will you rest until he is well?”


“What if I don’t allow it?”

“Ji Shao,” Wei Yichen straightened up and said calmly, “the Department of psychiatry here is very famous.”

Ji Yao was so angry that he became cold again. “Give yourself a number.”

“If you want to register,” the nurse said with a smile, “the second one is half price.”

In the intensive care unit, the assistant poured tea for the three people respectively, and his eyes stayed on Qin yubai for a while.

Why did this man bring Yan Shuang in just now?

“I entrusted someone to you, and that’s how you take care of it?” Qin Yu said in a shrill voice.

Qi Feiyun was silent.

“It’s my fault,” said Sheng Guangming, who couldn’t stand it and voluntarily admitted, “I had a conversation with Yan Shuang on the playground yesterday afternoon. He must have blown the wind and caught the cold at that time.”

Qin yubai looked at him and ignored him. He took his cell phone directly, “yes, come here, don’t… give you ten minutes, fast!”

The assistant thought to himself that this man is so extravagant. He is still so rampant in Dr. Qi’s territory. Grandma, why is he so upset.

The assistant glanced at Qin yubai and went out with the plate. As soon as he opened the door, two people came to the end.

As he approached, the assistant vaguely felt familiar and said, “are you…”

“Is Yan Shuang here?”

The assistant said calmly: “… No.”

Ji Yao ignored and pushed the door open.

The “bang” of the ward door hit the wall, and the three men in the ward stood up together and cast unhappy eyes at the door outside the ward.

What’s the noise?!

Yan Shuang is sleeping!

What’s wrong with pushing the door so hard?!

Silent condemnation surged towards Ji Yao. Ji Yao picked his eyebrows and was about to say something. Wei Yichen behind him silently squeezed into the ward from his side and turned back to give him a look of condemnation.

Ji Yao: “


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