I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 12

Suddenly, Yan Shuang was surprised to see Wei Yichen here.

“Why are you here?”

After Yan Shuang finished, he asked himself and answered, “by the way, you come to pick me up.”

“Why didn’t you inform me in advance?”

After Yan Shuang questioned, he suddenly realized, “my mobile phone is broken.”

He talked to himself there, more like a little stray dog.

It’s fun to chase your tail.

Wei Yichen cools his face, pulls his arm and pulls him up. He conveniently takes the old mobile phone from the boss who repairs the mobile phone, “let’s go.”

Yan Shuang was not happy. He took back his arm from Wei Yichen. “I have to repair my mobile phone.”

“There’s a new one in the car.”

“You bought it for me?” Yan’s eyes lit up, smiled and tiptoed to ask.

The aroma of citrus was coming. Wei Yichen turned his head to avoid and said faintly, “President Qin asked me to buy it.”

“What kind of mobile phone?”

Yan Shuang doubted whether Qin yubai, a stingy capitalist, had bought him an old man’s machine to compensate him.

Wei Yichen seemed to understand the focus of Yan Shuang’s question and replied, “the latest and most expensive on the market.”

Yan Shuang grinned, “OK, I’ll give him another 0.1 points!”

I don’t know what he’s talking about. Wei Yichen frowned, “can we go?”

“No,” Yan Shuang took back his mobile phone from Wei Yichen’s mobile phone and handed it to the repairer, “boss, I just said 110.”

“You are really. Your friends don’t say they bought you a new one, the latest one and the most expensive one. What else do you repair? Make fun of me.”

“Hey, boss,” Yan said with his hands on his knees and eyebrows flying, “you just said that you recycle your mobile phone and the latest mobile phone. How much do you charge?”

The boss was silly. He glanced at the man who was incompatible with the surrounding environment and said in front of others that he would sell the new mobile phone sent by others. It was too… He hardened his head and said awkwardly, “it depends on the specific style.”

“OK, I’ll find you later. You change the screen for me first.”


The boss took another look at Wei Yichen.

Yan Shuang also looked at Wei Yichen, spread out his palm and said, “give me the money.”

The dog begged for food.

Wei Yichen’s face was deep. Without saying a word, he lifted his coat, took out his wallet from his inner pocket, drew two and handed them directly to the boss.

The boss took the money, whispered and said to Yan Shuang, “right away, three minutes.”

Yan Shuang lightly repeated to Wei Yichen, “right away, three minutes.” Then he said to Wei Yichen, “brother Wei, can you lend me your mobile phone first?”

“What are you doing?”

“Lend me…” Yan Shuang blinked hard. His eyelashes were very long. When he blinked quickly, they were like dolls.

Wei Yichen handed him his mobile phone so that he wouldn’t mess around in public.

“Thank you.”

Yan Shuang took Wei Yichen’s mobile phone and asked Wei Yichen, “let’s go to the old place later?”


Yan Shuang shrunk to one side again and squatted on the ground playing with his mobile phone without image.

The mobile phone Wei Yichen gave him is his private mobile phone, which is not used for work, and he has almost no private social networking, so this mobile phone is basically new and empty.

Follow Yan Shuang’s toss.

The boss changed the screen and opened the machine for Yan Shuang. “Young man, look, it’s repaired.”

“Thank you,” Yan Shuang took over the cell phone and couldn’t put it down. “That’s great.”

“That’s not true. Our domestic mobile phones are durable.”

“Wait, I’ll give you change. There’s less cash these days. The 90 yuan change is really not enough. I’ll go to another stall to ask…”

“Oh, boss, it’s still so troublesome. You can give me the hundred directly. Don’t change it. When I give you a new mobile phone tomorrow, I’ll charge you ten yuan less.”

“Hey… Well… You see, it’s really…” the boss returned one of the two notes that he had just got and didn’t cover the heat. “I’ve set up a stall here for many years. For the first time, you can bargain like this.”

Yan Shuang took the note, shook it to the boss, smiled and said, “thank you.”

The streets near the university campus are especially lively in the evening. The aroma of various barbecues, fried noodles, desserts, spicy hot and stinky tofu is filled in the air. Students at the best age talk and laugh freely. There seems to be no trouble in this crowd. Even if there are troubles, they are sweet and far away from the real painful troubles.

Wei Yichen walked among them, and a strong sense of alienation even made him irritable.

Yu Guang glanced at Yan Shuang around him.

Yan Shuang is playing with his mobile phone. The corners of his mouth are slightly tilted. He seems to notice his eyes. His round eyes flow and squint at him.

Every time is such an undisguised tease.

Wei Yichen takes back his eyes and his face turns cold again.

He admitted that bitches made him more comfortable than staying with angels.

Yan Shuang has been fiddling with Wei Yichen’s mobile phone and still holds it when he sits in the car.

Wei Yichen: “the new mobile phone is in the glove box.”

“Oh,” Yan Shuang pulled open the suitcase, including the packaging box of the new mobile phone. It was indeed a new model on the market. He stuffed it into his canvas bag. He continued to play with Wei Yichen’s mobile phone, “wait, slow down.”

Wei Yichen fastened his seat belt and said, “what are you waiting for?”


Wei Yichen ignored him and started the car.

Yan Shuang saw this and directly pushed open the door on his side.

“You –”

Yan Shuang didn’t get out of the car. He just knelt on one knee and looked out of the car. It seemed that he was really waiting for someone.

Is it waiting for Ji Yao?

Wei Yichen spent an afternoon checking almost everything that happened between Ji Yao and Yan Shuang.

