I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 125

Push the wandering soul into the elevator. Yan Shuang turns around and sees the door next door open.

Sheng Guangming poked out most of his head and stared at Yan Shuang brightly.

“You see?” Yan Shuang said faintly.

Sheng Guangming said honestly, “I saw others standing downstairs early in the morning.”

He wanted to rush down and beat Qin yubai. Later, he thought that he was afraid that he would not be measured and beat people for good or bad.

Yan Shuang brought Qin yubai up. He also saw it. He had been watching the movement next door on the balcony. In case Qin yubai misbehaved against Yan Shuang, Yan Shuang called for help. He immediately turned over from the balcony and acted bravely for the people!

Count that man’s sense, and he walked away obediently.

Yan Shuang didn’t talk more about this topic and said, “I haven’t had dinner yet.”

On how good a dessert chef can be.

Yan Shuang sat at the dinner table and was almost unbearable by the fragrance.

Sheng Guangming’s hair has grown too long recently, and he’s too lazy to cut it. He’s afraid of losing his hair when cooking. He tied a small tweet in the back of his head and looks more like an artist – except for the conspicuous pectoralis major.

Sheng Guangming soon made three dishes and one soup. The appearance is not exquisite. It’s just a homely appearance with bright colors, which makes people have a good appetite.

“I’ve made the cake and put it in the refrigerator. The flavor will be better if it is refrigerated.”

Yan Shuang had no opinion. He ate quietly and skillfully with a bowl. He didn’t boast as before, but ate silently.

Sheng Guangming can see from his food that he is very satisfied and likes it very much. His food makes him happy, and this makes him happy.

“What are you going to do?” Yan Shuang ate the cake Sheng Guangming took out of the refrigerator and sincerely asked a question.

Sheng Guangming was smiling and watching Yan Shuang eat the cake. When he heard Yan Yan’s expression, he was stunned. Then he smiled gently, “you don’t have to worry. I’ve figured out a way to deal with it.”

The silver fork passed through the soft cake body and touched the plate below, making a short crisp sound. Yan Shuang lowered his eyes and whispered, “I won’t help you plead with him.”

Sheng Guangming’s brain turned slowly. When he reacted to Yan Shuang’s meaning, he was unable to laugh or cry. After laughing helplessly, when he saw that Yan Shuang’s double head was somewhat abnormal, he vaguely felt that Yan Shuang was indeed abnormal tonight.

“What’s the matter?” Sheng Guangming lowered his voice and tried to make his voice sound softer. “Is there anything unhappy?”

Yan Shuang did not answer.

The cake plate has been swept away, revealing a smooth mirror. A pair of eyes full of water mist are reflected on the top. I don’t know whether they are tears or the light reflected by the overhead chandelier.

Yan Shuang’s chin was caught and raised.

The boxer’s finger pulp was rough and hard, like sandpaper, and his strength was controlled very lightly, but he still left a light red mark on his white chin.

Sheng Guangming glanced at the red, said “I’m sorry” and let go. He looked at Yan Shuang’s slightly red eyes seriously, “are you going to cry?”

Yan Shuang: nonsense, I’m not going to cry. Is it going to blossom? Straight man, climb for me.

“Don’t cry,” Sheng Guangming stretched out his hand and rubbed on Yan’s double head top, “it’s not worth it.”

“I’m not as useless as you think. Don’t worry, I’ve figured out the countermeasures,” Sheng Guangming continued to rub his head. His attitude is still the same as when they sat in the flower bed and chatted in the hospital, like a gentle big brother. “Don’t you believe me?”

Yan Shuang looked at him quietly. The outermost circle of his eyes was really red, but the fog in his eyes dispersed a lot. He said calmly, “he is very rich.”

Sheng Guangming’s hand stopped.

Yan Shuang continued, “very rich, very rich.”

He stressed with an odd certainty.

Sheng Guangming seemed to suddenly understand something, and his eyes suddenly burst into anger.

“He –”

Yan Shuang looked at him calmly. His eyes were like a lake, clean and shining, reflecting a furious man.

Sheng Guangming’s face was red with rage, and his lips were tight, as if he was afraid that his mouth would scare Yan Shuang. At this time, he regretted that he didn’t beat the man the first time he saw him. It’s not too much to kill or maim him!

He said he was surprised that Yan Shuang was a famous college student. He looked good and clean. What kind of person can’t be found? Even if you like to play, you don’t have to say anything to pick up guests.

He was clearly forced!

Qi Feiyun said that Qin yubai is Yan Shuang’s brother and Yan Shuang is an orphan. Is it… That beast!

“I was not forced.”

