I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 118

Yan Shuang woke up the moment he hit the wall from the door.

To be exact, he never fell asleep completely.

After shielding pain, he is undergoing the biggest physical abuse test in the world – cold and fever.

The cold touch from the back of his hand was obviously infusion. He opened his eyes and half closed his eyelashes. Vaguely, he saw five tall men in the ward. He closed his eyes.

Work with illness is.

Go back and don’t fight for an advanced individual from the Bureau. I’m sorry for his efforts!

“Get out…”

The weak voice immediately firmly grasped everyone’s eardrums in the quiet ward.

The first reaction was Wei Yichen. He was closest to the hospital bed. He immediately leaned over, took a look at the drops, and was a little relieved when he found that there was no abnormality.

“Shuangshuang -” Qin yubai leaned over, “wake up? Is it better? Is it hard?”

Sheng Guangming also cast concerned eyes, but there is no past after all.

There is no place for him on both sides of the hospital bed. He has no space and room… And he is not qualified to go there.

Yan Shuang was dizzy by Qin yubai’s fatal three consecutive quarrels and said slowly: “let him go…”

His voice was not loud and his tone was not heavy. He was weak and tired in his illness, but he still clearly made everyone hear what he said.

Qin yubai looked back at Ji Yao, frowned and said, “you hear me? You’re not welcome here.”

Ji Yao looked cold. He didn’t argue whether Yan Shuang said “he” was him or not. He just maintained a completely different indifference from the other four people. “My identity is not a visitor, but as an investor in the hospital. I heard that there is a waste of resources here. I just came to inspect and correct it.”

Of course, he was referring to Yan Shuang’s situation that a fever patient occupied the intensive care unit.

Qi Feiyun, who was accused of abusing his power, didn’t respond. Instead, Qin yubai changed his face first. The rabbit with no hair dared to make a show in front of him!

“What are you talking about?”

With a straightforward and angry voice, the owner was not Qin yubai. When he was about to speak, he was robbed by Sheng Guangming on the side.

“What do you mean?” Sheng Guangming took a step forward. Among the several people, he was the most vigorous and angry. The seemingly gentle man instantly faded his camouflage under daily necessities and approached the slightly thin young master in front of him, “say it again?”

Ji Yao remembers this face.

Once downstairs of the apartment and once at the gate of the welfare home.

They are all around Yan Shuang, and they don’t have much sense of existence.

“Who are you?” Ji yaoleng road.

Seeing that the two people seemed to pinch each other, Qin Yu was overjoyed. Fight him hard!

The hand that was dripping in the quilt was held by the warm palm. Yan Shuang twisted his head and looked at the Phoenix eyes behind a pair of glasses.

“Drinking warm water will be more comfortable.”

Wei Yichen’s voice is soft, his eyes are cold, but they are cold and affectionate. He does not have too strong and suffocating emotions. He is very natural and gentle, as if he has always been with Yan Shuang and has never left.

He said, gently pinched Yan Shuang’s palm, turned around and silently opened the ward door and went out.

When he came back, the situation had developed to the point that the man with simple mind and developed limbs pulled up the collar of the noble childe.

Wei Yichen turned a blind eye and passed with warm water as if there were no one else.

Qin yubai was waiting for the opening of the first St. Peter’s boxing match. Yu Guang noticed that Wei Yichen had bent over to feed Yan Shuang with water before he put away his smile and said coldly, “you are paying attention to sewing pins.”

Wei Yichen ignored him, “is the water temperature appropriate?”

Yan Shuang didn’t answer, but opened his mouth and said he wanted to drink in response.

Wei Yichen continued to feed Yan Shuang with water. He looked focused, as if it was a big thing to feed Yan Shuang with water. Now even if he did anything, he had to go to the back row.

Qin yubai looked on coldly and thought it was ridiculous.

He may be obsessed with the situation, but others can see it clearly.

Wei Yichen’s role around Yan Shuang is not even a dog.

He has been angry about it once, which is completely worthless.

Qin yubai stretched out his hand and touched Yan Shuang’s soft hair. “You don’t accept that you are a young master. You need someone to serve wherever you go.”

Yan Shuang drank some water and felt a little refreshed after a little bit of water hit his body. He replied lazily, “get out, too.”

Qin yubai’s hand paused. After a moment’s delay in smiling, he pressed Yan Shuang’s hair, “well, I won’t quarrel with you.”

Yan Shuang is noncommittal and winks at Wei Yichen.

Wei Yichen is really used to being an assistant. He just winked. He immediately understood Yan Shuang’s meaning, put down his spoon and reached out to help Yan Shuang, but Qin yubai held down his arm.

“Sir,” said Wei Yichen in a respectful tone as before, “the young master wants to sit up.”

Qin yubai gave him a cold look, but he still felt uncomfortable.

Why didn’t he find out that his former housekeeper was such a gloomy thing like a mouse in a sewer.

Not like a person.

“I’ll come.”

Qin yubai lifts Yan Shuang up. Wei Yichen cushions the pillow backstage and makes Yan Shuangshu lean comfortably. He can clearly see the confrontation at the end of the bed.

The ward is divided into two sides like water and fire.

Seeing Ji Yao’s arrogance, Sheng Guangming couldn’t help reminding him of Yan Shuang crying for this man in his apartment that day.

The man had no idea what a precious thing he had got, and he abandoned it like a waste shoe and trampled it wantonly,

“Take back what you said.” Sheng Guangming’s tone was tough.

Ji Yao didn’t have any anger on his face. He swept Sheng Guangming’s face up and down with eyes that didn’t pay attention to people at all, and said coldly, “let go.”

