I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 120

Yan Shuang’s illness came and got well quickly. He cleaned up early the next morning and was ready to leave the hospital.

There was a bathroom in the ward. He took a shower and put on the clean clothes brought to him by Qin Baiyu. The whole person was refreshed. In addition to the strong nasal sound, he was much better and stretched out of the bathroom.

In the ward, Qin yubai and Qi Feiyun sat on one side of the sofa. Qin yubai smiled and looked over, “more spirit.” Qi Feiyun said nothing and sat quietly.

Yan Shuang gave them a white eye.

The one who sent Qi Feiyun has big eyes.

Last night was another great disgrace in the history of his world.

When he sent Qi Feiyun the feat of omitting 3000 words with his sick body, Qi Feiyun refused.

He refused?!

Yan Shuang even said, “Mr. Qi, I heard that it’s great to do when you have a high fever. Don’t you really want to try?”, What did Qi Feiyun say? Qi Feiyun said, “your cells are making efforts to repair your body. Don’t trouble them.”

Yan Shuang:

Shit, is it a porn maniac?

If it were Qin yubai, he would have gone to bed.

To be honest, he didn’t expect that it would be so hard to brush the plot points here. He thought it was the simplest to be with Qi Feiyun.

Does Qi Feiyun really like him?

According to his experience, people who fall in love with the heart will go crazy, and people who fall in love with the kidney will turn to the heart.

Yan Shuang thought that Qi Feiyun might be reluctant to fuck him because he liked him too much. He immediately blacked out.

It’s not his narcissism, but his rich work experience tells him that people often capsize in the shallowest ditch.

“Well, go home.”

Qin yubai patted the sofa and stood up. Naturally, he came to pull Yan Shuang’s hand. Yan Shuang quickly avoided his claws.

“What are you doing?” Yan Shuang said warily, “I won’t go back to Qin’s house.”

Qin Yu was stunned. “Why?”

Why what? He never promised.

Yan Shuang wrote his inner thoughts plainly on his face.

Qin yubai withdrew his hand, with a gentle look on his face and a serious smell, “didn’t we agree to add your name to the Qin family?”

His voice fell, and Qi Feiyun, who had been sitting quietly like an old monk, looked at Yan Shuang.

Qi Feiyun’s eyes are meaningful. Yan Shuang seems to have heard Qi Feiyun’s low magnetic voice. Anyway, the content must not be good.

“Just add a name. Why should I go back to Qin’s house?” Yan Shuangli was so angry that he asked, “why didn’t you accompany me last night? Did you go back to see Qin Qing? Was he important or me important? Have you figured it out? Why did you let me go back to Qin house? Why did you go back to Qin house and let you eat in the bowl and watch in the pot?”

Qin yubai was confused by repeated questions.

He did go back last night.

But that’s not because of the question of which is more important, Qin Qing and Yan Shuang.

But he felt that he had shown his heart to Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang would not misunderstand his behavior of going back to see Qin Qing, so he went back safely.

I didn’t expect Yan Shuang to be so angry. Does this mean that Yan Shuang actually cares about him?

“Shuangshuang…” Qin yubai said slightly, “are you jealous?”

Yan Shuang: “vomit.”

Qin yubai: ”

“Don’t disgust me,” Yan Shuang said with practical actions that he had recovered most of his illness. “When I was ill, I won’t say what you did while others were in danger. Please reflect on yourself!”

With that, he raised his hand to Qi Feiyun and sucked his nose, “stand up and drive.”

Qi Feiyun got up and said to Qin Yu, who was in a trance, “Mr. Qin, let’s go first.”

Yan Shuang walked out of the ward and looked back and forth in the corridor. “What do you say to accompany me to get well? Men are really more unreliable than one. Mr. Qi, do you think so?”

Qi Feiyun was noncommittal.

“Some men are really bad. When they are tired of playing, they run faster than anyone. If anyone likes such a man, it’s a peerless fool.”

Qi Feiyun stepped slightly and glanced at the man on his side.

Yan Shuang opened his eyes and tried to show his sincerity at the moment, “Mr. Qi, you know what I mean?”

Qi Feiyun took back his eyes and said faintly, “narcissism is a disease.”

Yan Shuang: “…” OK, he’d better not let him say it correctly.