To tell the truth, Yan Shuang gave him a big surprise.

While signing the contract with Qin yubai, he dared to open a room with Ji Yao.

What makes Wei Yichen feel more incredible is that Ji Yao would agree to go to such a cheap hotel with Yan Shuang.

Should we boast Yan Shuang’s outstanding business ability and be able to poison the most clean childe in the circle, or should we admire his courage to step on two boats? Even want to bring Ji Yao to Qin Yu’s face?

I just don’t know the heaven and earth.

“Here -”

Yan Shuang waved his hands vigorously.

Wei Yichen leaned over his face and saw a boy running towards them quickly in the rearview mirror. He narrowed his eyes. He can be sure that the other party is not Ji Yao. Ji Yao won’t wear such wide and loose basketball clothes, shorts and shoes.

“Wow, classmate, luxury car.”

As soon as the boy came, he marveled at the dark luxury car.

Yan Shuang: “get in the car.”

“Wait…” Wei Yichen, who has been watching coldly, had to come out to stop the situation he couldn’t understand.

As soon as the boy raised his foot, he carefully took it back and looked carefully at Yan Shuang.

Wei Yichen is also looking at Yan Shuang, “what do you mean?”

“Classmate,” Yan Shuang said frankly, “he takes a free ride. Don’t worry. On the way, just let him off at the intersection of Shibei road.”

“Free ride?” Wei Yichen repeated these three words unbelievably.

“Get in the car, we’ll all be late.”

Yan Shuang greeted the boy and pushed him.

The boy was surprised to get such a luxurious free ride and quickly got on the bus.

Yan Shuang sat back, closed the door, fastened his seat belt, turned to Wei Yichen and said, “drive.”

Wei Yichen’s expression has returned to plain, his eyes staring at Yan Shuang tightly and oppressing silently.

Yan Shuang: “hurry up, you’ll be late.”

Now entanglement is obviously not a wise choice. Wei Yichen turned his face and started the car coldly.

Along the way, Wei Yichen looked through the rearview mirror and watched the basketball boy take countless self photos in the car. He was excited to keep sending messages with his mobile phone.

The boy never dreamed that a carpool invitation in the group could fight for a global limited edition luxury car. Until he got off the bus, he was still a little reluctant, “classmate, I’ll transfer the fare to you. Call me next time.”

“No problem.”

Yan Shuang waved to him in a friendly way.


The sound of not salty and not light floated slowly.

“Of course it’s a free ride.”

Yan Shuang threw Wei Yichen’s mobile phone back to him, “you’d better register a software, so it’s more convenient to receive orders. Sometimes it’s not so coincidental to shout in the school group.”

The car stopped at the intersection.

Wei Yichen thinks he has seen many strange people in the business world. He really hasn’t seen Yan Shuang’s “business genius”.

“Do you dare to earn any money?” Wei Yichen said faintly.

“Neither,” Yan Shuang said innocently. “I dare not kill or set fire.”

The tone is ordinary, and there is no “dare not” in it.

“I don’t think so.”

Wei Yichen turned around and stepped on the accelerator.

After arriving at the hotel, Qin yubai was late. Yan Shuang happily ordered a lamb chop for dinner.

Recently, the exercise intensity is high, so I have to make up.

Wei Yichen looked at Yan Shuang eating the French fried lamb chop into a “hand grasping lamb chop”, and silently moved his eyes.

This man has a good command of Western food etiquette, but he is too lazy to use it. Last time, he only deliberately deterred him by such performance in order to negotiate a price increase in front of him.

Now he can see through this trick, which Yan Shuang wants him to see through.

What is the purpose? Always teasing him on purpose.

After eating a delicious dinner, Yan Shuang still didn’t wait for Qin yubai, so he said to Wei Yichen, “lend me my mobile phone.”

“Haven’t you repaired your cell phone?”

“The screen of my mobile phone is too small, and it has a card. Your mobile phone is easy to use. Come on, lend me.”

Wei Yichen took out his mobile phone and said faintly, “do you want to make an appointment for carpooling near tomorrow morning?”

The obvious irony has zero lethality to Yan Shuang.

Making money is not shabby.

And it’s still white whoring.

From the driver to the car to the gas money, all white whoring.

Yan Shuang is very beautiful.

Wei Yichen regretted that sentence.

He has been with Qin yubai for two years. He is a full-time housekeeper with the longest tenure, because he is professional and measured.

That sentence just now is too natural, naturally like a joke between friends.

He crossed the line.

This is a dangerous signal.

From a long time ago, his body began to remind him not to get close to this person, otherwise he might fall into the abyss.

Wei Yichen lowered his eyes. Fortunately, it’s not too late. He hasn’t… Fallen.

Qin yubai came later than Yan Shuang expected.

Yan Shuang arrived at 7 o’clock. Qin yubai came more than 9 o’clock. He was dusty and looked very tired. When Wei Yichen saw him coming, he handed him the folder in his hand. Qin yubai waved his hand. Wei Yichen nodded respectfully, quickly stepped out, bowed his head, closed the door, turned and left at one go.

Yan Shuang shrunk in the sofa and disappeared from his vulnerability at noon. He said coldly, “President Qin, punctuality is a traditional Chinese virtue.”

Qin yubai sat down in the office chair, opened the folder and began to look, “Oh?” When he glanced at the picture in the document, he stared up. His eyes were like a knife. Inch by inch, he scraped Yan Shuang’s pure face and said, “so, what traditional virtue is selling?”

Yan Shuang: Xiba, why is it not a traditional virtue to sell your body and bury your father?!


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