Although Sheng Guangming has been boxing for more than ten years, he has never used force against people outside the ring with his strong body.

Even if he was harassed by the chairman of the Boxing Federation, he was just scaring each other.

The man who was held by his collar seemed to see through him, and his eyes and expression showed disdainful indifference – he dared not do it even if he understood him.

He is afraid to do it.

He didn’t dare to do it, not because the childe seemed to have a prominent family background. He couldn’t afford to offend, just because… He was the person Yan Shuang liked.

“Fight,” Yan Shuang coughed softly, “why don’t you fight?”

Sheng Guangming blushed when he heard Yan Shuang’s words like arch fire.

He stared into those eyes.

No one’s eyes in those eyes.

What Yan Shuang likes is such a noble childe.

After the violent tremor of the palm holding the collar, it still loosened its strength.

Ji Yao neither changed his color because he pulled his collar ferociously, nor felt relaxed because he let go of his hand. From beginning to end, he was extremely cold and did not frown.

When Sheng Guangming let go, he patted the folds of his collar, as if he had inadvertently turned his face and looked at the man on the hospital bed.

After Ji Yao entered the ward, he saw Yan Shuang at first sight.

He saw red in different shades.

Cheeks, nose, eyes, lips, each place is different red, but a face has an endless feeling.

Yan Shuang looked at Ji Yao calmly. The expression on his face only wrote a capital word “roll”.

The muscles around his cheeks tightened, but Ji Yao opened his mouth colder than before. “The critically ill patient looks very energetic.”

“Ji Yao -” Qin yubai snapped. For the first time, he completely tore his face at Ji Yao. Ji Shao also pressed it. He didn’t give the surname “Ji” any face. The hand hanging on his side was lightly clenched. Qin yubai lowered his head. When he really saw Yan Shuang holding his hand, he was shocked and forgot anything for a moment.

Yan Shuang: brother, don’t rush the show.

Ji Yao saw this little action and smiled. The colder he looked under the smile.

Yan Shuang looked at him quietly and opened his slightly dry lips, “do you want me to die?”

“Yan Shuang -”

“Shuangshuang -”

Qin yubai immediately clenched his hand, frowned and said, “don’t talk nonsense.”

“Don’t talk –” Yan Shuang said coldly. He coughed again as if he didn’t come at all. He looked straight at Ji Yao, “say, are you satisfied when I’m dead?”

Words kill the heart.

Yan Shuang cursed himself. Why can he kill his heart?

Ji Yao sneered, “your life and death have nothing to do with me.” he stuck in his throat and didn’t say it for a long time.

He took a deep look at Yan Shuang, with an unattainable pride on his cold face, and turned out of the ward.

Yan Shuang knew Ji Yao must be so upset that he forgot to close the door.

As Ji Yao went out, Qi Feiyun, who had been sitting on the sofa silently, stood up and went out.

The door is still open.

Sheng Guangming knew that he was not the one to stay in the ward. He looked back at Yan Shuang, but Yan Shuang was already lying down with Qin yubai’s help.

Sheng Guangming feels like a canned cherry.

Canned cherries will not become the protagonist of a cake. Even if they are sometimes placed in the middle, diners will take the lead in removing the canned cherries when tasting the cake.

It is redundant and not sweet canned cherries.

Yan Shuang lay down and closed his eyes, “go out.”

The originally full ward became empty and quiet again.

Sheng Guangming sat on the bench outside the ward. Qin yubai passed by him. He suddenly said, “Mr. Qin, are you Yan Shuang’s lover?”

Qin yubai stopped. He turned back and gave Sheng Guangming a look.

A look Sheng Guangming just saw in Ji Yao’s eyes.

They disdained any explanation for him.

In the past two decades, Sheng Guangming has never felt so small for a moment.

Of course, he knows that the so-called fairness in the world is just a whitewash of peace. There has never been equality between people, but he has never been trapped by it, because he is different from others. He only sees his goal and rushes forward.

Now, he suddenly put himself in a situation compared with those people. Even he didn’t know why. It seemed natural that he was like a young man who had just entered the city from the countryside. The people around him didn’t say anything. He also knew how inferior he was.

“Drink water?”

Sheng Guangming turned his head. There was a bottle of mineral water in front of him. He fixed his eyes on the person in front of him. Since he appeared, this person has not sent out any meaning of leaning to which side, nor did the two people condescend. He took the mineral water and thanked him. He looked a little lonely without covering up.

Wei Yichen, who handed him the water, also sat down.

“It’s hard.”

Sheng Guangming turned his face, “what?”

“Like Yan Shuang…” Wei Yichen turned his face, “it’s hard.”

Sheng Guangming looked shocked and hurriedly denied: “you misunderstood…”

He paused, some inexplicably nervous, his heart beat disorderly, and felt a inexplicable panic. “Yan Shuang and I are just friends…” he added: “I don’t like men.”

Gold rimmed glasses flickered with metallic luster under the lamp in the hospital corridor. Wei Yichen nodded, “I see.”

Sheng Guangming felt that although his tone was very calm, it revealed an unspeakable strangeness. He couldn’t help asking, “what do you understand?”

Wei Yichen turned his face and glanced up and down at Sheng Guangming. He looked like a smile, “Mr. Sheng, it doesn’t matter.”

How does a hunter care what his prey thinks?


Sheng Guangming finally got an inexplicable “welcome” from the man. Welcome? What is he welcoming?

He looked at Wei Yichen. Fang Zheng was standing at the door of the ward. He looked at the people sleeping in bed through the glass. His expression was not gentle, but very ordinary, as if he could look like this all the time.


What the hell is he welcoming


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