Just as they came to the corner of the corridor, the assistant came up with a happy face, “Dr. Qi, take Yan Shuang out of the hospital.”

Qi Feiyun nodded.

The assistant giggled. He smiled so strangely that Yan Shuang couldn’t help asking, “what are you laughing at?”

Monitoring Room

Yan Shuang looked at the dense surveillance screen with a shocked face, “are you still monitoring in the ward in your hospital?”

The assistant explained, “the patients are informed and for the sake of the patient’s health.”

Yan Shuang: “why don’t I know?!”

So he almost had a live broadcast with Qi Feiyun yesterday?!

Yan Shuang looked at Qi Feiyun angrily.

Qi Feiyun’s face was plain, and his gray pupils were calm.

So last night this porn maniac refused him purely because of surveillance? This guy also deliberately teased him with what he said… Well, when he has enough sleep, get away from him!

Qi Feiyun smiled when he saw Yan’s anger in his eyes.

Yan Shuang: Wow, this man is still laughing.

“In principle, the monitoring here is not open to the outside world. Mr. Ji, who came yesterday, is an investor in the hospital. We can only let him in.”

The person in charge of the monitoring room gave Qi Feiyun a full account of what happened last night.

It’s much simpler and boring than the gossip an assistant hears from his colleagues, but it’s also absolutely true.

“Mr. Ji first looked at it casually and then called to see the intensive care unit in charge of Dr. Qi.”

“After zooming in, Mr. Ji looked at it for a while and let us zoom out. Then he called. After a while, another gentleman also came. Then,” the person in charge paused and said with a confused face, “Mr. Ji hit that gentleman.”

“That’s the case.”

The person in charge honestly concluded.

The assistant quickly added, “it was the gentleman who came with Mr. Ji who was beaten.”

Yan Shuang thought that Wei Yichen’s buff was still stable.

According to the background of this book, Wei Yichen’s first owner went bankrupt and committed suicide, the second owner disappeared, and the third owner was in prison.

The fourth master is now in the ward doubting life. At present, he is in good physical and mental condition.

Yan Shuang was really pleased that the fifth master’s condition was getting worse and worse.

Fortunately, he decisively refused Wei Yichen’s request to mix with him that day.

People still have to believe in metaphysics.

“Call out the monitoring in the monitoring room.” Qi Feiyun said.

Yan Shuang: ”

Put it here, put it here.

“Good doctor Qi.”

Yan Shuang: really!

The monitoring of the monitoring room is in one of the split screens. Qi Feiyun obviously has more voice in this hospital than unfamiliar investors. The person in charge quickly called out the large screen and directly pulled the monitoring time to last night.

“That’s it.”

In the expanded split screen, Ji Yao is standing in front of the screen.

The monitoring lens is from the perspective of looking down. It can be clearly seen that the monitoring in front of Ji Yao was in Yan Shuang’s ward last night.

So the current situation is that Yan Shuangzheng watches Ji Yao through monitoring.

Good guy, the research doll belongs to yes.

On the monitor screen Ji Yao saw, Qi Feiyun was sitting in the chair beside the bed, turning over the medical records. Yan Shuangping lay with his knees slightly bent and twisted his face. It seemed that he was talking to Qi Feiyun.

The monitoring of the hospital did not receive the sound. It was all silent. The picture looked very ordinary.

If Yan Shuangxin wanted to have a voice, Ji Yao could clearly hear him saying, “Mr. Qi, have a shot?”

But just from the picture, the atmosphere between Yan Shuang and Qi Feiyun is the pure relationship between doctors and patients. Even Qi Feiyun pulled the quilt for him. The only intimate action is that Qi Feiyun let Yan Shuang lie down according to Yan Shuang’s knee.

Oh, Qi Feiyun was saying, “you have a fever, not…”

Didn’t finish because Yan Shuang pulled the quilt directly to his face.

Immediately, Ji Yao, the person in charge of monitoring, called. However, in two or three minutes, Wei Yichen also appeared in the monitoring.

The two had a short conversation. They couldn’t see what they said on the monitoring, but they could see that Ji Yao’s face was very bad.

Later, Ji Yao gave Wei Yichen a punch and turned out of the monitoring room.

The person in charge of the monitoring room immediately entered the monitoring room and said something to the injured Wei Yichen, probably asking what had happened.

