I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 119

After a deep sleep, Yan Shuang felt much better. The drops on the back of his hand had not been hung up. He should have changed the potion. A warm hot water bag was placed under his palm. The temperature was very comfortable and slightly cooler, but he could also warm the palm of the cold potion.

“Ka -” the door of the ward was pushed open.

The sound of very light footsteps approached slowly. Someone opened his quilt, pulled out the hot water bag from under his palm and replaced it with a new one.

Yan Shuang’s backhand caught the other party’s hand that wanted to leave.

“Wake you up?”

Yan Shuang shook his head.

There was no light in the room. It was dark. Yan Shuang was very sure that he could see his actions and even his expression.

“I want to go to the bathroom.”

There was a bathroom in the ward. Yan Shuang got out of bed. Most of the people were supported by others. The other party held him firmly, hugged his shoulder with one hand and held the bottle with the other hand, and took him gently into the bathroom.

The bathroom is an induction lamp. As soon as people go in, the soft light comes on.

From the dark into the light, both looked unchanged.

He knew it was him.

“Let me help you?” Wei Yichen whispered.

Yan Shuang raised his face and glanced at him.

It’s been a few days since I saw him again. The housekeeper seems to be a little thinner, but he’s not haggard. He looks very capable and calm. His expression is gentle. His eyes welcoming Yan Shuang show a kind of meekness without intention.


The bottle rack was on one side of the shelf, and Yan Shuang’s hand was gently lifted. The whole person was surrounded from behind, like being entangled by some soft and dangerous vine.

Languidly and relaxed, he pressed the weight of his body on Wei Yichen, raised his face, stretched out his hand and dialed the beautiful chin in his sight, “you have a beard.”

The short stubble is prickly, pressing on the soft palm, slightly itching.

“What about the others?”

“Mr. Qin went back to see the sick young master Qin Qing.”

“There is an emergency operation in the hospital. Dr. Qi went to help.”

Gently pull out the tie wrap with your fingers.

“Ji Shao, I don’t know.”

The slightly elastic cloth was pulled down, and Wei Yichen gently lowered his head. He looked into his shining eyes, “your new pet is thinking about whether he likes men in the corridor.”

“He is not my pet.”

The warm breath sprayed on his eyelids and immediately turned into a damp fog in the fully heated ward, gently covering his eyes.

Yan Shuang closed his eyes and pressed the short stubble on his palm. His strength was light and heavy. His palm slipped slowly, and his fingers clamped the apple like an olive core.

The dim yellow light gently pulls out fine broken lines in the narrow space. The shadow on the edge of the open door of the bathroom is pulled very long, which is the foil of two overlapping shadows.

The finger pulled out the paper towel on one side, but the other hand still stubbornly didn’t let go. The straight bridge of the nose gently pressed on the soft cheek, too close, and the voice seemed oppressed, dull and low.

“Let me help you?”

The same problem.

——The same answer.


The tone was idle and lazy.

Sure enough, he hasn’t changed at all. He’s still the one who doesn’t pay attention to anyone.

Even if someone is struggling and hesitating for him all night in the dark corridor, he still doesn’t care.

Wei Yichen lowered his head lightly, and his sight slipped from the beautiful but not rich face.

He really misses him.

But he doesn’t understand.

Yan Shuang went back to bed and lay down. As soon as he covered the hot water bag Wei Yichen had prepared for him, the door of the ward was pushed open from the outside.

“Wake up?”

Qi Feiyun saw the communication between the two in the dark at a glance. He raised his hand and turned on the light.

The lamp in the ward at night was also mild and not dazzling. Yan Shuang didn’t feel any discomfort, “Mr. Qi…”

The tone is half wronged and half spoiled.

Qi Feiyun was wearing a white coat. When he approached, Yan Shuang smelled some astringent disinfectant on him. Qi Feiyun took his temperature and said, “the temperature has dropped.”

“Well, I feel much better.”


Yan Shuang nodded.

Qi Feiyun put the thermometer aside and said to Wei Yichen, who had been guarding the middle of the night, “there is a night snack master in the canteen of the hospital. Please come and ask for a bowl of hot porridge.”