Yan Shuang’s sentence interrupted Sheng Guangming’s increasingly manic imagination.

Sheng Guangming’s anger, which was still repressed on his face, suddenly froze strangely.

“I am voluntary,” Yan Shuang smiled. “He is so handsome and rich. I don’t suffer with him.”

Sheng Guangming looked at Yan Shuang calmly. Now he couldn’t tell which words Yan Shuang said were true and which were false.

“I’ll go back first.”

Yan Shuang stood up and abruptly stopped the topic.

He didn’t want to send the light, and he wasn’t even allowed to get up.

He asked Sheng Guangming to sit at the table with his smell and taste another mystery he left alone.

Of course, he can confide all the experiences of Yan Shuang to Sheng Guangming in one breath.

Sell miserably. Of course, it is very effective for righteous people like Sheng Guangming who roar at injustice, but it is shallow and vulgar, and it is back to the old way of the relationship line between the two in the original book.

From sympathy to pity, and then drunken chaos, from body to heart.

The relationship between the two is ordinary and vulgar. They have been grinding and chirping for a long time.

Yan Shuang didn’t have that spare time to waste. What he left for Sheng Guangming was not a simple poor man, but a “rotten man” covered with riddles.

So, think, guess, investigate, get to know him bit by bit.

He only took that step.

The remaining 99 steps are left to Sheng Guangming.

Since that day, Qin yubai never appeared in front of Yan Shuangsheng again.

Qin yubai was willing to put down his body and stick to him, mainly because Qin yubai still regarded himself as the superior to coax the noisy and awkward lover. It was not a shame. After Yan Shuang ruthlessly cut open from head to foot last time, this sense of superiority disappeared. Yan Shuang judged that he would not appear again in a short time, Can let him brush the rest of Qi Feiyun’s plot with peace of mind.

The school has entered the atmosphere at the end of the semester, which is more terrible than any big escape game, especially those rumoured to be used to rush to retake KPI courses every year, and the students are in danger. Yan Shuang is no exception. He worked hard for a semester to rush to the scholarship at the end of the semester, but he can’t fall off the chain at this critical moment.

“Do you have to review tonight?”

Sheng Guangming filled him with a bowl of snow-white sheep soup.

Yan Shuang nodded. With a stack of printed review materials in his hand, he dialed his finger and complained to Sheng guangming: “Mr. Qi will be on duty again tonight.”

Qi Feiyun has been too busy recently. Even Yan Shuang can only watch him stand guard in the operating room when he goes to the hospital to find him.

“It’s almost the end of the year. The hospital must be busy.”

Yan Shuang propped his face, lifted the soup in the bowl with a spoon and said, “no matter how busy you are, you won’t have no time to accompany me.”

Sheng Guangming put down his bowl and hesitated. “Didn’t you say you and Dr. Qi are not lovers?”

Yan Shuang said, “yes, we are not lovers, but we are gun friends. He has been too busy to have time for sex recently.”

Sheng Guangming “Oh”, put his hand on the bowl and said, “eat first and review after eating.”

After dinner, Yan Shuang lazily waved with Sheng Guangming with the review materials, turned and went back to Qi Feiyun’s house.

Although the room was empty, he didn’t want to stay at Sheng Guangming.

Sheng Guangming stood at the door for a while before he closed the door and went back to clean up.

The meal was cooked by one person and eaten by two people. Finally, he cleaned it up by himself.

In fact, Sheng Guangming likes cooking very much. He also likes others to eat his meals. As long as the eater is happy, he is also happy to see the light plate when he cleans up.

Just feel more and more lost recently.

Yan Shuang came to him for dinner every day these days because Qi Feiyun was too busy, but Yan Shuang had nothing else to do with him except dinner.

Their relationship is becoming more and more like close friends.

In fact, it’s also very good… The plate in the palm of his hand slipped into the pool. Sheng Guangming turned his face and saw his frowning face from the mirror of the refrigerator.

The ringing phone interrupted his thoughts. Sheng Guangming took off his gloves, wiped his hands and answered the phone.

It’s the agent’s phone.

The agent first asked about his store, and Sheng Guangming said, “we have selected a new place.”

The agent was relieved, the conversation turned and asked, “how are you and that college student?”

Sheng Guangming was silent for a moment and said, “very good.”

The agent knew him so well that he knew that there must be no progress. He hurriedly said, “don’t hide it from me. Come on, let Ben Qingsheng give you advice. What’s going on?”

Sheng Guangming hesitated for a moment. There was really no one to talk to, so he had to say, “I feel that we are more and more like good friends.”