Wei Yichen waved his hand and touched the wound on the lower lip. A smile flashed across the screen.

After watching the actual video, the assistant was stunned and said, “why is he still laughing after being beaten?”

“Let’s go.” Qi Feiyun said to Yan Shuang.

Yan Shuang looked at the screen. Wei Yichen walked steadily out of the monitoring room and said, “go.”

In the car, Yan Shuang sat in the co pilot, holding the seat belt in his palm, thinking about what happened last night.

Ji Yao, a dead proud girl, couldn’t bear to see him, so she ran to see the monitoring, which was very reasonable.

The picture in the monitoring is normal, so it should not stimulate Ji Yao.

Ji Yao didn’t see any excessive pictures, but called Wei Yichen to beat him up

Yan Shuang smiled and thought that Wei Yichen was bullying Xiaoji. He was a child, but Ji Yao was not Ji Yao before. As long as he thought a little, he could immediately figure out what tricks Wei Yichen was playing.

The housekeeper used his strength, but he hit himself in the face.

Why? He has said it’s over with him to do these things.

“Mr. Qi,” Yan Shuang joked, “Wei Yichen took this punch for you.”

If Ji Yao really saw the live version of the two last night, Yan Shuang didn’t dare to think about the fate of Qi Feiyun.

Know it’s one thing, but seeing it with your own eyes is another. With Xiaoji’s temper, you can’t rush to the ward and break Qi Feiyun’s leg on the spot?

Probably the third leg!

Yan Shuangyue thought more and more frightened. He put his arm down, reached out and touched Qi Feiyun. With a happy face, he said, “teacher Qi, thank Jesus. You escaped.”

Qi Feiyun drove calmly. “I won’t get that punch.” when the car drove into the community, he turned his face and looked at Yan Shuang. He said faintly, “because I’m not a peerless fool.”

In the apartment, Sheng Guangming, who had not slept all night, lay on the sofa and wondered if he was a fool.

“So,” said his former agent calmly after a cold beer, “do you doubt whether you like men or women?”

Sheng Guangming hesitated: “… You can’t say you doubt.”

Agent humanitarian: “I see.”

He put down the beer can, stood up and said, “we have fought together through joys and sorrows. At this critical moment, how can I make you confused alone? I don’t go to hell. Who goes to hell? Xiao Ming, when you get rich in the future, you must remember the sacrifice I made for you today…”

Sheng Guangming said expressionless, “if you continue to take off your pants, I’ll hit you.”

The agent turned the Untied belt into a tied belt and complained, “brother, isn’t it for you? You say you’re not sure whether you like men or women. You’ll know when you see it.”

Sheng guangming: “brother, whether you are a man or a woman, I won’t feel you.”

Agent: Fuck reserve gays.

The agent sat down and continued to drink. Then he said, “when you start thinking about this problem, nine times out of ten you have almost bent. People like me who only love beautiful sisters have no trouble like you.”

Sheng Guangming’s face was gloomy. He didn’t sleep all night. That’s why he jumped repeatedly on this issue.

“If you like a man, you like a man. Look at your sad face…” the broker said, “if you’re like this, I don’t think it’s a big problem whether you’re a woman or a man, unless you…” the broker smiled, “Hey, what kind of man do you like? Gao Da Wei Meng or handsome?”

Sheng Guangming was speechless. He thought he had only talked for a few minutes. How could he be characterized as “like men”?

Sheng Guangming sat up, grabbed a handful of messy hair and drank a beer, “I don’t know.”

The agent thought that Sheng Guangming had not changed for so many years. He asked others to pull him to discuss emotional problems. He assigned him a punch. What are the old men chirping about there? Just like it! But Sheng Guangming… The only innocent virgin around him, let alone falling in love for so many years, didn’t even pull the hand of a strange girl.

How can such a pure young man bend?

The agent said, “why did you suddenly add this trouble?”

Sheng Guangming hung his face and didn’t speak.

The agent is an individual. Looking at his dejected appearance, he patted his thigh and said, “you don’t like any man?”

Sheng Guangming immediately denied, “I didn’t!”

The agent’s face came over with a human expression, “the denial is too fast, there is no brain, there is a problem.”