He had a gentle attitude and didn’t mean to be bossy and condescending. Just as Wei Yichen was Yan Shuang’s friend, he naturally asked Wei Yichen to do it.

But in what capacity?

Wei Yichen suddenly found that Qi Feiyun was almost invisible among several people today. He hid in the dark and watched the people quietly.

This is not an ordinary doctor. Wei Yichen knew earlier that he looked at Qi Feiyun. Qi Feiyun was wearing a polite smile like a mask.

Wei Yichen couldn’t see through the man’s thoughts, but there was only one thing… He looked at Yan Shuang and said, “do you want to eat something else?”

“Light vegetables are OK.”

“OK, I see.”

Wei Yichen nodded.

He believed that Yan Shuang would not let him down.

Wei Yichen walked out of the ward. On the bench in the corridor, Sheng Guangming kept the posture he saw before he left in a daze.

“Don’t you go back?”

Sheng Guangming didn’t respond to the sound until the tip of each other’s leather shoes came into sight, “what?”

Wei Yichen raised his hand, looked at his watch and said, “it’s very late.”

Sheng Guangming glanced dully at the clock on the wall.

It’s really late. He sat here for so long.

“Go back and have a rest,” said Wei Yichen. “Yan Shuang doesn’t lack someone to take care of here.”

Sheng Guangming’s head was stabbed, and his discomfort was reflected on his face.

This is the simplest person Wei Yichen has seen so far and has no city government. Yan Shuang would be interested in such a person. He “kindly” explained: “I mean there are many nursing workers in the hospital.”

Sheng Guangming clearly knows that the other party is comforting him.

This kind of comfort came inexplicably and seemed to be taken for granted, which made him feel flustered. He instinctively realized that there was a trace of bad intentions in the other party’s comfort.

He didn’t have so many tortuous thoughts. He just instinctively felt that the other party was not as gentle and modest as he looked.

Just like in the boxing ring, the body will instinctively respond to every fist waved, Sheng Guangming almost made his own response without thinking.

“I know that Yan Shuang will certainly be well taken care of here by Dr. Qi.”

When his voice fell, he found an obvious hostility in his tone.

He was slightly shocked and didn’t understand why he made such a lateral attack on Wei Yichen. It was like he was just thinking about why he was so angry with Ji Yao.

He even hates Ji Yao more than Qin yubai.

I hate that he can be so high in front of Yan Shuangshuang, and that he can easily make Yan Shuang unable to maintain his indifferent appearance.

“That’s right,” Wei Yichen smiled. “Then I won’t give it away.”

Sheng Guangming stood up. “Speaking of it, I don’t know what relationship you have with Yan Shuang, Mr. Wei.”

“I……” Wei Yichen dropped from the corner of his mouth, “that’s not important.”

Sheng guangming: “Mr. Wei wants to stay?”

“Yes,” said Wei Yichen with a unchanged smile, “does Mr. Sheng want to stay?”

Sheng Guangming suppressed the impulse like “fighting spirit” with the other party and forcibly turned his words to his mouth, “no, I should go back.”

“Go slowly.”

It’s one thing that Sheng Guangming decides to leave, but he still feels unhappy to be seen off like this.

“I’ll say hello to Yan Shuang before we go.”

Then he turned and walked to the ward, pressed the door handle and gently pushed open the door of the sick room.

The people in the ward raised their heads. Qi Feiyun sat by the bed with a case in one hand. He was taking out a pair of glasses from his white coat and putting them on, “what’s the matter?”

Sheng Guangming suddenly lost his temper and his face was a little embarrassed. “I, I’ll go back first…”

“Be safe on the road.” Qi Feiyun said plainly.

Sheng Guangming’s eyes swept the hospital bed, his face tilted inward, and he didn’t seem to hear Yan Shuang talking. He lowered his head and felt that he was like a redundant person again.

The door of the ward was gently closed.

Only the loss of a good man was left.

Qi Feiyun turned a page, “I thought you liked him.”

Yan Shuang opened his eyes and said with a smile, “teacher Qi, stop it. I like bad men like you.”

