I Can’t Be This Protagonist Chapter 126

“Husband, I miss you!”

As soon as he entered the house, Yan Shuang approved his upper body, hugged Qi Feiyun’s thin waist and chewed on his face.

Qi Feiyun was pushed back by him and fell directly on the sofa.

Yan Shuang quickly threw off his schoolbag and began to take it off from the cotton clothes. There was a vest in the cotton clothes, a sweater in the vest, and a sweater in the sweater. He took it off with a wheeze, and his face turned red. Finally, when he only took off one warm underwear, he was pushed down by Qi Feiyun.

“Come on, Mr. Qi,” Yan Shuang put on a big figure of heroic death, “ravaged me severely.”

His belly was scratched across his thermal underwear. Yan Shuang bowed his head and said, “?”

“Are you wearing autumn pants?” Qi Feiyun said with great interest.

Yan Shuang: “… Wear it.”

How can you not wear autumn pants on such a cold day?! He’s just an ordinary general subject. He’s not their anti human scum attack. In winter, there’s no third clothes in the wardrobe except coats and shirts.

Qi Feiyun smiled and began to smile from his smoky gray eyes, which spread all over his face, like a sudden spring.

Yan Shuang couldn’t laugh.

Qi Feiyun won’t wilt on him because he wears autumn clothes and trousers?!

may not!

He has been waiting so long for this day to brush his plot.

Yan Shuang put his arms around Qi Feiyun’s neck. If you don’t eat a toast, you can only feed him a fine drink. “Qi Feiyun, if you know how to look, take off your pants and hand in the gun, otherwise…” Yan Shuang glanced down coldly, “you know.”

“I don’t understand.”

“What’s wrong with autumn pants? Autumn pants can also be very sexy. You wait for me to take scissors to cut them in the middle and make fun autumn pants to ensure that you have a unique feeling…”

Yan Shuang’s mouth was blocked.

Qi Feiyun’s breath trembled along the kiss.

“Stop talking,” Qi Feiyun said with a smile. “Besides, I really don’t feel it.”

Yan Shuang: “…” Gan, who mentioned the autumn pants first.

The two had a big fight on the sofa. Yan Shuangliu sweated a lot. The whole person hung on Qi Feiyun white and red. Qi Feiyun steadily held him back to his bedroom with both arms.

Yan Shuang took his lips and said, “now there are no autumn pants, don’t rest, don’t make excuses to say that he is wilted…” he paused and looked at Qi Feiyun meaningfully, “Mr. Qi, you lied to me. You obviously have a feeling for autumn pants.”

As soon as he mentioned his autumn pants, the man’s state came again in an instant.

“Why don’t I pick it up and put it on?”

“Pa -”


Yan Shuang: great, today’s KPI is available again!

The tidy big bed in the bedroom has changed back to the bad state that the sheet is not the sheet and the quilt is not the quilt.

Yan Shuang shrunk in Qi Feiyun’s arms and stroked the scar on his abdomen. “Mr. Qi, is it still painful?”

Qi Feiyun didn’t hide, “I’ve been too busy recently, there will be hidden pain.”

Yan Shuang is so satisfied.

Qi Feiyun’s injury was just enough to meet their conditions for extreme sports.

I hope the rest of Xiaoji and Sheng Guangming can cooperate in this way.

“Who are you thinking about?”

Qi Feiyun asked coldly.

Yan Shuang was in a trance. Hearing Qi Feiyun’s problem, he turned back and blinked his black eyes. He didn’t hide, “Sheng Guangming and Ji Yao.”

Clear eyes and calm face.

He should be calm. In his relationship with him, he can be in a daze, distracted and think of another man.

Qi Feiyun rubbed his soft hair, lowered his head and kissed his forehead. “People are next door. Why just think.”

Yan Shuangyang kissed him with his face and said briskly, “but now you’re by my side.”

The two red lips are moist and soft, and one kiss is fascinating.

Yan Shuang hugged Qi Feiyun’s shoulder with one hand and kissed him completely. Between the exchange of breath, the tall bridge of the nose rubbed against each other, and his arms became tighter and tighter, and the cold room warmed up again.

Qi Feiyun didn’t expect to spend his rest day in bed.

Too indulgent, too unrestrained, too crazy.

However, Yan Shuang had that kind of magic. He pulled him down, but it was like flying with him.