Sheng Guangming’s lips moved and Yingting’s eyebrows wrinkled, “I didn’t.”

Agent: “double negation equals affirmation.”

Sheng guangming: ”

“Come on, what’s going on, who,” said the agent leisurely with his foot on the pedal. “Let the boxing lover give you advice.”

There are few trusted people around. I can’t think of any results. It seems that talking to an experienced agent is the best way at present. Sheng Guangming tangled for a while, and finally decided to say, “I’m a college student.”

What loomed in the broker’s mind, but he couldn’t grasp it, “you continue.”

Sheng guangming: “no more.”

Broker: ”

“You’re fucking teasing me. Why didn’t you?” The agent patted the sofa, “do you look good, what’s your figure, chest… Oh, no, it’s a man. In short, there’s nothing. You have to make it clear what kind of person it is and what kind of opportunity it is. You have, uh… Questions now.”

Sheng Guangming thought carefully and answered his questions one by one.

“He looks good.”

“He’s a little thin. He likes sweets and has a big appetite, but he doesn’t seem fat.”

“He’s a very smart and good man.”

“Opportunity… Opportunity I don’t know.”

The agent suddenly felt a headache. Did he come for emotional counseling or try the prisoner?

He said impatiently, “do you have any photos? Let me see them.”

Sheng Guangming said warily, “No.”

The agent didn’t like it. “What’s your expression? It’s like guarding against thieves. I tell you, even if he grows into an immortal, I still like women.”

Sheng guangming: “that’s not the case.”

The agent’s taste came out after a while. His face showed a more surprised expression than when Sheng Guangming said at the beginning that he didn’t know whether he liked men or women. “Xiao Ming, you protect him.”

Sheng Guangming paused and said, “right.”

Sheng Guangming is a good man, which is recognized in their circle. Because of his good character, his agents once thought that Sheng Guangming’s boxing career would stop at home.

He directly shared the cards with Sheng Guangming and said that he was too soft to fight.

Sheng Guangming was only sixteen or seventeen years old at that time. There was still a little baby fat on his face. He seriously said to him, “my character has nothing to do with boxing. I can be myself or my boxing.”

The agent was subdued by Sheng Guangming at that time.

He felt that the child had brilliance in his eyes and was soft on the surface. In fact, he was also a very stubborn person in his bones.

After that, Sheng Guangming also confirmed that his vision was correct.

The agent later found a characteristic of Sheng Guangming, that is, it is hot outside and cold inside.

He looked good to everyone, modest and polite, but few people could really enter his heart.

The agent worked hard with him from the trough to the peak, which is regarded as making a friend with him.

The agent’s smiling expression also faded. He said seriously, “Xiao Ming, do you really like a male college student?”

Sheng Guangming turned the beer can in his hand, raised his face and said, “I don’t know.”

“How did you two know each other?”

Sheng Guangming was silent for a moment and said, “that’s how I met.”

The agent understood what Sheng Guangming didn’t want to say. He asked in vain. He changed direction and said, “do you know if he likes men?”

Sheng Guangming paused. “He likes men.”

Agent: “I see. I continue to ask, to what extent have you two reached?”

“To what extent?”

“Holding hands? Kissing? Or sleeping?”

The agent’s question made Sheng Guangming blush, “we are just friends!”

The agent gave him a hard look, “what are you tangled with here? Aren’t you friends?”

Sheng Guangming was silent again.

The agent was annoyed to see him like this. He wanted to drink and found that the can was empty. He sighed and got up to the refrigerator to get a new one.

“I’m not happy.”

The broker opened the refrigerator door and paused, looking back at Sheng Guangming.

Sheng Guangming is lowering his head and holding a beer can in his hand.

“I’m not happy to see him with other men.”

The agent stood silently, “what else?”

“I care too much about him,” Sheng Guangming said blandly. “He’s tired of me. Let me leave him alone. He said all kinds of ugly words, but I still want to care about him.”

“He was ill yesterday. I was very worried and worried. It was hard for me to see him like that.”

“I want to get sick for him,” he repeated, looking up at the agent standing in front of the refrigerator. “I want to get sick for him.”

The agent didn’t know how he felt when he heard it.

“Xiao Ming,” he said earnestly, “have you ever thought that maybe you just regard him as… Yes, just like you said, friends care about him like friends, which doesn’t necessarily mean you like men.”