There was a burst of laughter at the other end of the phone.

Sheng Guangming frowned and took the mobile phone away. He simply put it on the desktop and turned on the hands-free.

The agent finally stopped laughing when he heard the echo of his laughter. He said, “no, what’s the matter with you? I asked you to chase others. How did you become a good friend?”

Sheng Guangming said, “it’s also very good.”

“Don’t be funny. I can tell you’re very unhappy… Let me see. Hey, you’re very popular with men. When you fight, there are many male fans. Why doesn’t he like you?”

Sheng Guangming said, “like is like, don’t like is don’t like.”

The agent said with a smile, “you’re not nonsense.” after a moment of meditation, he said, “are you too honest? As the saying goes, men are not bad, women… Ah no, men don’t love. You’re good for everything else, but you’re too boring.”


Sheng Guangming suddenly remembered that Yan Shuang had expressed the idea of “you are a good man, don’t get too close to me” several times.

A light suddenly lit up in the chaotic mind.

Sheng Guangming said solemnly, “you’re right.”

The agent was happy. “I can do it.”

Sheng Guangming continued to ask, “how can I look like a bad man?”

Agent: “it’s not easy, pornography, gambling and drugs. You choose.”

Sheng guangming: “… I mean, it doesn’t look really bad.”

Agent: “it’s also easy. You come to me tomorrow. I’ll take you to the slag man transformation to make you look good.”

Yan Shuang doesn’t know anything about the heated discussion next door. He is holding his mobile phone and sending Qi Feiyun a life-threatening serial message.

“Husband, lonely night, lonely me, I miss you so much, you come back quickly!”

“Hello, this is a poor young woman who has no children for many years and is eager to have children through semen. I beg kind-hearted people to give me some love and thank me again after pregnancy!”

“Shit, Qi Feiyun, you hide from me, don’t you? I’ll die to show you whether you believe it or not!”

Along with the threat message came a picture.

There is a piece of spaghetti on the thin white wrist.

“Return quickly, or one corpse and two lives.”

“Dr. Qi, what are you looking at? Your girlfriend sent it to you with such a happy smile?” The doctor on duty beside him smiled.

Qi Feiyun turned his face and said calmly, “it’s a boyfriend.”

Doctor on duty: “…” I forgot that the goods were gay.

“Ha ha,” said the doctor on duty with a strong smile, “you have a good feeling.”

Qi Feiyun nodded slightly.

“The hospital is too busy recently. You have a rest tomorrow and just spend more time with me.”

Qi Feiyun gave a “um”.

The cell phone in my pocket was shocked again.

Qi Feiyun took out his mobile phone.

“If you don’t come back, I’ll sleep next door tonight!”

Yan Shuang sat cross legged on the bed and began typing to prepare the next personal attack message – the boxer’s physique is different. His chest muscles are bigger than you and his fists are harder than you. There is another place, both bigger and harder than you. Guess

A reply appeared on the mobile phone screen.

“Rest tomorrow.”

Qi Feiyun sent a text message and immediately received a reply.

“Love you so much ~ husband, you are the best ~”

The doctor on duty accidentally swept it and almost went blind.

Wow, is it so sweet for men to fall in love with men? He’s sore.

Qi Feiyun finished his duty in the morning. After several consecutive days on duty, he finally had a day off. He said hello to his busy assistant. He was ready to get off work.

“Dr. Qi…”

The assistant stopped him.

Qi Feiyun looked at him quietly with his briefcase.

The assistant hesitated for a moment and said, “Dr. Qi, how are your feelings with Yan Shuang recently?”

The smoke gray eyes of the dragonfly skimmed over him. For a moment, the assistant felt as if Qi Feiyun had seen through all the words he didn’t say.

Qi Feiyun only nodded and said three words, “hard work.”

Yan Shuang has classes during the day. Qi Feiyun eats and lives in the hospital these days. When he comes home, he feels a little strange.

In fact, when he was busy, he often stayed in the hospital for ten days and a half months. When he went home to rest, he didn’t feel any gap.

No matter the hospital or the house, there is little difference in the meaning it represents for him.

And now he feels a little… Missing.

Separated, miss more and more prominent.

There was little change in the house. Yan Shuang didn’t add anything new. It was still black and white. It was evaluated as too cold decoration. It was clear that there was no trace, but another person’s breath seemed to be everywhere.

Qi Feiyun carried his briefcase into the bedroom.

The smell in the bedroom is even stronger.

Qi Feiyun’s eyes swept from the bed to the bathroom and then to the French windows on the balcony. It seemed that another person was living in this house in his mind.

This is the power of intimacy.