Until it was getting dark and the French windows were stained with night, Yan Shuang crossed his legs and half lay on his stomach to eat fried steak. He said that the person who would pollute the bed spread a tablecloth for him, took a knife and fork, and poured a glass of red wine for him to enjoy.

Qi Feiyun was sitting on a bench on one side, looking down and reading a book. A knife and fork and a soft humming song came to his ears.

The room was full of fragrance – Food and people’s.

Qi Feiyun is very happy for the moment he has at this time.

Perhaps this happiness will come to an end soon, but if people can not be greedy, just enjoy the present with peace of mind, then it is the most peaceful happiness.

Some people are happy, others are lost.

Sheng Guangming knows that Yan Shuang has been thinking about Qi Feiyun. Yan Shuang will talk about Qi Feiyun several times every day, complaining that he is too busy. Sometimes he almost wants to say “but you have me”.

He can’t say it.

Whether Ji Yao, whom Yan Shuang likes, or Qi Feiyun, who makes Yan Shuang infatuated with his body, he is not the same type as them at all.

Sheng Guangming stood in front of the bathroom mirror and wiped the fog on the mirror with his arm.

As a straight man who doesn’t care much about his appearance, Sheng Guangming has measured his appearance so carefully for the first time in so many years.

The more you look, the more unpleasant it is.

The bead of water slipped slowly from his shoulder. Sheng Guangming suddenly remembered that someone would want to lick the sweat on his chest… Damn, who would want to lick the smelly and hard man’s chest?

The newly dyed red hair was out of the way. He combed it out of sight and out of mind. Sheng Guangming went to make tonight’s cake with a sad face.

He was not sure whether Yan Shuang would come to eat, but since he promised to make it for Yan Shuang every day, he said he would do it.

“Anyone can change, you can’t change.”

Aftertaste that sentence, Sheng Guangming felt that his chest was gradually filled with strength.

He won’t change.

When the cake is ready, Sheng Guangming’s phone rings, which is what he has been waiting for these days.

“Hey, brother Sheng, the matter you asked me to check is really complicated. We’d better have an interview.”

Sheng Guangming’s heart tightened, “OK, you say a place, I’ll come to you.”

Sheng Guangming rode on the motorcycle lent to him by his agent, quickly shuttled through the traffic flow in the evening peak, and soon arrived at the place.

In a fly restaurant, the man introduced by the agent waved to him, “have you eaten?”

Sheng Guangming took off his helmet and said, “eat.”

“Eat more,” said the man, who looked slovenly and had a messy beard. He rolled down a string of mushrooms and was sucked by the heat. “This story has to be heard while eating.”

Sheng Guangming didn’t have that mind at all. He pulled the plastic stool and sat down. He frowned and said, “I have no appetite. Just say it.”

When the man was introduced, he knew that Sheng Guangming was a retired boxer and didn’t dare to make jokes any more. He straightened up and said, “the Qin family adopted a child, but you didn’t mention it. The child adopted by their family is now Qin Qing. The Qin Qing Qin family is very well hidden. You don’t know the information in front. It’s really difficult to check.”

“Rich people are really particular about it. It’s not a shame for you to adopt children. You have to hide so deeply. Fortunately, my brother, I have some contacts. I found out that Qin Qing was adopted from Caiyun welfare home.”

Sheng Guangming frowned, “so Yan Shuang is not the child adopted by the Qin family?”

“Of course not -”

The man took a sip of beer, waved his hand and said, “brother Sheng, don’t interrupt. This story is too complicated. Listen to me slowly.”

When Sheng Guangming heard him say “complicated”, his mood became complicated.

He was suddenly afraid that Yan Shuang he found out was a more tragic existence than he thought.

“You asked me to check this Yan Shuang. He came out of the Star welfare home. His life was not as good as that of Qin Qing. He was adopted by a rotten gambler named Yan Guofu…”

Sheng Guangming’s eyebrows jumped violently.

The picture flashed through my mind.

When Yan Shuang heard that the son of the boss of the old cake family ran away in gambling debts, he held half of the cake and looked down.

“Those who gamble are no different from those who are poisoned. They are bottomless holes and drag people to death. After dragging his wife to death, the bastard didn’t let go of his adopted son.”

“I owe a lot of gambling debt and sold my adopted son directly.”