“Really?” Sheng Guangming was stunned.

“You care about him. You want him to be good, don’t you?”


“That’s the same as you advised me not to buy too many lottery tickets.”

Sheng Guangming hesitated, “maybe.”

When the agent closed the refrigerator door, he sighed again and said bluntly, “I’ll ask you, do you have a physical impulse to him!”

Sheng Guangming was stunned. “Physically…” he immediately stopped again and hurriedly said, “that’s not the case.”

The agent breathed out completely and smiled happily, “silly boy, you fart.”

“I tell you, men are lower body animals. If they like it, they will have an impulse,” the agent reopened the refrigerator and took a can of beer back. “Just like me and Milan, when we were in love, you know, I couldn’t keep up with nutrition at that time.”

Sheng Guangming thought for a while and said, “maybe you’re right.”

“No, maybe. I think you were so serious just now. I really thought you were in trouble.” The agent took a sip of wine and was surprised. Finally, he said, “Xiao Ming, you are a living person. Don’t think about it. You have been a monk for a long time. All sows race Diao cicada. Find a sister to fall in love. You forget all the college students.”

Sheng Guangming put down the beer can, “I don’t want to fall in love now.”

“Why? Aren’t you right?”

“I don’t want to fall in love for love,” Sheng Guangming lowered his eyes and his eyebrows and eyes were serious. “This kind of thing should be natural. Just follow fate.”

“OK -” said the agent, “just don’t go where you shouldn’t go.”

The two talked for a while. The agent answered the phone and wanted to go. Sheng Guangming sent him out. As he walked, the agent turned back and said, “Xiao Ming, what kind of girl do you like? I’ll pay more attention to you…”

“Say it again.” Sheng Guangming opened the door and suddenly froze.

The agent noticed the abnormality and turned his face to look at it along Sheng Guangming’s line of sight.

Two men came out of the elevator door.

There is a slight difference in stature. The tall man is dignified and handsome, the windbreaker is straight, the shorter one is wearing thick cotton padded clothes, holding the tall man’s arms with both hands and smiling at the man with his face up.

College students… Neighbors

Some words flashed in the broker’s mind.

#My neighbor asked college students to come to serve me. I can’t stand it#

good heavens.

It turns out that Sheng Guangming’s “unbearable” is that he wants to join?

The agent was shocked to see the two people enter the door. After the door was closed, he turned back and saw Sheng Guangming’s tangled expression again. He took a deep breath and said, “so what you like is the college student recruited by your neighbor? Is it still a college student for sale?”

He spoke louder and louder, and finally roared.

Sheng Guangming glanced at him lightly, “he didn’t come out to sell.”

Agent: “…” shit, why don’t you refute the first half of his sentence? Dad Xiaoming is really worried about you.

Just now, although it was just a glance, the agent could see that the little boy was really good-looking. It was the kind of look that men and women would feel very comfortable when they saw it.

“Don’t talk nonsense,” Sheng Guangming frowned. “It will ruin his reputation.”

Agent: “… I don’t even know his name.”

“That’s all right.”

Broker: ”

“Xiao Ming,” said the agent quickly, “are those two lovers holding hands?”

Sheng Guangming hesitated, “yes.”

“Do you still want to dig a corner?”

Sheng Guangming said, “I don’t mean that.”

The agent breathed a sigh of relief, light or light.

“I just want them to break up.”


“You don’t want to dig a corner, and you want them to break up. What do you mean?”

Sheng Guangming frowned. After a moment, he said, “I hope he has a good home.”

The broker could not help but Tucao: “is this good home to make complaints about you?”

Sheng Guangming was stunned again, “… That’s not true.”

“OK, do you have a candidate?”

Sheng Guangming thought for a moment. Of course, he thought it was best for Yan Shuang and Ji Yao to be together, but he felt very, very disgusted with Ji Yao, so he couldn’t tell.

“I don’t know.”

The agent was speechless. He patted Sheng Guangming on the shoulder and said, “I know you don’t hit the south wall and don’t look back. You’re just my friend, and I can’t hurt you. I can only say that if you can never see him again from now on and don’t want him, you’ll stop. If you can’t do it…” he pressed Sheng Guangming’s shoulder hard, “Then grab someone.”


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