Qi Feiyun looked through the case and said, “don’t talk nonsense.”

Yan Shuang laughed, “Mr. Qi, are you so unsure?”

Qi Feiyun didn’t answer. After putting down the case, he went to the bathroom. He just opened the door of the bathroom. A faint smell immediately stopped his figure. He looked back at Yan Shuang on the hospital bed.

Yan Shuang said innocently, “I’m a weak patient. I have nothing to do.”

Qi Feiyun turned back to the hospital bed and Yan Shuang looked at him frankly.

“Mr. Qi, I know you don’t mind. Besides, we didn’t do anything…”

Qi Feiyun grabbed his chin and kissed him. He tasted all the taste in his mouth like an inspection, and it ended quickly. Yan Shuang regained consciousness, his mouth was still slightly open, and looked at Qi Feiyun in surprise.

“Nothing is done,” Qi Feiyun said faintly.

Yan Shuang put the question mark on his face, “Mr. Qi, are you jealous?”


Yan Shuang: “??”


It’s terrible for such a person to say such words.

Perhaps the shock on Yan Shuang’s face was too obvious. Qi Feiyun smiled. He released his hand and sat back again, “tease you.”

Yan Shuang: ”

Qi Feiyun made a mark on the case and said, “don’t you say you like something worse?”

Yan Shuang: what he said was bad, in bed!

“Or,” Qi Feiyun raised his eyes, “what you said is bad in bed?”

Yan Shuang immediately gave a look of “man, you know brother”.

It’s worthy of being a man who hangs up. He still has something.

Qi Feiyun: “Mr. Sheng seems to be a very regular person.”

“So I don’t like him.”

“Is it too old-fashioned to play hard to get?”

“Old or not, it works.”

Yan shuangzheng’er and Qi Feiyun exchanged their experiences of “soaking the Han Dynasty”.

Qi Feiyun paused and said, “so you don’t like him, but you still want to provoke him.”

Yan Shuang: “is there a problem?”

“No problem.”

Qi Feiyun lowered his eyes and continued to draw on the case. Yan Shuang couldn’t help being suspicious, “Mr. Qi, the case in your hand shouldn’t be mine?”

Qi Feiyun raised his eyes, “if you also have urethral cancer.”

Yan Shuang: ”

“Miss Qi, I want to bite you.”

Being ill can be regarded as physical damage. In this case, you can brush more plot points with Qi Feiyun.

“Eat first.”

Qi Feiyun said to Wei Yichen who pushed the door in, “thank you for your hard work.”

A senior housekeeper like Wei Yichen can only serve people in two words – professional.

Qin yubai is far from him.

The temperature and quantity of each spoon of porridge at the entrance were just right. The oil hanging on the vegetables was cleaned and then fed to Yan Shuang. Moreover, he could accurately grasp Yan Shuang’s appetite. Before Yan Shuang stopped, he took the initiative to stop feeding. Needless to say, he wiped Yan Shuang’s mouth and poured warm water to gargle him.

A set of processes flow like clouds and water.

Yan Shuang was served comfortably and lay down with a satisfied face.

Qi Feiyun put down the case, “thank you, Mr. Wei, for your help tonight.”

The object of being expelled became him. Wei Yichen said, “doctor Qi, you’re welcome.”

“It’s late. Let’s have a rest,” Qi Feiyun said. “Yan Shuang should also have a rest.”

As he spoke, one long leg folded over the other, and his toes pointed to the open bathroom.

Wei Yichen understood his hint almost instantly.

At the moment, the ward was bright, and the small bathroom turned into a dark place because no one lit it.

He knew he was a thief and stole time that didn’t belong to him.

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes and said to Yan shuangwen, “good night.”

After leaving the ward, Wei Yichen did not stay in the corridor or go out of the hospital. He sat down in the hall on the ground floor.

In the evening, the hospital hall was very empty. Except for the nurse on duty who didn’t lift his head, he was the only one sitting in the silent corridor.

Only Qi Feiyun and Yan Shuang are left in the ward.

He closed his eyes and took out his cell phone.

——”Ji Shao, there is no one else in the ward now, if you want to see him.”


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