“I sold it to the Qin family – by the way, this is top secret news. It’s not about money. Brother Sheng, don’t poke too much out. The Qin family is not easy to mess with.”

Sheng Guangming’s eyes were straight, and his hand holding the helmet made a quiet effort. He said calmly, “HMM.”

“You asked me to check the adopted son of the Qin family and Yan Shuang. Of course, it was obvious that the two were not alone, but at the beginning, I checked them together. I found a very strange thing.”

“What’s strange?” Sheng Guangming turned his face and looked at him sharply.

The man paused and said, “Yan Shuang was originally from Caiyun welfare home.”

Sheng Guangming was stunned.

“Caiyun welfare home is a local small welfare home. After the restructuring, this welfare home disappeared. All the children in it were organized into other welfare homes. Qin Qing was adopted by the Qin family a year before the restructuring, and Yan shuangyao was assigned to Xingxing welfare home.”

“Originally, this is nothing. There is nothing strange about the same welfare home.”

“But it’s strange that Yan Shuang’s files are different in the two welfare homes.”

The man took out his cell phone and handed it directly to Sheng Guangming.

The file in the photo has turned yellow and there is some dirt on it. It is clearly written on it. Yan Shuang was born on April 3, but in another file, it became January 16, which Yan Shuang said last time.

Sheng Guangming still remembers Yan Shuang saying that it was the day he went to the welfare home, not his birthday. He didn’t know when his birthday was.


Sheng Guangming’s brain is a little down. His instinct tells him that there may be a huge secret, but he still can’t figure out what it is.

Seeing his dull look, the man patted the table and said excitedly, “I tell you, there are more strange things!”

Sheng Guangming regained consciousness and motioned him with his eyes to continue.

“The adopted son of the Qin family, Qin Qing – Fuck, I have to be slow. Listen carefully. The lucky man was born on April 3!”

Sheng Guangming’s heart beat fast, his dry lips moved and said, “what does this mean? There are many people on the same birthday…”

“I don’t know,” said the man, “but don’t you think there are too many coincidences?”

“In the same welfare home, on the same birthday, there is a difference in age. The two children are three years younger… When you asked me to check, I also thought that the two identities of the adopted son of the Qin family and Yan shuangba Ganzi can’t be together. I didn’t expect that the more you check, the more coincidences. I told you there are not so many coincidences in the world. There must be something wrong here first.”

“What’s up?” Sheng Guangming subconsciously said.

The man said, “I don’t know.”

He waved his hand in advance and said, “but don’t let me check down. It’s time to alarm people. Qin’s family is not peaceful recently.”

The night wind blew the strands of red hair exposed in his helmet. Sheng Guangming ran wildly in the night on his motorcycle. He solved some doubts, but felt deeper doubts.

Yan Shuang, I’m really full of mysteries

Sheng Guangming returned to his apartment and went upstairs with his helmet. In the elevator, he was still thinking about Caiyun welfare home and his birth on April 3.

He asked the man if there was a picture of Qin Qing to see.

The man took a gulp of beer and shook his head. “The young master of the Qin family is too mysterious. Not to mention the recent photos, even his files in the welfare home were wiped clean. If he hadn’t opened a broken gallery and held a birthday charity auction every year, I couldn’t find out the message that he was born on April 3.”

When the elevator door opened, Sheng Guangming’s footsteps moved, but his mind seemed to stay in the fly restaurant on the side of the road.

Qin Qing

Yan Shuang

Is there a connection between the two people?

“Qin Qing and Yan Shuang?”

The man who just spoke top secret in the fly restaurant now respectfully confessed what he said to Sheng Guangming in front of another person.

“Yes, after he asked me to check, I found something wrong.”

He came from the same orphanage and had similar looks… In Qin Qing’s files, he remembered very clearly – there were no brothers and sisters.


The unfinished bad smoke fell into the smelly ditch in the alley.

“I’ve worked hard. I’ve seen what happened to me today…”

“Don’t worry, I’ll never tell the third person,” the man patted his chest. “If it weren’t for you, I’d still be squatting inside to carry the black pot for the bastard. I know who’s light and who’s heavy.”

“Thank you.”

The black figure nodded to him, the clean leather shoes stepped through the dirt, turned and walked out of the dark alley.

“Mr. Wei, take your time.”


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