Even if he is not there, he seems to be there.

After washing, Qi Feiyun wanted to lie down and sleep for a while, but he didn’t feel sleepy after lying in bed. He simply sat up and read a book. After reading for a while, his eyes were too tired to stand. After putting down the book, he went to the balcony and looked into the distance. The scenery was beautiful. He stood on the balcony and quietly looked at the crowd of vehicles downstairs.

I don’t know how long, maybe an hour? Or maybe two hours?

A colorful figure finally appeared in his sight, thick cotton padded clothes, thin legs, dark hair, brisk walking, and the hair on his head jumped up and down like notes on the score. He was approaching the building. After two steps, he suddenly turned a circle and continued to walk.

Qi Feiyun watched quietly and slowly picked up the corners of his lips.

“Boom -”

The special sound of the motorcycle attracted the attention of pedestrians. Yan Shuangzheng hurried home. Suddenly, a motorcycle suddenly stopped beside him.

Yan Shuang: fuck, scare me!

Perhaps his fright was so obvious that the driver hurriedly took off his helmet, “scared you?”

Yan Shuang: ”


Brother, who are you?

Yan Shuang stared at Sheng Guangming with red hair in front of him.

“Brother Sheng, brother Sheng,” Yan Shuang said, “have you dyed your hair?”

Not only that, but also wearing a necklace, dressed quite trendy.

Well, it’s not mainstream.

Sheng Guangming said “um” and said carefully, “it’s not good-looking?”

Yan Shuang: “… OK.”

Sheng Guangming was obviously a little uncomfortable with his new shape. He didn’t know how to put his face. As soon as he took off his leather gloves, Yan Shuang found that he was also wearing three rings – one of which was a skeleton.

“Shuangshuang,” Sheng Guangming said bravely, “I want a tattoo.”

Yan Shuang: ”

Sheng Guangming observed Yan Shuang’s face. Yan Shuang looked very shocked. Is shock also a good thing? It’s much better than a pool of stagnant water. He continued, “where do you think I’ll tattoo and what’s better?”

Yan Shuang: “…” perm, tattoo, this guy’s puberty is a little late.

Yan Shuang stretched out his hand and pointed down, “just print that.”

Sheng Guangming bowed his head along his fingers and “…” tattoo that place is too difficult.

“Just four words,” Yan Shuang shook his hand into the building, “be loyal to the country.”

Sheng Guangming followed up with his helmet and said tentatively, “don’t you like it?”

Yan Shuang pressed the elevator. The elevator door opened. He went in first, and then reached out and pulled Sheng Guangming’s collar in.

As soon as the elevator door was closed, he immediately stretched out his hand to collect Sheng Guangming’s red hair. “What hair do you dye? It’s ugly.”

Sheng Guangming didn’t know why. He was scolded and ugly. He was still a little sweet. “This color is not good-looking. Which color do you think is good-looking?”

“Black, dye it back immediately.”

“And the ring, take it off.”

“Tattoos? No tattoos. If you really want to tattoo, just tattoo your armpits. In short, don’t let me see it.”

“OK, what are you doing…”

Sheng Guangming obediently listens to Yan Shuang’s reprimand. Yan Shuang glances at him and sees him laughing. His stretched face also smiles.

“Do you think I’ll like it?”

“I don’t know what you like,” Sheng Guangming smiled. “I only know you don’t like me, so I want to change.”

The elevator door is open.

Yan Shuang pursed his lips, took his hand out of the elevator and pulled the man to the door. Yan Shuang looked up at him, “you can’t change.”

“Anyone can change, you can’t change.”

As if he had been given some kind of sacred sustenance, Sheng Guangming felt an inexplicable sadness in an instant. Anyone can, but he doesn’t allow it. Does it mean that he has his special position in Yan Shuang’s heart?

The heart beat slowly, and Sheng Guangming said slowly, “I…”

The melodious bell interrupted him.

The door next door opened.

Qi Feiyun stood at the door in his home clothes. He only looked at Yan Shuang. Yan Shuang did not hesitate to put down his hand holding Sheng Guangming.

“Miss Qi, are you back?”

Yan Shuang quickly walked over and hugged Qi Feiyun with a sweet smile.

Qi Feiyun looked down at him and looked at Sheng Guangming standing at the door.

Sheng Guangming saw Qi Feiyun fresh and clean. His black hair was simply hanging and his clothes were extremely simple. He nodded to him and hugged the people in his arms into the house without expression.

Sheng Guangming stood at the door holding his helmet for a while. For a moment, he looked down and saw his bright red hair reflected from his helmet.

It’s really ugly.


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